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Aug 7th 2015 at 1:48:16 PM

Sootopolis City

Zeal: Oh, um... it's a habit I sorta picked up from my sister. But she's, well...

Gui: Shiprust?

BaconManiac5000 Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Aug 7th 2015 at 1:49:17 PM

Sootopolis Beach

Jack: Oh.... sorry.

what do you mean I didn't win, I ate more wet t-shirts than anyone else
Aug 7th 2015 at 1:51:59 PM


-Sandnix hops in surprise.-

Sandnix: <Ah! Uplander like Trainerdune! Uplander know Shiprust tonguewaggle!>

-Dune looks between Sandnix and Gui.-

Dune: You understand him?

-Sandnix hides behind Dune's leg.-

Dune: ... To a degree?

AZealousIndividual Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Aug 7th 2015 at 1:54:53 PM

Sootopolis City

Zeal: Er... yeah. Now I kinda wonder what she'd think of me still doing this...

Gui: Well, yeah, of course.

...To a degree, yes.

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I art thou. . . Thou art I. . .
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:02:01 PM

-As Silent responds, Ren takes the wrapped incubator and places it on the table where the present from his team and the two presents from his parents are sitting next to the bottle of wine from Des.-

Ren: -to Silent as he walks back- Glad to here she like the gift. Frightful told me how Shahinne has trouble getting motivated to practice her moves so I thought I'd give something fun and practical.

-Hears Silent about his gift-

I look forward to it.

-Notes Silent indicating the grimoire-

-grinning- Feel free to "summon" them.

-Ren and his mon's meals arrive. Fillet Mignon for Rio, Curried Feebas for Kitsune, and a Clauncher plate for Ren.-

Excuse me you two, I just noticed my food just arrived.

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"Was your previous decision a mistake then? I am thou, thou art I. Call upon my name, and release thy rage!" —Arsène, Persona 5
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:03:09 PM


Dune: Oh, okay. It's just that not a lot of people can understand Pokemon.

Sandnix: <Uplanders don't keep lookywatch when they no understand tonguewaggles. Make me feel... ig-noor-red?>

AZealousIndividual Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:04:14 PM

Sootopolis City

Gui: Um... I showed you the real me, didn't I?

-She holds her arms behind her back and grins nervously.-

BaconManiac5000 Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:05:06 PM

Sootopolis Beach

Overkill: <Well, I'm going to go see if I can scare anyone.>

Jack: Uh, that's probably not a good idea....

Overkill: <Aw, why noooot?>

Jack: Because people don't know you're harmless and, well, it just wouldn't work out.

what do you mean I didn't win, I ate more wet t-shirts than anyone else
AZealousIndividual Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:07:03 PM

Sootopolis City

Zeal: Maybe you should try the same trick on land. It might work, you never know!

FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:08:48 PM

Hikari's Tumblr Micro Edition

Anon: Are you interested in any sport?

I gave wrestling a try and it did not end well.

Anon: So, if you went to war, what would be your weapon?

A bucket

Anon: So... What about you and Diane?

Don't worry, I'm sure her harem is big enough even without me in it.

Anon: I heard Lucius is back from the dead, what do you think of that?

It's really nice but now I have to get ready for the eventual zombie outbreak!

Anon: OMG I'm so happy you and Jacob are together! What are your plans for the future?

I don't have many at the moment but I'm very much interested in doing some experiments with Jacob in the future

-eyebrow wiggle-

If you're reading this Jacob you know I do this because I love you <3

Anon: Have you had times where you misinterpretated things?

-Audio file-

Sakura: Ready, Duke?

Duke: Coming!


Duke: Oops.

Sakura: Duke! You got it all over me!

Duke: Sorry, I shouldn't have hurried up.

Sakura: Eugh... I'm all creamed. I'm gonna have to take a bath now.

Duke: Sorry, I'll be more careful next time...

Sakura: Nah, don't worry, I'll just call Blitz next time.

-Scrolling down there's a video showing Sakura and Duke having an accident while cooking with the later spilling some cream over Sakura as the above exchange happens-

Context is everything!

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Aug 7th 2015 at 2:09:16 PM


-Dune blinks and tilts his head.-

Dune: ... Oh, wait, so- but that would mean- oh, OH! You're- Riiiiiight.

-Dune pantomimes zipping his mouth shut.-

Dune: Your secret's safe with me.

Sandnix: <... What? Uplanders make no thinksense.>

Skyzerk Bona-Fide Mastah from Chaldea Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Bona-Fide Mastah
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:13:08 PM

Mossdeep, yesterday

-Lane huggles-



No judging if I'm clinging the whole way, kay?

