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A list of web comics in which characters have unusual hair colors.

  • Aerial Magic is a witch-based work that has a lot of naturally abnormal hair colours. For example, Wisteria has pink hair and Cecily has dark blue hair.
  • In Aetheria Epics, normal hair colors for people in Veil include pink, purple, and green. Having black hair can give you away as an outsider.
  • In Agents of the Realm, Jordan has purple hair, although it's unclear whether it's natural or if she dyed them.
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  • In Alice and the Nightmare, Azalea has purple hair, going with her colour theme.
  • Accel in Amya has bright blue hair, in keeping with his magic of choice being electricity.
  • Angel Moxie: Tristan's hair is green, and Shugari's is bright pink.
  • In Angels 2200, Loser has bright pink hair and Sprout's is neon-green.
  • In Antihero for Hire, Shadehawk has purple hair. It seems to be natural because it's still completely purple in situations where he couldn't obtain hair dye for long periods of time and he once briefly had a purple beard. Several side characters also have blue or green hair.
  • Butter Punch from Apricot Cookie(s)! has blue hair with a yellow stripe.
  • Briefly, there is a scene where Ms. Green in Awful Hospital sports blue hair. The rest of the time, her hair's green.
  • In Band vs. Band, blue and pink are naturally occurring hair colors.
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  • Liz from Blip has blue hair. Then again, she's a vampire.
  • This happens to Sofia in Breakpoint City twice—once from the dye in the artificial ocean, and once from putting a bottle of blue paint too close to her bottle of hair stuff.
  • Bronze Skin Inc: Helena a.k.a. the superheroine Titan Tits has blue hair. It's a major hint for Dante that they are the same person, though nobody believes him.
  • Gerochan from The Brothers Quack is a tiny frog with deep blue hair.
  • But I'm a Cat Person has Bianca (purple), Jany (dark blue), and Bennett (dark magenta-ish). Also, several of the Beings (pink for Cybele, purple for Kara Lynn, etc), but they're shapeshifting nonhumans, so it's justified.
  • In Catena, the characters are anthropomorphic cats who also have hair as well as their fur. Most of them have the usual hair colors (blonde, brown, etc.) However, Bear and Bryony have pale blue hair, while Belle and Annie both have hair of different shades of pink.
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  • Several non-human characters in Charby the Vampirate have a veritable rainbow of colors, though most of the main cast has black hair. And there are even a few characters with natural hair colors that change (usually to blue) when they transform into a Super Mode.
  • Karcharoth of Cry 'Havoc' has purple hair. It's unknown if this is natural, dyed, or the side effect of something he has done/been exposed to.
  • In The Dragon Doctors, Sarin the wizard has green hair and Kili's hair is bleach-white. This is explained as extraordinary circumstances, though, both resulting from different experiences they had with magic.
  • In The Dreamcatchers Masquerade, bright hair colors appear to be the norm as it takes place in a fantasy world and this appears on many of the main characters.
  • Myari and Elon of Ears for Elves have green hair. The former's hair is nearly neon green.
  • Eerie Cuties, as a comic about Cute Monster Girls and boys, has a few folk with unusual hair.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Tedd has purple hair, his father has blue hair, and his mother has bright red hair despite being Asian. His fully-Asian cousin Nanase also has red hair (When she's burnt out, it's black).
    • Susan is naturally blonde but dyes her hair dark blue. Several characters were surprised to learn that blue wasn't her natural color. Now it is, though.
    • There have also been various background characters with green, blue, or purple hair. Dan stated that all hair colors seen except Susan's are natural. This is brought up in one of the Q&A sessions. Upon reading a question asking whether strange hair colors are natural in the EGS universe, Chika wonders if the person writing it lives in a universe without brown, black, or blond hair before giving a somewhat hesitant "yes". According to his Twitter account, Tedd's hair was intended to be black, but by the time Dan learned how to paint it without ending up with an ink blob, colors were already established and he liked the idea of this being a natural color, especially since EGS has visible roots in anime.
