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The NERF Brand of foam toys is quite an extensive family.

Early toy

The Original Nerf Toy was a soft foam ball marketed for it's softness, which made it quite playable indoors without breaking things.

NERF N-Force

A series of Nerf foam melee weapons, these arms are popular with LARPers and kids who want cool weapons they can swing around without hurting/breaking things.

Blaster Types

Blasters can be classified by their firing mechanisms.
  • Direct Plunger: The most common classic firing mechanism, and also the most basic design. Very popular with modders due to the efficient and powerful design modern Nerf Blasters use.
  • Indirect Plunger: A plunger type popularized by a majority of N-Strike blasters, the indirect Plunger is somewhat less efficient due to deadspace inside the plunger chamber, but takes considerably less space also referred to in the fan community as Reverse Plunger.
  • Air Pressure Chamber: A classic blaster mechanism adapted from water blasters like the Super Soaker family, the few Nerf blasters that use air pressure chambers are pump-action.
  • Manual Plunger: A sort of combination of Air Pressure Chamber and Direct Plunger that involve pulling the priming handle forward then slamming it back hard to launch a dart or missile. Blasters such as the Thunderblast, the Demolisher 2-In-1's launcher or both attachments of the Modulus Tri-Strike use this system. Performance is completely dependent on user strength.
  • Electrical Flywheels: With the N-Strike Barricade, Nerf reintroduced flywheel blasters. Early designs were unreliable due to the potential for unequal torque from horizontal flywheels causing loss of accuracy, something the Barricade eliminated with its vertical flywheels. Certain Flywheel blasters are fully automatic, cycling the pusher mechanism along with the fact they rev the flywheels even faster to compensate for when the dart slows them down. Blasters such as the Rapidstrike, Hyperfire, Rhino-Fire and MEGA Mastodon fire their darts automatically.
  • Electrical Plunger: The Stampede, Vulcan, and Swarmfire possess powerful electrically-driven plungers that can fire in full-auto.
  • Bowstrings: A number of Rebelle and at least one N-Strike Elite blaster uses an elastic band to launch darts rather than being on the blaster for show such as the Crossfire Bow or MEGA Thunderbow.

Ball Blasters

One of the earliest Nerf blaster types, Ball Blasters tend towards having a fixed, internalized feed chamber which can be loaded with multiple foam balls. Several notable blasters include the Atom Blaster, the Cyclotron, and the Pulsator.

Early Dart Blasters

A later adaptation, the early dart blasters tended towards bigger darts and muzzle- or chamber-fed mechanisms, usually powered by springs, although variant blasters that used flywheels or air pressure chambers also exist.

There were several major families of blasters, the Air Tech series, the Action Blasters, and the Airjet Power series.

These are their most successful products, with several categories of darts by size. The Micro Darts survived into later N-strike and Dart Tag blaster lines, while an upcoming rifle blaster might potentially revive the Mega Dart size class.

  • Notable blasters
    • Big Bad Bow: A Nerf "longbow" design blaster that actually performs more like a crossbow. Uses foam arrow ammo instead of darts.
    • Rapid Fire AS-20: A rotary-barrel blaster that evokes a handheld Gatling Gun, this blaster utilizes a pump-action air pressure system to fire its darts. A pressure gauge on the side tells you how much pressure you have pumped into the bladder.
    • Magstrike: An Air System blaster that has its own unique clips/magazines, the Magstrike can discharge its entire ammo load in a single burst. Until the advent of the Raider and Alpha Trooper, this blaster was immensely popular in Humans vs. Zombies.
    • Hornet: An Air System blaster with a vaguely similar design to the Magstrike sans the clip/magazine structure.
    • Nitefinder EX-1: Using Micro Darts, with a powerful single-shot muzzle feed, this is one of the most celebrated classic blasters that has endured for years, being reintroduced with the N-strike series and then modernized for the Elite lineup.
    • Titan: A rocket launcher blaster, the Titan shoots massive foam rockets. Especially noted for being one of the first blasters to feature Tactical Rails, a RIS-style rail system.
    • Maverick REV-6: the Revolver Handcannon of the Nerf family, and the other most-reproduced classic blaster that also featured in the N-Strike lineup. Most infamous for quality control issues with the cylinder advancing mechanism.
    • Firefly REV-8: a revolver with glow-in-the-dark darts and integrated LED that simulated muzzle flashes, the Firefly's Power Glow was replicated in future blasters and the blaster itself enjoyed a time being re-released as a N-Strike blaster.

Early Disc Blasters

One of the NERF experiments, the earliest disc blasters could not match the performance of their dart blasters.

N-Strike and the rise of streamlines

In the 2000's, the N-Strike series emerged. while several older blasters made a comeback with the N-Strike branding and colours, the new blasters that were introduced mostly had a more realistic design that resembled real firearms and had actual magazines and Gun Accessories.

Streamline micro darts are the name of the game with many of these new blasters, with their small, narrow rubber heads making them able to fit into the new Clip System Magazines.

  • Notable blasters:
    • Blazing Bow: A seeming replacement for the Big Bad Bow, the Blazing Bow has a fiery paintjob and also uses the same foam arrow ammunition. It was marketed under the N-Strike branding.
    • Reflex EX-1: Also known as the Eliminator, this little Nerf Derringer uses a reverse plunger mechanism and was the smallest blaster until the Secret Strike and the Jolt. Also the smallest blaster to use a reverse plunger mechanism.
    • Elements EX-6: Essentially a Nitefinder with more dart-holder slots under-muzzle, the Elements blaster comes with a Red Light Sight and a Telescopic Sight.
    • Scout EX-3: A blaster that was originally designed to be used as an attachment to the Titan AS-V1 as part of the Unity Power System, it is a sleek pistol that is somewhat related to the Nitefinder in design and is modeled very much like a real handgun.
    • Recon CS-6: The mainline blaster of N-Strike and the most prominent, the Recon is a modular semi-automatic/machine pistol with a slide, and features the Clip System magazine and customizable Tactical Rail system. It also commonly ships with a barrel extension with more Tac rails, a detachable stock, and a red-light sight, which allows you to customize it like a SOPMOD SMG.
    • Longshot CS-6: The first Sniper Rifle of the N-Strike family, the Longshot was a powerful blaster with a direct plunger system and a barrel extension that could be used separately as a holdout single-shot pistol.
    • Secret Strike AS-1: A genuinely compact micro-blaster, the Secret Strike utilizes a gas pressure chamber instead of a spring-driven plunger, making it more discreet and stealthy than any other N-strike blaster.
    • Longstrike CS-6: The second Sniper Rifle, the Longstrike has some design elements taken from several famous rifles including the Accuracy International Artic Warfare. It has a stock that is usually not removeable once attached, and a detachable barrel extension, and its fixed shoulder stock can hold 2 extra 6-dart Clip System magazines.
    • Vulcan EBF-25: THE belt-fed man-portable Nerf Machine Gun, the Vulcan boasts a electrically-powered fire rate just above 3 darts per second, as well as the ability to fire single shots manually. Produces a distressingly realistically loud clatter from the bolt mechanism when fired on full auto.
    • Raider CS-35: A pump-action semi-auto shotgun, the Raider introduces the massive 35-dart drum magazine as well as semi-automatic Slam Fire.
    • Deploy CS-6: A collapsible pump-action shotgun-like blaster which folds up for easier carrying/concealment.
    • Spectre REV-5: An evolution of the revolver form factor, the Spectre sports a greatly-improved baseline performance over the Maverick, as well as superior reliability. They also introduced the detachable Folding Stock.
    • Barrel Break IX-2: modeled after a double-barreled shotgun, the Barrel Break evokes the Lupara sawn-off shotgun. One of the few rare breech-loading blasters that do not use magazines.
    • Alpha Trooper CS-18: A slimmer cousin to the Raider, the Alpha Trooper features the same Slam Fire mechanism and packs an 18-dart drum magazine. It is very popular with players of Humans vs. Zombies.
    • Stampede ECS: Sitting squarely between the Vulcan and the Recon in terms of size/firepower, the Stampede is the first true carbine/assault rifle of the Nerf Blasters. Featuring an always-electrically-powered firing mechanism, the Stampede ships with a forward grip that can expand into a bipod, three 18-dart extended magazines, and a clip-on Ballistic Shield. Amusingly, it can even malfunction in a manner evocative of gas-piston carbines like the Kalashnikov family!
    • Jolt EX-1: AKA the Noisy Cricket Gun, the Jolt is the smallest N-Strike blaster, and packs a deceptive amount of power in its direct plunger mechanism. It was given an "Elite" repaint, released as a Zombie Strike blaster with an attachable plastic sight and given a different shell in the Rebelle line.
    • Barricade REV-10: A fully electrical flywheel revolver that can take N-Strike detachable stocks. One of the first blasters to really herald the age of Guns Akimbo blaster play in Nerf, it produces an unmistakeable ominous roar when its flywheels are powered up and spinning.
    • Rayven CS-18: A fully electrical flywheel bullpup blaster design that takes cues from the famous real-world p90 SMG, the Rayven comes with a 18-dart magazine that can light up and charge "Firefly tech" luminous darts. Its flywheel motors in stock produce a different whine from the Barricades.
    • Switch Shot EX-1: A special variant pistol blaster which was provided with the Nerf N-Strike official video game on the Wii. A fully-functional pistol blaster in the same vein as the Scout and Nitefinder, you can flip the sighted muzzle guard down and remove the barrel and plunger block assembly to make room for a Wiimote, allowing you to use the blaster's receiver and grip as a Wiimote gun-controller shell. It comes with a red lensed sight that lets you see hidden messages and enemy weak spots in the game.
    • SharpFire: A modular pistol blaster with a unique detachable stock and a removable barrel extension, the SharpFire looks remarkably like a target pistol. The detachable stock can hold additional darts. Interestingly, for a late 2014/early 2015 blaster, the Sharpfire is marketed simply as 'N-strike' without the Elite branding. A later variant known as the Sharpfire Delta in more "Elite" colors without it's stock or barrel.
    • DoubleDown: A double-barrel pistol that fires darts darts with each separate plunger release instead of a half-way trigger system.
    • SnapFire: A tiny pistol similar to the jolt with a different plunger location and ammo holders.

