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Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Dec 13th 2019 at 10:38:24 AM

Chateau d'Avarice

"Well, figured this was gonna happen. "

And Daydre summons Kaguya.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
keys2tkingdom I art thou. . . Thou art I. . . from a world of my own Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
I art thou. . . Thou art I. . .
Dec 13th 2019 at 10:39:56 AM


-Hound summons Raijuu, who promptly rushes as the with Spark-

Hound: <Mona, need some intel here...>

Mona: Well you are going to have to wait a while. It takes me a long time to analyze an enemy.... Zorro!

-The caped Gallade is summoned, although this time, his cape is wrapped tightly around Zorro and his rapier is sheathed. Zorro looks at the demon as his eyes gleam a red-gold-

Mona: I have a name. That thing is what is known as a Changeling. It'll take while for me to analyze it fully.

"Was your previous decision a mistake then? I am thou, thou art I. Call upon my name, and release thy rage!" —Arsène, Persona 5
MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Dec 13th 2019 at 11:42:22 AM

Persephone, Past

Anthony has joined the others in standing on the walls to test the gravshoes.

Anthony: Look everyone, I'm Arachna-Guy. Hey, Andy, this my good side!

An Airport, February 2011

Goober and his team walk into an airport transit lounge. Announcer chatter mentions flights to Sinnoh and Unova.

Bystander: Did you hear about those plane tickets to Unova that just opened up? Just got some for me and my Pokémon from Professor Oak!"

Ezra, disguised as a pilot: Okay, there's something really odd about this airport. I can't put my finger on it but things... seem different.

Goober, also dressed as a pilot: Seems pretty normal to me. Okay, so a buncha kids are gathering on their way to go somewhere. Nothing anomalous here but us.

Ezra: Not what I'm feeling, but let's not push our luck. We shouldn't interfere.

Goober: Right. Flash us forward before anyone else notices us. That one guy on the corner is giving me the creeps.


Lita's Phone

To: Grip
From: Goober
Subject: Place to stay

Heard you have some space somewhere. I need a place to crash.

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PhilosopherStones Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm from The North (lots of planets have them) Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm
Dec 13th 2019 at 1:04:11 PM

Lita's Phone

To: Goober

From: Grip

Sure thing. I can sneak you on board.

MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Dec 13th 2019 at 1:20:17 PM

Textspace—Lita's Phone

To: Grip
From: Goober
Subject: Re: Place to Stay

Sweet. Text me the coordinates and the fam and my fam and I will be on our way.



[ALSO ALSO ENCRYPTED], we have a Code 2319 Put Your Sunday Clothes On. Alert any agents within the timeline where A̴͚̮̩͔͍̫̐́̆̀l̸̙͔͎̦͍̖̪̹̭͕̥̊͂̾͜e̴̢͈̠̺̓̏̔͑x̷̨̟̱̗̮̻̣͙̥͕̥̥͗̐̀͐̊̾͘a̵̛͉̎͛͒̂̈́̓̚n̵͇̺̹͈͛̎̌̂̇͗̆̎̋͂͑̏͂͌d̴̪̼̺̱̊͆̇͋͆̽͑̐͌̈́̉̃̓͘͘r̶̩͂͌́̅̿̄̌͂̇̉̑̆͘̕͝ẽ̷̻̟̹̯̠̯̂̇̿͂̈́͛̎̈́̾̍̒͗͠ ̸͖̭̹̹̖̗̜̠̞͍̬̎̆̓̀͂̎̈̒͝C̴̡̨̢̛̜̣̻̰̦̟̝̰̱̮̀̍̏͐̐͋̑͗̋͂͝a̶̛̖̣̰̯̻͉̹͛̓͌͊̃͂̀̑̕̚͝į̸̨̛̛̠̠̪̤͈̩͙̼̭̤̘̥̯͐̔́͗͑͘ņ̶̧̢̢̻̱̟̘̲̾̽͜ͅ is held in and proceed with the broadcast.


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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Dec 13th 2019 at 1:53:47 PM

Somewhere, the OU

-A dead signal comes to air, the empty static fading to the last refrains of an industrial track with strong bass and not much else of interest. After that ends, the station is silent for a moment before a voice speaks up-

???: I'm the whispering Xal, I'm the chattering skull, I'm John's black signal. Brother, what's my name?

-There's a pause, ostensibly to let people reply-

???: Yeah it's me, thank y'all for greeting me. And we're now live not just at home but out in that cosmic countryside too, because ladies and gents we've got a special announcement coming in from the big man upstairs. This is a two-three-one-nine-Dolly situation for those folks on 616 or Prime or whatever you kids are calling that heroic past. I repeat, this is a two-three-one-nine-Dolly situation directed at the Outer Universe. Get your sunday best on and stay tuned to me, your digital Virgil for more updates. The night is dark children, but what a wonderful night to have this curse.

