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You Gotta Have Blue Hair / Live-Action TV

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A list of live action television shows with characters who have unusually colored hair.

  • Andromeda: Both Rommie and Becka can alter their hair color on a whim, one being an android and the other having nanites in her hair. Rommie spends several episodes with pink hair. All they have to do is think of a color and shake their head.
  • Angel. Illyria, causing a drunken Wesley to call her a smurf.
  • Boohbah: If you count the fuzz on the Boohbahs' bodies as hair, then the Boohbahs fit this trope for having hair in such colors as yellow, purple, and orange.
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  • In Community the "Darkest Timeline" Britta dyes a blue streak in her hair.
  • Imogen in Doctors changes her hair colour every couple of weeks, though it's always a neon hue.
  • In the Christian children's show Dr. Wonder's Workshop, Paula has blue hair and Lisa has pink hair. According to an episode that featured Paula's family, her hair is naturally blue, but it's not hereditary.
  • The Delvians of Farscape, being humanoid blue plants, have blue hair. Those who aren't bald that is.
  • The main characters of the Girls x Heroine! series of TV shows have official Super-Deformed artwork that colors their hair according to their assigned colors.
  • Glee: Tina has some awesome blue streaks in season two.
  • iCarly had Carly wearing blue streaks as part of a goth style outfit in an effort to get her grandfather let her stay with Spencer.
  • LazyTown has pink-haired Stephanie, blue-haired Bessie, and, arguably, orange-haired Pixel. Pixel's hair might be Hair Color Dissonance for ordinary red hair, but given he's Black and too young to have dyed it, this trope seems the more likely one.
    • The Super Sproutlet Show on the Sprout network — which includes a few LazyTown characters — is hosted by a blue-haired girl named Bean.
  • In the Masters of Horror episode "Imprint", a few scenes depicting the disfigured girl have her with dark blue hair, especially noticeable in her childhood.
  • In Pandora, one of the main character's friends at the Academy is a former slave who, as a genetically-engineered clone, has natural purple hair.
  • In Power Rangers in Space, Astronema had blue hair when she first appeared, but she changed the color and style frequently, sometimes to colors that were normal for humans, and sometimes to ones that weren't. There was a practical reason for this, but not on her part: she was Andros' sister, Karone, and by changing her appearance frequently, it couldn't be compared to him. After The Reveal, she breifly became Karone after attempting to make a Heel–Face Turn, and her normal hair color was restored (suggesting that all the changes were due to magic, rather than dyes) and after being Brainwashed by Dark Specter she settled on perfume-red short hair. After her second, permanent Heel–Face Turn, the odd hair went away for good.
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  • Power Rangers Time Force had Trip with his green hair (quite appropriate due to him being the Green Ranger); justified due to him being a Human Alien. On the other hand, his Mirai Sentai Timeranger counterpart Sion dyes his hair a lot and, on some occasions, had blue hair.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon reserves the weird hair colors for the girls' heroic forms. One exception to this is Sailor Luna, whose hair is blue even when she is not transformed. Nobody seems to notice this. (Interestingly, many fans consider Luna's live-action human form to be a replacement for Chibi-Usa, so keeping her odd hair color may be intentional.)
  • Parodied in The Suite Life on Deck episode 'Starship Tipton', it itself being a parody of Star Trek. All of the background characters, except for London's great x12 grandson, have odd hairstyles and colors, including Zerg, Zack's identical descendant, who has blue hair in the style of a Roman helmet.
  • In UFO the female moonbase officers all wear purple wigs as part of their skin-tight uniform. Oddly enough, the wigs are only worn on the moon and only by female personnel.
  • When casting Victorious, they discovered the whole main cast had brown hair. So actress Ariana Grande was asked to dye her hair, to give some variety to the cast hair shades. This is why Cat has hair the color of a red velvet cake.
  • Warehouse 13's Claudia changes her streaks frequently; colors seen so far: blue, purple, green, white, magenta.


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