Dart Tag

Dart Tag Blasters are the main non-N-Strike blaster family of Nerf dart blasters. A number of them lack Tactical Rails, and they are all designed to use the velcro-headed Tagger Darts. Older Dart Tag blasters are red or green with orange highlights, while the later post-2011 models are all a darker yellow over grey, with bright orange muzzles.

  • Notable blasters:
    • Strikefire: a blaster notable for having inverted Tactical Rails, it can be mounted on other blasters.
    • Furyfire: a pump-action 10-shooter Revolver/Shotgun hybrid blaster, the Furyfire is significantly longer than a Maverick and more reliable.
    • Sharp Shot: A 2012 Dart Tag blaster that is similar to the Scout IX-3.
    • Speedload 6: A 2012 Blaster design with an integrated banana magazine and a slot feed. Somewhat like a Recon, only with Slam Fire.
    • Quick 16: A 2012 Blaster design like the Speedload 6, this blaster is extremely evocative of the Raider CS-35.
    • Swarmfire: An electrically-powered full-auto 2012 Blaster with 20 rotating barrels and a sizeable stock.
    • Speedswarm: Another electrically-powered automatic, this blaster is the pistol or SMG counterpart to the Swarmfire and has 10 barrels.
    • Snapfire 8: The full-manual double-action 8-shooter revolver cousin of the Swarmfire and Speedswarm, the Snapfire features an adjustable spring for variable power. Its powerful spring mechanism gives it considerable trigger pull distance and resistance versus most other dart blasters.


Vortex Blasters, introduced in 2012, are Nerf's latest attempt at resurrecting the old Disc Blaster designs with improved engineering. Utilizing torsion-spring launching mechanisms instead of the breech-and-plunger designs of a bulk of the N-Strike series, Vortex Blasters ditch the semi-realistic look and instead aim for a sleek futuristic blaster design. The oblong barrels give them a pesudo-raygun design, and their primarily green/black or white/dark grey shells with bright vermillion highlights make them stand out.

Many Vortex Blasters can use the same kind of detachable shoulder stocks as N-Strike blasters, and most of them possess Tactical Rails and can use the same scopes, grips, and tripods/bipods.

Vortex Blasters utilize the XLR (Extra Long Range) Discs as ammunition. These foam discs have a hollow plastic core that helps improve their aerodynamics and keeps them light and durable. They are fairly accurate as ammunition, and skillful players can make use of the curve at the end of the disc's flight path to make trick shots.

  • Notable blasters:
    • Proton: A single-shooter disc pistol that fills the role of the Nitefinder of the lineup. Small but powerful.
    • Vigilon: A disc pistol with an integrated magazine with a 5-disc capacity.
    • Praxis: A pump-action disc blaster that uses magazines. Comes with a detachable shoulder stock and a 10-disc magazine.
    • Lumitron: Similar to the Praxis but packaged with glow-in-the-dark disks and a battery powered magazine that charges said disks with lights. Not unlike the Rayven's darts and clips.
    • Nitron: An electrically-powered disc blaster that uses magazines and has an integrated shoulder stock. Comes with an electrically-powered scope and a 20-disc magazine.
    • Pyragon: A disc blaster that comes with a 40-disc drum magazine and can use detachable stocks. It can be fired both with pump-action and slam-fire.
    • Diatron: A unique disc pistol that can shoot 2 discs at once, it possesses an integrated drop-down magazine and can load 10 discs. Often compared to the Rough Cut 2x4 for the fact it was once under a sub-line known as Multishot Madness which the blaster had a unique paint job with unique black core and white foam discs.
    • Revonix 360 (Nerf Hub article): A slam-fire disc blaster released in the latter half of 2013, with an integrated revolving disc drum magazine that can load 30 disks at once. It sports a pistol-gripped slamfire handle in a fashion similar to the N-Strike Raider and Elite Rampage.

Super Soaker

Hasbro originally produced Super Soaker water blasters before 2011 in which they decided to brand Super Soaker and NERF together, at which point blasters produced were compatible both with tactical rail accessories and stock attachments and were typically colored white, black and orange. Some blasters even included clips that held water that could be interchangeable between blasters and used to reload blasters on the fly. Later blasters stopped having a NERF compatible theme and had more classic Super Soaker colors. Super Soakers type blasters were produced for various lines such as Zombie Strike and Rebelle and Super Soakers also had their own sub-lines. The Storm series introduced battery powered blasters using an electric siphon for fully-automatic fire. The X-TREME blasters were light blue on white to give an ice theme. Some blasters work by pressuring the water and fired by a trigger, some lack a trigger and fire when you pump the grip and was that way for a long time due to patent issues using a pressure system until it returned with the H2Ops sub-line.

  • Notable Blasters:
    • Bottle Blitz: The blaster uses the pump to fire from a bottle threaded into the rear and will accept common water bottles and three liter soda bottles as well. If a threaded garden hose is just the right diameter, attaching it makes the blaster fire continuously.
    • Shot Blast: A pump fired blaster that comes both with a Raider styled adjustable stock and a later release included a decorative aiming scope that eventually made it's way onto the Zombie Strike Clear Shot. Holds 36 fl. oz and has two tactical rails and a stock attachment point.
    • Hydro Cannon: A Super Soaker bazooka that holds 35 fl. oz (one liter) of water and is primed with the handle enough times before being able to unleash a massive amount of water. Comes with a unique aiming shield that can be attached to either side.
    • Tornado Strike: Each use of the pump handle fires the blaster while spinning the nozzle, making it fire swirling trails of water. Comes with a compact Raider styled stock and 9.2 fl. oz clip.
    • Flash Blast: A water pistol that primes a spring similar to the Scout IX-3 and SideStrike, it doesn't fire much per shot though and holds a piddly 4 fl. oz.
    • Thunderstorm: The first of the Storm blasters but was released before it became it's own sub-line. The blaster comes with a 9 fl. oz clip.
    • Lightningstorm: A second, more powerful Storm blaster that comes with a sturdy stock, tactical rail mounted shield and a 37 fl. oz. drum.
    • Electrostorm: A smaller Storm pistol that lacks the tactical rails and stock attachment along with using an integrated reservoir of 2.6 fl. oz.
    • Hydrostorm: The most recent Storm blaster resembling the other 2014 blasters but uses the same systems as previous blasters. Holds 24 fl. oz.
    • X-TREME Arctic Shock: A pump fired throwback to a previous blaster of the same name. The magazine's filling cap is large enough to put ice cubes inside to chill the water.
    • X-TREME Switch Shot: A pump fired blaster that has a rotating nozzle, allowing you to change the function (jetstream, scattershot, tripleshot, atomizer) similar to multi-function garden hose attachments. It comes with a 20 fl. oz banana clip and a stock similar to the Lightning Storm.
    • Double Drench: Resembles a double barrel Sawed-Off Shotgun. Each "barrel" fires three streams, making it fire six streams in a single shot. 27 fl. oz.
    • Tri-Strike Crossbow: Cosmetically resembles a crossbow and pumping fires from the main nozzle, pressing a switch deploys the other two arms to fire two additional streams of water. Holds 40 fl. oz.
    • Alphafire: A simple trigger-siphon water pistol. Sonic ICE and Sonic FIRE variants are packaged with two Tidal Tubes in their respective Sonic ICE/FIRE colors.
    • Tidal Tube: A fancier version of those water tubes filled using a body of water. Typically sold as a two pack with orange and blue colors or found in Sonic ICE and Sonic FIRE transparent colors in a different two pack with Sonic ICE/FIRE Alphafires.
    • Flash Flood: Different from an earlier Flash Flood (though similar in concept), the blaster either fires a small stream using the front pump or the rear handle is pulled back to fill the top barrel with a lot of water and fires a larger spray.
    • FloodFire: A pump fired blaster that comes with a garden hose adapter, allowing it to fill and fire by the trigger. Otherwise, the blaster fires if it's pumped while the trigger is held.
    • H2Ops Squall Surge: The return of the pressure system was started with this blaster and is a basic one that fires a single stream.
    • H2Ops Tornado Scream: Functions similar to the Tornado Strike, while the main stream fires, a second nozzle spins around the first to make a swirling trail of water (the speed of which depends on the pressure when firing). The ergonomics of the slanted handle and thumb-hole stock have been poorly received however.
    • Dartfire: Released at the tail end of 2016, Nerf had caught on to the popularity of cross-compatibility and released their first hybrid dart-and-water gun. Much of its capacity is for the water, which shoots with the pump we've seen used to saturation, but the darts fire from a 5-chamber cylinder via a semi-auto direct plunger just like the Dart Tag Snapfire 8. Coincidentally, pumping for water and triggering for darts makes this the exact opposite of the Zombie Strike Bio-Squad blasters.

