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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Jan 1st 2020 at 6:36:18 PM

Final Shell

-Actually getting kinda bothered for more than just pragmatic reasons-

Guys, we're better than this, stop    no-   

-Suddenly La-

...I imagine that has just made things a lot harder for us.

Ultra Badlands

Wanderer: -Annoyed- Okay, I have had enough of this.

-Clenches his left fist and the Demon Tide is smushed into the ground by the force of gravity-

And now that you're still...

-Lifts his right pointer finger up so that he can shoot through the Obscura core with a cosmic ray-

Now to make sure you won't be coming back.

Gate of Heaven... OPEN!

-A gigantic golden pair of doors appears, a tree depicted on each side, which then opens as a gigantic golden hand reaches out and grabs the Demon Tide-


-And it retracts with its prize. Following getting dragged inside and the doors shutting closed, a depiction of the Demon Tide appears at the center of the doors before it dissipates into sparkling lights-

Now I need to get over to the Final Shell.

-And the Wanderer runs for a bit before riding on a cloud-

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Jan 1st 2020 at 6:42:20 PM

Final Shell

-Shaun blinks.-

Shaun: "Bro what the fuck"

"Where did you send him!?"

"Hold on/Stay tough/Be strong/And hit stuff"
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Jan 1st 2020 at 7:04:24 PM

Final Shell, Farewell Izaya

Colton's Mindscape

"So what, are we not bringing him to justice?"

"Did we let everyone have a turn?"

"How are we supposed to undo the damage done?"

"Why didn't La consult us?!"


Colton facepalmed.

Throughout the entire area and beyond, so much so that the Wanderer could feel it, so much so that the wind carried his frustrations, the monstrous noise carried on for countless kilometres.

The winds in the room caused tremors that could cause anyone to fall over, save for the Unovan in the room.

Sylveon chimed a Heal Bell to restore any possible hearing loss before anyone noticed.

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[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Jan 1st 2020 at 7:08:23 PM

Final Shell, Farewell Izaya

-Ian and Evelyn get thrown forwards by Colton's Legendary Facepalm-

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Jan 1st 2020 at 7:26:15 PM

Azalea Town

Ever: The best thing about defeating the villains is—

Muninn: <Watching the light drain out of their eyes as they realize they've lost, yeah.>

Ever: —the peaceful aftermath, yes.

-they give the Mimikyu a stern look-

Muninn: <Okay, okay, I'm suitably chastised.>

Ever: Don't let Pleth hear you say that.

-they sit down, taking off their backpack-

Hey, Muninn, is my Exp Share in there?

Muninn: <How would I know?>

Ever: You were in there once!

Muninn: <Yes, seven years ago. I hardly know what's in it now.>

Ever: ...Huh. Time flies.

-they open it up, peering in-

Would you be offended if I tied a string to you and lowered you in like a spelunker?

Muninn: <...Yes.>

Ever: Hm.

Muninn: <...Are you going to anyway?>

Ever: I'm giving it tho— ow! Hey!

-Ever withdraws their face from the backpack as something floats out-

Red Nocturne: <!>

Ever: ...Uh.

Red Nocturne: <:>

Ever: Muninn, what's that?

-the Red Nocturne pokes at them, to no particular effect-

Muninn: <It's not any Pokemon I've heard of.>

Ever: Right. Uh. Must be something that never quite got translated back. I blame the backpack.

Muninn: <You're saying a great deal of things, and they are making very little sense.>

Ever: Eh. I'll explain later.

-the Nocturne floats towards Muninn, who pushes it away with a shadow tendril-

Red Nocturne: <&>

Ever: Weird critter. Hey, doesn't it look like one of the things from that game Pef and Mezzo like?

Muninn: <How could I possibly know what game Every and Mezzo like?>

Ever: You really do have so much to learn.

Hoothoot: <Hey! Listen!>

Ever: You're doing the wrong bit. That's not what the Hoothoot says.

Hoothoot: <What are you talking about? I just said it.>

Ever: Oh, are you not... I really need to play more videos game. Anyway, what's going on?