AZealousIndividual Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:13:41 PM

Sootopolis City

-Gui looks at Sandnix and pouts.-

Gui: I don't even know what that means.

...Wait, who are you, anyway?

BaconManiac5000 Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:14:35 PM

Sootopolis Beach

Jack: Yeah, I don't think so.

Do you want to get us arrested?

what do you mean I didn't win, I ate more wet t-shirts than anyone else
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:16:20 PM


Dune: I'm Dune. I'm part of the J-Team.

Sandnix: <Me Sandnix! Me of Shiprust Clan. Also, not my fault uplander no understand tongueflaps!>

Dune: His, uh, dialect takes some getting used to.

AZealousIndividual Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:20:11 PM

Sootopolis City

Zeal: ...Probably not. But if you are, I can try to defend you!

-Gui tilts her head at Dune.-

Gui: I know who you are, sillyhead! But like I said last time, Derek is so much cooler than Dune! It's odd and Dune is even!

-She looks back at Sandnix.-

Sandnix... how's that spelled? Is that an odd name, too?

And ah... right.

BaconManiac5000 Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:23:40 PM

Sootopolis Beach

Jack: I think I'll stick with not going to prison and getting this on my permanent record.

Overkill: <Aw, man.>

what do you mean I didn't win, I ate more wet t-shirts than anyone else
Herbert40k The Flame Emperor from Fódlan Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
The Flame Emperor
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:25:50 PM

Thanks to Moon and Blitz for spagging this with me.

Mossdeep City

Shun is wandering the streets, muttering intently to himself.

Shun: Whatever anybody might believe, nothing is more important to a detective than his integrity. My parents made it through their careers without resorting to unscrupulous conduct, and so will I.

Gregson: <Call me overprotective, but I hope your career doesn't end the same way theirs did.>

Shun: I won't pay my way to the truth. I can solve cases with my own-

He stops, having noticed a large throng of people gathered in front of the Space Center.

Shun: ...Odd. I don't recall the Space Center being such a popular tourist attraction.

Gregson: <Also, I'm pretty sure they were letting people in last time we were here.>

The two make their way to the edge of the crowd surrounding the Space Center. A scientist is stood in front of the doors, trying to keep out the press of people with the help of her Conkeldurr.

Scientist: Everyone, calm down! The police have been called, and they say they'll be here as soon as they've rescued Old Lady Agatha's Meowth from-

Crowd Member 1: If you're trying to keep us out, there must be something interesting going on inside!

Crowd Member A: Yeah! Let us in so we can gawp!

Random Miltank: <I agree with my human fellows!>

Shun continues to push his way through the crowd until he reaches the scientist and pulls out his badge.

Shun: Shun Hontou, International Police. How can I help?

Scientist: Oh thank Deoxys, the police are finally- wait, who said that?

She glances around, trying to find the source of the voice, then looks down and sees Shun.

Scientist: ...Hang on a moment. You're the police?

Shun flushes indignantly.

Shun: If you would rather wait for someone taller to arrive, I can leave you to-

Scientist: Nonononono, it's fine. I'll take what I can get. You can handle this, right?

Shun: That would depend entirely on what "this" is.

Scientist: To make a long story short, I was just doing some calibrations when somebody started pumping Sleep Powder into the vents. All my colleagues dropped right off, but I just thought they were being lazy, so I-

Shun: One moment. Why weren't you affected by the powder when everybody else in the building was?

Scientist: Oh, me? I'm an insomniac. I can't fall asleep.

She stares at Shun with bleary, heavy-hooded eyes.

Scientist: Ever.

Shun: I... I see. What happened next?

Scientist: Er, not much. I heard someone fiddling around with the computers inside, and I was worried they might get mad at me for not taking part in naptime, so I ducked out the door. Then all these people started gathering around me and yelling questions. Don't tell them I said this, but I thiiiiink whoever's inside might be planning to crash a rocket into something. Just a hunch.

Crowd Member 1: What's this about crashing rockets?

Random Miltank: <My primate companion asks the question all us anthropoids are thinking!>

???: This is probably one of the least helpful reports I've heard.

Shingeko then makes his way through the crowd, having heard most of the conversation.

Shingeko: I mean, sure somebody must be doing something if they put everybody there to sleep, but we don't really have much to go on here.

Shun does a double take upon seeing Shingeko, then facepalms.

Shun: As if this wasn't already enough of a circus without inviting the clowns.

Shingeko's Frogadier-themed companion likewise makes his way through the crowd.

Gekkobi: I guess we'll just have to check it out then.