-There's another few moments before the next music track comes on-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
SwiftSeraph Combat Ready from Atlus Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Combat Ready
Dec 13th 2019 at 2:42:11 PM

Persephone Station

-Kaiiseii sticks to the deck and folds his ears down to keep his hat on.-

Kaiiseii: "Ya should make these look like cowboy boots."

-He strolls up next to Des and offers a cheery wink.-

Kaiiseii: "Sorry 'bout my friend here. He gets a lil', ah, heavy-handed when he sees gorgeous people such as yerself."

"I don't know dude. Just keep eating dog food until we get on their level!"
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Dec 13th 2019 at 3:31:11 PM


Ariadne: <Come, Arachne!>

-Ariadne rips off her scarf as a Spinarak-themed Sewaddle appears, silk threading from her mouth into a spinning wheel-


Arachne: -Slashes at the Changeling with razor-sharp silk-

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
PhilosopherStones Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm from The North (lots of planets have them) Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm
Dec 13th 2019 at 3:38:52 PM

Lita's Phone

Lita sends Goober the coordinates for the Stormchaser.


"What. I mean. I don't. N-no that I don't think you're gorgeous or...uh..."

Des stammers and looks down.

"Y-yes they should make cowboy boots of these."

AspenKarch A Blind In One Eye, Paralyzed Vocal Cord, Female from Earth Relationship Status: Chocolate!
A Blind In One Eye, Paralyzed Vocal Cord, Female
Dec 13th 2019 at 4:36:26 PM


"Ok. So, where are the J-Team now? I'm just wondering."

Trope Love 4ever!
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Umbramatic A Bit Batty from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
A Bit Batty
Dec 13th 2019 at 8:39:17 PM


Shizuo: They're around. A few are probably somewhere else on the ship.

Contact Me!
EchoingSilence The Masked Commissar from Space Station Relationship Status: Robosexual
The Masked Commissar
Dec 13th 2019 at 8:48:38 PM


Colton for his attempts to leap to the ceiling to dance, would find physics a harsh mistress in this endeavour. The ceiling wasn't low but it certainly wasn't high either. Pressurization demands would encourage tighter spaces, even in a area largely meant for luxury the ceilings would only be tall enough to accommodate a mega-tyranitar without it scraping its head off the ceiling or its feet on the floor drifting. Secondly, magnet boots are generally pretty strong magnet wise, as the force needed to keep yourself stuck to the floor in constant freefall is pretty strong and thus successfully pushing off would need a pretty strong push. The result was Colton clonking into the ceiling of reinforced hull plating and such. His hard head, would of course protect him.

Ares poked his head out at the Geosoc team, "Hey, I resent that remark. Just don't bother me and we're fine. As fine as so many people being around me can be," before ducking back in.

The secretary, Susan laughed off Des's attempts, "I'm flattered but honestly, you're barking at a door that doesn't swing the way you want it to open! But I do know who you all are, you're the party that Captain Grant has brought along while he handles some technical stuff."

Susan waved back to Julius, "You must be Julius, Silas mentioned you at one point, said you were very excited to learn about space and space exploration and all that. Welcome aboard the Persephone, and I hope you enjoy whatever you can learn from here."

She looked about, "Speaking of where is the Captain of your vessel anyways?"

The answer came soon, he flew out of the airlock door, drifting straight for the desk, his hair combed, his confidence unwavering with a audacious (and creepy) grin on his face. Silas wore a dark navy blue overcoat, with Captain Rank Insignia on the shoulders, a Asimov patch on the left breast, and a Black and Red wing printed on the back. He clicked his heels and landed with poise and grace at the front desk, standing tall in a salute. It was practically a perfect landing for entering the station.

"Captain Silas Adam Grant at your service," He said, his voice still in its ever present monotone, his grin was confident. If this Silas had met his past self from a few years ago, the transformation would be unbelievable to the old him.

"Ready to weigh anchor and come ashore," He added, Susan smirked.

"Smartass. How's Brooks?"

"Brooks is good, she got your number by the way, hopes to see you when you get back to Earth."

Susan sighed wistfully, "Thanks for hooking us up."

"Not a problem."

Roxy walked over to the party and shook her head with a smile, "He's a showoff ain't he? Had to get his naval coat out of the closet to be extra fancy for this."

Silas and Susan talked for a bit before he stepped back over to everyone and handed them yellow plastic cards, "These are your station access passes, they open up available areas for you with little issue. If the cards don't open a location, that means it isn't safe for you," Silas explained.

Roxy took a red card and nodded to Silas, who nodded back, "Enjoy the station," he told everyone, before heading down a ladder with Roxy.

Bishop looked to the party, "So where to first? We can explore the gravity ring, it just won't have any gravity, for a start."

FOR THE IMPERIUM Icon done by: Miss Cheese Ham
AbsentCoder Breathing, So I Guess I'm Still Alive? from A Point in 3D Space Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Breathing, So I Guess I'm Still Alive?
Dec 13th 2019 at 9:17:50 PM


"Welp," the Unovan allowed, "should have figured reorientation would do that," he mused as he slowly drifted to the floor, using illusory tethers to push and pull himself to a more stable position back on what the entryway and desk said were the floor.