N-Strike Elite

N-Strike Elite is the evolution/successor to the N-Strike lineup that retains the tacticool semirealistic blaster style. Most of the blasters in this lineup are either updates to existing blasters with improved power, or recoloured blasters rebranded and reproduced for modern play. Most Elites are available in a blue/white/black colouration with bright orange muzzles and highlights. A sub-line branded N-Strike Elite MEGA introduces large blasters that utilize bigger darts and a bigger/longer plunger with advertised ranges of 100 ft. A sub-line named Sonic ICE reshells various blasters (and Super Soaker blasters) with transparent, light blue plastic (in the case of the Centurion, unique blue MEGA darts) while the Sonic FIRE series contrasts it with transparent red plastic and unique red Elite darts.

Elite Micro Darts are the official new ammo type for most Elite Blasters, although existing Streamline darts from the N-Strike lineup are still usable. Elite Darts have a much shorter dart post and slightly thicker foam than the older N-Strike streamlines, getting them better seals and making them lighter and easier to fire; they are also less prone to fishtailing. 2014 also heralded the introduction of Elite Suction Darts, a new breed of Suction darts that had slimmer heads so they could be fed into Clip System magazines; due to the increased muzzle velocity of the Elite blasters, Elite Suctions need to bleed off some of their flight speed before they can stick to things. The darts also have an interesting advantage, the hole on regular Elite darts (which is what allows the tip to compress and reduce harm) causes uneven airflow over them which may make them fly in random directions (something the Hyperfire alleviates by applying spin), the suction tipped darts lack this hole and fly more consistently.

The MEGA series Elite blasters use the bigger Elite Mega Dart instead, a larger dart with foam walls about as thick/thin as the smaller Elite Darts, capped with a soft and thin rubber head similar to the older Sonic Micro and Whistler darts.

Another sub series came recently, dubbed the Accustrike series that introduces new darts with a special tip, the aerodynamics of which causing them to spin as they fly through the air, making them more accurate but still allowing them to compress and reduce harm. The overall design scheme for these resemble sci-fi blasters with a Wave-Motion Tuning Fork design and follows Animal Theme Naming for it's blasters.

  • Notable Elite blasters:
    • Retaliator: An updated Recon with Slam Fire that comes with a 12-dart extended magazine and a SOPMOD kit-like selection of Gun Accessories.
    • Rampage: An updated Raider with a 25-dart drum magazine.
    • Hail-fire: An all-new Electrically-Powered Flywheel semi-automatic blaster, the Hailfire sports 8 Magazine slots arranged in a rotary carousel, allowing you to lock on a lot of ammunition for extended battles. An Advance Handle atop the blaster helps you with easier handling of the blaster's sizeable mass and lets you advance the carousel as you deplete your magazines. The Hailfire's engine and flywheel have been examined by modders and pronounced more reliable and durable than other standard flywheel blasters.
    • Strongarm REV-6: A revolver with several improvements in its design, it also sports Slam Fire. Unlike the Spectre or Maverick, it advances its cylinder after each shot, and has a different seal mechanism more in line with the Dart Tag Swarmfire's revolving turret assembly. Has been received very well as a proper successor to the Maverick with the worst of the old revolver's flaws addressed and fixed.
    • Firestrike: An updated Nitefinder with a sleeker design and a separate trigger for the integrated red light sight. The butt of its pistol grip has a spur to let you dual wield this blaster and still be able to prime them between shots effectively.
    • Stryfe: The OFFICIAL answer to all the Nerf Modders who cut apart their Barricades to modify them for using Clip System magazines, Stryfes are electrically-powered Flywheel semi-auto SMG blasters. Extremely popular with players of Humans vs. Zombies, who tend to tape up the magazine sensor to prevent mechanical fault when using the massive extended mags and drum mags.
      • Stryfe Mission Kit: A SOPMOD styled Stryfe package with the Stockade ammo holder stock, and the Retaliator's barrel extension and assault grip. Includes an 18-dart Clip System magazine with the ammo to match.
    • Rough Cut 2x4: A pump-action shotgun blaster, the Rough Cut has 8 muzzle-fed barrels and can shoot them off 2 at a time similar to the Barrel Break IX-2
    • Elite Triad EX-3: a unique twist to the Jolt, the Triad has 3 barrels and its air restrictor is designed to only allow one dart to be fired at a time. Its barrel assembly is considerably bulkier, but it's still much smaller than the majority of Elite blasters.
    • Rapidstrike CS-18: A 2013 blaster design, this electrically-powered, flywheel-driven, full-auto carbine/assault rifle blaster evokes the Pulse Rifle in its design. The Battery Sled slots in under the barrel, providing a mass counterbalance to the rear-mounted motor that drives this blaster. A sneak preview showed this blaster firing at a rate of 3.6 darts/second.
    • Elite Spectre REV-5 - Released first in Asia, the Elite Spectre is a complete overhaul of its N-Strike predecessor, featuring an improved air restrictor seal mechanism that has been adapted from the Elite Strongarm. Like the original Spectre, it has a detachable folding stock and a barrel extension that cosmetically resembles a suppressor.
    • Slingstrike: a small blaster straddling the line between a slingshot and a pistol bow, the Slingstrike uses an elastic string instead of a spring or electrical flywheels.
    • The Elite XD series, which are packaged under the standard Elite banner. They are differentiated by the advertised range being up to 90 feet, as opposed to the 75 foot range of standard Elite blasters.
      • NERF Cam ECS-12 ECS-12: A rifle-shaped electrically powered blaster that eats lots of batteries (one set for the built-in guncam, one set for the electrical motor). Blaster is semi-automatic, like the Demolisher and the camera has a resolution 0.3 megapixels and records at 20fps.
      • Demolisher 2-in-1: A 2014 blaster modeled like a Kalashnikov or a HK-5, with a real integrated underbarrel grenade launcher, M203 style, that uses a new foam grenade projectile. Ships with a curved "banana" Clip System magazine with a capacity of 10 and and fires Elite Micro darts semi-automatically using an electrical motor system (4 AA batteries), and possesses a detachable stock that can hold one more Grenade. Ships with two MEGA Dart Technology grenades that are unique to the blaster. Unlike the 2013 Elite blasters the Demolisher ships in Yellow with a White stripe, evocative of the older non-Elite N-Strike Blasters, although the yellow colouration is closer to the 2010 Dart Tag blasters.
      • Rhino-Fire: A double-barreled fully automatic Nerf machine gun. Unlike the Vulcan, which runs a traditional direct-plunger belt feed with a clattering bolt and the option of manual action operation, the Rhino-Fire is fully electrically-operated, running a set of motorised dart pushers and flywheels on 6 D cells. The twin barrels will move when firing alternately. Due to its shape, it has separate feed mechanisms, and ships with a pair of 25-dart drum magazine plus 50 darts, as well as a tripod like the one that the Vulcan has.
      • Stockade: An updated Barricade electrical semi-auto revolver with a detachable stock that can hold 10 more darts.
      • Crossbolt: A Clip System blaster that uses a crossbow-style string action instead of springs or flywheels. Has a bullpup layout.
      • Rereleases of the Strongarm, Triad, Rough Cut 2x4 and Retaliator with the colors being a blue-on-white instead of a white-on-blue appearance like the Rhino-Fire. The Stryfe and Firestrike have white-on-orange colors like the Demolisher 2-in-1. However, several NERF fans have tested the XD re-releases and found no improvements in the firing ranges or internals over the originals, so they should be considered to be straight recolours.
    • Dual-Strike: A unique blaster that holds up to three Elite darts and three MEGA darts, a selector switch allows you to change which darts are being fired. However since the plunger is designed for firing Elite darts, the power of the MEGA darts is lower than what most MEGA blasters fire at.
    • Hyperfire: A fully automatic flywheel blaster that fires even faster than the Rapidstrike, comes with a twenty-five dart drum. Part of the reason it's faster is due to the usage of a mini conveyor belt that pushes darts beneath it into the flywheels. The flywheels themselves are actually off-center from each other to apply spin to a dart, making it fly straighter.
    • Stratobow: A bow shaped blaster that uses a(n actual) fifteen dart clip before it's pressed downward and cycles to the next dart each time the string is pulled back and fires when it's released. It does not have an internal catch like the Thunderbow so it requires a proper release to fire darts the hardest.
    • Distruptor: A revised Strongarm, literally the only difference is that the cylinder does not pop out of the side and is more accessible to reload.
    • Terrascout: A successor to the rather underwhelming Terradrone in the Battle Creatures line, the Terrascout instead moves via tank treads and the blaster portion, while still being a Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon, uses clip-system magazines, is automatic like a RapidStrike has an attachment point for barrels and two tactical rails. The remote not only has controls for movement and turning but the left trigger is like a rocker switch, allowing you to aim up or down rather than a continuous up-and-down system on the Terradrone. The Terrascout even has a live camera feeding into the remote, not only allowing you to aim the drone but also to record video and audio. The batteries in the remote are replaceable while the batteries in the drone itself are recharged with the included adapter and cable. All these features give the blaster a rather high asking price of $170 but with all these features, such a price is justified in this case.
    • Surgefire: The Elite equivalent to the MEGA RotoFury with a 15 dart drum, pump action and capable of slam-fire.
    • Infinus: A blaster similar in function to the Hyperfire with one special addition, a funnel just behind the top tactical rail allows you to reload darts one-by-one without having to take out the current magazine. The blaster also has a larger thirty-dart drum.
  • Notable MEGA blasters:
    • Centurion: An Anti-Materiel Rifle blaster design released in Fall 2013, the Centurion is slated to be one of the longest new blaster designs with its massive 150cm body length from stock to barrel. Features a long plunger draw, a bipod, and is slated to use a larger Elite Mega Dart as opposed to other standard Elite blasters that use streamlined Elite Micro Darts. Due to the complexity of the internals, careless use of the blaster's boltsled mech may damage your MEGA darts upon misfeeds.
    • Magnus: A powerful contender for the Hand Cannon of all Nerf handguns, the Magnus has an integrated magazine and can hold 2 darts while chambering a 3rd at the same time. Keep in mind this pistol chambers the same kind of Mega Dart as the Centurion, and is marketed has having a maximum effective range of 85 feet. Rereleased as an XD blaster with 90 foot range.
    • Thunderbow: A multi-barreled bow blaster that chambers multiple MEGA Darts at once.
      • Lightning Bow: It functions closer to the Stratobow with the fact it lacks an internal catch and the bow arms do not flex. It only fires one dart at a time but four more can be held on the attachable ammo holders.
    • Cyclone Shock (Amazon page): a six-shooter revolver that chambers MEGA Darts. Advertised as an XD blaster.
    • RotoFury: A ten-dart revolver blaster that is pumped by a fore-grip and the first to support slam-fire.
    • BigShock: The equivalent of a Jolt designed to fire MEGA darts with an additional one that can be held on the top. The name BigShock is a play on the synonyms pointing to the fact it's a MEGA Jolt.
    • Mastodon: A flywheel powered Chainsaw Grip BFG that holds twenty four darts in a massive drum, fully automatic. It uniquely comes with a sling with metal attachment points, probably to support the weight of the massive blaster.
    • HotShock: A MEGA, one shot pistol blaster similar to the BigShock but has proportions and primes similar to a Firestrike or Nite Finder.
    • DoubleBreach (sic): A Sawn-Off Shotgun style blaster that breech loads two MEGA darts at a time.
    • Twinshock: To put simply, it's the MEGA equivalent of the Rough Cut 2x4 in functionality just with an extra two shots, otherwise it has the same two-stage trigger for single and double fire along with slam fire. Many also note the two-stage trigger to be more reliable than that of the Rough Cut 2x4 or Barrel-Break IX-2 which, especially when you've had them for a while, tend to fire both shots when trying to only fire one via a light trigger pull.
    • Tri-Break: A three-shot blaster with a grip plunger like that of the BigShock. The "Break" comes from the break-action that allows you to reload the darts in the three barrels before closing it.
    • Thunderhawk: A large bolt-action blaster that takes after the Centurion. It comes with a ten-dart clip that feeds through the side and the barrel can be extended along with deploying a non-removable bi-pod. Giving the blaster a Wave-Motion Tuning Fork appearance as a bonus.