Hoothoot: <...I dunno. Did you want to talk about something?>

Ever: I mean, I guess I'm okay with talking to you? I don't have anything against you, or—

Red Nocturne: <~>

-it dives at the Hoothoot, crashing through them-

-and emerging from them containing a second Red Nocturne-

Ever: ...Hm.

Muninn: <Oh dear.>

Ever: That's not wonderful.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Jan 1st 2020 at 7:45:56 PM

Final Shell

-Aspen's ears are filled by strange crystalline earplugs-

Merlin: <That should help!>

La: ~Well what else were we going to do with him?~

-to Shaun- ~Don't worry, he's never coming back, I sent him to-~

-It is then the Arctozolt runs in with a bunch of Mobius grunts-

Arctozolt: <I did it! I brought the Resistance! We- he's gone isn't he.>

Darrin: Well at the very least you guys can rest easy. The threat's been dealt wi-

-There is a rumbling outside the base-

   ???:    Y̩̯̳̖̙o̵̘̣̳u̗͉r̻͕ ̺͕͙͙̖h̨̭͚̱a͚͖̰̯̠ͅṱ̸͚̮̲r̴͖̩̥̯e̵̙̱̳̬̺̘d̪ ̡̝͇̼͇ọ̴̱̣̜f̤̰̖͉̙͓̯ ̕t͕̟h̼̣͖̙͈a͙t̰ ͔̞̟̱̫̣ͅm͠an͞.̡͚̠̰̹.̴.̵̳̻̹̹ ҉̮̦̤͉͕̤̩i͝ṯ̮͝ E͇͔̫̪̩̕N͙̪̲̮͠T͡I̹̬̫̖̼̮̝C̞̣̤̼̮͈E͔̳̜̺̮̼͚S͖̯̣̥̮͠ ̩̤̫͈̪̫̳m̝̳̼e͎̯̹̝.̻̰.̬̠̣͉͘.̡̟̜͓̠͕̼

Gudrunn: ...That was his plan all along. Letting the worst of ourselves out there was the straw that broke the Camerupt's back...

-A portal opens just outside the base-

...I'm sorry, Pent. He's here.

-She rushes outside-

Knuckles Tribe Chief: <Wait! You can't face the Fanatic by yourself!>

-The Knuckles Tribe rushes out, as does the others-

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Contact Me!
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Jan 1st 2020 at 8:06:00 PM

Final Shell


And with a flash of dark, Colton leaves, dragging the portal with him to use the darkness to fight off the Fanatic.


"Goddamn it, we had one job. Fuckin' [jester,] got the town to lynch him and now he's killed the [bodyguard]."

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Jan 1st 2020 at 8:08:36 PM


Ariadne: <Pokésona!>

-Arachne appears and attacks with Razor Leaf-

Final Shell

-Running outside-

Goddammit, if we held our emotions in check then this wouldn't have happened, I've failed as a leader.

En route to the Final Shell

-The Wanderer flies through the shockwave caused by Colton's facepalm-

Wanderer: By my count they should've taken out Izaya by now so-

Judith: -Over comms- Well, Izaya's been taken out, but... he's not here anymore.

Wanderer: What do you mean not here anymore?

Calvin: The J-Team beat on him after he was beaten, and it seems to have summoned that Glitch here.

Wanderer: -Sighs- Well we're in for a fight because I used the Gate to rid us of the Demon Tide and so it's gonna take a while before I can use it again.

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Jan 1st 2020 at 8:22:22 PM

Final Shell

True to what Rowan said, Daydre actually did stop after like two times.

"... Wait, wh- oh and he's. He's in a portal now."

The Fanatic's voice rings out over the battlefield and Daydre just puts her head in her hands and groans.

"Gggods I am. Stupid."

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Jan 1st 2020 at 8:22:40 PM

Final Shell

-There is a sound that comes off Pent. Like a sigh but from eight mouths, seven of which only make noise in grinding bone and the whine of energy beams-

Let's go over the scorecard.