"... is there an audio tour, like in museums?" He considered aloud.

Mount Lanakila, Friday The 13th

A Weavile and an Absol sat next to each other on a cliff, the former’s legs dangling off the edge while the later sat a short distance away.

<So how have those two years been? Wait, don't tell me. ... Your teammates and trainer are fun to be with ... for the most part? The exception being... the quiet one...s?> She asked.

Rei nodded, smirking lightly at her old friend who hadn't changed a bit. <I'm guessing little has changed since I've been away.>

The Absol nodded. <It's a little dull.>

<Well there's never a dull moment with us,> she offered. <I mean, if that's what you want.>

<Hm...> she considered, Disaster Sense being strained. <There’s a lot coming from that direction, but I'm not getting any deaths, just a lot of wounds. Some emotional turmoil, some degree of betrayal.>

She raised a paw to her fluff, feeling how soft it was. <I think I'll be needed.>

<Glad to hear, Cassandra. Let me introduce you to my trainer.>

AspenKarch A Blind In One Eye, Paralyzed Vocal Cord, Female from Earth Relationship Status: Chocolate!
A Blind In One Eye, Paralyzed Vocal Cord, Female
Dec 14th 2019 at 10:22:42 AM


"Ok, wonder what there doing."

Trope Love 4ever!
MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Dec 14th 2019 at 11:59:34 AM

Outside the Stormchaser

Goober stands there, apparently alone and still wearing the pilot outfit. He is waving a large sign that says "Lita Myrtle Descartes" in large awkward handwriting.

Ezra, from the widget: She isn't gonna like this at all.

Goober: Well, what better motivation to pick us up? Good thing we did several checks. The nearest IDPD op here is in some Yonut at Ferrum.

Neos City

Dave: So we got the signed Super Senior poster and 8 boxes of Ferrum-exclusive doughnuts.

Jon, from a phone: Check and checkity check. We just need Ryan Seo's autograph and we're through with our more of a hassle than average doughnut run for the Deputy Director.

PC: <You appear to still be very embarrassed. I would, too, if you had to be caught liking music not from Bobby Caldwell. Seriously, though, Ryan Seo butchered Take Me, I'll Follow.>

Jon: He and the boys did okay when they did Queen and AC/DC. And yes, Andrew, they and Led Zeppelin are not the same.

Dave: I don't think anyone's falling for the whole "this is for my niece" deal anymore.

Jon: Just embrace it. It's not like you have any actual good taste.

Dave: Okay, that's just insulting. First of all—

Jon: Oh, wait, I missed an entry. We're also supposed to get a signed BTS poster. My mistake. I'm not a porygon.

Dave: Jon, just short-circuit my heart already. Those posters are impossible to find.

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RAlexa21th Cuteness lover from California Relationship Status: I <3 love!
Cuteness lover
Dec 14th 2019 at 12:12:18 PM


After parting with Freya, Alexa took her Pokemon searching for the training facility.

"I wonder if I can download a map of this airship." She said as she toyed with her cell phone.

A lesson without pain is meaningless.
PhilosopherStones Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm from The North (lots of planets have them) Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm
Dec 14th 2019 at 12:51:14 PM


Lita opened the loading dock, her arms folded and looking a little cross with Goober.

Lita: "Very funny. How would you like it if I told everyone your middle name?"

Des rounded the corner.

Des: "Hey Lita, what's with the-wait is that your actual middle name?!"

Des put a hand over his mouth to suppress the laughter.

Lita: "You have no one to blame but yourself for that one. You were the one that gave it to me, after all."

BittersweetNSour Thirsty AF Relationship Status: Holding out for a hero
Thirsty AF
Dec 14th 2019 at 1:00:44 PM

Chateau d'Avarice

-Nemean Lion's Wild Charge barrels through the cloud of "Unown" fluff, ripping it and leaving it hanging by a thread off the main body.-

Changeling's Disguise was busted!

-The Spark and X-Scissor, meanwhile, make contact with the book proper, rupturing the fabric binding and letting a bit more fluff leak out. The fluff convulses, and bits of the floor roil into sand and is launched in a cluster of misshapen balls at Nemean Lion.-

Changeling used Hidden Power! Hidden Power became Ground-type!

Paula: Hey, that's my thing, I didn't say you could steal it!

-She takes off her sunglasses and summons her own version of Necronomicon. The cloud of Unown around her is flecked with fire, which coalesces into a series of similar orbs that launch at the book.-

Rose: If this thing works by transforming into fake versions of our Personas, then type matchups should change accordingly, right? There's nothing weird about Necronomicon's type, is there?

Paula: Nah, it's just a bunch of Unown.

Rose: Good. Bluetongue!

