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A list of Western animated shows in which characters have unusual hair colors.

  • 6teen: Nikki has purple hair, although it's very likely dyed. Jonesy, on the other hand, has hair of a dark shade of blue for reasons that are never really explained.
  • The title protagonist of Abby Hatcher has purple hair.
  • Several characters from Angelo Rules have exotic hair colours. Angelo's sister Elena and their mother have blue hair, his friend Lola has pink hair, Ethan, Ms. Pearla and Damien Burst have different shades of purple, and the two members of Slobbers have purple and green hair, respectively.
  • Pauline from Atomic Puppet has pink hair, as does the Classy Cat-Burglar Naughty Kitty. Otherwise, everyone else has standard hair colours, so it's most likely dyed in both cases.
  • The character of Doc Sampson in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. His hair was turned green as a result of gamma exposure. This was lampshaded in the episode "Gamma World".
    Steve Rogers: Why does that man have green hair?
    Tony Stark: I have no idea.
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  • Blue's Clues has "you gotta have blue fur." The title character is of course, blue. There's also Green Puppy, Orange Kitten, Purple Kangaroo, Sprinkles (Blue's younger brother with a white coat and multi-colored polka dots) and Periwinkle, a cat.
  • As do the titular characters of The Brothers Flub, who both sport blue fur; however, Fraz Flub is a slightly darker shade of blue than Guapo.
  • Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese: Girl has pink hair.
  • Gil on Bubble Guppies. His Curtains Match the Window. Molly has pink hair, Goby also has dark indigo hair, and Oona has purple hair.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers:
    • The eponymous hero has a green mullet of hair.
    • Gaia's hair color at first was blackish blue (or downright black) with highlights, and took on lighter hues from season 4 onward.
    • Zarm, Gaia's Evil Counterpart, went the opposite way. At first, he had deep blue hair (with lighter streaks), which was later shifted to black.
  • Aelita from Code Lyoko has natural pink hair both in her Lyoko avatar and in the real world. She inherited it from her mother, who is shown in flashbacks to sport the same hair color. It stands out as the rest of the cast has a normal range of hair colors for French kids (assuming Odd's purple spot is permanently dyed).
    • Well, most of the rest of the cast. William's mother has green hair, as well as a DJ girl prospect in the episode "Crash Course". And Chris Moralès has white hair.
    • Odd's mother has mauve hair.
  • On Creative Galaxy, show star Arty is bald, but usually wears a blue cap that has his antenna and horn sticking out. Arty's friends, however, all have hair that is a darker version of their skin color - purple, blue and pink.
  • Cassandra from The Crumpets has a shade of blue in her otherwise black hair.
  • Mayor Vicky from Cupcake & Dino: General Services has light blue hair.
  • Elise in Dan Vs. has maroon-colored shoulder-length hair.
  • Danny Phantom from Danny Phantom has this going on. In human form, his hair is black, but when he "goes ghost", it turns white — and glows, apparently. And some of the ghosts have strange hair colors — Ember's hair is blue (and on fire), Kitty's is green, and Technus's is also white. Otherwise, it's a normal range.
  • In Daft Planet, Hudson's mom has purple hair.
  • In the Daria movie, "Is It Fall Yet?", Kevin and Brittany get summer jobs as lifeguards. After a while, the chlorine in the pool turns Brittany's hair green. Kevin starts teasing her for it.
  • Sloane from D.N. Ace has red hair on the sides of her head.
    • Digby has bright green hair.
  • Taken to an extreme with Doug, which not only has a rainbow of hair colors, but skin colors as well. Doug's best friend Patty is a Dark-Skinned Blond, and his other best friend Skeeter has blue skin.
  • Rolf and Marie Kanker in Ed, Edd n Eddy both have blue hair. Everyone else in the show has more normal hair colours though for some, it's hard to tell as it's usually drawn as a couple lines on their head.
  • Most fairies on The Fairly OddParents have weird hair colors: Wanda has pink, Cosmo green, Poof purple, and Mama Cosma blue.
    • The alien Princess Mandie has long purple hair.
  • Ben Bones from Freaktown has blue hair, despite being a skeleton. His friends Lenny and Priscilla have bluish-green and purple-and-white hair respectively.
  • Subverted. The main character of The Future Is Wild animated series, C.G., has deep auburn hair that is highlighted with three light blue streaks. Meanwhile, the other Human characters have normal and realistic hair colours. Red for Emily, blond for Ethan, black for Luis and gray for C.G.'s father.
