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You Are Better Than You Think You Are in fanfiction.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Fairly common in Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction, which tends to portray Marinette as having a poor image of Marinette's worth (as opposed to Ladybug's). Typically, these speeches will be given by Adrien post-reveal, though there are examples from Tikki or from other characters who have become her Secret Keeper.
    • A standout can be found in this untitled reveal comic, an alternate ending to the episode "Volpina":
      Adrien: Hey... A-are you disappointed it was me?
      Marinette: Seriously?! Disappointed? Why would I be disappointed!? It just turns out my partner all this time was this incredible, nice, smart, handsome boy who I had the biggest crush on at school and is just so perfect and God now I'm rambling hahaha (Kill me). And me... I just... I messed up so bad. I caused an Akuma. I gave up my Miraculous. I nearly got myself killed. Under this mask I'm just this rash, careless, clumsy girl... I'm probably not the Ladybug you expected.
      Adrien: Hm... Brave? Check. Witty? Check. Amazing? Check. Righteous? Check. Selfless? Check. Beautiful? Oh boy, check. Talented? Check. Kind? Check.
      Marinette: What are you doing?
      Adrien: Curious? Check. Adorable freckles? Definite check. I'm describing Ladybug, using the exact same words I would use to describe you, Marinette. Because, you see, with or without that mask it's the same person underneath! It's this incredibly kindhearted, beautiful, smart girl, whether she wears a red suit or a white, flower-printed shirt.
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    • In Spots Off, Marinette is publicly exposed as Ladybug after being caught transforming on Alya's livestream. When she sees the next morning's news bulletin, she's hit hard by a reporter asking if a middle-schooler is really fit to protect them, as if that detail was enough to devalue her entire track record as Ladybug. But Tikki is quick to remind her that she was given her Miraculous for a reason, and when Chat Noir shows up, he assures her that she is a hero, in and out of costume.
    • Powers of Invisibility has an example from Juleka, when she asks why Marinette is scared of telling Chat Noir who she is.
      Marinette: I’m not like Ladybug is. He goes to our school; he probably knows what Marinette is like. What if he’s disappointed?
      Juleka: But… that’s ridiculous. No, it’s just that you are Ladybug.
      Marinette: Technically, yeah, but I’m better as Ladybug. I act differently.
      Juleka: No, you don’t.
      Marinette: Yes, I-
      Juleka: No. You are Ladybug, Marinette, with or without a mask. It’s so obvious. You’re both strong. You’re both independent. You’re both smart. In fact, it’s one of the things that convinced me it was you. The way you acted. You basically go full superhero any time you have to deal with Chloe.
      Marinette: Really?
      Juleka: (nods, along with Tikki) Chat won’t be disappointed. It’s pretty much impossible.
      • It comes up again during the Christmas Eve sleepover, when Marinette opens up about how seeing Juleka and Chat together on the roof that day really hit home for her. "You know him and it’s okay. And you know me and it’s okay and we could know each other and it’d probably be great, but I’m too damn scared to do anything even though he wants to know so badly, I know he does. We’re so close to each other all the time and yet we’re so far and it’s my fault and I just- I just don’t know what to do, Jules." In response, Juleka goes to her bag and gets out a painting she'd been planning to give her in private for Christmas: a watercolour of Marinette/Ladybug mid-transformation, a fierce and determined expression on her unmasked face.
        Juleka: This is how I see you. As both. You are stronger than you think you are.
        Marinette: (Hugging her) Thank you. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much.
        Juleka: I can’t really tell you what to do. But you’ll figure it out. I know you will.
      • Turned around in a later chapter when Tikki and Plagg try to convince Juleka that she has the skills to become the Guardian if she wants to, pointing out that she's already basically doing the job by advising and encouraging Adrien and Marinette as much as she does.
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    • Similarly common are scenes in which Ladybug defends Chat Noir's worth as her partner, which is often presented as a sore spot for him because while Ladybug is seen as indispensable, being the only one of the two who can purify Akumatised butterflies or repair damage with her World-Healing Wave, it's harder to argue the same for Chat. Quite a few of these stories involve Marinette standing up for Chat out of costume, in Adrien's presence.
  • Bring Me Back Home has a couple of these given to Bridgette, a parallel universe counterpart of Marinette who has switched places with her. After Adrien/Chat Noir figures out what's happened, including their secret identities, he manages to convince Bridgette he's a good guy (compared to her own Cat Noir). At one point, after picking a fight with Chloe over her callousness about a child akuma, she confides in Adrien, again expressing her feeling of inferiority compared to Marinette. She then explains her anger about Chloe, opening up to him about one of her worst akuma experiences on her own world, which resulted in her friend's younger sister killing herself after she saw what she'd been forced to do. Adrien replies, "If that’s honestly what you’ve been dealing with all day, I can’t begin to believe how well you held that back. Bridgette, you say you’re not good enough to be Marinette, but I can guarantee you Marinette wouldn’t have made it on her own as long as you did. She would have dealt with it, but in her own way. She probably would have told someone sooner or went home after the attack, but I don’t think she could have just held it together in the same way you did.”