-She pulls her own mask off, and Bluetongue manifests, robes billowing as he flies at the gash in Changeling's fabric to deliver an Assurance.-

Necro!Changeling: <OCUH! _ TAHT _ HRUT!>

-The book flips over and covers the scattered fluff, reabsorbing it into itself and closing around it. The fabric shifts, assembling itself into the shape of a plush Manectric, with what looks like a sparking thundercloud of fluff in the place of its back half.-

Raijuu!Changeling: -Howls, or at least, would if it didn't come out as a squeaky toy sound instead-

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There's no ethical consumption under vampirism.
keys2tkingdom I art thou. . . Thou art I. . . from a world of my own Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
I art thou. . . Thou art I. . .
Dec 14th 2019 at 1:27:30 PM

-Raijuu and Hound blink at the transformation.-

Hound and Raijuu: <Ummmmm... How about “No”.

-The gleam in Zorro’s eyes flicker at the transformation and Mona flinches a bit.-

Mona: Something is wrong! Changling’s typing has shifted! Keep it in once place! I can analyze it faster that way.

Hound: <Got it. Raijuu!>

Raijuu: On my way!

-Raijuu leaps behind Changling snapping with a maw full of frozen air and ice attempting to keep Changling from backing up.-

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"Was your previous decision a mistake then? I am thou, thou art I. Call upon my name, and release thy rage!" —Arsène, Persona 5
Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Dec 14th 2019 at 2:06:57 PM

Cipher Chateau

Anthem: <Well it's a Manectric with a sparking thundercloud right now, the range of possible typings is pretty small! Eris, go to Ground!>

-Her pokesona just stands there for a moment before leaning in to whisper to her possessor-

Anthem: ... <Okay I need to familiarize myself with my own moveset, yeesh. Uh... Just avoid the resistances and do some damage mkay?>

-Eris shrugs and throws her apple, trying to deliver a very basic Normal attack without much flair-

Anthem: <Can I just say I like the concept here? It's a cute plush trying it's best to replicate other Personae>

Space Hotel Persephone

-Pent rolls his eyes at the brazen flash of Silas as though Pent wouldn't totally do the same thing in that situation. He took the card and tried to do a small flourish but well no gravity so tossing it up and catching it lacked the 'catching it' part until he scrambled to get the card back before it floated too far away-

I'll just follow along with the majority I guess...

-He shrugged-

Or break off on my own. I'm mercurial. Pun unintended but hey I'll appreciate it while it's here.

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Dec 14th 2019 at 2:18:10 PM


Ariadne: <It seems like Protean, but it only changes when we attack, so maybe!>

-Aranche sends out sticky silk to ensnare Changeling-

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
MasterJayAM Relationship Status: Married to the job
Dec 14th 2019 at 2:27:00 PM


Ezra: Y'all done it now, Kenneth.

Goober: Shut up. Also, who's your contact?

Ezra: Facial scanning kinda pins them as having a high probability of being related.

Goober: Also, I've heard the J-Team's backers were loaded but I'm still kinda wowed by the airship. I mean, come on. Did the J-Team of our timeline ever have one of these? This is awesome!

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Asterisk395 I'm BACK from Someplace that had a sun *and* a moon! Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
Dec 14th 2019 at 4:33:08 PM

Normalloween, past

-Logan did something lightningy and magic, and fast-

-so fast, in fact, that the old narrator missed it, quit in shame, and it took Megan a month to find a new one-

Megan: Pfffft.

-remember me fondly-

Abilene: Are you done talking to yourself?

-oh right, and Megan and Abilene are out for a breath of fresh air-

Megan: ...if I'm being honest, not really, generally.

Abilene: -sigh- Figures.

-Abilene's Natu flock is back, pecking through the wreckage for that good good seed-

-Abilene's green sword is a white cane again, having shriveled back into...some kind of inactive state? It seems easier to use, like this-

-they're both still in costume-

Abilene: -tapping over the rubble- So. How goes the vampire hunt.

Megan: ...the what??

-Abilene stops dead, turning in her direction-

Abilene: The vampire hunt. For which I lent you one of my stakes.

-snort- I may as well have sent you the garlic box, it’s a bit more difficult to forget.

Megan: Um! Actually, we did that awhile ago!

Abilene: ...

Megan: -rubbing the back of her head- I-I don’t think you’ll be getting that stake back. I-I kinda dropped it?

Abilene: -flat- what.

Megan: -awkwardly- If, um, it’s a mitigating factor, it’s—because I got stabbed through the lung...?

Abilene: -advancing- You WHAT?!

Megan: -shriek- aaaaaaaaaaaaa—

-but Abilene just sort of...bumps into her, and feels at her ribs-

-doesn’t seem stabbed-

Megan: —oh, I-I’m fine!! I think? @-@

Um, wh-what are you—?


-and Abilene jerks back, and within a moment she’s back to her usual demeanor-

Abilene: ...

Megan: -trying to fill the silence- Um, I, one of my friends I-I think we’re friends?, she has this, Ditto stuff, which kind of…

-searching, mentally- hhheal-mushed…reconstituted me?

