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Feb 16th 2020 at 11:08:43 AM

Next week: Made to Order Valhallans and Classic Yarrick.

And I did want to save some money next week as wellsad

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Thank you, Monty Oum.
Feb 16th 2020 at 11:17:37 AM


Chenkov up front
They ded.

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Feb 20th 2020 at 1:47:53 AM

Looking through my copy of the February White Dwarf and this month they are beginning a nine month serialisation of James Swallow's classic Sororitas novel Faith & Fire. Shame I already own a copy from when it was first released.

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GoldenKaos Beastar-in-training from Drama Club Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
Feb 20th 2020 at 2:03:57 AM

That's pretty sweet of them. Pretty sure I have the e-book.

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theLibrarian That all you got? from his own little world
That all you got?
Feb 21st 2020 at 5:52:44 PM

Well now.

Didn't expect a game like this.

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CountDorku Licensed to thrill from Fort F*** If I Know Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
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Feb 22nd 2020 at 1:56:40 AM

...Is that Deff Skwadron: The Game.


Avatar by sleepy-onigiri
Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:10:46 AM

Some small reveals at the New York Toy Fair

Aeronautica Imperialis: Avenger Strike Fighters

Board Games: rise of the Orks

More actions figures, this time from McFarlane.

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Feb 26th 2020 at 1:41:46 AM

Trope question time: Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale is now an index so the examples of the 40K page need to be moved to one of the following individual tropes:

Here is the example from the 40K page but I do wonder if many of them actually count because they seem more like practical things that you have to accept in a Tabletop Game due to balance and size issues. (it also has attrocious indentation issues obviously).

  • Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale: Has a love-hate relationship with this one. At times, distances, timescales and the number of soldiers needed to launch a sector-spanning crusade are handled "realistically", but just as often a few hundred Space Marines defend— or purge— an entire world. But then again, they are Space Marines...
    • The models also have some scale issues; for example, the Leman Russ tank, compared to a Guardsman figure, has a 16-inch main gun and two 3-inch repeating cannons.
    • Epic had this going on with weapon-related rules; all weapons of a given class had the same stats no matter what the model looked like. This got odd with "bolters" (any bolter, sometimes two only counting for one attack dice) and "battle cannon" (the Battle Cannon in a Stormblade's sponson is a quarter of the size of the one in a Baneblade's turret, yet both had the exact same stats). This results in some weirdness when trying to scale up a Superheavy tank to 40K; a Stormhammer, for example, might have anything from 12 bolt pistols in firing ports to 24 heavy bolters.
      • In addition, Epic models have a tendency to be too small directly proportional to the actual size of the model; a Leman Russ is slightly smaller in comparison to an infantry figure than the 40K equivalent, while vehicles supposedly as big as city blocks tend to only have a few times the footprint of a regular tank. Perhaps the biggest case is the Imperator Titan; the Imperator model is around four inches tall, and the head has just about enough room to contain one Epic-scale Terminator figure, despite being described in fluff as containing a whole battle bridge for the Princeps and Moderati. Most likely this is because a true-to-scale Epic Imperator would be two or three feet tall.
      • Then again, nobody seems able to decide how tall Titans are, with official figures for the Imperator varying from Graham McNeill's books (43m) to Dan Abnett (>140m). The cover of the graphic novel Titan showing a smaller Warlord Titan features access ladders and details on the gun implying the barrels are each the size of a house, making the whole Titan over half a kilometre tall.
    • Another time-related example: A fair amount of the Imperium's equipment, such as some of the older Marks of power armour that are still in use by the Space Marines, is still around and functional after at least ten thousand years of regular use. Even with maintenance, that's a bit of a stretch in most cases.
    • Weapon ranges suffer from this trope, particularly where artillery is concerned. Even the game's longest-ranged artillery pieces, which can fire over 100" (8+ feet, which can easily hit anything anywhere on a standard-sized table) is laughably short-ranged even compared to WW2-era artillery. Justified in that if it was scaled realistically, the artillery range would be measured in real-life city blocks (perfect for those games of Apocalypse you're playing by telephone).
    • The models themselves are done on "Heroic" scale, meaning that their faces, hands and feet are enlarged out of proportion. This is done to put more emphasis on features of the hands and face of the models, as otherwise they'd be too tiny to see, and is not particularly obvious unless you know about it. Many players however have made "truescale" version of Space Marines specifically because of this, whom have the standard hands and heads but enlarged torsos, legs and arms.

