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OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Mar 31st 2021 at 11:22:37 AM

Bond or Break

(Kim pauses for a few minutes.)

Kim: (to herself) Paul? No, it can't be. I mean, it has been a while since I've used him, I must admit, but Paul would be dropping 'y'knows' like it was a comma. Besides, I heard a touch of [[Castelia]] in there, which means...

Kim: "Sinatra. I could hear your Brooklyn accent over the distortion."

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Mar 31st 2021 at 1:37:54 PM

Stormchaser - Galar Skies

Gabrielle: "Now, let us talk buisness."

-Luca crosses his arms, his eyes not leaving Gabrielle as she pours two glasses of red wine. She frowns when she turns and sees the look on his face.-

Gabrielle: "Now now, none of that hostility. Neither of us can afford it."

Luca: "Enlighten me."

-Gabrielle sips from her own glass; Luca leaves his on the table.-

Gabrielle: "This is sangiovese, you know. I had to import it."

-Luca says nothing.-

Gabrielle: "We are outlaws, you and I. You are a mafioso, and I'm a dead woman, legally."

Luca: "Is this going anywhere?"

Gabrielle: "...I have a request."

Luca: "I'm not a hired thug."

Gabrielle: "I'm not trying to threaten you or insuniate anything. I'm not allowed to kill people."

Luca: "I've seen how you handle a rapier."

Gabrielle: "I disable. Maim. Not kill. Regardless, I'll get to the point. I'm putting together, of sorts. Smaller than the J-Team. Lizbeth and I have made some fascinating discoveries and are planning expeditions."

Luca: "And you want my help?"

Gabrielle: "You have powerful friends; at the Final Shell you and your team were quite effective."

Luca: "I'll bite. What's in it for me?"

Gabrielle: "Knowledge. Adventure. Getting off this damn ship for a few months."

-Luca finally picks up his wine and swirls it around, staring into the glass. He takes a sip.-

Luca: "Fuck it, why not? Who else is on on this?"

Gabrielle: "Besides Liz? I've reached out to a few others. Misaki turned me down. Said that wasn't her job as a Ranger. Isbrand's offered us transportation but will not be joining us. And her-"

-A knock on the door.-

Gabrielle: "Come in."

-Kaiiseii opens the door and steps in, his ears crunching as he flattens them against his head.-

Gabrielle: "Ah, Kaiiseii! Have you thought about my answer?"

-Kaiiseii picks at a loose thread on his hoodie.-

Kaiiseii: "Gonna have to turn you down. I've had enough adventures for a bit. I got an offer from [Chanel]. They want me to work for them."

Gabrielle: "Ah. I am disappointed you will not be joining us, but very happy you finally got a job. Ah, and to visit the Lumiose chapel whenever you please!"

Kaiiseii: "Thanks. But I had a, ah, personal matter to discuss."

Luca: "I can leave."

-Gabrielle studies Kaiiseii.-

Gabrielle: "Stay. Is this about your gender identity, Kaiiseii?"

-Kaiiseii nods.-

Kaiiseii: "Yeah. Wanted some advice?"

Gabrielle: "Well, I do not know how much I can help. But speak."

-Kaiiseii takes a seat.-

Kaiiseii: "Well, I'm not a girl. Figured out that much. Don't feel like a guy, either."

Gabrielle: "Well, are you in-between those two or are you outside of the traditional gender binary?"

Kaiiseii: "Don't know yet."

Gabrielle: "Take your time my dear. Xerneas did not make wine, but grapes. He made wheat yet no bread. And thus did he make you at birth, so you may blossom like a flower in the morning dew."

Luca: "Is that scripture or poetry?"

Gabrielle: "Neither. Kaiiseii, do keep in touch. Even if we have to resort to carrier Pidgeotto. Luca, if there is nothing else?"

-Luca shakes his head and drains his glass.-

Luca: "When do we leave?"

Gabrielle: "A week from now. Be ready."

-Luca waves her off and leaves.-

Gabrielle: "Wine, Kaiiseii?"

Kaiiseii: "Sure."

-Gabrielle pours a glass and hands it to Kaiiseii.-

Gabrielle: "To new paths and new discoveries."

-Kaiiseii rolls their eyes.-

Kaiiseii: "Always so eloquent. Do you ever say 'fuck', priestess?"

Gabrielle: "Not anywhere you would hear it. Cheers."

-Kaiiseii bares their teeth in a smile, red light glinting off their teeth.-

Kaiiseii: "Cheers."

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"Hold on/Stay tough/Be strong/And hit stuff"
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Mar 31st 2021 at 6:06:08 PM

Bond or Break

Sinatra: <That's me. I gotta say, Kim... Ever since we met, I'm glad to have been at your side. Your appreciation of my musical talent has never been forgotten. Speaking of which, where did we first meet?>

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Mar 31st 2021 at 6:09:33 PM

Bond or Break

Kim: (thinking, to herself) Oh, that is easy.

Kim: "Route 35 in Johto, near Goldenrod City."

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Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Mar 31st 2021 at 6:41:58 PM

Bond or Break

Sinatra: <And if there's one thing I know about our journey, is that you just can't go adventuring on an empty stomach. It's not wise. So tell me, what is my favorite thing to eat?>

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Mar 31st 2021 at 6:58:08 PM

Bond or Break

Kim: (thinking to herself) Again, simple. Sinatra told me this while I was seperated from Ian.

Kim: "Casteliacones."

Sinatra: <Niiice~! Clearly, ya know me well. Alright, then. See ya! Good luck!>

(Static. Sinatra's voice fades out.)

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
Mar 31st 2021 at 8:29:53 PM

The clock clicks 12:00am, it begins

Silas blinked, he was behind the wheel of a car of sorts, driving down a dark and stormy road, what looked to be a police scanner was on the dashboard. “What the…” he muttered, he didn’t recall getting in and driving, for that matter where exactly was here anyways?

Silas pulled off to the side and checked his pockets, no sign of his pDroid or his phone, none of his pokeballs, nothing. He frowned a bit, this was unusual, then he checked his outfit... Silas was wearing a simple button up, jeans, white sneakers, and a green hooded jacket, he blinked.


He looked in the mirror, his hair had somehow gone from the neat tied back ponytail to a shorter “emo fringe” style. He leaned back, trying to remember the last thing that had happened, he took a deep breath and recalled yesterday, March 31st… oh.

“Crap,” he muttered, April Fools day had hit.

Usually he just got turned into a Deoxys and spent the day relaxing, this however was different. Then it hit him, where was Roxy? He looked ahead and saw a bright light, that had to be a gas station of some sort, all he had to do was get to it, and find her.

Roxy raced down the road, she didn’t recall how she got here, or how she got this motorcycle, but if her memory recalled anything. Yesterday was March 31st, today was April Fools Day, and the J-Team was typically beset by what Sir Victor Helstrand called “Shenanigans”. So she wasn’t going to question how this happened too much, what she did want to know was where Silas was.

There was a gas station up ahead, she’d just have to park up there and investigate, maybe she could find a phone or some help to find Silas.

Gas Station

Silas parked, there were a few cars around, including an old cop car that resembled Police Cruisers from Unova’s 1990s. The engineer within him wanted to pop the hood and see how accurate it was, the adventurer in him asserted control and told him to get in the damn station already. He stepped towards the door and felt something hanging from his side.

Silas looked down and saw a holster on his hip, he felt along it and drew a pistol, it was a CM86 pistol. He had seen this a few times in science fiction, notably Aliens, where it was called the VP70 and manufactured by Weyland. He tried to remember where else it had appeared but for now he tucked it away, as he entered the gas station, it was surprisingly dark inside. He stepped through slowly, overturned shelves, food stuff everywhere. Silas paused and considered his options, and walked back to the car briefly before marching back in with a messenger bag of sorts similar to his, stuffing it with the overturned snacks, drinks, and a few packed meals. Something in the back of his head told him it’d be a long night and he’d probably need to feed himself here and there.


Silas stopped stuffing the bag and looked over, grabbing a flashlight he swung it around to see somebody in a station uniform. Feeling a little mareepish, he closed the bag and hefted it over his shoulders, he stepped over and inspected the employee. He blinked in shock, the employee was Hicks from Asimov. Hicks was somebody who worked in fuels of the future down at the labs, and was often compared to a gas station attendant in good fun.

The nametag read “Samuel” instead, Silas blinked, was this how things would run? He’d see notable names and faces he met at least once filling out roles in this twisted story? Samuel himself had a large bleeding wound in his right shoulder, it looked like something bit him; “You okay?”

Samuel said nothing, Silas grumbled and stepped into the back, following bloody footprints into the back, behind the coolers. He lay a hand onto the grip of the pistol at his side, this all seemed familiar in a way and he didn’t know how.

Roxy parked the bike and marched up to the station, she looked over at the parked cars. This was… odd to be sure, it was surprisingly mundane, a run down gas station at night, compared to a lot of other situations she had gone through having joined the J-Team and the Bolts. But it was still that day, AFD would make a fool of her yet.

She tried the payphone, it was a bit odd to see something this old, wasn’t even a video-phone model. She picked up the handle, deposited the change, and tried to dial a few numbers… nothing but static, Roxy frowned and hung up. Deciding to inspect the outfit she was wearing, it was a leather jacket and some thick biker pants, a pair of leather boots. Taking off the helmet she found her hair swept and tied into a neat ponytail at the back, weird, she liked the fluffier curlier hair she usually had.

There was a grunting, Roxy turned around and picked a flashlight from her belt, shining it over in the direction… what was out there?

Silas stepped past the coolers and followed the bloodied footprints, he stepped into the employee room, where he saw an odd sight. What looked to be Interpol Agent O’Sullivan wrestling with someone, “Stay back, I’ve got this!”