Shun: Hold it right there! Legally sanctioned or not, I am not about to allow two vigilantes to interfere with a police operation by exacerbating the situation further.

Shingeko: Hold on man, it's not like we're here to shove you aside or anything. Just cooperate with us.

Shun folds his arms.

Shun: Before that can happen, I'm going to need you to cooperate with me, Shingeko and... whatever your friend's name is. If there is someone awake in the building, they're unlikely to respond well to being interrupted. I understand the need for quick action, and I will admit that attempting to resolve this alone would be unwise. However, before we commit to any acts of recklessness, I need to know that you are willing to defer to my authority once we are inside. Is that understood?

Gekkobi: And another one that forgot my name...

You can almost see him eyerolling despite his visor.

Shingeko: The fact that I'll have to take orders from a little kid is a bit embarrassing but if that gets you to stop blocking us and actually get things done, sure.

He then gives Gekkobi a light pat on the shoulder out of sympathy. Shun fumes at the word "little".

Shun: I will also ask that you save the glib remarks until the subsequent autograph signing that you are no doubt terribly looking forward to. Now, if you would follow me.

He turns and nods to Gregson.

Gregson: <Stealth insertion, GO!>

The Sableye fires a Shadow Ball at the door of the Space Center, which goes flying open in a burst of Obscuric smoke. Shun steps through, his entrance concealed by the dark haze.

Mossdeep Space Center

Inside, the Sleep Powder appears to have dispersed, but all the scientists are still merrily snoozing away. Nobody looks to be awake, but the sound of movement can be faintly heard from upstairs.

Shun: Hm... ground floor looks clear.

Shingeko: Whatever the culprit is doing is probably upstairs. Still, I can't see why one would want to mess with a space center.

He looks around for a bit, seeing all the scientists sleeping.

Shingeko: Normally I'm the one who puts people to sleep, this feels a bit weird to be honest.

Gekkobi: Tell me about it...

He crouches near one of the scientists.

Gekkobi: At least nobody seems to be hurt down here.

Shun: Good. That means we can focus on apprehending the culprit. As long as the scientists remain asleep, the chances of them ending up in harm's way are slim. We should hurry to the next floor.

Gregson: <Preferably before whoever's up there comes down to check on us.>

Shun starts taking the stairs two at a time, with Gregson following closely behind. As he does, the sound of someone singing to themselves becomes progressively louder:

???: This is Ground Control to Major Tom,
You've really made the grade~

It soon becomes apparent that the source of the singing is a rather peculiar-looking girl slouching in front of a computer console. She's wearing a heart-shaped pink mask that covers her eyes and nose, a fluffy grey fur collar, long black gloves that come up past her elbows, and a sky-blue dress. On her head is a blue wig with two fused, pointed ears sticking out of it.

Girl: And the papers want to know whose shirt you- aah!

She cuts herself off with a gasp as she sees the approaching detective and his superhero entourage.

Girl: Omigosh! Omigoshomigoshomigooooooosh you're actually here! Shingeko-senpai noticed me!

Even though you can't see it, most people could probably tell Shingeko was blinking in surprise inside that mask at the girl's reaction.

Shingeko: ... Excuse me?

Gekkobi: ...Didn't think we'd run into a fan here. Do you often sing when you gas people with sleep powder?

Girl: Do you always take yourself so seriously? It wasn't like they were gonna let me walk in and just take a rocket. Besides, you're not the guy I wanna talk to.

She turns to stare at Shingeko.

Girl: Oh man, I still can't believe I'm meeting you in person! That's so sweet of you... and you showed up just in time to see my display, too! You can call me Batastrophe, by the way. Apparently "Batgirl" was already taken by somebody. I've been an admirer of yours ever since I first saw you in action.

Shingeko: And you express your admiration towards a superhero by... committing crime.

Batastrophe: How else was I supposed to get your attention? You already have a sidekick.

She looks daggers at Gekkobi.

Gekkobi: Nice to know you aren't interested in stealing copyrights, but I think this is enough of a display already.

He glares back through his visor.

Shingeko: You do know that I'll have to arrest you, right?

Shingeko facepalmed as suddenly a Greninja appeared behind him, having literally hid in his shadow. Said Greninja looked utterly baffled by Batastrophe.

Batastrophe: What? But I'm your biggest fan! You haven't even given me a chance to show you everything I worked so hard on! Just hold on a second and-

Suddenly, a Clefable comes flying through the window, crashing into Gregson - who has simply been staring at Batastrophe dumbfoundedly this whole time - and sending him flying out the opposite window.

Clefable: <Whoops! Sorry, missed the door. Anyway, the rocket's ready to go!>

Batastrophe: Great! Take a gander at this.