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Unsurprisingly, considering the source material, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has a lot of this in its fanfic:
    • In A Taste of the Good Life, Ebby almost falls Off the Wagon at her daughter's birthday party, after accidentally tasting some of Applejack's hard cider. Main Course manages to persuade her that she's strong enough not to let one accidental mouthful push her over the edge.
    • In Address Unknown, Derpy gets one from Twilight after breaking down in the library over her latest screwup (actually Twilight's fault) with the mail. "Derpy. You are not a failure or a featherbrain. I can tell deep down that you are a very kind and intelligent pony. Trust me, Derpy. Most ponies out there don’t look at you for who you are. They see what they feel like seeing and then go on with the rest of their lives, oblivious to what hurt they may be causing. You need to look past that, because the ponies who don’t take the time to care, don’t deserve the satisfaction of making your life miserable."
      • Later, Twilight invokes In Another Mare's Shoes by taking a potion designed to temporarily mimic Derpy's eye problems. "For a pony with normal sight to suddenly see like you do, it's entirely debilitating. I could barely stand, let alone walk; I knocked over everything in my path, and I nearly gagged from the intense vertigo it caused. But you... You may be slightly clumsy, and not fly entirely straight, but you've adapted to it enough to function as well as anypony else. Right now, I can truthfully grasp how amazing you really are. Not only have you adjusted to your condition, you've come close to nullifying its effects while enduring agonizing emotions all the while."
      • Derpy also gets this from her boss at the Ponyville Post Office, after she tries to preemptively apologise for the screwups she's likely to cause sooner or later. “Mistakes happen. They can be small; they can be large. They can be ignored, or they can be overreacted to. It is bound to happen now and again, and things have a tendency to work out when they do. And when they don’t work out right, I personally make sure to take care of our staff if the need arises. If and when you make mistakes, we’ll make sure that everything works out right. Until then, I ask that you not doubt yourself. You are a wonderful mailpony regardless of what anypony says, and I will do anything I can to help you when problems arise."
    • Aftermath of the Games: Sci-Twi struggles with the guilt of having been turned into Midnight Sparkle, and feels she deserves to be punished like (Ex) Principal Cinch was. The Rainbooms and several other characters set her straight.
      Sci-Twi: It... it doesn’t seem right. I...
      Sunset: Twilight, stop. I understand how you feel, but beating yourself up like that isn’t going to solve anything. Just be grateful you’re getting your second chance so easily.
      Sci-Twi: But, why should Cinch get all the punishment for something I did?
      Rarity: Darling, Cinch bullied you into everything. And unlike you, she doesn't care that she almost got so many people hurt. Maybe you did make a decision to use that magic, but you also made the decision to be yourself again.
    • The Differentverse: The last portion of chapter 5 reveals that Limestone's apparently been subtly trying to encourage Marble to come out of her shell for quite some time. When Marble finally stands up to her, Limestone is thrilled.
    • Earth and Sky: When Pipsqueak slips into a Heroic BSoD over his self-perceived cowardice during the fight with the LaFish brothers, compounded by having previously failed at all his other goals in life, Soarin' is able to pull him out of it by giving him a speech along the lines of this trope.
    • In Fallout: Equestria: Snowfall, Sleet Gray gets this a lot due to her bitterness and lack of self-confidence. Sadly, she doesn't seem to be getting any better.
    • The Pony POV Series has this happen in the Dark World to help Twilight and Applejack complete their Heel Face Turns, Twilight from Cadence's spirit and Applejack from her little sister and the pony equivalent of God (well, one of them anyway). Later on the two of them and their group do the same for Rainbow Dash, telling her they made the same mistakes she did, forgive her, and tell her they know she can make up for what she's done.
    • In Post-Nuptials:
      • Rainbow Dash is in shambles knowing that she and her friends turned their backs on Twilight over a misunderstanding at the wedding rehearsal, and that Twilight forgave them easily as a Your Approval Fills Me with Shame when they were found out. When she tells Soarin about everything and calls herself a bad friend, he tells her that she is nothing of the sort.
        Rainbow Dash: I'm supposed to wield the Element of Loyalty, but I turned my back on a friend for someone I just met! And then that friend proved that she was more loyal than me! I thought I knew what loyalty was, but now...
