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Dec 18th 2019 at 6:54:10 PM

Honestly would be rather funny if all the Xmas events turns out to be simultaneous, adding another meaning to "meanwhile" tongue

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Dec 18th 2019 at 7:52:23 PM

The timelines in Magia Record events and sidestories are sometimes weird. While I have no doubt that most are somewhat linear, it messes up the assumption that Homura's sand only last a month and there's explicit waiting period in the story like when Iroha is staking out in Banbanzai for Nemu. There are also wtf reveals like with Tart event part 2 that turns out to be the prequel of the part 1 and the current JP Christmas event has an Oscar walking around without causing alarm.

Dec 18th 2019 at 7:54:41 PM

[up] Wait, an Oscar? Shouldn't Ui be...Ui at that point? Or are the Xmas events really simultaneous?

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Dec 18th 2019 at 8:11:15 PM

That's the point; the fact that there's an Oscar walking around in plain sight, asking Rika and Ren's help in Christmas under Mitama's endorsement is not a spoiler in context of the event. What is a spoiler is the context of what an Oscar is in relation of the main story. We still don't know what's the deal with this Oscar (nicknamed Chu).

First and second Christmas events are definitely simultaneous, tho. The problem is we don't know the exact timeline of the events until the 'dun dun dun' reveal.

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Dec 19th 2019 at 5:22:22 PM

Speaking of which Dio-chan's Bizzare Adventure: Christmas Tendecnycncludes with Alina retiring the Death Santa gig after finding out a separate Uwasa git into the mix and became detrimental to her Ax-Crazy plans. Though I kinda figured she would had made using the Fur God/Happy Stamp combo a Godzilla Threshold she will eventually cross in ch.10

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Dec 19th 2019 at 11:28:04 PM

Magia Record is comin' to Crunchytown. So I won't need to go all yar-har-fiddle-dee-dee on this one.

I guess the NA game isn't going to get to the end before the anime, probably. Though it still appears to be unknown how many seasons the anime will be. Still don't get why that's always a mystery at first...

Dec 19th 2019 at 11:54:24 PM

Two season, possibly 22 episodes. At least that's how the French article said it.

Uninstall An Eternal Moment, With You Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
An Eternal Moment, With You
Dec 20th 2019 at 7:03:53 AM

@AlaAlba, well that part got explained by part 2 of the event.

Basically, The first part of the event is All Just a Dream they had during a shared reinforcement session. The two of them had gotten into an argument a couple of days ago, and since Ren was called home right afterward, they never got a chance to make up. The talking Oscar was the representation of Rika and Ren's cowardice, since they were both too awkward to try and make up. Akira and Emiri had gone to their magical girl friends to ask to help them make up.

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Dec 24th 2019 at 8:49:14 AM

Well, No Madokami event, but at least I managed to get regular Madoka. ...and then Leila, Rika and Ren. so I got the happy couple, the franchise's primary couple (:P) and the SYT gang altogether.

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Dec 24th 2019 at 2:04:45 PM

The real Madokami was the 500+ MB of download data we found along the way.

...this really is a huge download, though. Got stuck at 82% for a while, but seems to be finishing up, finally.

Edit: Wow, that's a lot of fate weaves. Might focus on the grass one first, I don't have any of those 4-stars. But also still need Kyouko. Hmm...

Well, it took the full 100 draws, but did get Mami in the end, so that's good. Back to gem hoarding for the time being. Also there's supposedly a one-day event for Christmas, so check for that.