-Obvious Obscuric energy pools around his feet-

I tried to stop Izaya from fleeing the Ultra Badlands through using my Pokemon's moves and abilities, it didn't work but it got me a way into their base. I tried to get us a portal there, so hey maybe we can get in there before the summoning happened but no we had to endure a demon storm a little longer yet not defeat, just waste time. Then, then I went into the base and noone came along for backup so I almost died. I got supremely lucky I didn't and I basically singlehandedly got rid of the power source of the base. And then all of you bar me and Tagg decided 'hey, he's on the ground and literally powerless to stop us, let's stomp his face for a bit!' which is by no means something heroes should be doing. Then one legendary with no warning and no regard for the laws of mortals just pitches him through a series of portals.

-He takes a breath-

And now, now you have the gall to say my hatred summoned it. I have basically been on the ball this entire raid, being dragged down by everyone else and if you'd kindly stop using up Nexus power I'm going to launch the biggest Gaster beam this segment of the multiverse has ever seen and if that doesn't work then I am pretty damn sure that the only thing that can stop it is hold-hands, friends-together 'positive emotions' like this is the lamest kind of videogame storytelling.

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Jan 1st 2020 at 8:24:45 PM

Stormchaser, Nothing to Fear, No-one to Fight

-Megan waits patiently as the clanging sounds occur-

Megan: I didn't know Daydre had armor!

Vee: -headtilt- <Hm.>

Pippy: -stuck in the ground by his horns, so it's more of a bodytilt- <Hm.>

-and she appears-

-Megan's just wearing her daily tank-top-and-shorts, and in any case likely agrees on well-dressed-enough-

Megan: -beam, beam, beam- Oh hi!!!

-waving- There's this Caterpie "cat"-café I've heard neat stuff about!

Final Shell

-someone else's got some rising objections-

Logan: -stepping up, stern- ...okay, J-Team, this is getting kinda—

-y e e t-

Logan: . . .

Megan: -uncomfortable stare-

Logan: -uncomfortable stare-

Hiro: -uncomfortable stare-

Abilene: ...he just got banished to another goddamn dimension, didn't he?

Megan: -wince, hugging her arms- yaaay...

-and then.-

-he's Here.-

Logan: -softly, without feeling- what the f u c k.

Thespi: -suddenly somber- <...that's the final boss cue, yeah.>

Ceal: -gulp-

Thespi: <Welp, it's time to see if this's comedy or tragedy!>

-manifest- <C'mon, heroes, this's the day they'll sing songs about!>

-rising- <Take note!>

-and the three rush for the exit, followed shortly by everyone else-

Amarin Household

Vee: -mouths, in Galarian- (No, me!)

-she grins and points the Helping Hand at herself, before it dissolves for an excess of Not Helping- .3

-and why, Megan is paying attention to Daydre's eyes-

-insofar as much as she makes an effort to make eye contact at all, she notices Daydre's gaze go up, then back, and instinctively she follows-

Megan: Ah.

-she catches sight of the interesting thing and, curiosity satisfied, she looks back and gives another cheery little wave-



Vee: <...>


Megan: wait :D

-hearing Alli's the icing on the surprise-

-it's a fairly similar face journey to Daydre's, from bemusement to realization to realization to uh-

-it's fight or flight time, baby, and Megan's notoriously indecisive-

-so she just panics and spends her action moving blood to her face- :D


Logan: -cough-

-it's a little wet-

-and they repeat it, and it's a poorly-hidden mix between a wheeze and a laugh, leaking cracks and cram cram cram it into something presentable- Th-thanks for—

Addie: -concentrates, on the edge of visibility-

Logan: -smile- I-I don't want this. I don't want to unearth this want to touch it there's nothing anyone can do to sort this out I know I know I know.

-break- I-I know every kind of support there is. I'm—experienced. And. I can't imagine anything.

-shudder- Helping.

No mind to think. No will to break.
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Jan 1st 2020 at 8:29:14 PM

Azalea Town

Ever: Okay, okay, this is fine.

Red Nocturne: <^>

Red Nocturne: <v>

Ever: They don't seem to respond to me for reasons I choose not to think too hard about. I've got two hands usually. I'll just...pick them up. I don't like how many asides I have to make about this plan.