Silas barely had time to react as the individual O’Sullivan was wrestling forced themselves out of his grasp, knocked him to the ground, and Silas had to watch in horror as O’Sullivan had his neck torn out by the jaws of this thing. Something in the back of his mind was telling him he knew what this was, that had to wait as the attacker stood up and Silas got a good look at it.

“Oh fuck…” he muttered as he saw what he was dealing with, it lacked the purple skin of the Lycanrow ones, but that was a walking corpse, a zombie. Without thinking he quickdrew the pistol and drew a bead right on the nightwalker, and fired. The Round went through the zombie’s head, and it stumbled… only to resume it’s slow march.

Silas pulled the trigger twice more and saw it drop, he looked over at the poor victim of its attack, and quickly rushed forward, going back wasn’t likely anymore, especially not with “Sam” back there with a bite. He watched enough zombie movies to know how this worked, best to take a more expedient route, grabbing a key for the backroom and headed for the employee door near the cash register.

The beam swept over the area, Roxy keeping a keen eye out for what was out there, and then she saw it. An approaching crowd of the undead, she turned pale and rushed towards the door of the station, she knew how these things went! She was not becoming chow, and no amount of martial arts moves was gonna fight off the undead without a layer of body armor! What she wouldn’t give to have her Fox outfit right now.

She swung the door of the station open and was faced with Silas standing there, gun drawn, she stopped in her tracks, then Silas shouted, “Get down!”

Roxy ducked as Silas pulled the trigger, he held out a hand and she gripped on. The two rushed out, the hordes of the undead closing in all around them, they had no choice and darted into the cop car, Silas kicking it into gear and rushing off.

“Oh Arceus, am I glad to see you,” Roxy said, letting out a sigh of relief, “What in the distortion world is going on?”

“April fools day.”

“Yeah I got that part babe,” Roxy commented, Silas smirked a bit, “Don’t you usually just become a-”

“Normally yes. But things are different, seems whatever is responsible for that got tired and now we’re in the midst of an apocalypse. There’s a city up ahead,” Silas answered.

Roxy frowned, “Silaaaaas…”

“I know I know. Infection is probably at maximum spread there, it’s just… we don’t have much better choice, we’re trapped and we have to go through this,” He answered, “We’ll get through this.”

Roxy sighed and slumped a bit, she felt something at her side and picked it up, a 5 shot revolver was in her hands, “Huh… I haven’t… really used this. I’m not a fan of these things.”

“Keep it, it’s your only defense right now,” Silas added, he reached over and pulled out a bag, “Also dig through my bag, we’re gonna have to split supplies if we’re to make it for the evening.”

Roxy started to do so, neither of them saw the sign that ready

Welcome to Racoon City

Population: 100,000

Home to Umbrella

An aerial view of the city, as opening credits play

Silence Presents

Flyover of the city, a zoom out from a side mirror on a car

A WAAPT AFD adventure

Blinking red lights are seen on top of a skyscraper

Starring characters from:

A biker boot is set down in a puddle, as a blinking red light hits.


A combat uniform is seen briefly, illuminated by red light from a stoplight overhead.


Silas and Roxy in

Zoom out from the gates of the RPD


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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Mar 31st 2021 at 10:03:09 PM

Somewhere in Galar

-Looking at the night sky-

It's time.

-The full moon rises, covered in glitchiness-

The Glitch Moon rises again.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Mar 31st 2021 at 11:12:42 PM

March 31st, Stormchaser

"It's about that time, innit," Colton observed while looking at his phone.

"Yep," Kamui agreed, something of a pit in her chest.

"Y'know, this is the first time you'll experience AFD madness as a trainer rather than a Pokemon, so you'll get the full gamut of madness. If nothing else, I'm there every step of the way."

She nodded, not quite believing her trainer, even as he reached a hand up to her vulpine ear atop her human head and began to scratch behind it gently.

"Happy fox noises," she said before chuckling.

"That's the spirit!"

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[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
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welcome to the fire couch
Apr 1st 2021 at 4:04:38 AM


-A group of confused teenagers are wandering around.-

Emily: Well, this is definitely Motostoke.

Mike: Something seems pretty off.

Ivy: ...Yeah.

Oliver: Maybe we should ask around?

Ersatz alliance

-Cady and Kat seem to be here.-

Kat(?): Wha- What is this place?

Cady(?): Maybe this has something to do with why we seem to have woken up in a parallel universe.

I used to plug my deviantart here but turns out the link was too long.
Apr 1st 2021 at 4:52:44 AM


Racoon City

The police car pulled through the streets, heading towards the Police station, Silas behind the wheel, Roxy having finished evening out supplies. It passed many vehicles that just seemed abandoned, the two staring as they drove onwards, eventually hitting a roadblock.

Silas grumbled, “Okay… I’m getting an idea of where we are,” he muttered, “Roxy we’re gonna have to-”

“Not happening!” She interrupted, as banging against the glass was a zombie, Silas looked over in shock hitting his window as well.

Then out of the rear-view mirror came another pleasant sight, “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me…”

A Semi-Truck, a fuel tanker, rolling down the road right at them. Silas swore that the driver behind the wheel was Lucius Cain, this just got better and better! The Truck collided with the police cruiser and pushed everyone forward, the doors broke and Silas and Roxy tumbled out.

The two stood up as quick as they could, sore from what had just occurred. “Roxy?” “Silas?!”

Silas grunted as he gripped his chest, “Just go! I’ll meet you at the police station!”

Roxy took a deep inhale, “Keep safe!”

Silas looked to the legions of the undead, gripping the pistol in hand, “I’ll be fine!”

Racoon City - Police Department

Silas burst in the front door and groaned, “Hello? Anyone here?”

There was no one around, the front hall was empty and quite frankly huge. There was a statue in the center, and then it all came rushing back to Silas… he was in the game Resident Evil 2, and judging by the layout, the remake. Silas had played through the game quite a few times but had not touched it in awhile, “Craaaaaaaaaaaaap…”

The details eluded him, he could remember locker codes easily enough, details like that got stuck in his head.

Roxy trudged through the dirt and headed up to the door of the Police station and burst in, something… wasn’t right here. Silas was supposedly here, where was he?

Regardless she had to get moving, she looked about the area, looked like a fancy front desk for a police precinct… What was this place? Who designed a police station this way? Roxy groaned a bit, she inspected her avenues, the doors were locked, but the side area was locked off. She inspected the room and found a sealed door, Roxy sighed and pulled the lever, it barely creaked enough space for her to crawl through.

“Great… fetch quest stuff.”

Silas stepped through the hallway carefully, the undead could be anywhere, and in this story they had a habit of surprising you. He felt he was forgetting some stuff but he had more than enough experience to handle this little problem.


At the sound of screaming, he rushed over, a barricaded door locking off the next room was there. Silas dug his hands in and attempted to lift the door up, out crawled what looked to be the face of Tommy Peterson from Geosoc. “Help! Help me!” he cried out.

Silas panicked and grabbed onto his arms and began to pull, Tommy screamed as blood went everywhere, something held onto him. Silas finally managed to pull, and saw only the upper half, the life leaving Tommy’s eyes…

“Oh fuck…” he muttered as he dropped to the floor, the nametag said “Elliot”, but there was no mistaking that face, he looked just like Tommy. Whatever AFD was doing, it was intent on making sure he at least recognized the faces that suffered.

Roxy picked up the notebook and looked through it, her stomach still turning from what she had witnessed, reading through it, it held notes about some form of puzzle. She took a deep inhale and strengthened her resolve, she needed to get out of this hellhole and to safety. Best she could tell was that the rules of this seemed to be to go through this and reach some form of ‘end’ point, this was some form of game, and the universe had a sense of humor.

“Sorry Tommy,” she whispered, placing a hand down and closing the poor officer’s eyes, there was no time to grieve.

Silas crawled out from under the door in a scramble, when a zombie gripped his leg, he panicked and dug his metal hand into the floor, pulling harder and harder. A gunshot rang out and the zombie let go. Up marched a uniformed individual, who lifted the door up, and then slammed it down right on top crushing the skull of the walker.

Silas looked up, and saw the weary face of JD from Interpol, he blinked, a hefty bite was taken out of his side and covered up with some bandages. “Rookie, I’m Marvin Branagh…” he said, extending a hand, Silas took it, and was helped up.

RPD - Main Hall

Silas pulled the outfit on and adjusted the bulletproof vest. It was still weird to see what he knew was supposedly an Interpol Cyborg (Was he a cyborg that worked for Interpol or a cyborg made by Interpol was the question) as a very human man, still nursing a sore wound. What was happening here was the powers that be of AFD seemed intent on making Silas and Roxy go through this story, but with people they had met even briefly as the subjects.

“Fucking knew it,” Marvin muttered, “Knew there was a secret tunnel here.”

“So that’s our way out,” Silas commented, opting to keep to the story as best as he remembered it, he had barely touched the game in a long time, all he could do now was interact with the world and hope he appeased whatever force was behind this.

Marvin held up a knife for Silas to take, “Rookie, take this, you’re gonna, mrpgh-” he grunted in pain and gripped his side harder, “-Gonna need it.”

“What about you?” Silas asked loading the pistol, “Won’t you need-”

Marvin gripped him by the collar, “Forget about me! Just do what you can to get out of here, and if you see one of those walkers, don’t hesitate. Just shoot!”

Silas nodded solemnly and took a sandwich out of the bag and set it down next to Marvin, “Here, in case you get hungry.”

Marvin looked to him, then the sandwich, and laughed.