    • New characters Luke and Ashley both have green hair, but Ashley's is nearly black while Luke's is a fairly standard green. In non canon color pictures of Ashley she has purple or brown high lights over black hair and changes to blonde in a transformation sequence.
    • Tedd turned his hair pink using magic in a recent storyline. No one batted an eyelash about it being an unusual color. (Some did bat an eye about a male having pink hair though.)
    • Catalina's hair is bright orange.
    • Rich has dark-ish blue hair. Dan's been adding more characters with weird hair lately, according to this commentary:
      "I very nearly gave that blue-haired guy [Rich] brown hair, but then I thought to myself, 'self, if you're going to claim all sorts of weird hair colors are natural in this universe, you need to show more weird hair colors! Also, Tensaided and George are already two heavy guys with brown hair, so, yeah. Change it up.'"
    • As of the Sister 3 arc, Ellen now has green hair (it was originally brown), due to her absorbing fragments of the destroyed Dewitchery Diamond.
    • This finally gets brought up in-comic in the "Title Pending" arc here.
  • Elijah And Azuu has love interest Fraja and her family, most of whom sport natural neon pink hair.
  • In The Far Side Of Utopia most of the younger characters seem to have non-natural hair colors. It's remarked on in-universe that a character with normal color hair was likely either a foreigner or not a designer child.
  • The common humans (and the Seraphim and Goddesses) all have this in Fetch Quest: Saga of the Twelve Artifacts. So far, only Nephilim Lachesis had dyed her hair, and it was all because she didn't want to look too much like her less-refined twin sister Saffron. However, the Tangashen completely avert this.
  • Mostly subverted with most of the cast of Frivolesque, who all have relatively normal hair color. Played straight with Gaia, who has bright green hair, but lampshaded by the fact people in-universe do take notice of it. Saki also has dark blue hair, but the only one to mention it is Gaia.
  • In Fuse, many minor characters are given blue hair. This accidentally resulted in a page where there's more people with blue hair than not.
  • Eddy of Gender Swapped has light blue hair, and his dad, Jim, has natural dark blue hair. Most likely influenced by the comic's anime-based writing style.
  • In Get Medieval, a linguistics professor has semi-natural pink hair due to relaxed genetics laws on her home planet. When she lands in feudal Japan, her crescent-moon shaped spaceship causes her to be mistaken for a divine moon princess. Then, several hundred years later, Sailor Moon is created.
    Sailor Moon Artist: I don't know, it just...makes sense for a moon princess to have pink hair!
  • Girl Genius:
    • While most of the characters have perfectly normal hair colors, one character, Zeetha, has green hair. This is remarked upon, used as a plot point twice so far, and presumably is less weird in the Lost Kingdom she comes from.
    • Sanaa Wilhelm has pink hair. Although her brother, Othar Tryggvassen, GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER!, does make a comment to the effect of "What have you done to your hair?!", implying that hers, at least, may be a dye job. Said dying may have been as a result of Sanaa's spending time as a pirate queen, as another gal who is the offspring of two pirates (though she states she isn't one herself) has now been shown to have similar colored hair.
    • Tarvek has with bright-red-ranging-to-almost-black hair, and his cousin, Violetta, with a similar, but darker color. His whole family does, actually.
    • The Englishwoman Adriane Steelgarter has blue hair. (Along with four arms; whether there is any connection remains as yet unanswered.)
    • The Jägermonsters' hair ranges from green to purple. Justified because the transformation also gives them weird skin colors and random non-human traits like tusks and horns, for that matter.
  • Shows up frequently in Gunnerkrigg Court.
    • Fairies and other critters "converted" to humanity frequently acquire or retain strange natural hair colors, like green or purple. They also all have gray eyes. When seen from the etherium, their colors can be even wilder.
    • Antimony and her mother have red hair, bordering on magenta. It's so vivid that it earns them nicknames like "carrot top" and "Fire Head Girl".
