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It's about time I do something for this page.

So, Welcome to my page! I lurked in this website about 2015 or 2016. I joined TV Tropes just the night before 2017 started as I was stuck in the dining room with my computer and the internet was very slow. I browsed for a bit namely the Forum Games about SCP 914 and 682. After that I quitted since I was bored of the games being too slow to update.

A few months later, I went back here after I saw "Welcome To My Life (WTML)" from Vailskibum 94, I posted a Western Animation conversation about it to discuss the cartoon. I went back to TV Tropes after I saw the ITT thread of We Have All Become Pokemon. I wish to join it but it has already progressed too far in the story so I have to wait for a while. I decided to stay since the Forum Games are very interesting and fun to play with. And here I am today, spent my whole summer vacation in TV Tropes.


Information About Me And Stuff

     Info About Me 
  • Name:Yeah about that... Nah
  • Age: Currently 15
  • Birthday: October 12, 2001
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Gay
  • Country of Origin: Philippines
  • Steam: PM me if you want to play Team Fortress 2 with me or you can find it in a ridiculously easy way

     Tropes That Can Apply To Me 
  • Asian and Nerdy: I like science that I apply most of it for my characters I made. On the other hand Math...
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: My username is one of my proudest creations.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: People call me very smart but I'm too lazy to study as a result I have some low grades.
  • Camp Gay: Somewhat averted. For some reason even if I try to be not campy sometimes my accent slips to the typical gay accent.
  • Does Not Like Spam: I really don't like eating foods with organs of animals. This is why I do not want to eat Balut and food with Liverspread.
  • Follow the Leader: I am very prone to this, you can see me sometimes inverting the last question or copying other good games like "Troping my dreams from DrNoPuma".
  • Forum Role Plays: I would really love to play in one but timezones and school limit that wish.
  • Fusion: One of my favorite things to do, fusing names and words. You can see it in my username and my characters.
  • Hug Tropes: I really like hugs.
  • An Interior Designer Is You: I am creative and good at building worlds but I fail at interior design for some unknown reason. I prefer to make a map than design my house.
  • Myers–Briggs: INFP ("The Mediator"), actually that's incredibly accurate!
  • The Quiet One: I usually don't speak that much which results to me not being known that much.
  • No Social Skills: Years of using the computer and a mixture of long distance and an unequal amount of female friends has amounted to this.
  • Straight Gay: I really want to be just like a normal gay person without all of those campy quirks.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Cheesecake and food with Mussels.
  • TV Tropes as a Gateway Drug: The reason why my webcomics favorites nearly takes up half of the page.

     Tropes About My Dreams 
Credit to DrNoPuma for the concept.
  • A God Am I: I once had a dream that I became partly lucid, I gave myself storm god powers and went along with the plot.

     Other Things To Know About Me 
  • My username came from two words death and silence, The Dauthium part came from the word origin of Death, dauthi, and the Silencer comes from my habit of being silent. In fact this was supposed to be a name for my creepypasta oc but I got lazy to create him. I stuck with this username because I can't think of any other usernames and it's original.
  • My Team Fortress 2 main is Pyro/Scout and I can't play Sniper since for some reason I can't hit heads properly unless they are standing still or running in a straight line.
  • I had a Wattpad page where I was supposed to write fanfics and original stories but then I got too lazy to do that.
  • I like the atmosphere when it is raining and the tranquility of it.
  • I love space and its concept. To think anything can be out there and why are we the only ones to be lucky enough to live.
  • I like listening to remixes and memes while I edit pages.

Things I Like

Works in BOLD are works I currently like.

    Anime & Manga 

    Animated Films 

    Live-Action Films 


    Video Games 


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

Characters I Probably Will Write

I had made a lot of characters for the past few years but I never got around to make a proper story for them since I have a lack of experience in writing.

    Names I Made 
I made this names back in 2014 when I was obsessed in fusing name origins and others. I attempted to make an original series based from this in Wattpad, but I never got around in making it.


Primordian-like beings that came from Pladian.
  • Hydroryo - water and ice
  • Aeroelectro - air and electricity
  • Geagra - earth and plants
  • Pyrasma - fire and plasma
  • Empathon - emotions
  • Technian - technology
  • Sonio - sound
  • Cignia - signal
  • Energia - energy
  • Pladian - the planet of the Elemordians
  • Photolar-tem - the solar system where Pladian is located
  • Elylax-os - the galaxy where you can find Photolar-tem


The legacies of the Elemordians
  • Atmospheria - air(Aerolectro)
  • Aquarina - water(Hydroryo)
  • Somneirique - dreams
  • Bunolor - werewolves
  • Nosoan - constructs
  • Memoira - memories


The result when two or more Elemordians fuse.This was way back when I have not known Steven Universe yet.
  • Biocello - life
  • Scientia - science
  • Naturian - nature


The ultimate entity made when all of the Derseis fuse.
  • Galaverdian - galaxy

Minecraft Ideas

Made this back in 2013/2014 when I was addicted to Minecraft. It was influenced by Evil Youtubers from Deviant Art.

