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  • The quirky zombie priestess Adelleh from these two Looking for Group fanfic speaks like this, and is a Third-Person Person. Interestingly, this is a subversion, since she's very intelligent, just somewhat off-kilter.
  • The Alizor King, with his very basic grasp of English, sometimes slips into this in The Parselmouth of Gryffindor. Most notably, he only rarely remembers to use pronouns.
  • The clumsily written fanfic Lisa Is Pregnant reads like this. "You awake. Bart is d'oh."
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  • In the pro wrestling story, A Ring Of Their Own, Ayoko Hamada is portrayed as someone who speaks like that. She's half-Japanese and half-Mexican. In the story, Japanese is her main language (the only other person in the story who speaks it is Lance Storm), Spanish is second and English is a very distant third, leading to some pretty funny segments.
  • The RWBY fic Emergence has Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, and Syrian people who speak English this way.
  • The Bleach/The Familiar of Zero fic The Left Hand of the Death God has Ichigo Kurosaki speak this way. In his defense, he's been in a dungeon for a very long time (so long he can't remember how long) with no one to talk to, so he's out of practice. He can speak clearly inside his inner world.
  • From the Gensokyo 20XX series, we have this initially with an age-regressed Reimu in a combination of Hulk Speak, which is justified seeing as she was initially age-regressed to formative years and was imprisoned being denied virtually no contact, aside from being injected with needles and apparently being brain-washed, thus she had to relearn her language skills, communicating more on the level that a rehabilitated Wild Child might. The same also applied to Maribel and Renko, although with a more expanded vocabulary. This is mostly the case with Youmu, in 20XXV, who combines this, Hulk Speak, and Terse Talker, if her "Muhs" are translated, although this played straight, when she says, "Fuck you ass, Youmu do what want!"
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  • A fanfic called Scooby-Doo and the Trip of Lust reads with this speech layout.
    Velma don't clean pussy. It against religion.
  • A poem based off My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, entitled Zecora Walks Through Poison Joke, has Zecora accidentally walk through poison joke, which messes up her grammar.
    "I cannot rhyme and my grammar done bad. I need finding potion to undo poison joke because it not a nice thing to have"
  • The Svenjaya in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World have a primitive cadence to their language—which is contractually required of them. Slavayat the patriarch is quite articulate, and Mevaryat the musician speaks like a human.
    Sima: "Svenjaya not stupid. Tipaanese only wish Svenjaya were."
  • Harry Potter spends some time talking this way in The Havoc Side of the Force due to still learning Basic, though generally he has HK-47 translate if he doesn't have the vocabulary to say what he wants.
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  • Lampshaded in The Dragon King's Temple. Both the Asyuntians and SG-1 regularly resort to this in order to get critical information across the language barrier, throwing grammar out the window and reducing everything to the simplest possible terms. Daniel finds this very frustrating, since it renders it just about impossible for him to figure out proper Asyuntian grammar.
  • In Chasing the Rainbow, water ponies speak a different tongue from land ponies. When speaking, they sound like this. The mage Reed Dancer takes this even further by not being able to communicate with words, only through thoughts.
  • In Mas Effect: Synthesis, James Vega speaks this way to Sparatus as humans haven't officially arrived on the galactic scene, meaning he has no Translator Microbes and only knows broken Batarian from his time as a slave.
  • The Loud House fanfic The Nightmare House has a monster named Mor-Gaj (dreamt up by a baby who overheard her parents talk about mortgages) use phrases like "Mor-Gaj starving!" and "Smell like baby!".
  • Lincoln's Memories: When Lucy Loud was a toddler, she spoke in primitive grammar. Her first line in the whole story is at age two, and it's "I not sad".

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