    • Marcia Sutton has green hair. This, along with the fact that trees are Serious Business for her, is explained by the fact that she is a actually dryad, which is revealed shortly after her introduction.
    • In retrospect, these unusual hair colors all follow one consistent rule: everyone with an impossible hair color has some sort of non-human ancestry. Yes, that includes Antimony.
  • High Class Homos: Sapphia has pink hair and Lucas has pale blue hair.
  • Averted in Homestuck, at least until Trickster Mode, which gives Jane, Jake, Roxy, and Dirk pink, lime green, cotton-candy blue, and Fanta orange hair, respectively.
  • In Im Not Your Friend, all of the main characters have colorful hair. Carol and Dana have pink hair, Rachel's is purple, Monica's is teal, Susan's is white, and Natalie's is dark blue.
  • While Joyride has aliens and such, the only improbable hair color (from a human perspective) is the one human we see, as Rei has purple hair. Rafeal and Micheal have auburn hair.
  • Kell of Kevin & Kell has blue hair, no explanation. In one early (black-and-white) arc she had to wear a wig but flashbacks to her childhood show her with the same hair color. Her identical cousin Sheila also has blue hair but slightly darker.
  • Last Res0rt has plenty of justification for odd hair colors (what with all those aliens), but White Noise's hair has actually aged into a pale blue. His original hair color appears to have been dark grey with blonde streaks in it (or was it blonde with dark grey streaks?).
  • In The Law of Purple, blue hair, along with black, brown, blond, and red hair, is a natural hair color for humans. Any other strange color means either that it's a dye job or that the person isn't human.
  • Lovely Lovecraft: Azalea has natural pinkish-purple hair, a feature which hints that she is not quite human.
  • Maliki have pink hair. She had purple hair in a few early strips.
  • Max Comix: Downplayed with Max, but played completely straight with Vale and Matrix. The former dyes the hair in his ponytail and back in red, while the latter two dye all their hair in magenta and green respectively.
  • Angora from The Meek has green hair in a world of otherwise-normal hair colors and people definitely think it's unusual. It's justified in that it isn't her natural hair color, but it looks green because moss grows in it due to her odd powers. It even sprouts little flowers! Flashbacks show her natural color to be a dirty blond.
  • In Ménage à 3, Tess, who plays An Ice Person in the wrestling ring, has blue hair. As the comic is black and white, this wasn't explicit to readers until it was mentioned — except that her character is a clear Shout-Out to Cess in the same writer's Eerie Cuties (see above), so informed readers had probably guessed by then. The subject is also mentioned after Tess shows up in the sequel comic Pixie Trix Comix, where it turns out that Ramona previously jumped to the conclusion that Tess's blue hair was a sign that she was a lesbian.
  • Mitadake Saga, like the game it's based on, runs off of this trope. Each of the characters has an alias, which is usually based on their often-implausible hair color. Bonus points for two characters with blue hair.
  • Sapphire and any other zombie character from Monsterful have different shades of blue, it seems that most (if not all) zombies have blue hair.
  • Kreyul from Nightmare Factory has very bright blue hair and eyes, and Emai has light pink hair.
  • In Olympic Dames, one of the main characters, Caitlyn, has white hair. It has yet to be explained, but flashbacks show it wasn't always white.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Blue hair (both light and dark) is common in characters from the Japan-inspired and aptly-named Azure City. Purple or teal hair is also possible.
    • This seems to be common with elves. Vaarsuvius has purple hair, Inkyrius has light green hair, their children have teal and orange hair respectively, Aarindarius has pink hair and Veldrina has lilac hair. Team Peregrine also counts, with a pink-haired cleric and a white-haired wizard.
    • Celia has white hair, but maybe justified because she's an air elemental.
  • Millie's mother in Ozy and Millie went with it; the artist is a fan of The Simpsons. Judging from this brief glimpse of her as a child, it's her natural hair color. Her daughter, on the other hand, is a more "conventional" Fiery Redhead.