Ancient Gods Of Mine Craftia

  • The Legacy of Ender(Psyce)
  • Marine Expansions(Hydrine)
  • Aether's Fall(Aerel)
  • Halfling Life (Labrine)
  • Cosmic Ends

Visions Of Mine Craftia's Mobs:

  • Royal Rebellions(Orespawn)
  • The Dark-Crimson Mist(Lycanite's Mobs)
  • Wyvern's Reign(Mo' Creatures)
  • Between Two Dimensions(Biomes O' Plenty)
  • Technological Advancements(Industrial Craft)
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Magic(Thaumcraft)
  • Magic and Technology: A Corruption of Arts(Thaum-Trial Craft)
  • Particles of the World(Hostile Worlds)

Team Fortress 2 Story Ideas

  • Riley and Spa's Relaxation Resort - a gmod series about an engineer and a spy operating a resort (Thought this up when I was into tf2 freaks).
  • Ubercharged - an sfm series about the Medic going throughout the world of tf2 eliminating characters who has the abilities of the mediguns.
  • Metamann - another sfm video about a player constantly forcing the meta to other players.


William Psergo(16)

The older sibling of Wilma Psergo. He has the ability to create psychic constructs around him.

Wilma Psergo(15)

The younger sister of William Psergo. She wants to be as good as her brother. She has telekinesis and mental powers.
  • Glass Cannon: Can fly really fast and pick up a lot of objects with her telekinesis but can't take damage.
  • I Just Want to Be Badass: She wants to be as powerful as her brother.
  • Psychic Powers: Unlike his brother she has the normal telekinesis and telepathy.

Vincent Sovro(17)

A famous teen singer. He's a sound manipulator.
  • Fragile Speedster: He almost runs at the speed of sound and give out high damage but he will go down in a few hits.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: He is a very popular singer. He just wants to have a peaceful life without any people mobbing him.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: He can control sound but only via his voice.

Timothy Themphro(15)

A supervillain that wants to be the greatest villain. He has temperature(hot and cold) powers.

Neil Ocean Mist(??)

A nanite being disguised as a human. They wants to be whole again. Has technopathy as an ability.

Jason Vitanacea(18)

A student studying to be a doctor. Has poison powers.
  • Black Sheep: Born into a family of healers his poison powers seems out of place, but they still treat him kindly like one of them. Also the reason why he is studying to be a doctor to fit in.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: He wants to be a healer like his family but can't find a way to use his powers for healing.
  • Master Poisoner: His main battle style but he tries not to kill the person he is attacking.
  • Poisonous Person

Aaron Phoma(21)

A supervillain that controls color and light.

Blake Obrem(24)

A superhero that controls shadow and darkness.

    The Three Representatives 
These three god-like beings are the human forms of the Protomordians, the creators of the Multiverse.

Tropes for the three Representatives:

Ubichoro of Space and Dimensions

The representative of The Camera. Can travel to every area in the Multiverse.
  • Meaningful Name: Comes from the two words "Ubico" and "Choro". Both means space.
  • Space Master: They can control space to the point that they can delete an entire universe's space.

Quinterio of Matter and Life

The representative of The Illustrator. Can make anything it desires and give life to anything.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Out of the three, they are the most otherworldy because of their shapeshifting abilites.
  • Meaningful Name: From the words "Quinte" meaning life essence and "Materio" meaning matter.

Chronergo of Time and Energy

The representative of The Narrator. Can control time and manipulate all forms of energy.

    Unnamed Fantasy Series 

Cloth Guy

A traveler that wishes to see the whole world. He discovered an ancient temple containing magical artifacts. Inside it he found a shapeshifting scarf and took it.

Candy Man

A wealthy village man that only wants everyone to be happy. Has candy powers.

Paper Woman

A woman working in a book press in the same village of Candy Man. Can shapeshift into magical paper. She now wishes to have a peaceful life.

Plant Man

A gardener from a jungle in a far away continent. Can control plants and trees. He wants to see the biggest tree the world has to offer.


A storm goddess that rules the skies of Aerosmos. She can manipulate storms and the weather.

Warhammer Knight

A righteous knight from the proud kingdom of Arcaspia. He serves the kingdom and vows to protect it from evil. Wields a Warhammer as a weapon.


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