Roxy waved goodbye to Marvin and cut the tape away from the electrical box, pulling the lever and entering the west wing. Dark and damp, the rain pattering away at the windows, Roxy took a deep inhale as she tread carefully, the only sight was an officer ahead, slumped over. She inspected the body, and almost vomited at the sight of what was left… the other officer hanging from a pipe in the ceiling didn’t help either.

Zombies started to bang away at the windows, Roxy quickened her pace and rounded the corners, the evidence room was locked up and needed a specific key to open. “Great, bet there is something important in there as well.”

She rounded a corner, narrowly avoiding another zombie as she ducked into a side room. Taking a deep breath she inspected the area, grabbed a map and heard the door banging. The Zombies were coming, Roxy looked around the room quickly and saw an open window and a stack of crates up to it.

Climbing out she looked about the area, one room was an armory, there was a staircase upwards, and there was another office, her gut told her office. Roxy entered and looked about the room, there was a door locked with a blue spade symbol on the door, as well as a locked desk, a side office with a safe, and what looked to be a zombie resting.

Roxy took a deep inhale and drew the revolver, shooting the zombie right then and there. Its head was reduced to a pulpy mess, Roxy took a deep inhale. She wasn’t used to this, this wasn’t her method, for now she just had to deal with it.

She looked around and saw something, a note on the desk.

Dear Roxy

Hey I know it hasn’t exactly been fun for you this little April Fools Day, I’m having fun however! Now your husband has been through this a few times and knows the codes at least which I feel is unfair, to me at least. So attached to this is a notepad with the codes for all safes, statues, lockers, and keypads written in his handwriting.

This should help you a bit as there are modifications for your weapons, upgrades to that backpack you’re carrying, as well as necessary pieces for the puzzles.

Have fun!

Signed, Not A Friend.

Roxy frowned, the puzzles could wait, she just needed to get out to Marvin and- oh… the door was still locked.


Silas gripped the spade key, stuffing the magnum ammo into the hip pouch on his outfit. “Okay… first puzzle down,” he commented, leaning around to look back at the angered zombie missing its legs.

“Just gotta keep it together,” he muttered as he walked out. The portable safe was popped open, memory puzzles… out popped a replacement key for the keypad in the armory. Silas sighed and pondered why the buttons wouldn’t work without this button, but who was he to question how things worked.

He rushed downstairs and headed out through the office Spade Door, Marvin was resting on a nearby chair, mumbling in pain.

Roxy held up the notepad and walked up to the Pyroar Statue, scrolling through the dials on the front until they matched. There was a click and the shield on the statue opened up, a large medallion popped out, Roxy picked it up and inspected it, “Who designs a police station this way?”

She shook her head and placed a medallion into the statue at the center of the room, there was a grinding of stone and the front part dropped down, revealing a grate and a door hidden behind it, “Huh… guess Elliot was right,” Marvin muttered.

Roxy turned to Marvin, “You gonna be okay?”

Marvin grunted, “Could use something to eat, my stomach is killing me.”

Roxy let out a soft scoff and smiled, “I got some stuff,” she said, digging out some of the supplies from the bag.

Marvin smiled a bit and took the sandwich, “Thanks, listen… Claire,” he said.

Roxy wanted to correct him, but it was pretty clear that after seeing Tommy die, nobody here was quite who they thought they were. She remained quiet… plus the jacket had “Claire” embroidered in the collar so she couldn’t argue.

“If… the worst hits, leave me behind, save yourself.”

Roxy said nothing, “I’ll get us out of here… I promise,” she said marching up to the second floor, “We’ll get out of here.”

Marvin said nothing, he knew he didn’t have long left.

Silas tossed the spade key aside, he had completed the last door and it was useless to him now, he grabbed the weapon locker keycard from the Art room, and the scepter from the statue. Puzzle shit, it was always puzzle shit around here, everything had to be held in place by puzzles. Still, at least with the keycard, Silas could now grab the shotgun hanging in the locker.

First thing’s first however, he needed to grab the bolt cutters from outside, and on cue he saw the Helicopter crash into the wall… and if he remembered anything correctly, he’d see Roxy as soon as he stepped outside. He burst out the door and marched down to the fencing, the bolt cutters leaned against a metal barrel.


Roxy stared at Silas and smiled, “It’s good to see you!”

A soft smile appeared on Silas’s face, “It’s good to see you to. I was worried, how have you been doing?”

Roxy exhaled, “Truth be told I’m a little worried here… I haven’t seen you inside the station. Why are you out here in the rain?”

Silas blinked, “Roxy what are you talking about? I have been looking for you all over the station, I haven’t seen you at all.”

Roxy took a moment to think, “Silas… what do you see on your side?”

“You are standing in the yard and I have- oh… oh no,” He said with sudden realization.

“Yeah, we’re running concurrently,” Roxy said, “We’re stuck in respective stories.”

Silas nodded, “Alright alright… we can get through this. We’ll inevitably reunite at the end. We just have to keep pressing on.”

Roxy gave a weak thumbs up, “Grab what you can, let’s get moving!”

The Helicopter exploded, the growling of the undead became audible, the two would soon be faced with more Zombies. Silas loaded his pistol maliciously, “Ready?”

“Ready,” Roxy replied, grabbing the bolt cutters and rushing in.

MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Apr 1st 2021 at 5:49:23 AM

The Galarian Museum

An elderly man in the classic academic wear (tan tweed jacket with elbow patches, waistcoat, [Oxford] shirt, and black tie) walks down the storied halls of the Galarian Museum. The staff greet him politely and happily. He was apparently very popular. It was a very slow day for the museum, even for one as famous as this one.

Current events are likely to blame. The recent incident during the gala at the Natural History Museum was fresh in the memory of museum staff and visitors alike. All the museums of Wyndon are on alert and have reduced their open exhibits to upgrade their security systems. Which was just as well. There weren't a lot of visitors coming in.

The Galarian Museum, with its priceless treasures stolen. . . ahem, acquired from other lands is a most tempting target. It was only a miracle of circumstance that the young heroes were able to fend off Malacostra and Salem. Hunter's Guild operatives were not an easy fight.

Right now, some of the exhibits have been closed from visitors, pending a major upgrade. Only special guests like Dr. James Clavis was invited. The good doctor was a noted patron of the museum (much like the rest of his rich family) and was one of the few people invited to view the exhibit of Ancient Ranseian Artifacts. The exhibit had undergone a major renovation, and he was one of the few invited to see it.

Right now, he did much of his own research for the remake of his old T.V. series, Ghost Lord. This visit was long overdue. The new exhibit, sponsored by the Orochi Corporation, reveals many never before seen items acquired from Ranseioserie collectors over the years. Many of these were said to be artifacts that graced the private chambers of Spectra Castle.

He had also invited one of the Ghost Lord's actual descendants to view the exhibit with him. The Clavis family was well-connected with the J-Team, and a few strings pulled secured him an interview with one such descendant. The other, one Pentigan Fiveside, was unable to attend. He instead recommended an interview with his cousin, who was in Galar at the time.

Just the thought of angering the subject of his novel and series sent shivers down his spine. He could only imagine the reaction by the Ghost Lord's family to his novel's depiction of their patriarch. It was important that he get the details as known by the family themselves as accurately as possible.

The new upgrades provided by the sponsor were quite interesting to look at, he notes. The main drawback was that the place was unfortunately still haunted. The museum staff note the presence of an unusual Galarian Yamask darting about. But unlike the friendly Unovan yamask that followed the Sturgess Shale exhibit, this one was known to be aggressive. So, he brought along with him his trusty companion, a thievul named Dunsworth, in case he needed to fend them off.

So far, everything seems to be going well.

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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Apr 1st 2021 at 6:04:30 AM

Defiant Wing

No need to be torturous. Simply keeping that jar safely sealed up until we reach a more dedicated jail will be enough. Like I dunno, put some crystal on the lid to keep it shut or something and lemme know if it makes an escape attempt.

-Gale looked at the jar and hummed-

Reinforce the lid, keep a watchful eye or three, stuff like that.

Streets, Somewhat Approaching The Galaran Museum

-Gale Knight was making a mental note to chastise that pink blob the next time such a thing was possible; Saying that she and the identity of Pentigan were related even under the lie of being 'cousins' was a big security risk to someone figuring out the actual truth. Additionally, now she had something she needed to do today and the mere idea of having commitments on April Fool's felt like an outright invitation to fall into silly shenaniganery... That said, Gale was trying to be brave today so she wasn't going to pass up this opportunity-

-That said, it would have been a bit uh... Awkward to turn up for an interview in full gothic battle dress regalia so Gale spent a little extra time before setting out to translate a similar kind of aesthetic and style into a more modest pants suit combo. She did however keep the sword hovering at her back, just because she was feeling too awkward to go all-in on the cosplay for a very serious meeting didn't mean she had to forsake open carrying a cool sword-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
Apr 1st 2021 at 6:06:14 AM


Racoon City Police Department

Silas rushed through as fast as he could, ignoring the zombies as best he could, popping a few heads however made things easier. Zombies however in this game were tough, and he needed to be careful with ammunition. He was playing the role of Leon, who was more kitted towards crowd control, this would be useful later for certain.

Bursting through he slammed the spare fuse into the electrical box and rushed into the main hall, Marvin resting on the couch. Silas opted to leave him be, Marvin was going through enough, and if he remembered the story…

He shook that thought out of his head, he had access to the S.T.A.R.S office now, a little thought hit his head, he let out a small laugh and grumbled in the gravliest voice he could muster, “Staaaaarrrrrssss…”

For now he entered the armory, and stuck the keycard into the locker, pulling out the W-870, called the Remington 870 in game. Silas loaded 4 shells and racked the action, this would become useful later. It was around this point he wondered… What was happening with his team?