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M84 Light our darkest hour! from Our little blue planet Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Light our darkest hour!
Feb 26th 2020 at 1:43:37 AM

Some of the model size issues probably count as examples of Acceptable Breaks from Reality.

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Feb 26th 2020 at 11:40:10 AM

[up]That's along the lines of what I was thinking, the same could be said about the range one. I am also unsure about the example about the age of Imperial equipment as it is both future tech so current standards shouldn't apply and because Imperial tech runs on Older Is Better, and the Titan height one is more Depending on the Writer. All this means that the only one that could be put in one of the tropes is the first one, but that is far too general to be useful and I am not sure which trope the number of tropes to capture a planet part would fall under.

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CountDorku Licensed to thrill from Fort F*** If I Know Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
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Feb 26th 2020 at 1:13:31 PM

The first one is already listed on the page for No Sense Of Units, and I do think that even with future tech individual weapons not only lasting but being in battlefield-useable condition for ten thousand years is a bit much, so it'd be a legitimate example of No Sense of Time.

(As a comparison point, bear in mind that ten thousand years is about three times as long as we've had writing and the wheel.)

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Avatar by sleepy-onigiri
Feb 26th 2020 at 1:25:29 PM

[up]Hmm. I will have to think of how to integrate the Word of God that they try to minimise the trope where possible but consider Rule of Cool to be more important sometimes.

As for the time one, I was specifically thinking about the following guideline from the page itself:

When adding examples, it may be wise to consider the capabilities of the faction in question. What is "unrealistic" for a low-tech harder-SF group may not be so for a high-Kardashev Higher-Tech Species; after all, what we can do now would be outlandish to our medieval ancestors, so who's to say a society centuries if not millennia more advanced than us can't invent a "unrealistically" light yet superstrong material? On the other hand, some things are laws of physics, not limits of technology, and the difference is an important one (any ship that expels an exhaust to propel itself, for example, functions by the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation, which is basically a special case of the Second Law of Motionóregardless of what the exhaust is or how it imparts the energy to expel it).

Considering we are talking about material and technology that dosn't and cannot exist at this time I cannot think of any laws of physics such things are breaking.

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theLibrarian That all you got? from his own little world
That all you got?
Feb 26th 2020 at 1:40:19 PM

If anything, stuff like time, distance, and numbers are things that 40K does right. Fighting a million wars on a million worlds at once requires a fighting force that numbers in the trillions, distance is so great that it takes months or years to get anywhere, and the bureaucratic machinery is hopelessly gummed up by just how much work there is to do, and the fact that the Imperium is nowhere near as advanced as it should be for this time period just makes it worse.

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CountDorku Licensed to thrill from Fort F*** If I Know Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
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Feb 26th 2020 at 1:58:57 PM

Even with handwavey future materials, it has to be said, the odds that nothing irrevocable will happen to any given item over ten thousand years are not very good.

Like, I ran the numbers. If we assume a 1% chance that any given pre-Heresy weapon will wear out or be lost/destroyed over the course of ten years (including not just mechanical failure but being destroyed in battle, lost in the Warp etc.), nearly two-thirds of it would be out of circulation as early as M32.

(Then again, I suppose pre-Heresy equipment is at least in theory very rare, so those might just be the ones that beat the odds.)

Avatar by sleepy-onigiri
Feb 26th 2020 at 2:15:26 PM

[up]And sometimes, the stuff really is that good. The plasma reactors for the Ramilies Starforts are designed to run continuously for 3,000 years before they need to be shut down and overhauled. That is, something as complex and temperamental as a fusion plant, run by people who barely understand it-keep them fueled and undamaged, and they run nonstop for 3 millennia. Now, those starforts are so complex they can only still build them because they possess complete, perfect STC copies. But if other high end stuff is even half that well put together, it is entirely believable such devices are still usable and reliable after 10,000 years of careful maintenance and repairs.

Getting stuff destroyed in battle or accidents would probably be the leading cause of material loss for the better stuff, which would explain why the Mechanicus is so loath to pull equipment that is irreplaceable or nearly so out of their vaults; no matter how dire the apparent threat.

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CountDorku Licensed to thrill from Fort F*** If I Know Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
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Feb 26th 2020 at 2:50:55 PM

Fair enough! I did not know that particular lore snippet.

Avatar by sleepy-onigiri
Feb 26th 2020 at 3:08:15 PM

Adding to [up][up] many of the bog standard STC equipment were explicitly designed to be as easy to maintain as possible. Also the whole concept of machine spirits means the "I have been using the same broom for 20 years. I have replaced the brush 5 times and the handle 7 times but it is still the same broom" can be a real thing.

