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  • King Rodericke's subjects in Charby the Vampirate stream out of the caves in which the Vampire Kingdom resides in waves to take on Zerlocke. Unfortunately for them he is functionally immortal, luckily for Rodericke he's not actually trying to defeat the Kingdom.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del: "Achievement Unlocked — Way to play like an asshole, asshole."
  • Debugging Destiny: Ignacia triggers one by sending all the people she has dominated with her Hypnotic Eyes to stop King from escaping her lair.
  • In Endstone, the toads were legion enough to wear down the heroes
  • In Girl Genius among its many, many other defenses, Castle Heterodyne can resort to unleashing every clank and construct abomination in its bowels at an aggressor.
    • Agatha's Dingbots tend to use this when making repairs or otherwise assisting her. They are individually tiny and only have one or two tools each but there are a lot of them and they seem to have a Hive Mind of sorts so they can work together to solve quite complex problems.
  • As evidenced in this Homestuck Page ("HB: Waste exactly four hours on this tomfoolery"), the primary tactic of Felt members Eggs and Biscuits is to use their respective time-traveling implements in tandem to swarm enemies. With themselves.
    • Much later on, Vriska and Meenah, two Trolls, are raising up a Ghost Army to bring down the Big Bad, who happens to also be a Physical God.
  • Nerf NOW!! turns the trope into Cute Monster Girls here.
  • See this strip of The Noob.
    • The people they are fighting are a merger of many anti-PvP guilds, whose players inevitably suck, but there are many of them. They called their new guild the Zealous Elite Righteous Guardians...
    • Also this one for basic tactics behind zerging and rushing in general.
  • The Order of the Stick: This is Redcloak's main tactic in his assault on Azure City, until he is on the receiving end of a Diving Save Taking the Bullet and realizes that he is sacrificing actual lives to fulfill a grudge. Later on, some of the city's survivors decide to try to slow down the horde at a choke point (seen in the trope picture to the right). The enemy just rushes the hole and tramples them before they can so much as raise their swords.
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  • Schlock Mercenary: The resurrected ancient oafans have enough warships that they were able to find a top-secret battlefleet by using a brute-force search pattern on the entire galaxy.
    Descension Fleetarch: If it makes you feel any better, you were in the last place we looked.
  • The First Empire's invasion of Ziragalen in Second Empire. When first seen from afar, there are so many Daleks massed in the first strike, they are mistaken for a storm.
  • The Maraudites of Stick Figure in Sluggy Freelance use this, but combined with acid blood, this makes for an unforeseen disadvantage.
    • In the Sluggy chapter "Aylee", this seemed to be the only tactic the "ghouls" in an alternative dimension had against the humans. The humans had high-tech weapons, but were still somehow driven into exile in orbit by the sheer numbers which the unarmed ghouls could muster to rush at them in. They also used this tactic in the decisive final battle when attacking a critical point.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: The crew has to deal with a horde made of ghosts and trolls in Chapter 13. The trolls are individually easy to kill, but only about half the crew of six is available to do so, and more just keep coming. Lalli has to deal with a stronger ghost that Reynir's new protection runes are unable to keep away, while Reynir himself has to stay hidden along with Tuuri because being around trolls is much more dangerous for them than for everyone else.


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