-they dart over to the Nocturnes, scooping the first up, and then turn for the second-

Ever: Ack!

-and trip-

Diglett: <Hey! Who kicked me?>

-they pop up from the earth, glaring at Ever-

<Listen up, young'un! I'll have you know—>

Ever: Wait wait wait—


Ever: Oh, hey, that one's a different color.

-a Scarlet Tango, specifically-

Ever: Well, I definitely don't have three hands. Uh, Muninn, Thunderbolt it.

Muninn: <Will that work?>

Ever: Can it make things worse?

Muninn: <Probably.>

-nonetheless, he blasts the Scarlet Tango with lightning-

-to no particular effect, save sending it floating slightly away-

Ever: Well.

-they scoop up the remaining Nocturne, meanwhile, ignoring the fact that both have started smoking-

Ever: Let's...uh...try to keep that away from town?

Muninn: <Until?>

Ever: Uh, until we die of dehydration I think.

Muninn: <...Okay.>

-Muninn Thunderbolts it again-

-it proceeds to retaliate with a fireball, breaking Muninn's Disguise-

Ever: ...Oh boy.

-at which point both Nocturnes catch sufficient fire that Ever is forced to release them with a cry of pain-

-and each heads in a different direction, Ever and Muninn doing their best to keep those directions in a general not-hnau way-

Stantler: <Trainer!>

Ever: Hey no not the time—

Stantler: <I need your help! I'm being pursued by an Ursaring—>

Ursaring: (bursting from the treeline) <TRAINER DO NOT CATCH THAT STANTLER—>

Oh gods.

-these two are also different colors! One is a teal greenish-blue, the other is gray-

Ever: Oh I'm so glad that the last thing we see is going to be a pride flag! Muninn, Thunderbolt the blue one!

-Muninn hurls a Thunderbolt-

-and the Sapphire Elegy instantly switches places with him-

Muninn: <Wait wait wait—>

-Ever recalls Muninn as one of the Nocturnes dives for him, but this leaves them unable to evade a blast from the Grey Caprice-

-which, peculiar, causes them to trade places with it-

-and the tiny little worldeaters continue floating away in different directions, snagging birds out of the air as they go to generate new Heartless-

-Ever sends Muninn out again, onto their shoulder-

Muninn: <...>

Ever: So,'d you cope with accidentally causing the apocalypse?

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Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Jan 1st 2020 at 9:06:16 PM

Amarin House, 25th

Ever: Logan...

Arc: <Uh, what's going on?>

Glimmer: <Horror, hint of despair, notes of existential terror.>

Arc: <Okay, but in corporeal terms?>

Glimmer: <They're not doing so great.>

Ever: Logan, I've been there, I really have, and I thought the same thing you did, I thought there would never be any kind of healing, and there are still days I wake up with fire behind my eyelids, but...I'm okay.

There's a future, I promise.

You're not alone.

And I don't expect that to fix everything. I know it won't. I know nothing's going to fix it, not just yet. But you have to know. That there are people you can go to, who will understand what happened. That it's okay for you to lean on us. That's...that's what the J-team is, really. Just people who understand each other a little.

Azalea Town, present

Muninn: <Well, uh, nice run?>

Ever: Was it?

Whoops sorry missed a spot.

-and the accumulated Heartless flicker, glow, and-

Ever: Oh, whew, there it is.

Muninn: <Wh—>

Ever: Translation. My plan all along. Definitely didn't forget about it and think we were all going to die horribly.

Muninn: <Except you.>

Ever: Yes.



Ever: Uh, Muninn? What are those?

Muninn: -blink-



Muninn: <Dreepy.>

Ever: What-py?

Muninn: <Fucking Dreepy.>

Ever: Which is a—


Ever: ...


-they collapse to the ground, laughing-

-as the newly-made Dreepy, suddenly possessed of instincts other than to consume, and limited in their understanding of their new forms, cluster together, overlapping, all of them looking thoroughly confused-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Jan 1st 2020 at 9:31:42 PM

Final Shell

-Shaun's helmet's eyes light up.-

Shaun: "Listen, Pent, when this is all over we can get together with a bottle of whiskey and discuss the morality of our actions and if we're fit to be heroes. Right now? I hope your friend isn't too tired."