  • Notable Accustrike Blasters:
    • Falconfire: A small breech loading pistol with two additional darts held in a magazine-like holder.
    • Alphahawk: A five dart, bolt action revolver with rifle proportions.
    • Raptorstrike: The first magazine fed Accustrike blaster with proportions similar to the MEGA Centurion. It's bipod has extendable legs, a button releases a flip-up sight and the stock can hold an extra clip like that of the Longshot. It uses two new CS magazines that are transparent on both sides, hold eight darts and are slanted like the MEGA Centurion magazine.

NERF Zombie Strike

A Nerf blaster subline released in 2013, this blaster line has a motif revolving around a Zombie Apocalypse. May be marketed directly at the Humans vs. Zombies Nerf sub-fanbase. Has a unique Z logo. There's also the Z.E.D. Squad sub-line that releases previous blasters in Zombie Strike fashion. More announcements on new blasters and toys in the lineup. 2015 introduces the Biosquad Zombie Repellent Blasters, which are hybrid blasters that have the ability to fire darts and spray water or Zombie Repellent (silly string).

  • Notable Blasters:
    • Hammer Shot (Article from SGnerf): A 5-shooter revolver with the same basic design, Hammer-action thumb-lever, and shell structure as its sister blaster, the Rebelle Sweet Revenge. Its pistol grip is molded to simulate wood with tape/gauze wrapped around it.
    • Sledgefire: A break-action Shotgun which can chamber and fire 3 darts at once. It has a fixed stock with integrated ammo holder, and uses shot-shells to hold the darts in threes. Like the N-Strike Barrel Break, it is modeled after a Sawn-Off Shotgun, although it is a single-barreled broomhandled stock design rather than the Barrel Break's double-barreled Lupara styling.
    • Crossfire: A pistol-bow blaster with a brown grip and green body. Fires Micro Darts. Performance-wise this blaster handles like half a Rough Cut blaster in a crossbow shell. The blaster is also available as the Blazefire in the Sonic FIRE line but lacking the bow arms.
    • Fusefire: A Vortex-esque Disc blaster pistol with Firefly Tech allowing it to shoot glowing XLR Disc Ammo.
    • Sidestrike: A Dart Blaster pistol that comes with a holster, which is also compatible with the Elite Firestrike. This pistol blaster is often compared not only to the Firestrike, but to the older N-strike Scout pistol blaster, due to the similar semi-realistic handgun-shaped bodywork. Like the Firestrike this blaster has a spur in the handle that facilitates easier primes when dual-wielding.
    • Strike Blade: A foam sword taken straight out of the old-school NERF N-Force line's Vantage.
    • Ripshot: A Vortex tech Disc Pistol with an integrated ammo holder. It's relatively slow to load due to the fact you insert a disc, pull the slide then fire but you have to return the slide manually.
    • Ricochet: A small Vortex tech Disc pistol that operates like the Ripshot.
    • Slingfire: A lever-action blaster with a Clip System magazine feed. Fires Elite Micro Darts. Due to its design, it can be fired and reloaded one-handed, although the placement of the magfeed means you can only do this with the 6-dart Clip System magazines.
    • Doublestrike: A double-barreled pistol blaster modeled after the Derringer.
    • Flipfury: a revolver blaster with two six-dart cylinders that can be flipped around, making for a total of 12 consecutive shots before reloading is needed. This blaster legitimises the old "multi-cyclinder" mods made for the original Maverick REV-6. Performance-wise the Flipfury is on par with the Strongarm it was based on.
    • Doominator: A large multi-cylinder revolver blaster that is modeled after a Grenade Launcher, it possesses the capacity to load up to 24 Elite Darts at once and has a larger secondary trigger to switch between cylinders in a fashion similar to the Flipfury. Worth noting that the green fore-grip can be unscrewed and attached to the bottom or either side of the pump-action slide.
    • Biosquad ZR-100 Eraser: A hybrid pistol blaster with the ability to fire both Elite Darts and "Zombie Repellent" or water at once. Biosquad Blasters use a pump to fire their darts by slamming it back similar to the Demolisher, Thunderblast and other pump-fired blasters.
    • Biosquad ZR-800 Abolisher: A larger hybrid water-and-dart blaster that can chamber several darts in its muzzles at once.
    • Z.E.D. Squad Longshot CS-12: A re-release of the old Longshot from the original N-Strike line. It does not have the bi-pod legs or the front attached barrel extension/Emergency Weapon. On the one hand, it is a straight-up vintage Longshot, complete with 2001-era N-Strike internals. On the other hand, it is a pristine vintage blaster that is perfectly suited for modders to tune up and transform into something powerful. plus it ships with 12 darts and a 12-dart Clip System Mag, like the one that comes with the Retaliator.
    • Z.E.D Squad Clear Shot: A re-release of the Dart Tag Stormfire with a scope from the Super Soaker Shotblast. It's performance is abysmal due to it being a pre-Elite Dart Tag blaster with a tiny indirect plunger.
    • Z.E.D Squad MEGA Magnus 2-Pack: A version of the N-Strike Elite MEGA Magnus, one orange, one blue and comes with Zombie Strike MEGA darts.
    • Crosscut: A small pistol blaster that holds and fire two darts in sequence while the secondary trigger spins the foam saw blade attached to it.
    • Brainsaw: Chainsaw Good in blaster form. It's similar in design to the Rough Cut 2x4 but instead fires the darts sequentially with no option of double fire (as a consequence of the smart AR system, darts fired from the lower barrels suffer lower performance by a major amount). Pulling the rip cord makes the blade on the end of the blaster spin.
    • Silent Strike: A blow gun, 'nuff said.
    • Dreadbolt: A proper, non-Rebelle crossbow blaster that uses an elastic band to fire the bolts included with it.

NERF Rebelle

A recently-announced series of Nerf blasters aimed at female Nerf fans, the Rebelle series of blasters is primarily in white, pink, and purple, and most of the blasters announced for launch are comparatively sleeker, more curved, and otherwise less "tacticool" than the typical N-Strike or Vortex blaster. Several blasters are planned to be released with alternate decal patterns such as the Vine and Phoenix designs, and decoratively decal'd darts are available in packs. There's also a sub-line known as Secrets and Spies that have blasters with special darts on which you can write messages with an invisible ink marker and is only revealed by a red decoder tube or various red parts on the blaster. Another sub-line known as the Super Stripes which has blasters in a black and white stripe pattern alongside the collectible darts it comes with, as the name implies. The Remix sub-line has blasters with peg holes built in, allowing you to decorate the blaster with "glizbits". The Code Red Collection sub-line only contains the Agent Bow and is similar to the Secrets and Spies equivalent. The Charmed sub-line gives the blasters a more medieval or Steam Punk vibe to them with hanging chains able to hold various charms.