Arthur he didn’t worry about, Arthur around this time of year rearranged the cosmos of another universe, he’d probably succeed there. This just left his team, what were Hacks and the others up to?

MEANWHILE - Baldur’s Gate

~Muggy you have to end this!~ Hacks cried out, staring at the horde of demons that had just entered.

<I can’t! The story says this is what happens, and you all rolled, now, let’s begin!>

Hacks groaned in pain… he hated April Fools Day.

Amber meanwhile lifted up her great axe and shouted, <I FLY INTO A RAGE!>

MEANWHILE - Approaching the Gates of Hell

Bishop did not know where he was, he did not know why he was here. His internal chronometer told him that last it was March 31st 2021… Today was April fools day.

He looked up and a mission readout appeared before him.


He landed, he was inside a Porygon Robot Body, a specially built one… and before him he saw a long winding road.

He did not know where he was, or why he was here… all he knew now was one thing. He must kill.


Whatever the case, they’d be able to handle it, Silas had this to complete. With the pipe handle in hand, the S.T.A.R.S office was awaiting him, and the battery needed for the detonator was waiting.

Roxy shoved the battery into the detonator as she headed up into the Library. The Maiden statue was behind a wall with a plastic explosive just awaiting the detonator itself. Her resolve had been strengthened, she had to get through this scenario if she was to break free.

On the detonator went, 10 seconds, and the wall was busted open. Roxy rushed in and set about matching the code on the statue as best as she could… when she heard a growl. Oh no… not another one of those things.

Roxy had quickly learned to hate the Lickers, but at least with acid rounds in hand, she could melt them before they caused too much trouble. The medallion popped out and Roxy gripped onto it, rushing out the door, the Licker roared and lept out of the darkness. Grenade Launcher in hand, that put an end to that avenue pretty quickly as it was hit with an acidic burst, the thing roared in pain before Roxy drew the revolver and started shooting.

The thing died and Roxy set about lifting the bookshelf out of the way, she grunted in pain, this entire evening was getting painful to get through. Licker scratches for one, still… she had the 3 medallions, she could get out now. Down through the secret tunnel and get out, she’d have to get Marvin up, she was certain he wasn’t… well real… but it still felt wrong.

The medals were all inserted, Silas wiped his brow as the passageway opened up. “Marvin, let’s go,” Silas said.

Marvin grunted, Silas stepped over, “Marvin?”

Marvin hissed, Silas stepped back, Marvin took a moment to collect himself as he realized what was happening. He brought his hands to his head in frustration and then said, “Go… go without me. I can’t be helped now.”

Silas tried to extend a hand, only for Marvin to draw a gun on him, “Go! Leave me!”

Silas slowly backed away, and went down into the tunnel, the guilt eating away at him as he left Marvin alone. Taking what supplies he could, shotgun in hand as he advanced further down, following what light there was.

He walked through a grated corridor, and heard the clang of footsteps above him, “Hello?” he called out.

It had been awhile since he had gone through the game, but this area… felt familiar. Especially as he entered into a larger area that definitely wasn’t part of the Art Museum or the Police Station, it was filled with large motors and pipes, it looked like some form of pumping station. A metal locker blocked his path…

“Great, shouldn’t be too much trouble.”

He began to lift it, right before something came out of nowhere and hit him.

Roxy stopped, the locker was too heavy, “The hell is in here?”

She heard something and looked down, and saw a young girl wearing a grey beanie, she seemed… familiar. “Hey, what are you doing down here?”

The girl shushed her, “It’s after me!”

“What’s after you?” Roxy asked.

There was a roar, “LOOK OUT!”

Roxy barely had time to look up before down came a monster wielding a pipe, the catwalk was broken and she was tossed to the floor.

Under the RPD - Pipe Works

Roxy and Silas got up, they groaned in pain and then realized they were in the same area. The two blinked at each other, and looked over as another roar came out, standing before them was… well he looked like he used to be human, his right arm was a cancerous growth of sorts… which then spawned a large eyeball.

The two looked at each other, then to this creature, and opened fire. Roxy fired a flame round right at it, the creature roared in pain, the eyeball opening up, right before it got to swinging.

Silas took this moment to pump every shotgun round he could into the eyeball, it screamed weak point. The pipe came swinging down, Silas grabbed Roxy and the two ran off, into the steam and fog forming around them.

“Silas the fuck is that thing? The hell is going on?” Roxy asked as they rushed off.

“Boss enemy, I think it’s called G-Birkin,” Silas answered, “We just have to pump enough lead into it before it runs off.”

He paused for a moment, Roxy was confused, and then she was wrapped up in a hug, she smiled a bit, “Been waiting to do that for awhile huh?”


He let go and raised the shotgun, “I’ve got your back,” he said.

Roxy smirked, “I’ve got yours.”

The two moved carefully… as another roar came out and out swung the Birkin Monster, pipe still in hand.

Roxy fired another flame round, the ignited G-Birkin screeched, the eye opening as the left arm covered the arguably still human head of the creature. Silas swapped out to the pistol and emptied the magazine, firing every last bullet he could. The empty magazine dropped and the fog got heavier, the two got to moving again.

Silas gripped a grenade, “We’ve only got one more run to go through.”

Roxy loaded an acid round, “I’m ready.”

Silas nodded, and then he felt Roxy pull him in for a kiss, he wasn’t going to complain.

“We’ll get through this,” she said.

G-Birkin rounded the corner, Silas chucked the grenade, the monster barely had time to react before it went off, then came the Acid Round, and then finally, a full complement of shotgun shells. The Monster let out one last feral shriek and fell over the edge of a railing, the fog and steam filled the room.

“Roxy?” Silas called out, there was a slamming of a ladder, and the fog cleared… she was gone.

Silas was gone and a ladder dropped down, Roxy scratched her head… whatever had separated them had united them for this boss fight? She groaned and opted to climb up the ladder.

At the top she was greeted by the little girl again, and she realized that the girl looked like Gabrielle Hudson, “What’s your name?” Roxy asked.

“My name is Sherry…”

Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Apr 1st 2021 at 6:56:37 AM

Galar, Somewhere

Daydre is out and about, taking a walk. The sun is shining, the birdmons are chirping, no one is burning in hell. Everything seems pretty alright.

Rowan: -looking off to the side- <Hey, what day was it again?>

Daydre checks her phone.

"Thursday, wh- oh Arceus' toilet."

Rowan: <Well that explains that then.>

He points off to where he's staring with a tail. Hanging in midair is what looks to be a portal- a bright bluish-white circle made of some kind of energy. Daydre sucks in her lips.

"Okay, maybe if we leave fast enough nothing will happen?"

Rowan: <Yeah let's just->

Before either of them can do anything else, someone stumbles out of the portal. Their height and build is very similar to Daydre's, albeit maybe a bit more muscular. They're dressed in all black, with red highlights here and there. A black fox themed visor covers their face, and they have armored gloves with somewhat sharp looking claw. They also have a very familiar looking belt.

Daydre takes this all in in a second and says some very colorful words under her breath.

Okay, let's see. Maybe this is Ama punking us?? I don't know how the hell she'd do that but yeah let's uh...

Daydre: "Okay Ama, very funny. I don't know where you got that costume but it looks uh... pretty nice? Did you have something you needed to tell me?"

???: "What are you talking about? What did you do you stupid Ditto? And how did you find out that name?"

Daydre: "Wh- Ditto? First, I'm not a Ditto, second, that's because it's my name and I've had a lot of alternate me problems this past year-"

'???: "Did you think I'd believe that? You've been playing this game for a long time now, I know you're not actually me! And you even got some buddy of yours to pretend to be Rowan!"

Daydre: "???"

"What are you talking about??"

???: "Prepare yourself!"

And she lunges.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Apr 1st 2021 at 7:17:02 AM


Racoon City - Pipeworks

Silas climbed up the ladder, “Hello? Someone there?”

Still nothing, he looked about and sighed. Stepping into the next room he pulled the lever that activated the catwalk, he had a long way to go before he got out of here.

“Sherry… right…” Roxy mumbled, still confused as to why she looked like a younger Gabi… and why she still had the slight galarian accent… “Where are your parents?” Roxy asked.

“They’re not here, I was told to wait at the Police Station for safety,” Sherry answered.

Roxy looked up to the direction of where she thought the station was, thought of all the freaks, monsters, and zombies roaming its halls. “Yeah that’s a bad choice huh?” Roxy commented.

Sherry nodded, “They work for Umbrella.”

“The pharmaceutical company?” Roxy asked, she had heard the name before somewhere, she couldn’t remember where.

Sherry nodded, “They barely have any time for me, so I’m left alone a lot.”

“Hey, I never really knew my mother growing up, we got something in common,” Roxy attempted. It got a small smile from Sherry, “Come on,” Roxy continued, “Let’s get out of here.”

Sherry smiled a little as Roxy led her up to the ladder out, the safe room not having much Roxy needed.

RPD - Parking Garage

The two entered, there were barricades and police cruisers everywhere, and the way out was past the metal barricade locking the garage up. Roxy looked about and walked her way over, Sherry following behind.

“Uhm… I-I didn’t get your name!” Sherry called out.

“Roxy,” Roxy responded.

“Claire, got it.”

Roxy opened her mouth to protest, considered her position, and figured that in this world, if Tommy was Elliot, JD was Marvin, and Gabi was Sherry, she might as well be Claire here. Plus the jacket said Claire as she recalled and she was still wearing it.

The two approached the gate control, and stared at it.

Silas looked over the gate control, and checked his pockets and his backpack. He had nothing, he grumbled a bit, he realized this meant more backtracking. His stomach grumbled a bit, he needed to feed himself at some point, he considered heading back into the safe room and opening his bag to grab one of the various food items he had looted.