-He turns to Isbrand and Liz.-

Shaun: "Any luck?"

Isbrand: "I feel like I just chugged 4 [Monsters] but other than that?"

Elizabeth: "A bit but...mine aren't suited to combat."

-Shaun nods and tosses Celena's Beast Ball up and down.-

Shaun: "No time like the present."

Gabrielle: "Zelel, status?"

Zelel: " I've had some peoplemons synthesize some more fuel based on Isbrand's instructions. Taking the ship on defense. Not enough cannons and too many injured to fight. Might head out of comm range. Good luck."

-Gabrielle nods and hangs back as the rest of the group - the Sapphire family, Elizabeth, the Feathered Dragon Strike Force, Ranger Team Neuron, and the remnants of Luca and his mafia - rush out to the conflict on foot and through teleports.-

Gabrielle: "Michael. Aurora."

-She shuts off the bond and returns Michael to a normal Absol.-

Gabrielle: "Go help them. I'm going to look for something to even the odds."

Amarin Household

Kaiiseii: "I'll drink yoush under the table, Dessy."

-Kaiiseii rolls to the side.-

Isbrand: "I love them. Round. Rotund friend."

"Hold on/Stay tough/Be strong/And hit stuff"
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Jan 1st 2020 at 9:32:08 PM

Azalea Town

Ever: So, these...Dreepy. What's their deal?

Muninn: <What do you mean?>

Ever: Do they evolve? They look like juvenile forms of something.>

Muninn: <They do. It's been a while since I visited Galar, though, I spent most of my time around the [Pacific]. I forget what they look like.>

Ever: Ah. Any notes on personality?

Muninn: <They do tend towards the co-dependent.>

-Ever eyes the Dreepy, who are desperately clinging to each other-

Ever: ...Yes. They do seem to do that.

-they frown-

I wonder if they still think they need to eat everything.

Muninn: <Probably. We should kill them and have done.>

Ever: That's surprisingly bloodthirsty of you.

Muninn: <Is it surprising?>

Ever: Hm.

Muninn: <Anyway, what else are you going to do? They're an invasive species here, they're probably going to be aggressive once they figure out how, and they can still eat souls.>

Ever: Well, so can Glimmer.

Muninn: <What does Glimmer have to do with i—>

-he trails off, wings drooping slightly-

Ever: You're getting it.

Muninn: <No.>

Ever: I took a chance on you, and see how that turned out.

Muninn: <That's different. I'm at least sapient.>

Ever: Yeah, which means I don't have to worry about these guys scheming at me. It's pretty much perfect.

Muninn: <Don't you dare—>

Ever: Can't hear you already throwing the ball.

-the ball bounces off one of the Dreepy-

-and, to Ever's surprise as much as anyone's, the rest all follow it, phasing physically into the ball, their tails all poking out-

Ever: Muninn?

Muninn: <I did warn you they're co-dependent.>

-Ever picks up the ball, somewhat uncomfortably thanks to all the ghosts wiggling around in it-

Ever: ...I feel weird naming them.

Muninn: <Technically, you only actually caught one of them.>

Ever: Right, um.

...I'm gonna table this.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Jan 1st 2020 at 9:45:50 PM

Main Deck of the Carrey

Fuka walks outside to see the chaos wrought by a Zangoose and Seviper with nothing holding them back.

Fuka nods with approval

Fuka: Not as much damage as last time.

(Fuka whistles, Gyari swims to her and nuzzles against her)

Fuka: Great work, Gyari. The boat's secure so we're good for now. Do you have your Poke Ball?

The Gyarados obediently coughs up a red and white Poke Ball.

Fuka: Perfect.

Fuka recalls Gyarados, locates her to Safari Balls and finds the Pokemon that go with them in the middle of the deck. Broken wood and metal dot the area. No one else is present, presumably, and wisely, giving the two a wide berth. Fuka, however, walks up to them without a care.

