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  • From a short webcomic done by the artist Rohein (here and on the next page), where the mother finally gets fed up with a child who won't talk about their gender identity issues:
    Terry: Dammit, I just want to help!
    Emily: You CAN'T help! You don't understand! Leave me alone...
    Terry: I've had it with this attitude, young lady! You're not going to school today! We're going shopping, and I'm going to stand with you in the women's section so it looks like we're there for me! You're going to pick out anything you like, and I'm going to buy it for you! And you're going to appreciate it, because goddamnit I'm TRYING!
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  • The Dreamland Chronicles Orion's pledge to Alex
  • In Sluggy Freelance Torg shows up to spend Christmas with Zoe after she thought she had alienated all her friends.
  • Lexx of Alien Dice has to be reminded of this as well as Remember That You Trust Me every so often when he starts getting sulky. stated aloud by Riley here.
  • The Water Phoenix King has had several of these, particularly Chapter 2's conclusion.
    Anthem: I can't stay, Gilgam.
    Gilgam: But I'm buying.
    Anthem: I came here because I did something terrible. People died. I birthed a demon. Everyone should have died. But one did not.
    Gilgam: That kid in the yellow cape, the one who saved the prince?
    Anthem: I need to flee. East, maybe. I just need a bit of money. I'll cash out my—
    Gilgam: You can't just run, Annie. Think: you're a priestess here. You healed Dosh. The local gods like you. That means you're safest here. And if someone starts trouble, I'll deal with him. You have my word. Besides, you still owe Thrale a knife in the ribs, right? So do I, for nearly dragging the humans into war. This is my home now.
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  • In El Goonish Shive there's one in the transgender birthday party arc. Justin is feeling awful because now that he is a girl he's got reminded that he can't be in a relationship with Elliot because he is gay while Elliot is not. He is even thinking about staying female because he thinks that way he wouldn't be alone. However Susan tells him that he is single, but not alone, because his True Companions like him for who he is.
  • Grey is...: Black and White need to remind each other of this from time to time, this reminder often takes the form of a hug.

  • Henchgirl: At the end of Issue #11, Mary is in the hospital, seriously injured, under arrest for the Butterfly Gang and the Fly Girls' crimes, and told that her Roaring Rampageof Revenge against Amelia ended up getting Coco and Fred's body killed. She wants everyone in her hospital room to leave her alone. Mary's sister Paige is the last one to leave, and she says:
    Paige/Photo Girl: “You're alive. And as long as you're alive, you can try to set things right. And I'm very, *very* glad you're alive.” (Paige leaves, Mary starts crying.)

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  • Wapsi Square: Monica tells the golem girls that they have people who care about them.
  • The Word Weary: Judging by one of the comments the author left in response to a fan who took the comic's themes of lonliness and alienation to heart, John Kossler views his entire comic as one reminder to people that he too feels alone and alienated but finds humor in his situation. YMMV on how effective he is at this.
  • In Doodze, as encouragement to pick up the Magic Wand again.
  • Subnormality: Shown in panels 9 and 10 here.
  • In Sinfest,
  • Nerf NOW!!: Multiple:
    • "TEAM Fortress" has the rest of the team showing up to help Pyro in his quest to rescue the engineer, after repeated failures (possibly also qualifying Pyro as a determinator).
    • Also this page with the same team-mates trying to cheer Pyro up after said engineer runs into the arms of Scout after Pyro successfully rescues her.
    • Later, the engineer from before is having trouble keeping up with her team advancing on enemy lines, has apparently been dumped by the scout, and is about to shoot herself when a mysterious new engineer shows up to help out.
      • He turns out to be the Pyro from before, who switched classes temporarily. She keeps his glove when he slips away though, presumably as a reminder of how not alone she is
    • It what may be one of the odder applications of this trope, Megaman, after his reveal of being in the new Super Smash Bros. game. The author puts it best.
    "I guess Nintendo lives off nostalgia, and Capcom is "moving foward" but if games had heart, I can see Mario giving him a helping hand."
  • Blue Yonder: when the villain taunts Jared with being alone, a hero intervenes announcing there's a problem with that, he's not alone.
  • xkcd: A unique slant on this trope when a female science major meets Zombie Marie Curie:
    Zombie Marie Curie: You don't become great by trying to be great. You become great by wanting to do something, and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process. So don't try to be the next me, Noether or Meitner. Just remember that if you want to do this stuff, you are not alone... Also, avoid radium. Turns out it kills you.
  • Sleepless Domain: Undine is left isolated following the loss of her Magical Girl team. The one surviving member of Team Alchemical opted to change schools after being Brought Down to Normal and, after what happened, considers Undine continuing to fight as suicidal. Undine draws her comfort from the friends she makes after. Zoe helps remind her that there are others dealing with issues just like she is. Heartful Punch reminds Undine that there are Magical Girls strong enough to fight solo, like she now has to.
  • Sticky Dilly Buns: Ruby is upset, confused about her relationship with her boyfriend Andy, and sexually frustrated, and has burned a bunch of bridges with her friend Dillon and her sister Amber. She has gone looking for someone to talk to, and ends up in the local comics shop — one of the few places in town where she's previously found any kind of moral support — despite not thinking that she'll find anyone there. When Jung, the manager, approaches her, she snaps at him and then embarrasses herself with a Wall of Text apology. But then, Jung goes away — and fetches Ramona, his girlfriend and Ruby's friend, who provides Ruby with the sympathetic ear that she needs. It turns out that Ruby has gone from a Friendless Background to having a circle of friends who can help her.
  • This one-shot webcomic for Splatoon 2 references the Fantastic Racism in the Splatoon universe between Octarians and Inklings. In it, Pearl and Marina offer help to Agent 8, stating they can help Agent 8 skip levels or take out loans. Agent 8 angrily refuses and Cap'n Cuttlefish mentions it doesn't matter how they get to the surface which results in Agent 8 angrily shouting at them that there will be no cheating and Agent 8 must pass these tests because when they get to the surface, Agent 8 won't have anyone and will be alone and have to survive without help. At this point, the lonely Octoling breaks down into tears, however Cap'n Cuttlefish comes over, squeezes 8's hand, and says "Agent 8, you're not going to be alone." Link.


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