There was a growl, and Silas turned around and saw what looked to be a Houndoom, heavily zombified, “Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me…”

The Houndoom leaped and Silas was hit, tackled to the ground with the thing trying to bite at his neck, he had dropped his gun and he couldn’t reach it, barely holding the thing off. The undead had no need to hold back anything anymore, no subconscious holding back… and it was only getting worse as Silas saw a faint glow in the mouth of the Houndoom as it readied a flame attack.

There was a gunshot and the Houndoom flopped over, Silas rolled over and grabbed the CM 86 and popped another two rounds into the head of the thing. He knew how these types of things went, he holstered the pistol and looked over, “Hey thanks,” he said… and what he saw shocked him.

Walking over was a woman in a thick trench coat, dark shades (at night), with a choker necklace… but there was no mistaking the red hair or the facial features. It was kind of hard to ignore, it was Alice O’Sullivan… Silas then realized who she was.

“Interpol Federal Investigations…” she said, flashing a badge and an ID, “Surprised you made it this far.”

“What are you doing down here?”

“Sorry, that information is classified,” she said walking off into another room.

“Where are you going?”

“Do yourself a favor, stop asking questions and get the hell out of here,” ‘Alice’ added.

Silas frowned and gestured to the gate, “Exactly what I’m trying to do.”

‘Alice’ entered another room and Silas followed… only to see she had vanished. “Great…” he mumbled.

Roxy scratched her head, “I don’t have the parking garage pass,”

There was the sound of a door opening, Roxy looked over and saw… well she had only heard reports of him but this was the vampire Livius… only with a few extra pounds and a terrible terrible mustache across his face. Fight or flight triggered and Roxy opted for fight… shame he had a gun drawn on her already.

“I see you found her, I have to thank you for keeping her safe…” he said, before tossing a pair of cuffs at the two. He waved the revolver a bit, “Cuff her,” he told Sherry.

Sherry looked to Roxy, “Do as he says,” Roxy answered, shooting ‘Livius’ a death glare. “Just who are you?” she asked.

“Chief Brian Irons,” the Livius look alike answered, he stuck a keycard into the Gate Control as Sherry finished cuffing Roxy. He stepped forward… and then kicked Roxy right in the stomach, knocking her over.

He gripped onto Sherry and dragged her away, the gate closing behind them, “Come on you little bitch…” he muttered.

Roxy rolled over to the dropped keys and undid the cuffs, she got up just as the gate closed and kicked it, “I’ll get you, you fucker!” she cried out.

Real or not, that was a kid alone with a man who made grease feel uncomfortable. Roxy wasn’t about to let this slide, and rushed off to get inspecting, starting with the room he came from.

As she stepped forward she felt something on her wrist, she looked at it and saw the pendant that Sherry had been wearing...

Silas marched through the cells, the undead banging against the doors, where did ‘Alice’ vanish to out here? He also took the time to pop the head of every zombie locked up, he had a bad feeling that the gates could break at any moment and he’d be swarmed. He approached the last cell and found a broken electrical circuit, and in the cell… was Shutter.

“Oh my god, an actual human! Hello human!” ‘Shutter’ said, he wore a lanyard around his neck, on it was a gate card with a guest pass written on it. The guest pass name tag read ‘Ben Bertolucci’.

“What are you doing here?” Silas asked.

“I was tossed in here, I’ve been here long enough! Are we the last ones left?” Ben responded, an odd smile on his face.

“No there are others,” Silas admitted, his thoughts drifting to ‘Alice’.

“Oh that’s good… unless Irons sent you.”

That name rang a bell, “Irons? As in Chief Irons?”

“Yeah, the bastard tossed me in here, I was about to blow the whistle on his whole operation.”

Silas didn’t like Ben’s chances, and it didn’t help that he was seeing Shutter’s face in use with this character, “Look, we need to get out of here,” Silas said, “Stay away from that back wall.”

Ben looked to the wall and then to Silas with skepticism, and then there was a screeching heard… Ben backed up, “Get me out… now.”

“Ben, please just step towards me,” Silas tried to be as calm as possible.

“No… get me out, NOW!”

“Ben don’t put your back against that wall, please just stay with me. I’ll get you out, but I need to get the parts first, the circuit is busted and I can’t open the cell door..” Silas was desperate, reasoning with him didn’t seem to be working.

Ben held up the gate card, “You’ll need this, now do what you can and get me out-”

The wall broke, a large fist reached in and clasped itself around Ben’s head, the meaty fingers squeezing and Silas could only stare in horror as Ben died. He slammed a fist against the cell door, grumbling to himself… he had a puzzle to solve now.

He heard footsteps and out stepped ‘Alice’, “Calm down, it’s just me. I thought I told you to get out of here, didn’t I?”

Silas sighed, “You did, unfortunately for both of us, I think we got bigger problems, such as what happened to poor Ben here.”

‘Alice’ sighed, “Great, there goes my informant, my investigation will suffer for this,” she said before walking off again.

“Hey you can’t keep walking away from me. I don’t even know your name,” Silas told her, “I’m Silas.”

“Find a way out, then we’ll talk in detail, ‘Leon’, for now, the name’s Ada.”

She walked out, Silas sighed, he had a lot of work ahead of him… first stop, the morgue.

Roxy ran through the morgue section, the Lickers were just complete assholes, but fire and acid rounds tended to fix that, she stepped through carefully and opened the drawers one by one. That bastard Irons/Livius was the police chief, and she couldn’t risk leaving him be.

The last one held the diamond key… as well as a zombie, but a quick bullet solved the latter problem. Now she could get up to the bastard’s office and begin handling the next problem, getting the gate key.

She rushed out, only hopeful that whatever Silas was going through wasn’t as bad as this. Roxy knew this would be a story and a half, especially as she stopped by the police cruiser and opened the trunk with the old key fob, finding inside a semi-auto pistol. Roxy stared at it, then at her revolver.

“Okay what?”

Silas opened the police car trunk, discarding the old key fob and pulling out the last upgrade for his pistol, the stock, with this his pistol could fire 3 round bursts now. This was among the reasons the CM 86 never lasted in production, the issues that arose from this little feat of engineering.

With the stock in hand, he set about stepping over the corpses of the zombie houndooms, he had to get back into the police station, and find the puzzle pieces, he knew one was in the clock tower.

Roxy entered Irons office, and stared at all the taxidermied mons around it, she frowned… this guy was a bastard through and through. There was also a locked door with a heart symbol, which meant another special key to find, “You know I’m starting to get tired of all this puzzle shit.”

The back room had the key, hidden in a photo frame, as well as a locked area that had the gate keycard she needed to get out. The door however was locked close, a busted electronic circuit sat there, Roxy frowned harder… she knew this only meant more puzzles.

Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Apr 1st 2021 at 8:31:35 AM

Galar, Somewhere Else

Daydre is running, dodging Obscura tailstrikes for the fourth or fifth time in her life. She is.. Attempting to formulate a plan but that's kinda hard at the moment. Experience has made her at least able to not get hit, and something about the attacks feels more easily telegraphed, but there's still a lot coming at her at once.

Daydre: "What do I do what do I do~"

Rowan: <.. Hm. I can think of one thing, but I don't particularly like it.>

Daydre: "What is it?"

Rowan: <Well, I think we both know this is probably an alternate you, and we have another you who tried to kill you...>

Daydre: "Oh! Right!"

She dials a certain number in her phone and...

Unova, Entree Forest

Ama picks up.

Ama: "What the fuck do you want? I'm a little busy at the moment."

It should be noted she's (carefully) holding a Tranquill by the feet and tail while a nervous PEFE volunteer tries to take various body measurements.


Daydre: -Narrowly avoiding getting slashed in the face- "Yeah uh I think there's another alternate me trying to kill me, any tips?"


Ama: "... I don't know, duck and cover? Don't you know how to fight? Or have like, a whole team to do that for you?"


Daydre: "I do not know how to fight properly and I was taking a walk, all I have is Rowan and she-"

The sounds of two Rowans can be heard in the background, bickering about some obscure life detail whilst in the middle of battling. There's a fiery fwoosh followed by the sounds of various things falling over and someone yelling. Daydre: "-Oh, whoops, almost dropped the phone. She also only has Rowan apparently! So uh. We're in a bit of a stalemate."


Ama: "I'm not really allowed to leave where I am, and even if I could I wouldn't want to for a few different reasons. If you called expecting me to fly over and help, I have bad news for you."


Daydre: "OH RIGHT- she's got like, a weird visor and this all black outfit on? Is that anything? She's not being like, controlled or something right?"


Ama narrows her eyes.

Ama: "... Bring her here."

You can kind of hear it in her voice, even.


Daydre: "Wh- what do you mean here?


Ama: "Entree Forest. She'll follow you over the ocean."


Daydre: "H u h?"


Ama: "She's persistent. Just get her here and I'll deal with her."

She hangs up. Both the Tranquill and the volunteer look very very confused.

Ama: "... Oh right, you two were here. Yeah you might want to go hide in a few hours."

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Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Apr 1st 2021 at 8:41:03 AM



Silas slowly climbed down the ladder… only for it to break, he groaned a bit as he landed… “Ow…”

He got up slowly, and looked at the burning wreck of the Helicopter, he grumbled a bit and walked off to go find the water valve, the pipes were busted and anyone could tell just pulling the lever now would not extinguish these flames. That and he had made that mistake before when he first played this game/story and so had remembered that clearly.

He marched himself down to the boiler room, it had a key he needed anyways and was right next to the valve. As he approached the boiler room, out from the door burst a zombie which tackled him, Silas was lamenting his luck as it reached up, ready to bite him.