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Dec 30th 2019 at 10:46:30 PM

There was a preview airing yesterday showing some clips from the anime. Something of note;

  • The one-eyed black lizard Witch seen in the trailer is named Box Wood. Just like a lot of things in the game, it's an allusion of Kenji Miyazawa. Miyazawa had a lot of notes, one of which is identified as Memo Flora, a gardening note. In the page that talk about the box shrub, he doodled something he call "Tearful Eye", a giant singular eye with multiple ringed iris and leaf-like eyelashes.
  • When Rena and Momoko Connecting in the trailer, turns out the ball of light that appear over their clasped hands is the Adjuster's mark. Does that mean the Connect is the Adjuster's power? This is still a speculah.
  • There's a lot of build up about the "Iroha actually has a little sister" conclusion that Iroha realizes. It's not just her room that looks like it lost half of its furniture, but also countless photos where it look like Iroha is hugging empty air. Even when Iroha is doing her routine casually, there's always this air of uneasiness despite there's nothing unusual.

fredhot16 from Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
Jan 1st 2020 at 6:42:19 PM


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Jan 1st 2020 at 8:15:55 PM

[up] Taken out of context, that really doesn't sound like you're talking about watching a movie...

Also, unsurprisingly, Magia Record the game is doing a big promo for Magia Record the anime, including a lot of freebie 10-card fate weaves—one per day through the 5th, and two more every weekend while the anime is airing. Total of, what, 29, if it's 12 episodes? There's also going to be something called the "Start Dash Fate Weave" (not a crossover, but a one-time automatic 4-star draw).

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doineedaname from Eastern US
Jan 1st 2020 at 8:36:26 PM

[up] The animes been confirmed to be 2 cours iirc.

fredhot16 from Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
Jan 1st 2020 at 10:20:45 PM

We’re done! Dude, that was a trip.

To answer the question of “do you like Homura more or Homura less”, my sister says “I don’t know”.

I say that I’ll need a second watch of the movie to properly form an opinion.

So, when is that third movie?

Edited by fredhot16 on Jan 1st 2020 at 10:26:49 AM

Suspension of disbelief: I can believe in time travel but it still has to make sense with it's own rules.
Jan 1st 2020 at 10:34:14 PM

[up] No one really knows when the next film will be made, due to Urobuchi going off to make other projects. Apparently, they are just waiting for when he is ready to return.

As for Rebellion, that is one of my all time favorite anime movies for a reason. waii

NativeJovian from Orlando, FL
Jan 2nd 2020 at 4:15:01 AM

At the risk of restarting a perennial Madoka fandom argument: I enjoyed Rebellion more than the series proper right up until the climax of the movie — then it goes off the rails, undoes a lot of Homura's character development, and ends on a downer note for reasons that only seem to make sense in terms of carving out room for a sequel, rather than following in-universe character logic. That said, minus the last 20 minutes or so, Rebellion has the same great visuals as the series, some of the best fight scenes in the franchise, and the central mystery is both interesting and compellingly presented.

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Jan 2nd 2020 at 6:24:25 AM

[up] Well, if there weren't a lot of people who feel exactly the same way—and about as many who vehemently disagree—it wouldn't be such a big argument.

At this point, though, we can surely ditch the "it was forced sequel-bait" aspect, since they had no sequel plans then and, nearly a decade later, they seemingly still don't. Instead, they spent that time cranking out spinoff after spinoff, and now one of those is getting its own anime. Word of God claimed Rebellion was mainly Fanfic Fuel, and that it has certainly been.

TobiasDrake Exposition Dragon from Colorado, USA Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
Jan 2nd 2020 at 7:25:23 AM

Dragon Ball: Evolution uses Piccolo's survival as a sequel hook. The Super Mario Bros. film does the same, with Daisy showing up at the Bros. apartment with a big gun proclaiming, "You won't believe this!" Neither of those films has ever gotten or will ever get a sequel.

The Incredible Hulk, about 2/3 of the way through the film, shows Samuel Sterns beginning his transformation into the Leader to set up a next film that never came.

Gravity Falls concludes with its villain Bill Cipher invoking an arcane ritual featuring some ambiguous higher power, so that he may be resurrected from his climactic destruction at a future date. Series creator Alex Hirsch burned out on the series at season 1, however, and has no plans to make any further seasons after the season 2 finale.