She hits a button on the computer console and gestures grandly towards the rocket outside, which can be seen through the shattered window.

Outside the Space Center

A loud alarm starts to sound as the launch pad lights up. The thrusters begin to fire, the service structure falls away, and the rocket, slowly but surely, begins climbing towards the sky.

It never makes it to space, however. Once it gets to about several thousand feet in the air, it explodes spectacularly - not in a fireball, but rather a massive shower of sparks that lights up the evening sky. Several other fireworks are scattered by the initial burst, and the resulting display lasts for a good twenty seconds. The final explosion spells out a message of lights in the air:


Mossdeep Space Center

Back on the ground, Batastrophe beams at Shingeko.

Batastrophe: So? Whattaya think? Was that a suitably romantic declaration of our undying love~?

Shingeko just stares at the sky, looking completely stunned by what he had just seen. Gekkobi stares at the (admittedly impressive) light show until Batastrophe's comment draws his attention again.

Gekkobi: Undying love? Seriously? On top of being illegal, that's just... It doesn't...

He face palms.

Gekkobi: I don't have words for this.

Batastrophe: So you're speechless? I knew it! I knew that once you saw what I'd do for your love, you'd realise that we were meant to be together! Oh man, this is the greatest-

Shun: I think I've heard enough of this.

Shun, having finally snapped out of his dumbstruck gawping, takes a step forward.

Shun: As a detective with the International Police, I'm placing you under arrest for assault and malicious destruction of property. Your motivations would be irrelevant even if this had not all been for the sake of an egotistical, glory-hunting vigilante with no regard for accountability or legal-

Batastrophe: Don't you DARE say that about Shingeko! Clefable, shut him up!

Clefable: <Aww, I was hoping they'd like our fireworks.>

The Clefable uses Metronome... which happens to result in a Zap Cannon being fired directly at Shun. Seeing that, the Greninja quickly tackles Shun out of the way, being unable to react quick enough to make a Protect barrier and taking the full blast of the attack, being knocked against a nearby wall and falling to the ground, unable to get up thanks to the paralysis and having taken high damage due to the type weakness. This quickly snaps Shingeko back to reality.

Gekkobi: You-!

Shingeko: Oh no...!

He then looks at Gekkobi and his tone darkens significantly

Shingeko: Can you take care of him while I handle this girl?

Gekkobi turns as the Greninja is sent flying, and gives a brief nod back to Shingeko

Gekkobi: Yeah, I've got him.

He rushes over to check the paralyzed Greninja for serious injury before gently picking him up.

Gekkobi: Come on buddy... That was a good save, but we can't nap here.

Shun starts slowly getting to his feet, looking shaken but mostly unhurt. Batastrophe claps her hands over her mouth.

Batastrophe: Oh geez, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hurt your Greninja like that! I promise I'll make it up to you next time!

Shingeko then walks towards Batastrophe, stopping when he's right in front of her.

Shingeko: What do you even think you're doing?! Are you not aware that what you're doing is illegal or something?!

Gekkobi stays relatively silent as he carries the Greninja to a safer spot near the stairs to apply a paralyze heal whilst Batastrophe gives Shingeko an odd look.

Batastrophe: I just wanted to do something nice for you! I know you're torn between your wandering heart and your cast-iron sense of justice, but you guys are getting way too worked up over this. It's not like I crashed the rocket into an orphanage or something.

Shingeko: You knocked out a bunch of scientists and sabotaged a rocket! Sure, you didn't hit anything with it but that doesn't make it excusable. Part of the reason I started to wear this costume is because I thought this way I could maybe inspire other people into doing the right thing, but what you're doing is completely backwards!

Batastrophe appears to have tuned out midway through Shingeko's rant, and is now making doey-eyes at him.

Batastrophe: Wow... you're so noble, you know that? Talking to you really makes me respect your idealism, your belief in righteousness... no injustice will ever go unpunished whilst Shingeko is on the streets...

She gives a lovestruck sigh, only to be brought back to reality by her Clefable tapping her on the shoulder.

Clefable: <Um, not to interrupt, but we should probably be going now.>

Batastrophe: Oh, right! Dangit, I was hoping I could get an autograph... ah well, there's always next time! Bye, cutie~

She tends out a Swoobat, who immediately uses Air Cutter to send blades of air flying at the room's other occupants. In the moment afforded to her by the distraction, Batastrophe grabs hold of the Swoobat and flies out the open window, blowing a kiss to Shingeko as she does.

Shingeko: And she escaped...