        Soarin: It sounds like... It sounds like you're embarrassed by how you acted.
        Rainbow Dash: I am.
        Soarin: Well, that's all the proof I need that you're a good friend.
        Rainbow Dash: W-What?
        Soarin: I wouldn't trust anyone who was never ashamed of anything they did. It means they're not learning anything. A terrible friend would be pinning the blame on Twilight and none on herself. Look, think of it as your flight training, because I know you've trained for the Wonderbolts. You've crashed when you were trying to perform several of the more advanced movies, several times, I'm guessing.
        Rainbow Dash: Of course.
        Soarin: It didn't make you a bad flyer to make those mistakes, it just meant your technique needed work. Now look, you can do the Sonic Rainbow on command, if your performance after the ceremony was any indication. Well, your friendships work the same way. Today, you crashed, but that doesn't mean you're a bad friend. It just means your technique needs a little work.
      • Later on, Twilight said this to her and the rest of Mane Six, Celestia, and Shining Armor, by pointing out that even though they made one bad mistake, they themselves are not bad ponies.
      • They in turn gave this to Twilight, on the grounds that they would've forgiven her if she had been wrong.
    • In the story 100% Move= 50% Fire within the Triptych Continuum, Twilight tearfully admits her fear of screwing up and ruining her friendships permanently. The other five assure her that even though she'll screw up sometimes and they'll screw up sometimes, it won't matter because their friendship is stronger than that and that they'll love her anyway, no matter what.
    • The Flash Sentry Chronicles:
      • Soarin assures Rainbow Dash that she is going to be a great leader, when she starts to feel pressure from the position. He says that he felt the same way when he first became a lead pony, and he turned out just fine, and Rainbow is already ten times the leader he ever was. This reassurance leads to the two of them sharing a kiss, and becoming a couple.
      • A flashback showed Princess Luna reassure Trixie about her skills and position as her student when Trixie questions her own abilities.


  • A Crown of Stars: Several characters tell this to Asuka since she thinks she is horrible, worthless and nobody can ever love her.
    • In chapter 16 Ching gives this speech to Asuka right before showing her a moon-sized space-ship named after her to prove that she is loved:
      "Deep down, the worst part of your heart hates yourself. The loss of your mother hit you when you weren't even four, and deep inside you concluded that if your mother doesn't want you, you must be a terrible person not deserving of love. You hate yourself for being unlovable, and you keep everyone away from your heart because you are utterly convinced that if anyone knew the 'real you' they'd agree you're as repulsive as you're convinced you are and leave you. You hate yourself for betraying yourself by giving up, both for wanting to die with your mother but still living. You hate yourself for failing as a Pilot, letting Shinji and even Ayanami surpass you towards the end of the war. You hate yourself for ever having gone to Winthrop, selling out another piece of your soul to keep on living. You hate yourself so much it made me weep last night, Asuka. Sweet Lord and Lady, I wish you'd let me or someone hug you."
      Asuka gave her only a frigid silence in return. Her glare through the comm window could have melted steel.
      "You have to forgive yourself, Asuka. You are not unlovable. You are brilliant, strong, fierce, you fought with your friends against terrible odds to protect your whole world... You're a hero, Asuka." Ching said sincerely. She worked at the mecha's controls for a moment. Asuka maintained her silence. "You’re not unlovable. And I'm going to show you proof." Ching paused for a second, then highlighted something on the screen. The ship they’d launched from was swelling as they rapidly vectored towards it.
    • And in chapter 25 she hears it from Shinji:
      "I rejected you. Even at that price. The whole of humanity's survival wasn’t enough to overcome my pride." Asuka’s voice was as dry as ash. "I'd rather see everyone lost than unbend enough to help even someone as low as you. why are you still here? I’m terrible. I sold myself to Winthrop rather than talk to you. Why... why are you still looking at me? I've never given you anything. Your whole life would be better without me. Why do you keep coming back? Why are you still looking at me?" When Shinji raised his head again, it was her this time that couldn't meet his gaze. He could see her starting to shake. "I'm filthy. I call you stupid and yell at you for trying to protect people. I hurt you without even thinking. Why did you hold me? Why did you call me beautiful? Why did you... kiss me?" Her eyes snapped back to his. "Tell me why," she said, her voice barely audible.
      "You... you're not terrible, Asuka. I called you beautiful because... because you are. I spent I don't know how long after I woke up just staring at your smile, because it was the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in years. I held you because I felt more... happy, more alive when I did it than any other time in my life. I kissed you because..." He closed his eyes to pen in the tears that threatened to escape. 'Because I've wanted to for years. Because I dream about it all the time. Because a world without you lacks any other meaning for me. Because I think I love you. Say something, Ikari!' "Because I thought I was dreaming a good dream, and I wanted to make you happy. I know I was awake now... and I would still do it again."