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Zeromaeus Mighty No. 51345 from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
Feb 26th 2020 at 3:11:57 PM

Yeah, the relative age of most of the equipment is almost certainly a Ship of Theseus situation where the parts are replaced, but the name is maintained.

Except with Ork tek. You could probably pick up an ancient cybork arm, stick it on your shoulder and it'd work just fine. Because.

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Feb 26th 2020 at 4:08:51 PM

You've heard about how to "liberate" the places you invade, but how do you lie about the places you just couldn't quite defend? Regimental Standard has got you covered with "cadiate"!

Usage of this new word is, of course, Commissar-enforced.

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M84 Light our darkest hour! from Our little blue planet Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Light our darkest hour!
Feb 26th 2020 at 6:20:18 PM

[up][up]Orky Tech only looks really crude. It's brutally efficient (because everything Orks do is brutal) since it's all made by mad geniuses who have engineering aptitude literally hardcoded into their genes.

[up][up][up]Yeah, a huge part of how the Imperium got to be so huge and powerful in the first place was because the STC's made industrialization on new worlds incredibly efficient and idiot proof.

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theLibrarian That all you got? from his own little world
That all you got?
Feb 26th 2020 at 7:06:18 PM

Idiot proof except in the case of "Let's not make copies in case something bad happens to them."

Seriously, how many vehicles and other sorts of technology have been lost forever because the Ad Mech goes "It's heresy to copy these just in case!"

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M84 Light our darkest hour! from Our little blue planet Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Light our darkest hour!
Feb 26th 2020 at 7:11:11 PM

[up]Except the STC hard-copies have been copied and preserved many times.

The Admech isn't against preservation at all. Quite the opposite. It's innovation that they consider to be heresy.

The original ST Cs were replicated too. There were enough built for each new world on the Imperium. They were also built to be as durable as possible. They were lost anyway because the Age of Strife was just that bad.

Edited by M84 on Feb 26th 2020 at 11:15:45 PM

Disgusted, but not surprised
unknowing from somewhere..
Feb 26th 2020 at 7:45:31 PM

the librarian: if anything some stuff for me were cleaver, rather than try to use some FTL travel like other sci fi GW just said "no, magic" and cleverly bypass that problem rather than using a sci mumbo jumbo that does the same thing.

And yes, part of the horrifing part of the imperium come from the the imperium, it turn out, holding a empire of millions of worlds is quite fucking hard to do.

Also because of what decide to be build, more ancient worlds have copies of better tech, mean while a mining colony probably have just SCP of mining equiment.

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Feb 27th 2020 at 9:40:41 AM

In other news: Space Marine Errata/Re-balancing

Robin Cruddace (senior rules writer): With the release of Codex: Space Marines (and its various Codex Supplements and Psychic Awakening updates) several months ago, we have been paying close attention to how Space Marine armies have been played with by the community and how well they are faring at tournaments around the globe.

We have gathered enough data by now, and received enough of your feedback, to convince us that the Angels of Death are now one of, if not the, best-performing armies in Warhammer 40,000 at present. While we are glad that the Emperorís chosen warriors are faring better than they were before their latest codex, it would appear that as players get more experience with this army, tailoring their lists to take advantage of certain rules, and unveiling all the various tricks and tactics hidden within these books, they are now starting to overperform. As a result, we feel it is necessary to make some changes to the Space Marinesí rules to ensure that they remain a fun army to play against, as well as with. This is not something we do lightly, but we feel it is necessary in order to help maintain the balance of the wider Warhammer 40,000 gaming experience.

Jason Lippert (Tournament Organiser and Head Judge for the Warhammer 40,000 events at AdeptiCon): At the end of the day, 40K tournaments, no matter how large or prestigious or competitive, are about providing an opportunity for players to spend time with friends old and new, divine the state of their luck as revealed by their dice, and most importantly: to have fun. As Tournament Organizer of 40K events at AdeptiCon, providing a fun experience is foremost on my mind. After good sportsmanship, nothing promotes fun more than balance within the game. And so I am excited to tell you that AdeptiCon will fully implement the adjustments in the Space Marines February 2020 update.

Taken as a whole, these changes undeniably and significantly level the playing field in competitive 40K, revitalize the health of the meta, and keep the idea of having fun where it belongs: front and centre.

PDF Changes.

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Feb 27th 2020 at 7:04:23 PM


Didn't include the rules before that, which initially made Valerian and Aleya unplayable on the tabletop... but apparently Psychic Awakening will feature the rules return of the Talons of the Emperor so...

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