He groans and then looks over at Shun, rubbing the top of his helmet in frustration

Shingeko: You all right there? Did my Greninja push you too hard?

Shun: No, I... I'm fine. My condition would have been much worse had he not intervened. I... thank you both for your help.

He rubs his arm, looking equally embarrassed by both his failure to apprehend the culprit and his compliment to Shingeko, before looking out the window.

Shun: ...Not the type of fan you're accustomed to, I'm assuming?

Shingeko: Never thought I'd see someone like that as a fan. Most of the time it's just people who are grateful for whatever help I offered them or just some people who look up to me. That is not the kind of fan I wanted.

Gekkobi: More of a fanatic than a fan, if you ask me.

Shun: I would tend to agree...

He glances around.

Shun: In any case, nobody appears to be hurt, with the exception of your Greninja. I can handle the situation from here whilst you see to his injuries.

Shingeko: Yeah, I guess the "egotistical and glory-hunting vigilante" should just mind his own business.

Shun's cheeks flush.

Shun: I was trying to admit that my initial impression of you was mistaken, and expressing concern for the wellbeing of your Pokemon. If you would rather continue with this game of petty insults, then we can, but I doubt that those who have been incapacitated would thank us for it.

Shingeko sighs.

Shingeko: You're right. Sorry about that one. I'm a bit on edge right now.

He then looks towards Gekkobi.

Shingeko: Did you give him something to heal the paralysis?

Gekkobi gently pats the shoulder of the Greninja standing next to him, but thanks to the damage taken it seemed like the mon was barely staying on his feet.

Gekkobi: Yeah, he's pretty beat up but he should recover.

He turns to Shun.

Gekkobi: If it's all the same to you, I'd rather leave the insults behind right now.

Shun nods at Gekkobi.

Shun: As would I. Now if you would excuse me, this space center is not going to clean itself.

As Shingeko and Gekkobi take care of the Greninja, Shun turns and starts walking down the stairs, sighing softly to himself.

Shun: Sometimes I hate my job...

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Aug 7th 2015 at 2:26:04 PM

Sootopolis City

Zeal: Darn.

...Well, it's probably the better option, anyway.

Aug 7th 2015 at 2:27:19 PM

Sootopolis Pokemon Center

-Diane giggles to herself at Hikari's Tumblr. Skye looks over at her, raising an eyebrow-

Skye: What's so funny?

Diane: Hikari updated again.

Skye: ...Oh geez.


-Psyche unfortunately has no time to meditate, because suddenly a masked and cloaked aspect comes crashing through a window and knocks the three down. A second aspect in a very Toxicroak-inspired suit jumps out of the broken window.-

Sarashi: You can't keep this up forever, O' Demon of Justice!

-The masked aspect scowls and picks herself up, ignoring the fact that she is stepping on the trio she fell into in order to get up.-

Elda:    Your lack of control will destroy everything.   

-It should be noted that Elda has multiple sickly green lacerations, while Sarashi has bruises all around her neck and limbs from Elda's staff. They both have clothing damage from both each other and the debris they've created.-

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usherp Shade from General Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:30:12 PM

Shade peers down at Jack and company, before turning to Jiraiya.

"You ready?"

"I'm a Ninja Frog what do you think?"


Together they leap a ways into the air, before a perfectly calculated dive just behind Jack happens.

The same Jaws theme music plays from an undisclosed direction.

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Decisions were made regrets were had.
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High Priestess of Fabulous
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:34:59 PM

Psyche blinks. "Welp, I'm not sure what's going on, but I have a feeling we shouldn't stick around to find out?"

"If I am to be met with disrespect, then I must first love myself with a fierceness no fool can take away." - Vraska, Gorgon assassin
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Aug 7th 2015 at 2:35:26 PM

Sootopolis Beach

-Jack gets soaked-

Jack: Okay, who ju-nevermind, that's a stupid question.

what do you mean I didn't win, I ate more wet t-shirts than anyone else
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Aug 7th 2015 at 2:37:54 PM

Sootopolis City

-Zeal waves.-

Zeal: Hello, mysterious person.

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The Flame Emperor
Aug 7th 2015 at 2:38:51 PM

Sarah's Mindscape

Lucius gives a grunt of pain as he's knocked to the floor. He quickly tries to scramble to his feet, but freezes upon recognising Elda.

Lucius: Oh Arceus, not that thing...

Despite shaking with fear, he makes an effort to adopt a combat-ready stance.

Lucius: Okay, I have no weapons, no powers, no mons, and none of the admittedly negligible muscle mass of my previous body. If they attack, I'm screwed. Let's just hope they're more preoccupied with each other...

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