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You Gotta Have Blue Hair / Professional Wrestling

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A list of pro wrestlers with unusually colored hair.

  • The Blue Meanie's entire gimmick is blue hair.
  • Doink the Clown had green hair. He was a clown, after all.
  • WCW briefly had a wrestler named Frog on its roster. Frog dyed his hair green.
  • The Hurricane had a strip of green hair to match his cape during his first run from 2001-2005.
    • To make the green stand out against his normally brunette hair, he had to bleach it first. All that dyeing fried his hair and he had to stop.
  • Jeff Hardy is known for, among other things, the very unusual colors he dyes his hair. Jim Ross has called him "The Rainbow-Haired Warrior."
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  • The Kat , after her Traumatic Haircut at the hands of Terri Runnels, went through a period where she wore very unusual outfits which involved brightly colored wigs that matched her outfits. One of them was blue, another was a scarlet red.
  • Independent circuit female wrestler LuFisto models her outfits on anime characters. She sometimes dyes her hair pink and, at least once, yeah, blue.
  • During the end of her WWE run, Melina had a bit of blue in her hair. Quite hard to spot it because of her black hair.
  • MsChif chooses green hair.
  • While in TNA in 2003, CM Punk was blond with blue tips.
  • Daffney Unger wore different-colored wigs, including a green one.
  • Christina Von Eerie has green hair, that used to be Spiky.
  • CHIKARA's Shane Storm's masks had different-colored mullets.


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