  • Notable blasters:
    • Heartbreaker Bow: A Bow Blaster which appears to take its form from the classic Nerf Big Bad Bow. The Heartbreaker shoots Micro Darts and appears to be made to appeal to girls who enjoyed The Hunger Games.
    • Guardian Crossbow (More pics from My Last Dart): A pump-action bow blaster that features a rotating 6-shot revolver turret inside the barrel assembly and a shoulder stock.
    • Pink Crush Mini Crossbow: A compact pistol-bowgun blaster with ammo storage built into its arms. Appears to use a similar plunger to the Nitefinder and Firestrike and the bow arms are able to hold additional darts.
    • Power Pair: A set of compact pistol blasters with Jolt-like proportions, each can load 2 darts at a time.
    • Powerbelle: An electronic plunger blaster with a revolving turret similar to the Dart Tag Swarmfire and Speedswarm.
    • Sweet Revenge: A 5-shooter revolver, this unique blaster has a hammer-action priming lever you can pull with your thumb. Currently sold in a kit with Vision Gear protective goggles and a holster.
    • Star Shot: A "crossbow" blaster that primes like the Pink Crush but contains an actual string, even if cosmetic.
    • CornerSight: The gimmick of the blaster is that you can angle the blaster ninety degrees to the left or right, using the mirrors to aim around a corner.
    • Epic Action Bow: It primes and fires with a string linked plunger like the MEGA Lightning Bow and Elite Stratobow but holds and fires a streamline dart.
    • Flipside Bow: A cross of a Stratobow and FlipFury, the trigger rotates between both cylinders while pulling back and releasing fires.
    • Lumanate: A blaster similar to the Messenger, the secondary trigger lights up the glowing tips of the darts before they're fired.
    • Platinum Bow: A proper bow similar in function to the Agent Bow without the decoding gimmick or built in dot-sight.
    • Trilogy: A Triad EX-3 reshell.
    • Wingspeed: Another silicone-string bow. It looks like that pulling back the string after nocking an arrow will spread the bow arms like, well, like wings.
    • Super Stripes Rapid Glow: A smooth, curved-body blaster akin to the Retaliator, the Rapid Glow comes with a Firefly Tech Clip System magazine that can 'charge up' luminous darts.
    • Super Stripes Five-by-five: A rebranded Sweet Revenge revolver-type hammer action blaster.
    • Super Stripes Wild Glam: A sleek small pistol blaster that takes its cues from blasters like the Elite Firestrike and the Zombie Strike Sidestrike, the Wild Glam comes with a custom-built holster, Vision Gear safety goggles, and a mini-bandolier for carrying more ammo.
    • Secrets and Spies Agent Bow: A unique bow blaster from the Secrets and Spies sub-line that shoots its own foam-tipped arrows via a silicone-based bowstring. Has an integrated red 'dot' LED sight and secret messages can be written on the fletching of the arrows.
    • Secrets and Spies Diamondista: A small, pistol sized crossbow that uses the strings to actually propel the darts instead of being there for show like on the Crossfire Bow or Guardian Crossbow that use regular plungers.
    • Secrets and Spies Messenger: A mix of the Triad EX-3 and Firestrike. It's notable in which it's shooting with higher velocities than other similar blasters so far.
    • Secrets and Spies Rapid Red: Similar to the Stryfe in which it is a semi-automatic flywheel blaster. Comes with a unique eighteen dart clip that has a transparent red side in which dart messages can be read.
    • Secrets and Spies Spylight: Similar to the Strongarm in function and capacity but the turret is front loaded like the Sweet Revenge/HammerShot. Comes with a red light tactical rail accessory.
    • Secrets and Spies 4Victory: Holds and fires four shots with a hammer-action prime.
    • Secrets and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow: Another proper (as proper as with a silicon based string) bow in which arrows are stored on a revolver style cylinder, pulling the trigger rotates the holder and drops an arrow for you to nock and fire.
    • Secrets and Spies Mini Mischief: The blaster transforms from a tiny block into a blaster in a few quick motions like a butterfly knife.
    • Secrets and Spies Secret Shot: Not to be confused with the 90's NERF blaster, the blaster is similar to the Deploy CS-6 in that it folds into a purse-looking item before it deploys into a small but usable blaster.
    • Secrets and Spies Slingback: Works similar to the Slingstrike with the plunger pulled back like a slingshot.
    • Secrets and Spies Strongheart Bow: A larger variant of the Heartbreaker Bow that holds four darts.
    • Secrets and Spies Courage Crossbow: A pistol sized crossbow that uses the string to fire arrows like the Agent Bow.
    • Secrets and Spies Fearless Fire: A flywheel powered blaster that holds twenty darts in a revolving drum, making it resemble a tommy gun.
    • Secrets and Spies Codebreaker Bow: A revolver-fed crossbow that actually uses it's string for propulsion. The gimmick is that the trigger is locked by three code wheels (however only the center roller matters as spinning the center roller simply resets it and allows you to fire).

NERF Modulus

The NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster is a 2015 N-strike series blaster with more support for Gun Accessories than most recent blasters, featuring a level of customization that only blasters like the Stryfe and Retaliator can hope to match. So far there are three blasters and four packs worth of accessories. Here's a neat physical flow chart showing all of the possible accessories so far.
  • The Modulus itself includes a Targeting Scope, a Storage Stock that can store an additional clip, a Drop Grip and a Dual-Rail Barrel that uniquely allows another barrel extension to be attached to the front of it
  • The Stealth Ops. Upgrade Kit converts the otherwise assault rifle-like Modulus into a maneuverable, close range blaster with a Red Dot Sight, a Folding Grip and a Proximity Barrel resembling a silencer or muzzle-brake.
  • The Long Range Upgrade Kit turns the blaster into a Sniper Rifle with a Distance Scope, Folding Bi-pod and a Long Range Barrel.
  • The Strike & Defend Upgrade Kit throws in both a Blast Shield and a Blaster Stock with a Jolt-like one-shot blaster built into it.
  • The Flip-Clip Upgrade Kit is just two twelve-dart clips clamped together, allowing a quick reload.
  • The Close Combat Upgrade kit includes the equivalent of a hilted bayonet that can attach to a blaster via a tactical rail and two "Stunners", simple foam projectiles that are thrown. There are also attachment clips for holding the Stunners on your blaster.
  • Modulus Ion Fire: A small dart-chambering blaster that includes a small barrel and a four dart ammo holder.
  • Modulus Recon MK. II: As the name implies, this blaster is an updated version of the old N-Strike Recon (and by extension, the Elite Retaliator), includes a six dart clip, a barrel with an underslung rail and a simple stock.
  • Modulus Tri-Strike: A Three-in-one blaster, the blaster itself is a bolt operated blaster like the Longstrike but the barrel attachment chambers four MEGA darts that are fired sequentially with a pump grip like the Demolisher's launcher while a tactical rail attached missile launcher is linked to a stock attachment that is pulled back then slammed forward to fire said missile. The missile launcher can be slotted into the stock itself to make it a standalone blaster. Notable for its appearance on Mock the Week, where host Dara o'Briain immediately started shooting it at Ed Byrne, then at the audience and other panelists.
  • Modulus BattleScout ICS-10: A pump-action blaster that loads a (proper) ten dart clip and comes with an attachment similar in function to the Cam ECS-10.
  • Modulus Regulator: A fully automatic Modulus blaster with true select-fire (semi-automatic, three-dart burst and fully automatic) and also has a blinking light telling you if the current clip is empty. The front barrel attachment acts as a carry handle of sorts and has it's own barrel attachment point (along with the fact that it has a hole that aligns with either Barrel-Scope when mounted on the top rail), the handle also locks at different 90-degree orientations so it can function as a grip when firing. The blaster includes both a Long Barrel-Scope and Short Barrel-Scope which can function either as a barrel attachment or as a scope (much like the Sawtooth blaster whose scope could be attached to the barrel of the blaster instead) and, like the carry handle, have barrel attachment points at the front. The stock is identical in function to the Storage Stock of the Modulus ESC-10 but more sturdy, making it able to be shouldered without any wobbling.

NERF DoomLands 2169

A new line with a post-apocalyptic asteroid impact theme to it. The line features yellow, black tipped streamlines similar to the Elite Rayven Stinger, clear parts that allow you to see internal mechanisms and has an otherwise scrapped-together look. A later Impact Zone line has the motif of the titular area where the asteroid hit stuck in a nuclear winter with mutant ice monsters, it introduces higher tech looking white blasters with orange parts similarly exposing internal mechanisms while the darts are white with black tips.
  • Notable Products:
    • DoomLands 2169 Lawbringer: A twelve-dart revolver rifle that uses the same priming mechanism as the HammerShot or the Sweet Revenge. It's built in stock also holds an additional twelve darts.
    • Vagabond: A six-dart revolver with a Sawed-Off Shotgun look. The cylinder doesn't pop out but it allows you to easily slot in darts from the side. In other words, it's a pump-action Strongarm.
    • Persuader: Similar in appearance and function to the Zombie Strike DoubleStrike but hold twice as many darts.
    • Swift Justice: A foam machete in the DoomLands theme.
    • Vigilance: A hatchet that keeps with the theme.
    • Double-Dealer: A pump action blaster that loads a clip on both sides like the Rampage, both barrels fire with every pull of the trigger. It seems to be unreliable firing standard Elite darts, suffering occasional jams and shredding the darts.
    • Negotiator: an official take on the idea of sawing off the front and stock of a Lawbringer, it's a single-action revolver like the Lawbringer but more pistol sized and holds up to eight darts. The proportions bring it a bit into Hand Cannon territory.
    • The Judge: A blaster with ridiculous proportions, making it look like it came straight out of the N-Strike video games, it's a pump action revolver where each spot on the cylinder holds and fires three darts at a time like the Sledgefire.
    • Impact Zone Desolator: An SMG looking flywheel blaster that comes with a unique ten dart banana clip similar to the Demolisher.
    • Impact Zone Longarm: It's name implies to be a really long Strongarm but it resembles more of the Spectre REV-5 in looks, function and capacity.