Abilene: ...huh.

Megan: -growing pep- You might like her, I think she once turned an entire food court into Grass-Charizards. Somehow.

Abilene: -head-tilt- ...interesting.

Megan: -cheerfully- Yeah, that’s how we met! I—

...kinda. Boiled her project…? ^_^;

Abilene: -snort- ...typical.

Megan: :c

-almost defensively-, hey, but...I think I made it up to her, maybe kinda? When I gave her the files from our...vacation.

Abilene: Vacation.

Megan: -wry- Involuncation.

-they’re walking again by this point,

...have. Have you heard from Hecate?

Abilene: You mean the mysterious presence, Hecate? Hecate who establishes herself through Gems, and telepathic prophecies Hecate?

Hecate who lured us from our homes, gave us vague premonitions of a minor world-saving jaunt promising exaxtly what we wanted, before flinging us to the furthest bough of the fucking Entree and leaving us there Hecate? That Hecate?

Megan: Um, yeah…? @-@

Abilene: Not a peep.

Watmel!Natu: -peep-

Megan: ...peep peep.

-they keep walking for another block or so, listening to the various calls of Trick or Treat-

Pumpkaboo: -snicker-

Temp Ghost!Small Child: oooOOOoOOOooOooo…

Other Small Child: -scream-

Chaperone!Furfrou: -as the tiny child's flailing limbs pass through him, sigh-

Abilene: -shoo, shoos it back towards her greenhouse-

-and another memory snags on the edges of Megan's attention-

Megan: -looking at Abilene's cane- Oh hey! Your chlorophyte!

-lookin closer- So is that what you forged it into?

Abilene: -heft- Most of it. There’s still some seed ore...

-twisting it- It’s only sharp in a Grassy Terrain. It...wilted, and I can’t seem to replant it properly.

-snort- As if I don’t have enough to feed.

Megan: That’s...interesting, if kinda expected.

-musing- Solune was so full of Infinity Energy, it seems like none of this stuff could’ve formed without it. It makes sense that some of it won’t—

Abilene: -abruptly- How’s your armor treating you?

Megan: Oh! Um—

-thinking back- works? Like, the mythril never needed to be…recharged. It’s just kinda...there.

-nervously- Heh. I haven’t asked Pippy to try reshaping it at all. Now I’m actually kinda worried we’ll bend it out of shape and it’ll stick like that.

-holding out her hand- The trident still works fine, actually—both the throwing and the recall.

Abilene: That is one of the fueled pieces of equipment, yes? How much do you have left?

Megan: -scratching her head- Uh...not much. The recall seems to just work on its own, the trident runs on Stardust. I've been trying to see if I can make our universe's Stardust work with it without breaking it...

-blink- Oh, speaking of which, Logan has some mons looking after the ship—it kinda stuck itself in some kind of “recharging” mode and..stayed there.

Abilene: ...hrm. What could it be getting, without a Plate in the background?

Megan: -shrug, uncertain- Well, it's not like our system is devoid of background energy—it's what the weather and terrain moves run off of, I think—it's just, it's a lot less, maybe, and—

—oh geez, maybe I should double-check the spacesuits, to make sure they didn't bust…?

Abilene: -flat- I’m never going into space again as long as I live.

Megan: -still- ...oh.

-inhale, exhale- O-oh, um, how have you been, since?

Abilene: -rolling her eyes- Oh, you know. With family.

Megan: -brightly- Oh, good!


Megan: ...that’s...good, right?

Abilene: ...sure.

Megan: ^_^

Watmel!Natu: -on Abilene's shoulder, mrow-

Abilene: -gesturing widely- Of course, it is my family that did all this.

-there’s astonishingly little destruction, actually-

-given that most of it happened in some kind of other dimension or something-

-having happened barely half an hour ago, though, it’s pretty fresh in the mind-

Megan: was fun! Kinda, sorta. ^_^;

Abilene: -shaking her head- What a mess.

-several Gogoat jog by, carrying a fresh I-beam for the quick-response warehouse rebuild squads-

-Megan watches them go by, along with like three dozen staring Natu-

Abilene: -sigh- At least we learned the true meaning of Halloween.

Megan: -befuddled stare- ...wh?

Abilene: ...


Abilene: Sit around and carve the punk in?

Megan: um—

Abilene: It was nice to say hallow.

Megan: Uh. ._.

Abilene: Get out of my city.

Megan: Yes, ma'am. .-.

-and she goes-

[[Angela, past

(-Suiko hurls herself off the cliff, before remembering-)

(-there's the distinctive sound of a recall beam, the entire cliffside flaring red for a long, long second-)

(-and the air implodes as the entire volume of water vanishes, leaving empty space where it was-)

(-a little pop far below, and Suiko vanishes from sight-)

-now, Suiko jets through the water within a rippling, semitranslucent mantle, stretching arms that're oh so long-

Suiko: -voice ringing through the depths, to her comrades- Oh yes please let us know when we can do a water escape again.