  • Futurama:
    • Turanga Leela has purple hair, though it might be justified. She is a mutant.
      • Leela's mother has purple hair and her father has blue/gray hair.
    • Igner has salmon hair.
  • Futz!: The sole female on the show has blue hair.
  • In Gargoyles, Elisa Maza has a defined shade of dark blueish black hair, despite most other characters having more realistic tones of hair color.
  • The Duke from Gawayn has naturally purple hair, his mother too.
  • Five, the fifth most-dangerous human being on Earth, from Generator Rex has pink hair.
  • The titular protagonist of Get Blake! and his mom have this going, while the father has black hair in contrast.
  • Glitch Techs: Miko has blue hair with bright purple accents.
  • Gravity Falls: One of Mabel's fantasy boys, Kraz, has bright blue hair.
  • Grojband: Corey has blue hair while his Big Sister Bully Trina has pink hair. Word of God confirms their hair colors to be natural, but Trina's friend Mina has teal hair that is never explained.
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi has a particularly bizarre case, wherein one character has razor-cut blue hair and the other cottony pink hair (the latter also has anti-gravity pigtail-like spheres of hair above her head). The bizarre part is that the characters are supposed to represent two actual people, both of whomnote  sport long, wavy black/brown hair.
  • The horses of Horseland have colored streaks in their manes which correspond to their owners' theme colors.
  • Many characters on Invader Zim have oddly-colored hair.
    • Interestingly, every significant female character seems to have either blue or purple hair — Gaz, Tak in her human disguise, even Zita and Gretchen. The only exceptions are hairless aliens and characters too small to really care about.
  • Jem: One could argue most of the characters dye their hair since they're all rockstars, but a flashback to the main characters' childhoods reveals that, with the obvious exception of Jem (being a hologram and all), all the women had blue, purple, and pastel red hair even when they were kids. Clash was born with bright purple hair. Rio grows violet stubble in one episode, so his hair is naturally violet. Averted with Jerrica/Jem herself, who has naturally light blonde hair but a pink-haired alter ego.
  • In KaBlam!, Henry has green hair, June has sky blue, and Loopy has robin's egg blue.
  • King: Auntie First has pink hair, and Ex-Princess Populah has purple hair.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: Kipo Oak has pink hair.
  • On Lady Lovely Locks, the eponymous character's eponymous locks are blonde with purple and pink highlights.
  • On Llama Llama, Lenora Leopard has purple hair, though it's not specified if the color is natural.
  • Lincoln Loud of The Loud House has white hair, while his sisters are either blonde or brunette (Lucy, who has black hair, dyes it and is naturally blond). Though Word of God said that it's not his natural color, several flashbacks and baby pictures show he's had it for most of his life, hinting it changed color during his baby years. It's not out of place for the family; however, as several characters comment that his grandfather had a similar case.
  • Buck from Mega Babies has dark blue hair to go with his blue skin. We also have Meg with Girlish Pigtails in green to contrast her pink skin.
  • In Mighty Magiswords, Prohyas has light blue hair and Vambre has violet hair.
  • In Milo Murphy's Law, Milo's crush Amanda has dark purple hair. Ditto for her mother's hair.
  • Many characters in Miraculous Ladybug have different hair colors.
    • Many female characters have blue hair. Examples: Marinette (main character), her mother Sabine, Kagami Tsurugi and Mireille Caquet.
    • While not completely unnatural, Alya Césaire, best friend of Marinette, has maroon-red hair, while her sisters and father have dark brown hair and her mother has a slightly lighter sheen.
    • Alix Kubdel has hot pink hair, and her father has dark red hair.
    • Some of the Miraculous heroes' hair colors change for their identities to be kept a secret, such as Max Kanté's dark brown hair becomes albino-colored when he becomes Pegasus, and Lê Chiến Kim's black and gold-dyed hair becomes completely red when he transforms into King Monkey.
  • Rejected Nickelodeon pilot The Modifyers has Agent Xero with pink hair as her normal look and blue hair for her Perky Goth alternate identity Lacey Shadows.
  • Chris from Monster Buster Club has blue hair. Ironically he's not the team alien.
  • Florence Papermouth in Moral Orel, one of the only characters from this show to fall under this trope.
  • Kaia in Motorcity has green hair.
  • Tommy Anybody from Mr. Bogus has orange hair.
  • In The Mr. Men Show, Miss Naughty has pink hair and Mr. Persnickety (AKA Mr. Fussy) has green hair.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot gives us Jenny, whose Robot Hair is blue.