Down came the mouth, Silas instinctively put up his left arm… and the zombie was left with a very confused face as it bit down on titanium plating, its dead eyes met Silas’s… who slowly started to make a very evil grin.

He threw the zombie off of him, and as they both got back up, he threw his left fist in a heavy uppercut, the undead beast barely had time before it’s torso had a metal hand going clean through it, he pulled it out and turned to the second zombie… who stood there kind of awkwardly staring at the event.

A quick reach of the metal arm, applying pressure, and the head was now a pulpy mess. Silas let out a laugh, and rather surprisingly, he shouted, “Is that all you got! I know this game! I remember the score! I am prepared for anything!” he screamed to the heavens, the stress was getting to him a little.

He ducked into the boiler room and grabbed the club key, he was much closer to getting his hands on the Lightning Hawk, though the game called it the Desert Eagle. Up the stairs to pull the lever, he was ready for anything.

“I can handle this,” he told himself with a soft smile as he walked in, he’d be able to crawl through the Helicopter now that it was no longer on fire.

“LEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNN!!” a voice called out from behind the Helicopter, Silas paused and looked up in horror as a familiar thick black gloved hand appeared and hefted the Helicopter up.

Standing before him was everyone’s favorite Tyrant, Mr. X, but Mr. X was different, his face still seemed barely human but now it was blended with other facial features, the features of Chris Redfield from the first game.

“Oh no…” Silas muttered, right as Chris-X began to walk forward.


Silas sprinted out, hoping that Roxy wasn’t dealing with this better.

Roxy neatly tucked out of the way as Mr. X threw a punch and got his fist stuck in the wall, she was very pleased he wasn’t talking as that would just make things awkward, she ran past him and off to the other side of the building. She had to make it to the STARS office and grab the submachine gun inside it, though the tromping of the footsteps behind her made it clear this won’t be as easy.

She kicked open a door and headed to the Library, only pondering how Silas was making out around this time…

Silas fired 2 shotgun shells at Chris-X, “STOP SHOOTING ME LEON!”

This was not a fun day.

Roxy entered into the STARS office and shoved the USB Badge into the computer, and opened the door, she grabbed the SMG and loaded it. Firearms weren’t really her style but if she was stuck here, she was stuck here. The sooner she was done however, the better, and now she just needed to look for the other Heart Door she had seen earlier, it must have an important puzzle piece, which was needed since she was now lugging around a heavy large gear. She could only presume it had something to do with the large clock tower built into the station.

She heard the tromping outside, Mr. X as she had been informed by the helpful note that… something had left for her, was incapable of entering certain rooms so she was safe… for now.

She sat back in the side office and pulled out a sandwich from her bag, she hadn’t eaten in awhile and judging by the narrative way things worked… Sherry would be safe for now, hopefully.

Silas entered the STARS armory and took out the Lightning Hawk, one or two shots from this little bad boy would render any walker dead once more… and the Tyrant stunned for at least 30 seconds. He checked the ammunition in the chamber and holstered it, he had a lot of running to do now. All the way down to the evidence room for the jack, completing the clock-tower puzzle was next on the list.

He burst out, the Chris-X turning around, “YOU CAN’T RUN FROM ME LEON! I SEE YOU!”

Silas sprinted into the Library, darting over to the bookshelf, popping the jack out. He could hear the stomping of the freak tyrant behind him, but for now it was just a matter of getting the last two shelves into place. Just a little further…


Just a little further!

Roxy entered the Clock tower room, safe at last, before her sat one last puzzle to get through, with the last electronic part, ready and waiting to be picked up. She stretched as she gripped onto the gear, last one to go.

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No voice to cry suffering
Apr 1st 2021 at 9:04:51 AM

Guess What Day It Is

Megan: Gosh, I love walking along, projecting the impression that I haven't got a care in the world! ^_^

Pippy: <Blithe cheeriness!> ^v^

Vee: <Loving menace!> .3

Pollen: <Grumpy backsass.>

Pollen: <...wait, who's writing this crap? It's even more heavyhanded than usual.>

Thespi: <Me!> :D

Pollen: <Oh.>

Thespi: <Guess what day it is!> ^_^

-a pause stretches on for a dramatically appropriate length of time! Pollen's cogitations come to a close, concluding:-

Pollen: <>

Thespi: <But consider!!>

-she leans in, until she's a bare inch away from Pollen's pretty, pretty peepers-

Thespi: <yes.> :o

Pollen: <Wh—don't you have friends now? Why're you bothering me?!>

Thespi: -tsk- <Pollen, Pollen, Pollen. What a silly question!> ^_^

-lacking hands, and Pollen still within enmitous distance, Thespi boops Pollen's own lack of a nose with her own- :o

Pollen: -splutter-

Thespi: -twirling in the air, giggling- <After your little solo performance in Hulbury, I knew I just had to get back in touch~>

Pollen: <Wh—??>




-after Pollen dejectedly wanders off with her song and the poor substitute for her Trainer- u_u

Lapis: -distantly, consoling- bwah.

-after the air in the theatre goes still-

-too still-

-so still that you wouldn't believe anything ever breathed, here-

-...Thespi unlocks her Aura and thought with the remaining half of her Key of Mind, reappearing to Auric senses-

Thespi: <...>

-she lets the mingled impressions and collected emotions percolate into her renewed consciousness, putting images one after the other...until the full picture forms-

Thespi released Amnesia!

Thespi: -...giddy- <...I was right.>

-the wind picks up now, whirling exultant through the wings!-

Thespi: -laughing- <I was right!>


Pollen: <Right about what???>

Thespi: <That you're great rival material, of course!> :D

Pollen: <. . . what.>

Thespi: -leaning over, grin- <C'monnnn, I see the way you look at me!>

Thespi: -if she had hands, she'd be clasping them to her cheeks right about now- <So full of emotion! Like all the pain you're so broody about could go away right now if for a moment I stopped being so...>

Pollen: -...looking at the sky, toeing empty air- <...I-I mean, it wouldn't be, bad, if we hung out more, I gue—>

Thespi: <Great!> 😄

Pollen: <I kinda missed y—>

Thespi: -wiggling, giggling- <Oh, we're going to have so much fun together! We're in Galar, so of course magic school could be a theme of the day—>

Pollen: <...wait>

Thespi: -metaphorically staring off into space- <We could cast spells and have weirdly charged antagonism and snipe at each other from our weird nerd posses—> :D

Pollen: -literally looking up- <What the fuck is tH>

-there's a resounding thoom as a meteor streaks out of the sky and crashes to earth-

-it bowls over Thespi, Pollen, and their Trainer and teammates who definitely are still here, throwing a massive plume of debris into the atmosphere-

-raining down dirt and shredded grass and chitin-

-...and nuts, and bolts, and odd robotic hands-

-and strewing, all around the impact crater, what appear to be strange semi-metallic muscle fibers-

Pippy: -maintaining Protect field- <Are you alright?!>

Pollen: -having dove over Thespi, tackling her to the ground and sheltering her with her wings- <...uh.>

Thespi: 😲

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No mind to think. No will to break.
Mezzopiano You're shivering. Are you afraid? from That Cold Place Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
You're shivering. Are you afraid?
Apr 1st 2021 at 9:28:08 AM

Spikemuth, ██████'s Apartment

-no one is here. go away-

Do not fear power... fear those who wield it.
Apr 1st 2021 at 9:28:15 AM



Silas put the last piece into place, grumbling as he had just narrowly avoided getting sideswiped by Mr. X and started up the clock tower, the bell tolled at last and the last electronic part was dumped down. Silas shook the box and took it, pondering why these things were large enough to hold multiple electronic parts but only ever held one.

“Damn puzzles,” he muttered, as he stepped out the door, and sprinted for the storage on the other side. He took a moment to look down and saw Chris-X on the second floor, completely unaware of him.

Roxy darted into Livius Iron’s office and went into the side room… she would comment about the Bastard being a clear example of corruption, buuuuuuut this was Livius, even if he was called Brian Irons.

The puzzle with the parts was straightforward, you just had to adjust the positioning of certain pieces and connect them until the circuit lined up. The Door clicked open and Roxy did a little fist pump before she stepped in, grabbing the gate card… as the phone went off.

Silas finished the circuit and stepped in, grabbing Ben/Shutter’s key-card and sighing, “Sorry… whoever you are at this point… I wanted to change the course of the story.”

He dug into Ben’s coat and pulled out a tape recorder, he listened over it and heard Ben arguing with someone… but unlike the others, this wasn’t a voice he was familiar with. Shutter’s voice he knew, and that who ‘Ben’ was, but this one… this was different. Weirder still, the voice had a faint accent, she was identified as ‘Annete Birkin’.

They talked about the orphanage, that it was too coincidental that Umbrella had ties to it and most of the city. Silas sighed, knowing at his core that Umbrella was a Weyland-Utani, UAC type of evil.

He marched off to the gate, only to be faced with a veritable army of the undead, “Okay what the hell there weren’t that many here before!”

He darted around the side path, only to be faced with Chris-X once more, “I HAVE FOUND YOU LEON! YOU WON’T EVADE ME THIS TIME! I WILL BUILD A MOUNTAIN ON TOP OF YOUR-”

The rapport of the Lightning Hawk drowned that out as the rounds bounced off of Chris-X’s head, and down he went stunned. Silas darting past and out to the parking garage.

He got close to the card reader when he felt something grip him by the neck, it was the Chris-X, and he looked pissed.


A SWAT van slammed into him, and he dropped Silas, who looked up as out stepped Ada/Alice.

“This is getting old,” she commented, “Saving your ass, that’s twice.”

“Didn’t think you were keeping score,” Silas commented semi-sarcastically.