A 2015 lineup of all-new blasters that return to foam ball-type ammunition, RIVAL blasters are intended to have more power and accuracy than the typical Micro Dart blaster, one of the main reasons being that the ammo has golf ball dimples on them that decreases air resistance, allowing them to fly straighter, farther and harder. The toyline will include protective face masks, and have magazines sold independently of the blasters. A sub-line titled the Phantom Corps introduces blasters that are exclusively black and white.

Because they don't meet the strict safety requirements, the RIVAL blasters are not sold in Australian stores.

  • Notable blasters:
    • Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster: An electrically-powered RIVAL blaster.
    • Apollo XV-700 Blaster: A slide-action RIVAL Blaster.
    • Khaos MXVI-4000: A fully-automatic blaster that uses a massive 40 ball clip.
    • Atlas XVI-1200: A type of RIVAL shotgun that fires two balls at once from the same barrel.
    • Artemis XVII-3000: A RIVAL blaster with a shotgun prime and three different magazine tubes, each holding up to ten balls each. Each prime rotates the barrels counter-clockwise, picking up balls from the rightmost magazine tube.
    • Nemesis MXVII-10K: A blaster which does not use a magazine, instead it uses a gravity-fed hopper where the balls are loaded and is fully automatic like the Khaos. More brilliantly, the bottom of the hopper has rotating agitators that keeps balls from getting stuck somewhere inside the hopper.
    • Phantom Corps Hera: A blaster that combines the flywheel firing of the Zeus MXV-1200 with the compact, grip-loaded nature of the Apollo XV-700, making it similar in style to a MAC-10 or an Uzi.

NERF Alien Menace

A recent product line announced for Fall 2016 with a more bizarre, alien and "organic" appearance. The blasters are less angular and strangely shaped along with being colored white, gray and purple. The overall design of these blasters seem to hearken back to blaster designs from the 90s. Darts of the line are black with dark purple tips.
  • Notable Blasters:
    • Incisor: A large flywheel blaster that holds and fires sixteen darts in it's revolving drum.
    • Ravager: The blaster holds eight darts in it's front, rotating turret that fires one at a time.
    • Voidcaster: A small pistol-sized blaster that brings back the concept of the Snapfire 8, the trigger is designed to be squeezed with four fingers to both prime and fire the four darts in the smart-AR barrels and also holds eight more darts in the holders. The nature of the double-action system means reduced muzzle velocity along with the slight shuddering from the action of squeezing the trigger.

NERF Nitro

A recent line introduced that focuses on launching light, foam cars across surfaces and onto ramps or into/through various obstacles to perform stunts or otherwise cause mayhem like, say, bowling over an arrangement of plastic barrels. They're not designed to fire like a conventional blaster and they have a small button on the bottom that locks out the launcher until it's set down on a flat surface.
  • Throttleshot Blitz: An introductory launcher of sorts as a single-shot, spring powered launcher that includes a single car and a pair of tire wall obstacles.
  • Longshot Smash Set: A slightly larger launcher that can be primed and then loaded in the front but loading before that primes the blaster anyways. Comes with two cars, a ramp, two orange channelizer barrels and two regular barrels.
  • Flashfury Chaos: A launcher with a gravity-fed hopper for the cars, it's bolt-primed like that of a Tri-Strike or other similar blasters. It includes three cars, two barrels, two tire wall pieces, two crates and four objects that resemble electrical transformers which are designed to attach together via blue plastic pieces, making it resemble walls of electricity. You then insert the blue discs into them so when a car runs underneath the walls, they launch the discs into the air.
  • Duelfury Demolition: A set of two launchers that prime like the (Nitro) Longshot. The set includes four cars, four gray barrels, four orange channelizer barrels, two ramps and two special ramps that go through rings of (fake) fire.

Cross-Promotional Products

Since the 90's, Hasbro has collaborated with other licenses for promotion starting since the Batarang Blaster and including other licenses such as Star Wars and various Marvel franchises. Notable blasters include:
  • Star Wars Episode VII
    • First Order Stormtrooper Blaster: A small pistol sized blaster that comes with three red darts and an attachable sight.
    • First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster: The blaster is practically a re-shelled Rampage. It includes a white twelve-dart clip, twelve red darts to fill it, a small scope and a stock.
    • Chewbacca Bow Caster: A blaster that uses the band to launch darts like the Crossbolt and Diamondista. It comes with a scope that's completely non-functional, an attachable ammo holder and five green darts which is worth noting as Chewie's Bowcaster shoots red bolts in the movies but various Star Wars games (Dark Forces Saga and Star Wars Battle Front for example) have the Bowcaster shoot green bolts instead.
  • Star Wars: Rogue One (introducing Glowstrike darts and internal LED lighting to 'charge' the glow-in-the-dark darts):
    • Jyn Erso Blaster: Essentially a reshelling of the Modulus ECS-10, with magazine feeding and electronic semi-auto blasting as well as sounds and pulsing green lights. Has been palette swapped into blue and rereleased with additional scope, stock and barrel, as the Cassian Andor (Eadu) Blaster making it correspond to the sniper rifle Cassian was supposed to kill Galen Erso with.
    • Death Trooper Blaster: A large blaster in red with three front-loading barrels connected by the smart AR system. Pulling the trigger makes electronic sounds and a pulsing red light. Has been Palette Swapped into lime green and rereleased with additional stock, despite the ones in the movie being matt black.
    • Captain Cassian Andor Blaster: A small pistol blaster in darker orange with electronic sound. It's actually more similar to a blaster Jyn Erso carries, and the source of a Running Gag in the movie.
  • NERF Dude Perfect Bow: A proper bow not related to the Rebelle line. Like other bows, it uses a proper string with a lopsided pulley to easily hold the draw and a holding flap raises up when nocking and pulling back the string, suspending the front of the arrow and making it more consistent when firing. This is intended for outdoor use due to the size, range and velocity that the arrows are fired at and it includes an outdoor knockout target. The quality, consistency and precision of these arrows gives the product a rather high price.

Gun Accessories: Pimp my Gun

Nerf N-strike heralded the introduction of gun mods, a natural fit for the semi-realistic designs. Many related accessories were produced by Hasbro for the Vortex blasters as well as the Super Soaker water blasters.

