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A list of New Media works in which characters have unusually colored hair.

  • While Anzu herself has brown hair, other characters in Anzu's Amazing Adventure have unusual hair colors.
  • An internet-original Korean Barbie expy Avata Star Sue has pink hair in odango (except when she's transformed into something), while her friend Chohui has long blue hair.
  • In ClickHole's "Here's A Fucking Anime Quiz", the eighth question is, "What color hair do you have?" All the available answers are "Blue".
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  • Cracked Photoplasty advertises hair dye in impossible colors in Ads for Products That Must Exist in Video Games.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Zia, a punk and a social outcast, dyes her hair a bright purple.
    • Carlie is a member of a delinquent gang and is enamored with the punk aesthetic, which she shows with her blue-dyed hair.
    • Barbra's Boyish Short Hair is dyed a pastel purple.
    • Jessica's superpower, directly based on the Purple Man, turns both her skin and her hair a deep shade of purple. She hates her new look and goes around in a hoodie to hide it.
  • In the Deviantart Extended Universe, Princess Emerald has green hair to match her gem. Possibly as a result of the supposed magic she is said to possess.
  • In the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, the members of the Lightning Power Special Team, a color-coordinated hero team from Tokyo, have hair colors (violet, cornsilk-yellow, green, and purple, respectively) that match the colors of their costumes.
  • From Killerbunnies:
    • Cerise is explicitly shown with purple hair and it is natural, though not exactly stated how.
    • Corrine also possess blue hair.
    • Milo's hair is green and the pink patches are dyed.
    • Fabienne has blond hair with black patches.
    • Andibea has pink hair.
    • Razelle has aqua-green hair.
    • Visceraline has a motley mix of black, dark pink, and red as her hair color.
    • Rudie has chatrusy hair with pink ends.
    • Eira's hair isn't blue per se, however, it does possess a bluish tint.
    • Ardie has pink hair.
    • Sheyla has greyish-blue hair.
    • Reverie has something of a neon yellow or neon yellow chartreuse hair with patches of green.
    • Nia has hair that is blue and yellow, like the character she is nicknamed from.
    • Lenore's hair is something of a grayish-yellow.
  • The hero of the Anime-inspired online serial Magical Girl Policy finds the rainbow spectrum of hair colors common in Kessia City to be completely odd, but the locals think it's a normal to the extent that they even have color designations like bluenette for blue, emerelde for green, violette for purple, and scarlette for blood red. At one point Rob meets a cheerleader with snow-white hair and muses to himself about what they might call that. He dismisses the first name he comes up with (whitehead) for good reason.
  • Monster High has Ghoulia Yelps, a blue-haired Meganekko zombie.
  • Upon seeing Noka for the first time, KT immediately becomes fascinated with his bright blue hair:
    KT: 1. Has the blue-haired person sitting on the stretcher over there always been in guild, 2. Where does he buy his hair dye, and 3. Are those his real eyebrows or does he ignore the safety warning like I do?
  • Open Blue:
    • Rhine from v4 has "cherry blonde" hair (actually named in-universe after sakura flowers), the result of a rare genetic condition of some sort (it's the 18th century, so nobody has really studied it that much), that gives it to one in a million people.
    • Captain Zuru, being an expy of Kamina, has blue hair.
  • Tom Milsom has had bright blue hair since 2010.
  • In We Are All Pokémon Trainers, people are either born with or dye their hair spectacular colors.
  • In We Are Our Avatars, besides characers from canonical sources, there are OC's with unusual hair colour:
    • Blue Hair: Gork, Garcie (first hairstyle).
    • Green Hair: Erik and Yanmie.
    • Pink Hair: Dee.
    • Red Hair: Milotic!Bassy.
  • A male and plot-related example from Wild ARMs. Rudy, one of the main characters, has blue hair. The only other characters we see with odd-colored hair are the inter-dimensional demons that are attacking the world. This is foreshadowing Rudy is not human, and we eventually find out he is a robot made from metal that the demons forged.
  • This is practically an Enforced Trope among YouTube's male British bloggers. This fact is even discussed and lampshaded on Becoming YouTube.


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