-a little flash of white where a mouth could be, and the rest of the team may find themselves buoyed into the airlock at a speedy clip-

-no oxygen tank is visible on her...person, and she briefly breaks character to do a little jig-

-her giggle is just a bit off (and strangely clear besides), but hey, she seems to be having fun-


Fuchsia, Outskirts

???: Useless, useless! This fucking tree—

-one (1) blind, green-haired auribotanist stalks around the foot of a towering oak, quivering with rage-

Abilene: -hiss- Doesn’t develop any Aura, barely retains—

-she's quivering with rage, not the tree-

-...well, maybe the tree, but the tree's mostly quivering in the wind-

-it's massive, pure white from root to leaf, hazy streams of dull, prismatically-shifting Aura drifting in fitful spurts from its boughs-

-overhead, a minor invasion of Natu brawls for perch space against a small haunt of Gastly out for food, angry chirrups and howls fading into background noise-

-it's fine-

Another ???: <Oh, darling, careful. You could burst a blood vessel, raging so hard.>

-a similarly white Roserade detaches himself from the trunk, pulling a thorn-spike from the bark-

-pure white in stamen and stem and leaf, the only spots of color the vibrant purple and black of his petals—and the stark red of his eyes-

Abilene: How did you get there?

Rosa: -worriedly, gesturing at the Gastly- <You shouldn’t let all your seeing-eyes get so distracted, love, it’s bad for the health!>

Abilene: -snort- Lanatus sees just fine. You weren’t there in the shadow of the tree until a moment ago.

Watmel!Natu Lanatus: -purr-

Rosa: -wide-eyed- <! You’ve gotten more articulate since last we met!>

Abilene: -tapping an earring, frown- If that’s what you’re calling it, yes.

Sapinda the Tropius: -snort, leaning down to eye level- <Where have you been?>

Rosa: -lounging- <Oh, it’s a long, long story, and I know someone who'd love to tell it...>

-hopping to his feet- <...but it's been a long year that I’ve had it in, and you're right—I'm still hungry.>

Abilene: -hm- Let's hunt some mulch. Then we may “swap tales”.

Sapinda: -still stareoff- <Your year definitely wasn't as strange as ours has been.>

-a wide, thin smile slashes across his face, then—and flowers shouldn't have teeth, and yet-

Rosa: <Bet~>

Viridian, sky, Dreamweaver

-a silvery comet streaks through the stratosphere, utterly failing to give rise to clarifying impressions of itself-

-it's unidentifiable, undefined-

-what "looks" like the work of anywhere between half and two dozen different shipwrights, haphazardly hewn together and doused in cryptid dust-

-this is the Dreamweaver, and its captain commandeth-

Logan: -leaning over a console- Alright, a few degrees left, here…

-this individual is often known to acquaintances as…-

-usually, the level head in whatever crisis they've just walked into-

-a calming presence, like a lighthouse in a storm; a surprising goofball with a pun?-

-a real charmer, typically-

Spiderbyte: -relieved- Thank you for explaining so nicely, Logan.

-their friends may know them as an inveterate workaholic, an utter nightmare with any chance of wordplay, pretty dang decent with man and mon alike and...a true heart-

Logan: -beam- I've had a lot of practice.

-the autopilot, who's slowly but surely making progress training the rotopilot, the one rapidly excitedly dragging this "craft" through the sky-

Spiderbyte the Porygon-2: Slowly, slowly, Wisp—!

Wisp the Spaceship?Rotom: <Wheeeeeeeeee~> ..>

Logan: -glancing back at their Styler GPS- Steady, steady, steady there, and...nice! At this route, you should have just enough power to reach Almia!

(-their close friends know just enough to be worried-)

-looking out the window- ...oh, and there's my stop.

Spiderbyte: Oh, yes, now we can practice our landing procedure. Wisp—

-they're interrupted by a gentle tap to the back of their head-

Logan: -blink- ...maybe I didn't explain so well.

(-and they themself?-)

-they're wearing a custom Sky Trainer Ranger wingsuit, bright yellow with an appropriate bit of red trim, and power up their Capture Styler's shield-

Spiderbyte: -blink- Um…?

Logan: -adjusting goggles, primly- It's a matter of practicality, you know.

(-well, what's a bit of self-awareness every now and then-)

-brushing a stray glitter from their vaguely perpetually glittery hair- Slowing down'll take too much fuel, flying too low is way too dangerous, why wait for another ride. Simple. Sensible.

Spiderbyte: -blink blink blink- Hey, hold on—

Logan: -waving- Sorry, can't miss this drop window. See you at home. Byeee~

-and they step backwards, plummeting from the hurtling in-atmospheric spacecraft—-

—-sent tumbling like a Hoppip in its turbulent wake-

Logan: -gritting teeth, shield crackling against spiking wind resistance- !?!