“This isn’t a game Leon,” Ada commented, right as the swat van started to move and a muffled “LEEOOOOOOOOOON” was heard from behind it, “Nothing dies down here!”

Silas raised his lightning hawk, ready to deal with the freak once more, the truck however exploded first. Ada sighed as she dropped a detonator, “I take it you got the keycard.”

Silas looked over at her, and he wasn’t certain if it was her demeanor or the latent feelings for the face she wore, but he smirked and motioned for her to step on ahead, as he pulled out the key card.

Racoon City - Orphanage

Irons smirked as he stared at the monitor, ‘Claire’ looking up at him, “Good to see you again Claire. Little Sherry told me your name… and I noticed she doesn’t have her pendant… how could that be?”

“You better not have hurt her,” ‘Claire’ threatened.

“Oh don’t worry, she’s safe. Quite safe, for now at least. I just want to trade…” Irons commented.

‘Claire’ frowned right at the camera, “The Pendant?” she asked.

“Good girl, bring it here. See you soon Claire,” Irons commented before hanging up.

Sherry sat in the locked room, “I gotta get out…” she muttered, looking about the room… and to a creepy doll staring right at her. She shivered, and decided to inspect it, she’d much rather have a stuffed corviknight plush right now.

Still, she shook it a bit and out fell a magnetic block, she knew what this meant, a puzzle. The block set itself wasn’t too difficult, straightforward and easy enough to understand, just had to line the right magnets up in order… and out popped a pair of scissors. Sherry questioned who just hid scissors like this, but using these, it’d be easy to cut the duct tape holding the cardboard wall up.

Sherry crept out and around the furniture, she had to be quiet, Irons could be around any corner. She stepped out the door and crept down the stairs, the front doors would be locked, she just knew it. No escaping that way…

Into the side room, and then she heard it, classical music playing… the silhouette of Irons dancing, holding something in hand… “Oh no, it’s him,” Sherry said, her heartbeat rapidly picking up…

She snuck around, and saw the table… on there drained of colour was a young woman, she stifled a gasp as she realized what was happening. She crept quietly around the corpse, only praying that wherever she was now, she was at peace… and there was the key.

Sherry reached out, when “What do you think you’re doing you little bitch?!”

Sherry screamed as Irons advanced, he gripped onto her neck and pushed her against the table, “You should have stayed in your room…”

Sherry gripped onto what she could on the table, and smashed a bottle of acid into the face of Irons, he screamed in pain, Sherry taking the chance to dart out and into the hallway. She had to run, she just had to run, especially as she heard from behind her, “YOU’RE GOING TO BE SO FUCKING SORRY!”

“Stay away!” Sherry screamed back, going up the stairs and back to the dorm section, Irons shouted, “You stupid bitch that’s a dead end!”

Sherry tucked herself behind a table as Irons came in, she moved carefully as Irons shone a flashlight around, “There! Door’s locked! I know you’re in here, the longer it takes me to find you, the worse it’s going to be!”

Sherry clasped her hands over her mouth, as Irons started to move some of the furniture aside, “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…”' she thought. Irons paused, “Gah, fuuuuck!”

He walked back over to the doorway, looking for her, Sherry took her chance and ducked behind a bar counter. Irons stumbled over, the pain of the acid getting to him, “Fuuuuck!”

He stumbled into the bathroom and began to wash the acid off, Sherry rushed over, grabbed the key and got out the door, just as he turned the lights on, “There you are!”

Sherry rushed down to the front door and unlocked it and pushed, only to find chains, “What?!”

The footsteps of Iron returned and she ducked into his side room, locking the door behind her. She was safe, or so she thought until the axe burst in, she screamed and ran. Right into the back room, Irons chasing after her.

“I’ve got you now you little bitch!” He shouted, angered at what she had done to him.

There was a sudden groan, it became a roar, and Irons and Sherry were faced with a monster…

Roxy busted into the orphanage, the scratch marks and the broken chains not leaving her very hopeful as to the outcome. She had to fight her way through zombified houndooms, fire, a bus, and a very angry undead populace.

“Sherry?” She called out, navigating the Orphanage. She quickly grew annoyed with its layout and all the toppled over items and furniture.

Roxy heard groaning, and out stumbled Livius/Brian Irons, whoever he was at this point. He moaned in pain and clutched at his chest, he looked up and grasped at Roxy, “Your fault… took too looooooong!”

Roxy barely had time to back away before, right before Irons whimpered out “Damn you William!” and his chest burst open, out flew a flesh creature which landed on the floor, and scuttered away.

Roxy stared at the dead body of Irons and slowly started to walk away, she paused, before turning around, grabbing her grenade launcher, and launching a fire round onto his corpse. She smiled a bit feeling better, it was the least the bastard deserved but for now it’d do, she rounded the corner and found a hatch to a cellar.

Little did she know the chest burster didn’t make it very far, as it was crushed underneath the boot of a very persistent Tyrant.

Roxy climbed down and approached Sherry, “Oh thank god you’re okay.”

Sherry smiled a bit, and then she screamed, “CLAIRE RUN!”

Roxy looked behind herself and just saw the Tyrant stomping towards her, she panicked and ran, grabbing Sherry’s hand, “Come on Sherry run!”

The two ran into an oddly concrete filled area, a singular elevator ahead, Roxy didn’t know where it went, anywhere was better than here and with that thing. They rushed in and Roxy slammed the doors shut, the Elevator started, and then the hands came in… With incredible strength the Tyrant pulled the door open.

Roxy gripped the SMG, she hoped she could at least stun the thing to let the elevator get away… only for the sight of 4 large claws to appear bursting through the Tyrant’s chest, with a sharp pull almost half of the Tyrant’s body was ripped away. Roxy saw it again, it was the Birkin Monster.

He roared, his body distending, and out popped a new head, Roxy stared in horror as the mutant head seemed to have a face similar to a Ditto. “Daddy no!” Sherry screamed as the Birkin monster got closer.

“WHAT?!” Roxy cried out, just before the Elevator broke, and the two fell.

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SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Apr 1st 2021 at 10:12:29 AM


-Nothing is happening. Those poor tortured souls exist outside of the wrath of April 1st.-

-For now.-

-Jessica's streaming the [Resident Evil 2 Remake], though.-

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"Hold on/Stay tough/Be strong/And hit stuff"
Apr 1st 2021 at 10:24:34 AM


Racoon City

Silas opened the gate and gestured for Ada to go ahead, a smirk on his face. Ada smirked back and walked off, taking the tape recorder and listening to it, Silas rolled his left shoulder a bit and put the lightning hawk back in its holster.

“That the intel you needed?”

“Unfortunately no, Ben didn’t come through,” Ada commented.

“What is it you need?”

“More info on the people responsible for this,” Ada responded, “What about you? Trying to save the world?”

“Just trying to help out where I can and survive,” Silas responded.

“Good luck with that,” Ada commented, she stopped, “Road’s out, we’ll have to make a detour.”

Silas nodded, “Through the gun shop then.”

Ada stepped over and set on unlocking the door, a pair of lockpicks in her hands. Silas gripped onto his shotgun and swept it over the area, ready for any surprise visits… he wanted the Chris-X tyrant to be dead, he desperately wanted it to be so, for this story to go differently. But deep within he suspected it wouldn’t.

The door clicked, and Ada opened it, “Come on Leon.”

Silas nodded and stepped in, “Grab what you can,” he told her, “We’re going to be busy.”

Racoon City - Kendo Gun Store

Ada nodded and started to dig through a pile of overturned supplies. Silas picked up another pack of Steelboy 12 gauge shells, as well as an extended barrel and tube for his shotgun, it took him a minute or two but it was… simple enough, whatever was responsible for this wanted things to be straightforward.

“Got everything?”

“Got what I could.”

Silas shrugged a bit and stepped towards the hole in the back, only for a barrel to be pointed straight at him, “Don’t move.”

Silas raised his hands, “We’re not gonna hurt you, we’re just passing thro-”

“Like hell you are!” the figure responded, Silas saw him clearly now, and his heart sank. It was Arthur, somehow Arthur had become, judging by the name on the coat he wore, Robert Kendo.

Ada stepped over, pistol drawn, “Drop it.”

There was a growling noise, and the two looked over, there they saw a young girl, Silas felt his heart sank, she looked like his old friend Brooks… only something was wrong, part of her face was decaying and one of her eyes had turned grey.

Ada turned her gun towards Brooks, Kendo stepped between them, “NO! WAIT!”

“Step aside, we need to terminate her before-”

“Terminate? That’s my fucking daughter!” Kendo spat, Silas stood there, a little traumatized, before he finally spoke, “Ada, just let them be.”

Ada grimaced a bit and put her gun down, Kendo kept his shotgun trained on the both of them, “Emma, sweetie, I thought I told you to stay put.”

“D-Daddy…” Emma muttered, Kendo lowered the gun and instantly went over, “Yeah, Emmie, daddy’s here. It’s okay, daddy’s here…” he said holding her close.

Silas stepped forward, Kendo just gently hugging his daughter, “Those things outside, look what they did to us... “ he took a deep breath and looked right at Silas, or more specifically, at the uniform Silas was wearing.

“You’re a cop, right? They were supposed to help us, keep us safe. You’re supposed to know something, how did this happen, huh!?”

Silas knew Kendo needed to vent, it didn't matter that it was at him, all he could see was the face of his indomitable ancestor. Ada didn’t say anything either, she just stood there, a little unnerved.

“She was our sweet little angel…” Kendo commented, his grip on the shotgun at his side tightening.

“Mommy…” Emma moaned, tears were running down Kendo’s face, “S-She’s sleeping honey. D-don’t worry, ok? And I’m gonna… uhm, I’m gonna put you to bed too.”