  • In Pastel Defender Heliotrope, Ransei has purple hair, but it's dyed.
  • Though the comic is black and white, Baalah from Pawn is depicted with blue hair in official artworks.
  • In Penny Blackfeather, Princess the blue parrot has blue hair when in human form.
  • Pinch Point features several characters with technicolor hair colors, such as Lynx with her blue hair.
  • In Questionable Content, a recent development has an AnthroPC named Momo transferred into a humanoid body with bright pink hair. One comic showed it changing color when someone pressed the bellybutton.
  • Ronin Galaxy: Giancarlo and Leona, although the latter is blonde with blue highlights.
  • In Schlock Mercenary, Keenspot co-CEO Darren "Gav" Bleuel dyes his hair bright blue. Fairly early in the strip, but spoiler-tagged just in case: Gav is perfectly cloned, including his hair and memories, 950 million times, making blue the single most common human hair color in the galaxy in the space of a second.
  • The main character of Seekers has jade green hair.
  • Devil Girls in Sinfest have colored hair and matching extra-skimpy outfits. Satan seems to prefer it this way. Baby Blue has baby blue hair, Fuchsia has fuchsia hair, Tangerine is orange. Some other characters, including Slick, Monique, and Squigley, have strange hair colors too.
  • In Skin Deep Jim has shoulder-length green hair, or a mane, and a tail-tip, thanks to an old family "curse", and it grows back in seconds if he cuts it. His little brother Colin turns out to have blue hair when he gets his medallion too.
  • In Skyvein, many of the fey sport non-human hair colors, including many of the protagonists.
  • Most of the magical girls in Sleepless Domain, courtesy of Power Dyes Your Hair. When a character is shown to have lost her powers, her hair turns back into the standard brown color she had before becoming a Magical Girl. It's downplayed with magical girls with more mundane colors like Gwen and Sylvia. Gwen originally had brown hair and when she became Alchemical Earth, it developed a green tint but could still be called brown. As for Sylvia, she was already blonde when she became Alchemical Air, but her hair became a more vibrant shade of blonde.
  • In Sluggy Freelance the cannibal "Freaky" Fred has obviously green hair and this is never explained.
  • Ophelia in Star Something. The cast page describes this as "Species: Human with Purple Hair for Some Reason".
  • Fiona Dae in Supernormal Step has blue hair. It's dyed, she's naturally blonde. For much of the comic it's coloured permanently with magic, although it reverts to blonde at one point when she uses up her reserves of power.
  • Tower of God: The blue-haired Khun clan and Yuri's pink-haired companion, codename Mrs. Strawberry Ice.
  • In TwoKinds, a certain Trace Legacy has sky-blue hair with an intriguingly glossy/shiny sheen at times...even when he's a lady in certain works.
  • Unordinary: Practically everyone but Arlo and John has impossible hair colours, like pink, magenta, bright green, and teal.
  • In The Way of the Metagamer, both Fred and Trope-tan have blue hair.
  • Weak Hero boasts multiple characters with green and purple hair. While it could be explained as Hair Color Dissonance, Gerard's green hair has gotten him dubbed Broccoli/Tree Head while Grape earned his nickname from his curly purple hair.
  • Dark elves in What Do You Do tend to have dark blue hair, Megan and Nathan being the exceptions, with light blue and orange hair, respectively.
  • In Wright as Rayne, Sarabeth, John, and Power have blue, very red, and pink hair, respectively. Sarabeth's is confirmed to be dyed, but John's seems to be natural, judging by his also red eyes.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Yfa describes human hair as "usually earthy", after demonstrating what one looks like by transforming into a blue-haired human. Demons have a full spectrum of hair colours, included two-tone gradient hair.
  • Plenty of this in Yosh!—almost all the robot girls, who can have any color hair, and eyes and ears to match (but, then, they are robots), the Magi get hair color-coded to their power—blue for Water, purple for Power, red for Fire, which is confirmed as a side effect of their power—and then also Kate (purple hair) and Blue (a clue in her name).


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