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  • Blue Eyes. The main character Tatsuya, gets into the pants of 7 girls by the end of volume 9 (the last one made recently) and it's implied he might get even MORE. And his main girlfriend is only aware of one of these girls. The other five? She doesn't suspect a thing and neither do they.
  • Greg and later Ian from A Cruel God Reigns. Greg cheats on Sandra by raping her son, Jeremy and Ian when he starts to fall for Jeremy and pays him to have sex, even though he is still with Nadia.
    • Greg claims Lilya cheated on him, but being that he is an Unreliable Narrator, it is impossible to know for sure.
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  • The first episode of Death Parade is about a newlywed couple where it turns out the husband's doubts about his wife's fidelity caused their deaths. It's left vague if she did cheat or not, though even if she did it's heavily implied her rant at the end was a lie and her unborn baby was her husband's.
  • In Detective Conan, MANY cases of murder or attempted murder involve either the victim or the killer having affairs:
    • A good example of the trope is the one where Ran's mother Eri appears for the first time: a married man brutally murders his Christmas Cake "girl on the side" because she was pressuring him for marriage, not knowing that she was few more than The Mistress.
    • In a filler case, a very attractive lady architect is not only cheating on her much older lawyer husband with her hot co-worker, but she's planning to humiliate the husband via giving him the messiest, cruelest divorce setting possible... so the husband kills her and tries to use Kogoro as the one validating his alibi. Made even worse when both the cuckolded husband and the cheating boyfriend verbally duck it out during the woman's funeral. But then Conan through Kogoro resolves the murder right there.
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    • In another filler case, an eccentric writer hires Kogoro to find out if his very hot wife is cheating on him. He ends up brutally murdered and it turns out she was cheating - as revenge for him pulling a cruel Scarpia Ultimatum on her. But neither she nor her lover were the killers.
    • Subverted in a non-filler case. Everything points out to a bride-to-be cheating on her soon-to-be husband with the handsome adoptive son of the family butler and both conspiring to kill the guy's dad as revenge for him arranging the girl's marriage to the eldest son of the super rich family he worked for, thus forcing them to break up... but it turns out the butler's son was the love of the girl's life, and they had been dating prior to being forcibly separated and, more importantly, the groom was the murderer and had tried to frame his lower-class rival in love.
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    • In another non-filler case, a talented painter was having an affair with his smart and very pretty assistant. When he wanted to break it off, she calmly told him that she'd potentially ruin his career since she painted some of the pictures he sold and was willing to reveal it, should he ever abandon her. As a result he beat her to death, and later tried to use Kogoro to make everyone believe she had killed herself... but logically, Conan wasn't fooled.
    • Subverted in the backstory of Shuichi "Rye" Akai. He was dating Action Girl Jodie Starling by the time he became The Mole in the Black Organization, and then he became a Honey Trap to get close to Akemi, the sister of a high-ranked B.O scientist. However, Akai fell for Akemi for real, realised that he was technically cheating on Jodie... and as soon as he could, he broke up with Jodie.
    • And in another case, a man named Shirou Arisawa is found dead and the culprit is his wife, a famous judo champion named Yuuko. It turns out Yuuko's reason to kill him is that Yuuko used to be the Unrequited Tragic Maiden of her friend and fellow judoka Hajime Kajimoto - and Shirou got so jealous that he specifically had an affair with Hajime's wife, and went out of his way to let Yuuko know that he was cheating on her with her friend/idol/former Unrequited Love's lady, because he believed Yuuko didn't love him enough. Yuuko couldn't resist Shirou's pettiness and murdered him, trying to use a meeting with Ran's mother Eri as her alibi... Too bad Conan and Ran had also tagged along.
    • The famous "Shinichi Kudo's New York Case" features a famous actor being murdered on stage. The four suspects were his wife, also an actress, and three other actresses he had been involved with. One of his "lovers" was the killer, but not because of the cheating - she was In Love with Love and wanted to "immortalize" the man by killing him while performing the role of his that she loved the most.
    • The case where Tooru Amuro appeared first had him being hired by a woman who suspects that her fiancé is cheating on her. Then the woman dies in very weird circumstances and everything points out at the fiancé being the killer, since he believed that Amuro was his girlfriend's "man on the side". Not only no one was cheating, but the man was innocent... and the woman commited suicide, over having found out that her beloved was actually her long-lost twin brother.
  • One example comes in the Fruits Basket manga. A teenaged Akito Sohma sleeps with her cousin Kureno in an attempt to ensure that he won't abandon her, having been released from the Zodiac curse - which made the already VERY unstable Akito fall into despair. When her other cousin Shigure finds out, he sleeps with her mother Ren, partly to get back at Akito (who hates her extremely abusive mother) and partly for the family resemblance between mother and daughter. When Akito finds out, she flies into a jealous rage at Shigure and kicks him out of the Sohma main house, not forgiving him for several years.
  • Makie from Futari Ecchi constantly tries to get Makoto to have an affair with her and admits that she is only interested in men already in steady relationships.
    • Makoto and Yura's neighbor Narumi is a mistress. And apparently every single one of her relationships to date has been an affair.
    • Rika and her long-term boyfriend Yamada repeatedly cheat on each other, have multiple sex-friends and yet still get pissed off if they find out the other cheated on them.
    • During one chapter, Matsuzaki wants to ascertain his dominance and attractiveness again now that he's married and decides to have an affair. He gets drunk and sleeps with a co-worker while thinking that he shouldn't cheat on his wife after all. When his wife finds out, she's annoyed, leaves but eventually forgives him and reveals that she's pregnant.
  • I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying:
    • Played for Laughs when one of Kaoru's work friends comes over in hopes of sleeping with Hajime (said friend had previously been in a Love Triangle with them). Kaoru thought she was talking about playing a game since she referred to it as NTR.