Kendo stood up and hefted Emma up, carrying her, he looked to Ada and Silas, the tears uncontrollable, “Please… just… give us some privacy.”

Kendo walked away into a locked safe room, Silas turned to Ada, “You asked what I’m doing? I’m trying to help people, people like them, the average individual who doesn’t ask to get wrapped up into my shit. I toss myself into situations over my head just so there’s a chance someone doesn’t have to.”

Ada said nothing, just stood there for a few seconds before saying, “I was sent in to recover something from Umbrella. A sample of their latest project, the G-Virus. It can alter… things, people and mons. Make them monsters. Annette Birkin is behind this, and she’s one of the worst.”

“And let me guess, they wanna market it to the nations of the world to make their own monsters,” Silas commented.

Ada nodded, leading Silas out and down to the sinkhole. The two entered a sewer pipe and trekked through, they said nothing, Silas had no snarky comments to make about the situation.

Ada sighed, “For… what it’s worth, thanks… Thanks for helping.”

Silas smiled a bit, unusual for him but it helped that the face he was talking to was Alice. The two approached a catwalk, and down below was nothing but sewer water. Ada smirked and gestured to Silas, who stared at her, he rolled his eyes and adjusted his sleeves.

“Problem?” She asked.

Silas held up his left hand and flexed it a bit, letting the servos whirr audibly, “Long story,” he said, before jumping in. He groaned a bit as he felt the cold water cling to his legs, and the bits of garbage floating around didn’t help…

“Alright, jump on down,” he told Ada, who just looked up and gasped. Silas looked over and saw a giant yellow eye stare at him.


Silas bolted, as a giant mutant feraligatr darted after him, mentally he could only curse “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!”

Charging through the water and all the garbage was difficult enough. The Feraligatr seemed less… controlled and more feral, as if it couldn’t think straight. Silas slid down an angled path, passing a gas main, thinking quickly he drew his Lightning Hawk. With the landing he turned around and saw the Feraligatr mutant clasp its jaws on the gas main.

“Smile you son of a bitch,” he said before pulling the trigger. The gas main exploded and took the feraligatr with it, Silas breathed a sigh of relief… as a ladder dropped.

“Up here!” Ada called.

A few minutes later he was marching through a dark tunnel with Ada, Silas had his pistol drawn, the two stepped through a doorway, standing in there was a woman with short curled blonde hair, brown hair, her facial features seemed familiar. But Silas didn’t recognize her, he didn’t know who she was… and then he remembered, from what he saw of the human head on G-Birkin wasn’t familiar either…

Annette was examining a corpse, discussing the effects of the T-Virus’s effects, she spoke into a tape recorder, “Must dispose of the subject,” she muttered.

Ada drew her pistol, “We’re here for the G-Virus, hand it over Doctor. I’m warning you.”

Annette smirked, before tossing a lighter onto the corpse, it went up pretty instantly, and Annette sprinted off. Ada chased after, Silas barely had time to catch up, only for bullets to start flying, he leapt in front of Ada, and felt a 9mm go through his left shoulder.


“Just… go, get her!” Silas commented, before the shock and landing rendered him unconscious.

Annete slammed the button for the security door, and shouted, “YOU’LL NEVER GET THE G-VIRUS!”

Ada frowned, “Didn’t expect that from a scientist…”

She looked down, at Silas who had completely passed out.

Racoon City - Umbrella forward base

Ada adjusted her dress, and looked down at the passed out ‘Leon’, she had done what she could with what medical supplies they had both carried. His undershirt was gone, his left sleeve a little torn, and some bandages wrapped around his injury. She had found it a little difficult with the mechanical limb… there was a story there.

The trenchcoat drenched carefully over Leon, she sighed, “Alright Annette… where did you go?”

Ada looked about the room, and saw the large industrial fan, she smirked, secret weapon time. She drew a unique little tool out of her holster and pointed it at the fan. It slowly spun higher and higher… before it finally broke, step one done.

It was a quick path, and popping the head of a zombie as she dropped down. She had no time to waste, every moment wasted was another moment that Annette got away… and speak of the devil, there she was in a hallway. Ada crawled through an opening and darted for the nearby service elevator, right into the secure hallway.

“Got you at last,” she commented with a grin, only to hear the service Elevator again. She looked over and saw the odd Tyrant, the notorious Mr. X…


Well that was going to be a problem, she pulled the trigger on the EM Device and clicked the door open, she darted in and broke the Fan, darting through, avoiding the Tyrant. Down into another room, there was a locked door with a fancy flat screen on it telling her she needed ID.

“Figures,” Ada muttered. She looked about the room and saw an empty area, inside was an incinerator setup, as well as an ID wristband… this was a trap.

It was a trap she had no choice but to enter as she needed the ID wristband anyways, Ada stepped in and prepped the EMF. She picked up the wristband, and heard the door slam behind her, she turned and saw the slit in the door open. Annette’s face there, Ada sighed and gave a small clap, “Bravo. Gonna burn me alive now?”

“You’ll never get your hands on the G… doesn’t matter if you’re not the only one… at least you won’t die alone,” Annette said calmly, closing the slit and walking off.

Ada rolled her eyes and blew out the servos, the metal door dropped. She rolled her shoulders a bit as she stepped through the security door, “Reminder. Your guest pass expires October 1st, please return by that date,” a computerized voice said.

“Not likely,” Ada said as she entered the area, a single path before her, and a simple bridge. She stepped onto the path, and a spotlight came down.

Ada sighed, “Really Annette, we should stop this meowth and rattata game.”

“Game is over, you lost…” Annette said, throwing a switch, a large crane came down behind Ada.

“How did he die? Was it jealousy, all so you could get credit for G?”

Annette laughed sadly, “Interesting theory…”

“I’ll just get a sample from the NEST,” Ada commented, “Unless you just comply.”

Annette said nothing for a moment, flipped a switch, and said, “Goodbye.”

The crane arm went flying towards Ada, she darted across the bridge, and only barely managed to avoid getting struck by it… unfortunately she fell over the railing and into the disposal room, her body ached, and she looked down. Sticking out of her leg was a piece of rebar, she groaned… “Where’s Leon when you need him?”

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The Wanderer
Apr 1st 2021 at 11:11:44 AM

Saffron City

-Is walking down a street, wearing what appears to be a green jumpsuit-

Another April Fools day huh?

-Looks at my right arm, a smartphone mounted on it, what appears to be blue tattoos of the seals of Dialga and Groudon on my right hand, and the tattoo of what is probably Uxie's forehead gem on my left hand-

Guess I'm doing Shin Densetsu Kakusei IV: Armageddon.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Apr 1st 2021 at 11:12:12 AM

We're All Fools 'Round Here

-it's hard to say who recovers first—when Thespi does, the temperature drops back to more comfortable levels-

Thespi: -emitting Ice- <Phew!>

-beam- < hero.>

(-Pollen jerks back with a startled flutter-)

-and Pippy heralds his with a spherical burst of clean, clear air-

Pippy used Defog!

Megan: -glancing down, pushing upright- ...when did I put on my armor…?

Pippy: -eyeing the mess of odd, stringy fibers- <...ew.>

Pollen: <...>

Vee: <Thes', do magic schools often come wit' meteors attached…?>

Thespi: <Probably not! This is something weird and interesting!> :D

Pippy: -still staring at the oddly fleshy mess- <...I do not envy who or whatever all this mess came from. Sheesh.>

Pollen: <......>

-...muscle fibers, a heavy fall from the blue...-

-that radiation appears...otherworldly…-

Pollen: -shell-shocked- <Ultra Beast.>

???: Whuh...what in tarnation…?

Pollen used Moonblast!

Megan: Pollen wait—!!

-but her voice is drowned out in the heavy boom of a big frigging laser striking metal and ash, somewhere deep in the settling cloud-

-...there's the clang of something falling free-

Mysterious Figure (???): damn, Larkspur's a wreck, dunno if that was enemy fire or somethin' jus' bustin' explosively, mm…

Pollen: -shriek- <SHOW YOURSELF!>

???: Wh—shit—!!

-this figure flinches at Pollen's panicked buzz, stumbling out of the clearing cloud of debris to reveal themself to be-


Pippy: <...>

Thespi: <!!!> :D

-...a cowgirl?-

Nova "Peregrine" Nullis
Diamond Ace of the House of Cards
Albatross Loyal Wing, Eyela-stationed, circa 5016U

Nova: -staring at her surroundings, grassy and blue-skied- This is…

-faintly- Not Eyela. What—

-...and boggles in sheer inexplicable horror at the Nincada that's burrowed its sleepy way to the surface, right next to the smoldering wreckage at her feet-

Megan: awww…

Nova: -emphatically- ...f u c k.

-she lifts her foot—it's power armor she's wearing, it becomes clear—and makes to squish the bug with extreme prejudice-


Nova: -blinks-

Megan: -having trident-parried, blinks- Uh—

-startled, the Nincada starts to burrow away-

Nova: shoving Megan back, pulling what appears to be a bazooka from a holster and aiming it at the ground- What are you doing, that's—

Megan: Hey wait don't—

-reflexively, Megan hurls and spears the big frigging gun with her trident, then makes to tackle the woman intent on Pokécide—-

-Nova swings a fist at Megan's face now, catching her in the plated shoulder with a sudden something much harder and denser than a brass knuckle—-

Pippy: <wh-whoa!>

Vee: -snarl, conjuring Swift stars- <Hands off—!>

- —the ruptured giant flare tube explodes some meters away, throwing everything into disarray-

-...Megan's team's senses return, to the sight of their Trainer and this deeply strange stranger just...scuffling, on the ground-

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