The existence of a sequel hook does not necessarily mean that a sequel is actively planned out and in production. Sometimes writers throw one in just to have something they or someone else can build from in the future, should a sequel ever get made.

Edited by TobiasDrake on Jan 2nd 2020 at 8:25:42 AM

If you think that was wordy, you should check out my Tumblr: The Exposition Dragon.
Jan 2nd 2020 at 4:27:46 PM

I'm kinda of the opinion a a Madoka reboot (or Half-Life 3) would be more likely than a Rebellion sequel (not that the two are mutually exclusive, Rebellion's ending with a reset world could easily be used to pivit into a rebooted verse much like stories like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Convergence and Secret Wars).

As above, so below.
RhymeBeat Bird mom from Eastern Standard Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Bird mom
Jan 2nd 2020 at 6:03:45 PM

Aren't most anime reboots just re-adaptations of the source manga? For Madoka there IS no source Manga. You'd have to compete with a highly talented team in their home medium.

As for the comparison to other sequel hooks, none of them listed are as "in your face" about it as Rebellion's ending. That ending leaves a hell of a lot of questions and even has Homura talking about ominous things like "the last wraith dying" and "perhaps I will destroy this world". While those other sequel hooks plant the seeds for new content if the creators choose to pursue that, the story itself is concluded. Homura's takeover feels far more like the start of a completely new story.

The Crystal Caverns A bird's gotta sing.
Jan 2nd 2020 at 7:23:41 PM

Try to defuse an argument, and you just end up creating one. I guess I should know better by now.

All I was saying was that it doesn't make sense to say the movie went off the rails due to shoehorned sequelitis because that was never their intention. We all thought it was setting up a sequel, but they've stuck to their original plan of not doing that. Whether other things have had sequel plans that never materialized has nothing to do with this, because those plans existed at some point, and people don't hate those movies because of the sequel bait (?).

This is like... instead of arguing about whether the dog needs a bath, we're sidetracking into whether the dog is dirty because someone broke into the house last night and dumped a bucket of mud on him. I don't know if that's an improvement.

NativeJovian from Orlando, FL
Jan 2nd 2020 at 8:30:28 PM

The problem isn't that it has a Sequel Hook. The problem isn't that the baited sequel never materialized. The problem isn't whether the ending is really a sequel hook or not. The problem is that the movie is interesting and engaging for most of its runtime, and then veers off in a completely different, unsatisfying direction just before the end.

Obviously YMMV and not everyone's going to agree that the ending was unsatisfying. But for the people who did find it unsatisfying, it was because it raised a bunch of new issues at the last minute and then left them unresolved — which feels like a Sequel Hook even if it was meant to be deliberate Fanfic Fuel instead. "It's not really a sequel hook" isn't an argument that's going to gain much traction because "it was a sequel hook" isn't our real beef with the ending — "it was unsatisfying" is.

Vos iustus a diversis genus delirus.
Sereg Banned for heroism from SA, not SV Relationship Status: P.S. I love you
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Jan 2nd 2020 at 9:31:34 PM

Personally,I would say that the ending of the show was an actual ending, whereas the ending of Rebellion isn't. Rebellion ends with a situation starting that needs resolution.

That's why it needs a sequel for completion.

This is especially true due to he fact that the show confirmed that Madoka knows "everything that will ever happen", meaning that for the lore to not contradict itself, Madoka has to have known about Rebellion and allowed it, which should be addressed.

It's one of the reasons I wrote a sequel to Rebellion as a quest myself. Once I buy a new laptop, I need to start working on it again. (Also on a new website)

fredhot16 from Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
Jan 3rd 2020 at 3:16:19 AM

But do we really need another movie? This one is pretty conclusive, no need to continue the story, everybody's happy!

Suspension of disbelief: I can believe in time travel but it still has to make sense with it's own rules.

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