  • Tactical Rails are like the actual RIS, allowing you to lock on a variety of scopes, grips, bipods, and ammo holders. Tactical Rail kit:
    • Flip-up sights: 1 variant comes shipped with the Recon CS-6, and another variant is provided by the Longstrike CS-6.
    • Red Light Sight (Light Beam unit): 1 is provided with the Recon CS-6 and the Elite Retaliator. These have additional Tactical Rails on top.
    • Green Light Sight (Tactical Light): 1 ships with a special edition of the Barrel Break IX-2.
    • "Telescopic" Sight: Provided by the Elements IX-6 blaster kit. Does not actually have any focusing lenses, but it DOES have an additional Tactical Rail on top.
    • Red Dot Sight/ Pinpoint sight: A rare sight that was distributed in limited quantities in several promotions in Singapore, this sight is essentially a Reflex Sight.
    • Bipod/Tactical Foregrip: Comes with the Stampede ECS. The bipod part retracts inside the foregrip and can be released with the touch of a button.
    • Assault Grip: A simple foregrip that is provided with the Elite Retaliator and Elite Stryfe Mission Kit.
    • Ballistic Shield: Comes with the Stampede ECS.
    • Centerfire Tech Electronic Scope: A scope that was provided with the Vortex Nitron. Features 3 LED-lit trapezoids to help you line up your shots.
    • Super Soaker Shot Blast Scope: From the 2011 Super Soaker toyline, this scope is about as useful as the Telescopic Sight and is Nerf-compatible.
    • Ammo holder: Several variants exist, from the Barrel Break's dart holder to the Rebelle Heartbreaker's own dart holder.
    • AR (Augmented Reality) Attachment, or Mission Central App Cradle: A tac-rail accessory that can hold an Apple iPhone for AR games. Now available in Rebelle colours.
    • Elite MEGA Centurion Bi-pod: This sniper rifle's bipod is a detachable bipod meant to be mounted underbarrel. Its legs can be swept forwards or backwards.
    • Switch Shot Sight: A red plastic lens-sight, this was meant to be used with the N-Strike Wii title for revealing hidden messages and enemy weak spots in-game.
    • Shot Blast Scope: A small scope that came with the Super Soaker Shot Blast in a later release with the dark blue and white colors and eventually made it's way onto the Zombie Strike Clear Shot. It resembles an ACOG sight.
    • Modulus Targeting Scope: A small scope that comes with the Modulus ECS-10 itself, easily resembling an ACOG or ELCAN sight.
    • Modulus Red Dot Sight: Provided with the Modulus Stealth Ops. Upgrade Kit, essentially the same as the previous pinpoint sight(s), albeit easier and cheaper to obtain. The "holographic" laser is pointed lower on the sight itself and aligning it with the crosshair angles your blaster, presumably to make it easier to arc your shots over a longer distance
    • Modulus Distance Scope: Comes with the Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit, a Sniper Rifle scope notably larger than the other Modulus scope. It doesn't contain plastic faux-lenses like the Longshot CS-6, Elements IX-6 and Shot Blast/Clear Shot scope and instead has a front and rear sight inside that you align, which can be a blessing in disguise as it doesn't distort or get smudged and can be more easily cleaned of cobwebs. It also has the most realistic look (disregarding it's toy colors) compared to the rest of them.
    • Modulus Drop Grip: A simple fore-grip like the Retaliator assault grip but more smooth and ergonomic.
    • Modulus Folding Grip: Part of the Stealth Ops. Upgrade Kit that has the ability to fold backwards similar to the H&K MP7's fore-grip.
    • Modulus Folding Bi-pod: Packaged with the Long Range Upgrade Kit in which it functions similar to the Centurion's own bi-pod, however it only folds one way.
    • Modulus Blast Shield: Comes with the Strike & Defend Upgrade Kit and functions similar to the Stampede's shield although it's smaller and has the ability to be folded down.
    • Modulus Rail Blade: The equivalent of a hilted bayonet that slides onto your blaster or can be detached to be used on it's own.
    • Modulus Stunner Holder: A simple clip that holds the "stunners" (read: foam socks) of the Close Combat Upgrade Kit.
    • Modulus Tri-Strike Missile Launcher (Rail Piece): The tactical rail portion holds and launches darts and is connected to it's respective stock used in order to fire it. It also has an attachment point at the back for slotting the stock into it.
    • Modulus Battlescout Camera: A unique attachment that records video to an SD card inserted into it. It's heavy enough to the point it warrants a knob to attach it firmly to the tactical rail it's mounted on.
    • Modulus Grip Blaster: The blaster operates like a two-shot Jolt with the ability to be attached to a tactical rail.
    • Modulus Tactical Light: A simple, low-profile tactical rail attachment that operates like a flashlight.
    • Modulus Targeting Light Beam: Similar to the Recon (MK. I)'s own light but realistically resembles an actual laser sight.
    • Modulus Storage Shield: A dart shield that's in between the size of the Strike & Defend shield and the Stampede shield, it holds 28 Elite-sized darts and six MEGA darts. While the fit is pretty tight, that also deforms darts over a long time.
  • Modulus Zoom Scope: A rather expensive, powered attachment that provides up to x5 digital zoom and infrared night vision. The digital part is important to note as it's simply stretching the image like on a smart phone camera rather than an optical zoom and, combined with the already low resolution, x5 zoom looks rather distorted and blurry, no Enhance Button to help you there.
  • Barrel Extensions lock onto the barrel via a twist-and-lock mechanism, and provide a minor accuracy boost.
    • Recon Barrel: The Recon's relatively squat barrel extension provides above- and under- barrel Tactical Rails.
      • Retaliator Barrel: The Elite colored version that comes with the Retaliator or the Stryfe Mission Kit.
    • Spectre Barrel: The Spectre's barrel extension is designed to resemble a silencer, but it does not provide suppression. Also packaged with the Elite Spectre in the respective colors.
    • Longstrike Barrel: The Longstrike's lengthy barrel extension provides Tactical Rails like the Recon's does, and it provides a fair amount of accuracy due to its length.
    • Longshot front blaster: The Longshot CS-6's barrel extension is a blaster in itself. While not very powerful, it has inspired modders to create blaster integrations, Master Key style.
    • Modulus Dual-Rail Barrel: The barrel attachment that comes with the Modulus ECS-10 itself, it uniquely has it's own barrel attachment point at the front, allowing another barrel extension along with it's over and under tactical rails.
    • Modulus Proximity Barrel: Comes with the Modulus Stealth Ops. Upgrade Kit that cosmetically resembles a silencer or muzzle-brake similar to the Spectre's silencer.
    • Modulus Long Range Barrel: Comes with the Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit with a Sniper Rifle appeal.
    • Modulus Tri-Strike MEGA Dart Launcher: A Master Key blaster that holds and fires four MEGA darts, via a pump grip like the Demolisher's launcher or the Thunderblast.
    • Modulus Barrelstrike: This attachment is more true to the Longshot front blaster. The "stock" part of it flips onto the top of the blaster to fit onto a barrel attachment point and is still able to fire, under slung from it's own barrel. This also holds four darts like the Stockshot.
  • Detachable Stocks come in several configurations, and some of them have unique benefits.
    • Recon Stock: A thin stock, it has a slot to hold a single 6-dart Clip System magazine.
    • Raider Stock: An adjustable stock. Very popular with modders for permanent integration in the Power Stock mods. A similar stock was released with the Super Soaker Shot Blast.
    • Spectre Stock: A foldable stock that can be folded aside for convenience. Like the 'suppressor', it's also found with the Elite Spectre in the Elite colors
    • Stockade stock: This stock provides room to hold 10 more darts. It's also found with the Stryfe Mission Kit.
    • Super Soaker Lightningstorm stock: A very sturdy thin white stock with a lightning bolt motif. A similar stock comes with the Super Soaker Switch Shot as well, lacking the lightning bolt. The Worker brand also produces sturdy stocks similar to this in blue, white and black and they're able to do so because patent laws only apply if they were produced in the U.S. where Hasbro is based but doesn't apply because Worker is based in China.
    • Retaliator stock: A short and compact shoulder stock, its form makes it unable to attach to the Vortex Pyragon.
    • Vortex Praxis stock: A similar thin design to the Recon Stock, the Praxis's stock is unable to hold ammo or magazines.
    • Demolisher Stock: Has a slot in it to hold another "grenade" for the Demolisher's underbarrel launcher.
    • Modulus Stock: Comes with the Modulus itself and can store a clip similar to the Recon stock but the design allows any clip to be stored, even the Raider drum.
    • Modulus Blaster Stock: Packaged with the Modulus Strike & Defend Upgrade Kit that contains a Jolt-like one-shot blaster built into it. It's also the first stock to feature it's own tactical rail.
    • Modulus Tri-Strike Missile Launcher (Stock Piece): Hooked to the rail piece of the missile launcher, the stock is pulled back then slammed forward to launch a missile.
    • Modulus Storage Stock: An adjustable stock that allows you to loosely store items inside of, be it extra darts, accessories, clips, etc.
    • Modulus Stockshot: A successor to the Strike & Defend Blaster Stock, the blaster portion holds four darts. The attachment point can be collapsed when not attached to a blaster to act as the barrel for the blaster.
  • Other accessories are available as well.
    • Quick-Flip Clip Accessory: A plastic clamp that lets you "jungle up" your Clip System magazines. Is sold with two six-dart mags and twelve N-Strike streamlines.
      • The Modulus Flip-Clip Upgrade Kit is similar and jungles up two twelve-dart clips together. However the attachment piece only supports the two twelve-dart clips it came with due to the unique nubs.
    • Ammo Bandolier: Designed to hold 4 CS Mags and 12 single darts.
    • Tactical Vest: a child-sized vest designed to hold more mags and ammo. Comes with 2 CS mags and some streamline darts.
    • Ammo Bag kit: Commonly sold with a bunch of Tagger darts.
    • Ammo Box kit: Modeled after a realistic ammunition box, this kit is usually sold with large amounts of streamlines.
    • Vision Gear: Nerf's own in-house protective goggles, child-sized. Protect your eyes!
    • Dart Tag Vest: A soft vest with some padding and a Velcro layer to help Dart Tag darts stick to it.
    • Decorative Darts: Collect them all!
      • Camo-patterned darts are a popular thing. The N-Strike Elite series brings this deco to the newer, slightly thicker Elite darts.
      • Firefly Tech luminous darts work well with most blasters, and are sometimes sold independant of the Lumitron, Firefly, and Rayven.
      • Rebelle Decorative Dart Pack: A set of Elite-class darts in feminine colours with decorative patterns painted on. Typically available in purple, pink, black, and teal.
      • Zombie Strike darts: Bright green darts that are very visible and have a distinct Z insignia painted on the side. They don't glow unless you get the Firefly tech variants.