  • All the ponies from My Little Pony (including Friendship is Magic) have wildly varying colors of coats and manes, almost none of which are possible in real life. This includes Rainbow Dash, whose mane spans almost every color in the rainbow, and Twilight Sparkle's big brother Shining Armor, whose mane is striped in three shades of blue.
  • Neo Yokio: Uncommon hair colors seem to run in the family for magistocrats like the Kaans. Kaz has pink hair, Agatha's is a faded mauve, and Kaz's cousin Jeffery has lavender hair. The tourism video in the first episode provides further evidence for this being a genetic trait, with various closeups of unnamed magistocrats sporting pink and purple hair.
    • Sailor Pellegrino and Helena St. Tesoro both have blue hair.
    • Although he is wearing a powdered wig, the Remembrancer's blue eyebrows suggests he's got blue hair as well.
  • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is an Affectionate Parody of anime, so naturally, there are several examples:
    • Enid's hair is purple. It's probably natural, since her dad is a werewolf with purple fur.
    • Lord Boxman has light green hair.
    • Raymond has a dark green pompadour.
    • Red Action has scarlet hair. The other members of the Hue Troop also have hair matching the colors they are named after.
  • Played straight, lampshaded, and averted in Pepper Ann. Pepper Ann dyes her hair green, in which her friends are indifferent about, causing Pepper Ann to call Milo out on having blue hair, which he admits his hair is so naturally black it has a blue tint.
  • Being an anime parody, Perfect Hair Forever naturally pokes fun at this. In addition to several characters having typical anime hair colors like pink and blue, the Big Bad Coiffio has a massive rainbow-colored hairdo that's constantly oscillating through the entire spectrum.
  • Most of the human characters in Phineas and Ferb have plausible hair colors, except for Ferb, who has green hair. It's never really even commented on, which is even weirder because the shape of Phineas's head is.
    • Also, most animals are colored somewhat like they are in real life, except platypi, which are all colored bluish-green.
      • Except the stuffed one in the museum at the end of "Greece Lightning" and in the platypus hunter's flashback in "Primal Perry", both of which are brown.
      • Lampshaded in the show runners' next series, Milo Murphy's Law, when Sara finds some platypus pajamas.
      Sara: Why are they teal? Aren't platypuses brown?
      • Becomes Fridge Brilliance once you discover that platypi actually glow teal under ultraviolet light. (This was discovered in late 2020, well after P&F was created, making the creators right by mistake.)
  • On Pinky Dinky Doo, Pinky's hair is pink and her brother Tyler's is blue. In the original books, Pinky's hair was yellow and Tyler's was pink, until the book Think Pink.
  • Pixel Pinkie has pink hair. But, then again, she is a digital genie. All the human characters have natural hair colours.
  • Planet Sketch: A number of examples.
    • Olivia from the Nose Picker sketch, which typically served as the intro to the show, has green hair.
    • Ira and Lyra had red and purple hair.
    • June Spume, whose sketches ended the episodes from season one, has purple hair.
  • Almost all of the Color Kids from Rainbow Brite have unusual hair colors. Rainbow Brite having normal hair is justified as she was originally a normal human girl named Wisp. Their horses aren't much better.
  • Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja: Randy himself has purple hair.
  • Rated "A" for Awesome: Les. Also, Thera has purple hair, and Noam has green hair.
  • On Ready Jet Go!, all the characters have natural hair colors, except for Lillian, whose hair is a shade of indigo.
  • Tasumi from The Replacements appears to have blue hair...but only when she's wearing her armor costume. When she removes it later in the series, it's revealed she's actually a brunette.
  • Downplayed in Rick and Morty. Rick's hair is a pale shade of blue, though it's subtle enough to be mistaken as gray by viewers.
  • For no reason whatsoever, Tommy's father in Rugrats has purple hair. In the All Grown Up! spin-off, Tommy inherits his father's unnatural hair color, suggesting that it's actually genetic.
  • The hair of the main characters of Sea Princesses comes in a wide variety of colours, including blue and pink. Goes hand in hand with Curtains Match the Windows.
  • In The Secret Saturdays, Epsilon's son Francis has green hair.
  • In The Secret Show, Professor Professor has green hair, Special Agent Ray has blue hair, and Doctor Doctor has blue hair and blue skin.
  • Shimmer and Shine: Shimmer has pink hair, and Shine has blue hair.