    • Played straight later on when Tobe-chan tearfully mentions that she's getting a divorce because she caught her husband cheating on her.
  • Many of the clients from Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live? have affairs and adultery as the reasons they have to move.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • In Part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable) it's shown that Joseph Joestar had an affair with a woman named Tomoko Higashikata in Japan a few years before the events of Part 3 (Startdust Crusaders). Part 4 follows the adventures of his illegitimate son, the highschool student Josuke Higashikata: he was raised by Tomoko and his recently dead grandfather, and rather undestandably he is not too happy with Joseph.
    • When Joseph later adopts a baby named Shizuka that he and Josuke saved, his wife Suzie Q understandably assumes Joseph had cheated on her again and flies into a frenzy, though the situation gets sorted out quickly.
  • Kotoura-san: Both of Haruka's parents, on each other. Haruka reveals their secrets, and they divorce and both abandon her.
  • Cheating, or rather, paranoia about being cheated on, is a source of humour in Kyo Kara Maoh! — Yuri's jealous male fiance, Wolfram, calls him "cheater" so often it's practically a nickname. In fact, Yuri only has to be nice to anyone, of either sex, to set Wolfram on a rampage. Whether Yuri is actually capable of cheating, however, depends on whether the viewer considers their accidental engagement valid or not.
  • Mama Mama is a short manga that at first seems to be about a large family however the Twist Ending is both women are married women and they're next-door neighbors.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka's backstory features her father cheating on Asuka's mom Kyouko with the doctor that took care of her when she was hospitalized after having half her soul sucked out into EVA-02 and completely losing it as a result. Everyone around the Sohryus knew it, Asuka herself included. It's implied that one of Kyouko's motivation to hang herself was getting back at her cheating husband via a Murder-Suicide including her and the Creepy Doll that she believes to be Asuka.
  • Octave: Yukino's girlfriend told her it's okay if she sleeps with a man one day however she took it as Setsuko telling her it is okay to experiment. Understandably her girlfriend is distraught when she learns Yukino cheated.
  • Oniisama e...:
    • Mariko Shinobu's father Hikawa, who is an erotic novel writer, not only had an affair with a former actress during his marriage with Hisako, but also later left his wife for said former actress. This was the cause of Mariko's dislike and distrust towards men.
    • Discussed and averted with Prof. Misonoo. He turned to drinking when his first wife left him and took their child (Takehiko, aka the aforementioned Oniisama) away with her; it was during this time that he fell in love with the beautiful waitress from his favorite pub, she returned his feelings, and they married. The letter proclaiming Nanako to be kicked out from the Sorority accused her mom of being a homewrecker, but it wasn't the case: they met after he got divorced.
  • Happens several times in Pet Shop of Horrors and its sequel series. Generally, this is enough to get one ripped up or horribly poisoned or killed by something. One noteworthy example was when the sweet-looking wife of a gang boss hired a hot woman for some purpose for her husband. The implication was that the woman was an assassin and would kill a rival mafia leader. By the end, it turned out that the hot woman was actually the human form of a Zhen, a bird who can turn any drink to poison, just by adding a feather. The wife was furious at her husband for constantly cheating on her and actually got the Zhen to kill him.
  • In the Yuri one-shot The Red Love Letter Yuuka falls in love with her husband’s little sister. Though to be fair, Yuuka's husband is a huge Jerkass and a lousy partner.
  • This is actually the norm among French nobility in The Rose of Versailles: they marry for convenience (or, in Marie Antoinette's case, to seal an alliance between France and Austria), so it's only natural that, once they have a heir around, they'll get some actual loving (the situation in Austria is a bit different, as husband and wife are expected to stay loyal). This is so normal that the Duchess of Polignac openly states the above and brings herself and her husband as examples, and Louis XVI and Oscar's parents are considered weird because they don't have lovers. It's also a source of drama for Marie Antoinette, as she would love to take Fersen as her lover but finds it wrong due having been raised in Austria (where husband and wife are expected to stay loyal to each other) and she's the Queen of France (thus she's expected to have no lovers until she has given birth to a male heir).
  • Played for Laughs in Sailor Moon, where Minako was parallelly dating two men: the sensitive artist Takano and the Badass Biker Torashima. Subverted when it turns out both dudes knew... and they were Hawk Eye and Tiger Eye, who wanted to take peeks at Minako's Dream Mirror, which was the reason why they both were after her. Hilariously, when Minako finds out about this... she says "How dare you guys lie to me?!" and they reply in unison "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY THAT!".
  • School Days: Makoto sleeps with pretty much every female character except for his initial girlfriend. He cheats on said girlfriend with another girl, and cheats on her with two more girls. It comes back to bite him. Fatally. He can either play this straight or subvert this in the visual novel: his relationship status and his fate is dependent on the player's choice, whereas the anime above took elements of what made School Days "famous": its bad endings.
  • In Skyhigh, the pregnant woman was cheated on by her husband.
  • Soul Eater: Maka's father cheated on her mother, which made her paranoid and convinced that All Men Are Perverts. She frequently beats up on Soul for getting a nosebleed at the sight of Blair, and has a breakdown when he seemingly leaves her for Blair.
    Maka: What excuse do men have for cheating?
    Soul: How should I know? Cool men don't cheat.
  • In Taiyou No Ie, Mao's mother had spent the better part of her marriage cheating with a former boyfriend.
  • In Victorian Romance Emma, William is technically guilty of this as well, despite being sympathetic. Told to give up on his love for Emma, he proposes (under duress, it has to be said) to a more "suitable" Proper Lady, Eleanor. On reuniting with Emma however, he continues their chaste love affair while he is still officially betrothed to Eleanor, until he finally breaks the engagement.


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