—okay, I'm not panicking, this is cool. This is a good idea—

—-they try to say, the horrifying winds stripping the sound bare before it reaches their own ears through their bones-

-they fling out their Styler arm, and the Capture Disc flies out-

-...and out, and out, increasing their moment of inertia and slowing their tumble-

Logan: -over the wind- Haha, see? Good idea!

Addie: -falling next to them- <Logan what the hell—>

Logan: -cheerful- Addie!

—-they say out loud-

-the two of them are currently empathically linked via a Partner Bond, the deepest, most powerful manifestation of the Capture Bonds wrought by a Styler-

-like all its bonds, the Partner Bond has precious, careful safeguards fully encoded in its core, an entirely voluntary, mutually-terminable empathic melding, at its fullest capable of transmitting intent with a surety and clarity far beyond what mere language can achieve-

-even so, there's risk—the risk of allowing someone access within your guard, the vulnerability and mortifying ordeal of being known—all the more for how deep it runs-

-yet the totality of what may pass between such partners cannot be overstated-

-right now, what's passing between them is "the same conversation they're having out loud, but ten thousand times faster"-

Addie: You jumped out of a spaceship, in a wing suit you've never used before, with no parachute, no landing plan,''

'Logan: It was the responsible course of action ~_~''

—and most of all without ME?!

-matching grin- Aw, you knew you were right behind me.

-theirs is very efficient-

-Logan swings the Disc and its Line out to reach her-

Addie: -grabs on-

—-turning as they do, conserving rotational momentum-

Logan: !

-seized by the sudden impulse, Addie quickly scurries down the line, grabbing hold before Logan swings their arm and-


-tracing burning circles through the air, sizzling coils of Aura-plasma fizzling into the sky about them-

-Logan twirls in counterpoint, recklessly, losing track of sky and earth in the cloud and the sight of shimmering blue spiraling all around them-

Open the glider any time now—!

Alright, alright…

-and they gather themself, recall the Disc, open their wings, plummet through the clouds—-

Logan: !

'''Addie: !

-and all of Kanto stretches out before them-




-the expanse beneath them holds all Kanto's sprawling plains and towering forests, the crater-studded peak of Mount Moon rising between them-

-even this high, they can see cerulean Cerulean built on the bay, and spot distant Cinnabar out off the coast, and utterly fail to recognize Saffron because they've never been and saffron doesn't sound like a shade of yellow-

-and in a dizzying fit of vertigo gaze on the woods down below, green as Viridian, their destination—-

-...and the very, very obvious yellow bulk of the Stormchaser, accompanied by the yet more massive Shadow Rout hovering nearby-

Wow, that is obvious.

Yyyeah, maybe we should bring up some kind of camouflage?

That's more of an "upon landing" kind of problem, yeah?

Hell yeah.

-and Logan folds their arms back, Addie clings tight to the Squirrel Handles, and they dive, dive, dive-

—-and their ear zooms past some unexpected airborne fluff-

Pidgey?!: -sqwAWK-

-screech- too much dive, too much dive—

-and distant specks rapidly resolve themselves into distinctly un-distant new acquaintances-

Pidgeotto: <HEY, I'm trying to fly, here!>

Spearow: <Rude!>

Latias there's so many birds, why are there so many birds—

Logan I think they live here

No one lives in the sk—plerghl

-what follows is the equivalent of a dramatic mall crowd chase, except there's no chase and no drama and no mall and it's just an extended series of rushed bumps followed by stammered apologies-

Addie: -turned-around- <Sorry, sorry, sorry!>

Okay, everyone's still flying, no one really got smacked—

Logan: -hacking up a feather, sympathetic wince- Hoookay, let's get this under control.

-they click their heels, Addie provides a little jump-spark-

-and the magnetite in their boots and their palms hums to buzzing life-

Addie used Magnet Rise!

-they spread their arms wide, and are magnetically thrust headfirst through the air by the soles of their feet-

-their gliding plummet levels out into more of a sub-horizontal swoop—and they're still not adjusting course hard enough-

Logan: -stifling a scream- Maybe if I—

-they shift their angle of attack, and shout through some Gs of force as they're yanked violently off course-

-and their next attempt, and the attempt after that, and the attempt after that-

Addie: @u@

-still shouting, they try to stretch their arms one way and shove the lightning another way and hold it, and—-

-the pair of them trace a haphazard barrel roll (not an aileron roll) through the air, looping high above the rest of the flock-

-roller-coaster screams fail to suffice-

(-there's no roller, and the coaster's fallen off the table, leaving a long, slow plummet for the drink-)

-but the pair of them've always been fast, and they've gone higher and faster before—ignoring the completely different circumstances and lack of any real safety net and it's hard to move their arms in this thing and Mesprit what happens if they drop i—-''

—-Addie drops a dollop of remembered calm through the link onto Logan's train of thought, letting it find the brakes—-

-just in time for the plane of impulsive action to take off-

-Logan clicks their heels off, folds their arms in, and they flip, tumbling, shooting upwards—-

-and somehow this averages out to a single moment, suspended in midair on their own power-

-Logan laughs disbelievingly, spinning to let them gaze at the panorama, before the inertia turns back into a more controlled glide-

-...and now they're really far from Viridian, and losing altitude-

Addie: <...ooooh, that's a big course correction.>

-dazed- ...o w, my arms.