  • Ignoring the yellow skin, the characters of The Simpsons include some naturally blue-haired characters such as Marge, Milhouse's family, and the appropriately-named Blue-Haired Lawyer. There are even some purple-haired people such as Patti and Selma.
    • There are also characters with green hair (Krusty, Sideshow Mel) and maroon hair (Sideshow Bob).
    • Marge may have been naturally blue-haired in her younger years, but everyone knows that, these days, she dyes it with Blue #52 (or is it Blue #56?). Also subverted with Patti and Selma. Their true hair colors were hidden under smoke and ash.
    • Chief Wiggum also has blue hair, but it was black in early episodes. Also blue-haired was Waylon Smithers, when he was an African-American in the episode "Homer's Odyssey".
  • As Soar Loser in Skysurfer Strike Force, Brad Wright dawns a lime green wig. Bioborg, Dr. Five Eyes also has lime green hair.
  • Mayor McDaniels from South Park has turquoise hair, while Nurse Gollum had pink hair. While most characters' hair is colored within the plausible range, there were occasions where background characters would sometimes be given bright blue or purple hair.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks:
    • Brad Boimler's hair is purple.
    • D'Vana Tendi is the first green-haired Orion note  character in the Trek Verse.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Gems generally have inhuman haircolors matching their gemstone: Rose Quartz had pink hair, Amethyst has a pale lilac mane, Jasper's is snow white (tinted orange in some lighting), etc.
    • One episode featured a punk-rock girl who beared some resemblance to Rose, and thus catching Pearl's eye. Pearl asks Steven if humans "come with pink hair," to which Steven informs her that it must be dyed.
    • As a result of his resurrection, Lars's skin turns bright pink, while his hair turns a soft pastel-pink.
  • On Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, only Orange Blossom and Huckleberry Pie have realistic hair colors (dark brown and medium brown respectively). Strawberry gives "redhead" a whole new meaning, and despite Lemon's blonde moments, her hair is definitively yellow. Cherry's hair is a deep purple and occasionally sparkles. Blueberry, Plum, and Raspberry's hair colors can't be found anywhere outside a bottle in the real world.
  • In Team Umizoomi, We have Geo and the Blue Mermaid, who both have blue hair.
  • Teen Titans has the green-haired (and skinned) Beast Boy and the violet-haired Raven as part of the main cast (Raven is explained as being part demon). In season 5, we're introduced to Kole, who has bright pink hairnote  Jinx is a villain example, with her hair also being pink.
  • Frida of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera has bright blue hair. So does her father and her unseen grandmother, implying that it is genetic. That, or certain members of the Suarez family must dye their hair blue.
  • Amanda Duff, Elmyra's older sister who appears in the Tiny Toon Adventures episodes, "Take Elmyra Please" and "Grandma's Dead" has purple hair. Given the fact that her father, MacArthur has brown hair and her mother, Emily has red hair, it's possible Amanda dyed her hair purple.
  • In Total Drama, Sierra has completely violet hair, it's unknown whether it's "real" or dyed. Gwen and Duncan also have teal and green respectively, but it's dyed.
    • Max also has purple hair (and oddly grayish skin), again with no real explanation.
  • In Trollz, most of the characters have oddly-colored hair. Amethyst has pink, Sapphire has blue, Onyx has purple, Coal has green...Oddly enough, Ruby's hair, fire-engine red, is stated once to be dyed. Her natural color is brown.
  • Mara in TRON: Uprising has light blue hair; this is notable because almost every other program in the Grid has black, dark brown, or grey hair.
  • VBirds: Boom has purple hair, D:Lin green, and Bling with blue. Wow doesn't usually qualify (her hair is a more realistic orange), but some official art makes her hair as red as her outfit.
  • In Wakfu, certain races/classes tend to have unusual hair colors: namely, all Sadidas have green hair (which, along with their brown skin, makes them similar to trees), Fecas tend to have blue hair, while Iops tend to have bright ginger hair, unless they're corrupted by evil.
  • While most characters in Winx Club have normally colored hair, Tecna, Roxy, and Riven both have different shades of pink-magenta hair, while Headmistress Griffin has purple hair. Several background students of the schools also have bright colored hair, as well as the pixies. It’s possible only Magical Dimension beings have colorful hair, as the only (real) Earth resident to have it (Roxy) is also a fairy.
  • Sincerity from What About Mimi? has pink hair.
  • Tsuni from Wishfart has ocean-blue hair (with brown skin), which is rather appropriate for a mermaid.
  • In Zeke's Pad everyone has different coloured hair.


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