Fuka: Okay, you two, you had your fun but it's time to stop now.

Fuka's command goes unheeded as Lucy and Goosey both start Swords Dancing as they circle one another. Their attempt to charge each other yet again comes to a screeching halt as Fuka steps right in between them, completely calm as the Seviper's fangs and Zangoose's claws stop inches from her.

Fuka: I said stop.

Total silence for a moment. Then Fuka turns a Look on each Pokemon.

Goosey: <She's glaring at us.>

Lucy: <That means she means it.>

Fuka: It really does.

Fuka holds out the Safari Balls and recalls the two. As they fade into their balls...

Lucy: <I totally won that round.>

Goosey: <Did you shed your brains with your skin, legless? I won.>

Lucy: <No way, mammal. I won and I'll win again.>

Zangoose: <Dream on, forktongue!>

The two Pokemon return to their balls and Fuka clips them back on her belt. Eleanor the Binacle hops along behind her.

Fuka: Every now and again, Elanor, I wish they'd get along as well as you two.

You know how in "Eragon" everyone cries 'a single tear'? Yeah, just TRY that in "One Piece" and see if it works. - Formerly Narm Charm
BittersweetNSour Dark Wings Rise Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark Wings Rise
Jan 1st 2020 at 9:47:04 PM

Chateau d'Avarice

-The first barrage of attacks sends the clown teetering and laughing... except for the High Jump Kick, which just passes through harmlessly (and sends Eris sailing through the air past him)-

Tom Fool: <Uee hee hee, what was that about types, dear bounding bunny bandit?>

-He skips joyfully into the center of the crowd, and with a flourish, a wave of Obscura radiates off of him, causing frightening and disorienting visions for anyone in his immediate vicinity.-

Tom Fool used Night Daze!

-The demon form of Cognitive Kirsten winces in pain, shaking her head. As her vision clears, her eyes narrow on Tom.-

Cog!Kirsten: I'm just about sick of that!

Tom Fool's Contrary inverts stat changes!
Risen Hunter's accuracy rose!

Rose: ...That seems counterproductive for you?

Tom Fool: <Haha, so you may think! You have sharp eyes, but so are many other things today!>

Cog!Kirsten Risen Hunter: And yet you still haven't popped like one of your freaky balloon animals!

-She fires another arrow, this time with a much more tangible chain-

Risen Hunter used Anchor Shot!

Paula: I do not like this creepy clown freak.

Rose: Wow, amazing, we agree on something. Let's kill it quickly, please?

-Bluetongue and Maui both deliver Crunches, earning an oddly painful clown honk sound, despite the fact that clowns don't make that sound with their vocal cords.-

-It's slightly disconcerting.-

what if horses were persistence predators
Jan 1st 2020 at 10:07:19 PM

-Mona - being the nav - and Hound - being scared of clowns - are well away from Tom Fool when the Night Daze goes off.-

-Of course the honking sets Hound of more than he already was an starts clawing at the walls trying to get further way from Tom Fool.-

Mona: Thanks to that barrage, I've got typing now. It's Ghost/ Dark. I may be able to squeeze out the ability and background info soon.

-Raijuu howls as he absorbs the left over energy from his Charge Beam.-

Raijuu: -in a commanding voice- Steel your heart, contractor! For a hound can not hunt without its master!

-Hound turns his head to see Raijuu valiantly firing a boosted bolt of electricity at Tom Fool. -

SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Jan 1st 2020 at 10:21:20 PM


-Luca's just screwing around, shopping for some new clothes.-

-A Delphox with a black-and-red cane and a nice bowler hat strolls the city with white/pink/brown coloration.-

Delphox: <What a lovely day, isn't it Neo?>

I've had better.

Delphox: <Ah, always so negative. Come on, wouldn't it be nice to eat a slice of pie and breathe in the fresh air or something? Take a break from all the evil plans.>

There's a bakery by the bank.