-absently- Might not have enough power for that…

-they consider a long, slow walk of shame through the woods, or calling help (as they do) to ferry them through some...miles? It's looking like miles, of semihospitable wilds-

...hold my mug.

-without releasing the Disc from their Styler, they set it to spin-

-and then, dragging a stream of electrically-diluted Aura behind them like a skywriter, another strained little arm motion sends them swerving back the way they came-

Fearow: -shaking off the stun- <Was that a bird?>

-a click of the heels, another wrench, and they soar up and around, spiraling once around them-

-seeing- <No, it's a plane!>

-twice, thrice, Addie pours power into the suit and their arms are screaming-

Skarmory: -clicking- <No, it's—>

-they release the Disc on the fourth pass, firing it directly out against their motion—-

-squint- <...a weird Pikachu riding a human?>

Pidgey: -g a s p- <Pikachu really can learn how to Fly!>

-the Disc flies true, anchoring itself in the other end of the coil which bursts into light—-

-and the whole circumlocuted cylinder of avian allies-to-be catches the zeitgeist-

Addie: -clinging, the pair now adrift- <Hee. Just a bit off course, though—>

-when sharing the thrill—the wonder of the moment, all the adrenaline and bliss and bright beautiful clarity-

-what is there to say but:-

Pidgeot: -wink- <Hey, let's give 'em a hand!>

Logan: -bracing, through just the biggest grin- Capture Complete—!

-and there's a collective wing-flap like the first beat of a hurricane, and they're buoyed like a cork in a dam break, riding the pressure wave-

-with a bit of finagling, they angle themselves to face the path head-on; with the tips of their fingers they wave goodbye to the flock, once more Viridian-bound-

-much less time to appreciate the scenery this time around, but they appreciate it nonetheless, in the beautiful cast of the setting sun-

Logan: Now we just need a gradual—

-Logan plows into the earth at terminal velocity-

-a sizeable plume of earth erupts from the point of impact, clods of topsoil scattering about the area-


-and Addie's Protect field deactivates with a little pop, dropping Logan facedown in the little crater-


-they jerk upright with a sudden fuah inhale, scrabbling for purchase; they pat themself down and swivel to examine their surroundings and-


-what was climbing to their feet turns into a giddy twirl, which turns itself into a flop back into their tiny crater on their back, still snickering-

-a scamper up their chest—Addie looks down on them with the sternest of stern squirrel-faces-

Addie: >:B

-Logan sobers up in the face of this, projecting contrition-

'''Logan: | :


-and they both crack up, Addie flopping tinily onto them, Logan's head falling back onto the ground as they just-

-lay there-

-grinning madly-

-as the Dreamweaver propels itself distantly over the horizon, towards home-

Megan's Room, Stormchaser

Megan: -facedown- uuuurrrrrrgh

-muffled- Why do I have to learn entropy? Isn't it enough to decompose into a cloud of neutrons, unhinged?

Vee: <Well, las' I heard, it maybe adds a couple p' necessary riders to like...physics. Maybe.>

Megan: But but b u t—

Pippy: -side-eye- <You gotta know how the stuff works without Infinity Energy cycling it back.>

Megan: -lifting her head- Well yeah, but that only applies without Infinity Energy. What kind of sad lonely desperate entropically-insolvent procrastinatey person exists in a world without Pokémon to break the thermodynamic barrier for them?



Vee: <...uh, Meg? Where're ya lookin'?>

Pippy: -leaning over- <I think it's called the "middle distance".>

Megan: -reflop- I think it's called meeeeeeh -_-

Vee: -blink- <Meg, get outta bed.>

Megan: ...

-we pan out, and take a look-

-Megan is indeed facedown under a pile of blankets, sourced from who knows where-

-her notes are all the way in the other corner of the room-

Vee: <'m pretty sure you can't just spen' all week facedown under a pile of blankets, sourced from who knows where.>

Pippy: -point- <Your notes are all the way in that corner of the room.>

Note Pile: -partially collapses, scattering papers across the floor-


Megan: -peek- I have to?

Vee: <>

Megan: The trip’d be one-way.

Pippy: -piping up, from picking up papers- <I could encase you in a block of ice.>

Megan: -bright-eyed- Would you...?

Vee: -another mouth chewing on some scribbled-out problem attempt- <I coul' fight the arrow of time.>

Megan: -blink- Would you?

We Are All So Delighted To Be Here~
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Chateau d' Avarice

Neamean Lion: <Rrrr... Seems I can't zap this one. Mabye I can eat it!>



Shizuo: There's one right there, I think. -points to Alexa moving down the hallway-


Julius: -blinks- He told you about me?

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