Aftermarket Modding: More Power, More range

While Hasbro officially discourages and recommends against modification of Nerf Blasters, that does not stop the mature fans from breaking out the duct tape and Tim Taylor inside. All proper Nerf fangroups practice safety in their modding, and try to keep the power/pain output of their blaster mods to a minimum.
  • Classic plunger blaster mods
    • Velcro Everywhere: a very common trend with Humans vs. Zombies players is to employ lots of velcro for holding on to everything, from blasters to Clip System magazines. This also allows players to wear Velcro-based tactical harnesses and hook everything up.
    • Plunger Padding: An essential mod for blasters with beefed-up springs and removed air restrictors, to cushion the plunger against damage and muffle the plunger slightly.
    • Body Stuffing/Suppression: To minimize the noise from the internals, you can fill in the deadspace inside a blaster's body and cushion the internals with padding where they touch/rest against the shell. Such stuffing can also be used to alter the mass balance of a blaster to make it either easier to handle or improve accuracy by making it more capable of absorbing recoil from the spring and minimizing vibration.
    • Multi-cylinder systems: the Maverick and Strongarm lent themselves well to modders who made them capable of holding even more six-dart cylinders than normal, a trick Hasbro would legitimately assimilate into the toyline with the Zombie Strike Flipfury.
    • Spring Upgrade: The most common basic mod for Nerd blasters. Aftermarket Springs can be purchased/fabricated/ordered with additional power.
    • Air Restrictor Removal: Pretty much all Nerf Blasters have air restrictors/regulators to prevent damage from dry-firing and the regulate air pressure, but they also put a cap on the maximum output of blasters. Many modders take the restrictors out to boost the pressure output. Warning: This mod can reduce the lifespan of the plunger assembly, especially if aftermarket springs are involved.
    • Rebarreling: A common next-stage mod, this involves replacing the barrel/muzzle of the blaster entirely. Often done to get a better seal/fit for the darts to get more efficient usage of the air pressure.
    • Custom Breeches: Clip System magazine blasters are sometimes taken to the next level with custom-fabricated breech assemblies , often cast in polycarbon, aluminium, or brass. Legal Warning: some countries, like Singapore and Australia, forbid the importing of brass breeches because they are too distressingly similar to real firearm breech assemblies (although polycarbon boltsled assemblies have managed to pass legal and be imported without any fuss). Some groups, like Orange Mod Works, make and sell custom total breech/spring/trigger catch total internal modkits.
      • Closed Breeches: a more intensive mod that requires metalworking and precision machining to fit perfectly, the closed breech greatly improves the air seal in the barrel and breech assembly, making the existing plunger more effective at driving the darts.
      • Angel Breech (Video example, an adaptation of the design by SGnerf): A specific variant of closed breech that was originally designed for the N-Strike Longshot CS-6.
  • Vortex Blaster mods
    • Torsion Spring: The spring in the Vortex blasters is often a unique shape, and so if you want to customize this part, you'll need to have it fabricated.
    • More Power: As with the Electrical Blaster Mods detailed below, the electrical Vortex Blasters can be modded accordingly.
  • Air Pressure System Mods
    • Bigger pressure chambers, custom regulators: The most obvious way to beef up an Air System blaster is to give it new guts capable of holding more air at a higher pressure. Remember to check for airtight seals for maximum efficiency.
    • CO2 tank modding: With a proper regulator, fitting a CO2 tank to the blaster's assembly gives you to equivalent of a battery pack for air system blasters.
  • Electrical Blaster Mods
    • Battery packs: Self-explanatory. This involves rewiring the blaster to take Lithium cells instead of the typical alkalines. The Humans vs. Zombies modders used to love the Trustfire brand lithium cells, but have since moved on to even better brands.
    • Secondary Trigger Switches: A feature canonized by Hasbro in the Elite Blasters, this involves rewiring the power switch to a secondary trigger on the grip. Older versions of this mod in the Barricade REV-10 involved the unused switch under the trigger, which was positioned like the Nitefinder's half-pull red light sight switch.
    • Rewiring: As some modders use a lot more power in their electrical blaster mods than stock, they often need to replace the wiring with thicker, better-quality ones to support the increased load. They also do this to rework the internal circuitry of some blasters to eliminate undesired resistance or to make the blaster more power efficient. Caution: take care to wire the electrodes correctly, solder cleanly, and avoid shorting your circuits! It can cause dangerous heat buildup or even destroy your power cells.
    • Over Volting: For most Electrical Blasters, more power means a faster firing rate and/or more shot power. Warning: Stampedes improperly modded in this fashion can misfire uncontrollably like Kalashnikov gas-piston carbines! Furthermore, heat buildup can melt your blaster.
    • Replacement gears: A common thing for modders who find the gears inside the mechanism stripping. More durable materials are very welcome for this, like brass or polycarbon.
    • Flywheel mods
      • Flywheel resurfacing: To improve the grip of the flywheels, they can be painted with rubbercoating or given a layer of duct tape. Improves the power and reliability of the flywheels when done correctly.
      • Custom Engines: For better heat efficiency, reduced noise, or improved power, aftermarket engines can be fitted. Some modders love to use the custom engines from Tamiya car kits. Apart from designer motors from specialized manufacturers, some modders simply rely on cheaper and more readily available custom Tamiya model car motors. It is possible to see extremely experienced modders open up their motors and do wholesome internals upgrading, ranging from swapping out the permanent magnets for even stronger ones, to redoing the coils of wiring that form the electromagnets or even replacing the carbon brushes and contacts.
      • Custom Flywheel Motor Cages: several modders designed their own modular cage assemblies to hold the motors and flywheels in position for firing. Often this custom cage is designed to help manage heat buildup and/or be more durable than the stock housing that seats the motors and flywheels.
  • Custom Ammo
    • Stefans: Short, mass-balanced ammo half the length of streamline darts. Require extensive modification to blaster internals before use.
    • Weighted-head darts: A common modification for darts. Not accepted in most Humans vs. Zombies games due to safety concerns, although a properly assembled weighted-head dart with a good glue seal and a properly padded tip can be quite useable otherwise.
    • Aftermarket darts: A common sight for various reasons like cost/mass difference. Many "brands" of aftermarket darts exist. Safety Warning: Be very careful of darts that have rigid plastic heads instead of soft ones! Those can really sting when fired from modified or Elite blasters.
    • Aftermarket Clip System magazines: These exist too. Most commonly seen are rebuilt mags which have been extended, although entirely-original aluminium/brass/polycarbon metal Clip System mags have been seen in some specialist suppliers.
  • Blaster conversions: A serious kind of total conversion mod, these kinds of mods dramatically rebuild blasters.
    • Pump Actioning: for a variety of N-strike and Elite blasters like the Recon, Retaliator, and Longshot, modders love to add a pump-action grip to these blasters to make them easier to fire off rapidly.
    • Singling: Modifying older blasters that fire larger arrows or rockets to fire Micro Darts instead. Watch the air pressure on these things, this mod is highly discouraged by the modding community where some more powerful blasters are concerned.
      • With the Zombie Strike Sledgefire, modders are anticipating making custom shells that pump the pressure of all three chambers into launching a single dart with triple the power.
      • A related phenomenon has emerged for the Centurion, with a mod group producing a kit to convert the Elite Mega Centurion to chamber and fire "standard" Elite Micro darts instead of the larger Mega darts.
    • "Absolving": instead of "Singling" certain kinds of powerful blasters, due to the power available, they can be modified with a custom multi-muzzle turret that turns the blaster into a kind of scattergun that pumps out a huge burst of darts at once, spreading their massive pressure output out to reduce it to less dangerous levels.
    • Integration: some kinds of blasters are just made to be built into other blasters as extra firepower. Integration involves cutting down a blaster to turn it into a Master Key-like attachment that can be fitted under a barrel.
      • Some kinds of integrations are made to fit under the N-Strike Barrel Extension attachments and welded/glued/duct-taped in place, so they become removeable from a core blaster by "unscrewing" the barrel attachment they have become a part of. Such attachments may have been inspired by the Longshot's barrel extension frontgun.
      • Other kinds of integrations are designed around the Tactical Rails, and usually use the smaller blasters such as the Jolt or Reflex or Nitefinder as the donor. These are more modular and become like the Strikefire blaster.
      • The more permanent integrations are done to "weld" more powerful blasters like the Swarmfire, Speedswarm, or suchlike as a secondary component of the more massive blasters like the Longshot, Stampede, or Hailfire.
    • Minimization: Many blasters are essentially a firing mechanism built into a gun-shaped shell. Minimization involves removing "optional" portions of the blaster's shell to reduce its size and often mass. Sometimes it can be amazing how much minimization can be done to a blaster.
    • Hoppers: Ammo hopper tubes have been developed by canny modders with engineering backgrounds as a natural evolution of rebarreling single-shooters to give them a kind of ammo capacity. Most hoppers are designed to use vacuum action feed to suck darts down the hopper tube and into position in the barrel/muzzle for the next short. Most hoppers are typically designed for use with Streamline Micro darts because of their sleeker body without a bulbous head.
      • Ammo Backpack: A unique ultra-high capacity ammo system for RIVAL series blasters. One of the first pack models uses a coiled hosepipe full of RIVAL foam balls with an air pump pushing the ammo up the tube and into the chamber. It certainly works and permits a high fire rate, but the noise generated by the air pump completely prevents you from being stealthy.
    • Power Stock: A special mod to allow for more spring power to be packed into a blaster, Power Stocking involves permanently fusing a "detachable" stock, preferably a Raider stock, to the blaster, and reworking the shell and internals so the spring can use the space inside the stock for more compression and thus more power. This mod usually requires the use of an aftermarket spring.
    • Barricade/Stockade conversion for magazines: A very popular mod amongst Humans vs. Zombies players that eventually inspired Hasbro-Nerf to created the Stryfe. This conversion essentially takes the revolver cylinder out and replaces the deadspace with parts from a cannibalized Raider magwell, allowing the rebuilt blaster to take Clip System magazines.
    • Ammo Counters: Clip System magazine blasters are known to be modified by some players of Humans vs. Zombies to have electronic ammo counters.
  • Custom N-Strike Accessories: A natural consequence of allowing Gun Accessories is the option to create your own.
    • Integrated blasters: See above mods - You can heavily rebuild/cut down blasters to turn into attachments that can snap on like barrel extension Master Keys, slide onto the rails as emergency firepower, or just combine multiple blasters for more redundant ammo capacity and More Dakka.
    • Custom Lights: A common trend for blasters with integrated lights and for the actual Tactical Rail light units is to replace the low-powered red and green LED lamps with something that has more power (Example: Firestrike blaster with a tactical light integration). Warning: Practise good light discipline and safety if using lights above 90 lumen in brightness to avoid eye injuries from glare.
    • Laser Sights: As with the custom lights, some modders replace the LED lamps with straight-up aligned lasers. Warning: remember to observe safety precautions and discipline as per the laser devices laws (do not point laser at eyes!), and only use low-powered lasers of 3-5 miliwatts or less for sights.