Delphox: <Oh, wonderful! Let's go right away!>

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"Hold on/Stay tough/Be strong/And hit stuff"
QuantumMelody29 chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction from somewhere Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Jan 2nd 2020 at 1:41:08 AM

the hills

-Hazel puts the belt on and disguises herself as an officer.-

Definitely not Hazel: Nice. We should keep these things.

the coal mines

Lila: Yes! Come on, let's go!

-She heads towards the cages.-

final shell

Sapphy: Oh COME ON! When will this damn thing be over?!

-Kat puts her phone away and readies her pokeballs.-

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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Jan 2nd 2020 at 3:42:05 AM

Cipher Chateau

-The dual hit of the failed High Jump Kick recoil and the Ao E Night Daze sends Anthem reeling, crashing down onto her back before clambering back to her feet-

Anthem: <Dark... Ghost.>

-She recalls Eris and briefly summons Tin Patriot before recalling him too-

Anthem: <... I have no moves that can hit it. Guys!? What am I supposed to do?>

-She looks around and tries to hide behind someone-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
AspenKarch That Blind Gamer from Earth Relationship Status: Chocolate!
That Blind Gamer
Jan 2nd 2020 at 5:15:59 AM

Final Shell

-To Merlin- "Uh, thanks. What are those and how did you get them?"

You will give me an egg!
SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Jan 2nd 2020 at 7:08:15 AM


-Sirens echo down the city streets.-


We didn't have the money for pie, so I stole us some money.



-They turn a corner and run into Luca.-

Delphox: <Neo, the bag!>

-Neo chucks a comically oversized bag with a green dollar sign on it away.-

Delphox: <Hey kid, you seem like a nice enterprising criminal! How'd you like to start a new buisness partnership?>

Luca: ???

Delphox: <Great kid here hold this>

-The Delphox taps himself into a Luxury Ball, which Luca absent-mindedly picks up.-

-Neo illusions herself into a Chansey as some cops come around the corner.-

Officer: "Sir, did you see a Delphox and Zorua come this way?"

Tell them the truth and I'll HM01 you.

Luca: "Uh...they went that way?"

-He points down the street.-

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"Hold on/Stay tough/Be strong/And hit stuff"
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Jan 2nd 2020 at 8:12:39 AM

Amarin House

-they just kinda...stare-

-shaking, at Ever, the words bouncing through their skull-

-but something snags somewhere-

Logan: -snort, wetly- ...if—I can be—candid—?

-shivering, smiling- The J-Team seemed like a pack of assholes.

-it's not very funny, but they wheeze all the same-

-cackling without humor, tears streaming down their face- For—years, I—wondered at the mess you made!

I thought—I could do—

-inhale, exhale-

-hollow- better.


-scrubbing at their face- Hhhhhhhi've toldpeople. This, before.

-muttering- Not. The bit about the J-Team, the—the healing.

-and now they press the heels of their hands into their eyes-

It's—it's absurd. Why are there people that can relate to any of this?

-hissing, pressing harder- What is my life?

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No mind to think. No will to break.
Jan 2nd 2020 at 8:58:42 AM

Wing - Cargo Bay

Silas sat down on a crate and smirked, seemed everyone was adapting well and having fun. It distracted him enough that he didn't notice the green scarf get wrapped around his neck, and by the time he did, everything had become taller.


~Just wanted to tell you... Tag your it!~

With that, Hacks pushed off from the crate and started bounding around the cargo bay, Silas groaned, <That was a very childish move!>

~I'll concede that-~

<Well go->

~-Only if you catch me!~

Silas grumbled and kicked off, chasing Hacks around the cargo bay. Hacks to his credit had learned a lot and easily kept out of reach, grinning all the way at his victory. At the next pushoff point, Silas turned his attention elsewhere, and jumped in a different direction. Hacks looked behind him, and saw that Silas was gone.

He began to look around, realizing that there were more than 2 dimensions of movement to consider here. ~Stupid move genius!~ he thought, ~We were trained in 3 dimensional movement and thinking!~

At this time, Silas darted right at him on a intercept course, and easily caught Hacks, <Got you.>

They slammed into a wall and bounced off it, both groaning a bit, they were fine, steel types were rather durable but it still stung.

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