  • A New Chance Series: In the second story of the series The Pokemon poacher Rico successfully steals Weezing, Meowth, and Arbok from Jessie and James. After Ash saves Team Rocket's Pokemon from Rico, Brock, after laying into them about how their criminal career has been nothing but a failure tells them they are perfectly capable of being decent people, but only if they give up working for Team Rocket. By chapter 13, they've tossed their uniforms aside, and have gone straight
  • Steven invokes this trope very often, all to Bill, in A Triangle in the Stars. The most major one (of two) is the one in Chapter Forty-Four, where this particular snippet ultimately talks and shocks the demon down from suicide, because he never actually thought he was a good person, much less better than a human being.
    "Because you're a good person, Bill. You try. That's more than someone like Lars can say. So please... don't do anything. Prove that you really have changed..."
    • The first major one is in Chapter Thirty-Two:
      "Then you're not worse. You're awesome, you know? you might have made some mistakes but just by making an effort to get better you're fixing them. And that's awesome."
  • Advice and Trust: Shinji and Asuka both give this to each other often, and both give it to Rei at various points. Shinji, in particular, continually reassures Asuka of this to help assuage her fairly massive insecurity and self-image issues. Comes to a head when Gendo fires both Shinji and Asuka for defying orders in the Bardiel fight, thinking the Dummy Plug system will suffice as a replacement, at which point the effects of Shinji's ongoing use of this trope become apparent to both of them, and Shinji has his biggest challenge in pulling off this trope yet.
    • In chapter 7:
      Asuka: You're just like me[...] But... not this time. I know you never wanted to be a Pilot, or even heard of it at all before you arrived here... but being a Pilot has been my entire life since I was four years old. What's left of me if you take that away?
      Shinji: You're still the stunningly beautiful girl I'm in love with, the brilliant genius who finished a college degree before she was 14, and the fearless warrior who defeated alien monsters out of nightmare time after time, [...] My father, [...] Can't take any of that away from you. There's a lot more to you than just being a Pilot, Asuka. Even without that, you're still the most vibrant, alive, wonderful person I know. And we've still got each other. "Together, forever and always," I promised you. Nothing says we have to be Eva Pilots for that.
  • Hermione spends rather a lot of time in The Parselmouth of Gryffindor reassuring Dumbledore and Grindelwald that they are in fact awesome and that it's been way too long for them to still mope about how much they regret the errors of their youth and what terrible people they must be deep down. Conversely, Dumbledore also gives her a more subdued version of this after she's been feeling down about not being as good at magic as people like Dumbledore or Voldemort, which highlights that her strengths lie elsewhere, and what strengths they are too.
  • And So We Fight: Zelda is feeling depressed over her plan in disguising herself as Sheik. Impa, who figures out her secret earlier on than her game counterpart, gives out a heartfelt speech to comfort her.
    Impa: The mightiest are the ones that see when they have failed, but they are the ones that do not let themselves sink into grief and misery because of that. I cannot pretend that I know all of the answers. All I know is that things are difficult, Zelda, but we will get through them. You just have to believe, I suppose. It sounds silly, but sometimes that might be all it takes.
    Zelda: I must be rubbing off on you.
    Impa: That's because you're my friend. Friends tend to do that.
  • Multiple characters tell Cassandra Cain this over the course of Angel Of The Bat when they learn part of the reason she wants to become religious is to feel like she can forgive herself for evils she committed years before, under the influence of her father. But it reaches its extreme when, after falling asleep in a Catholic adoration, Cassandra dreams of meeting Jesus and he personally tells her (well, sort of, he "doesn't use words" as Tim puts it) that she doesn't need to ask for forgiveness anymore, and that he loves her no matter what.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Germany and Japan told Italy this after Italy told them of all his perceived negative qualities. They saw all his positive qualities and pointed them out to him.
  • In Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto, Hinata's psychiatrist manages to get through to her that she's not an incompetent fuckup like she thinks. Not only has she made tremendous strides in the last couple months, but after the attack on the village, she's considered an outright hero for her actions in fighting off the threat.
  • The Bridge: Godzilla Junior has a very low opinion of himself, despite all the good deeds he's done over the decades; seeing himself as a monster. His mother Azusa Gojo begs to differ. Turns out routinely stopping kaiju attacks on major cities for years on end tends to result in millions of people still alive thanks to Junior.
  • Xander gives an inadvertent one to Cordelia in The Cat Came Back while he spars with Angel, not knowing the girls are listening in. According to him, she's everything he saw in Buffy with one major difference: Cordelia never tried to run away from the fight despite not having any powers, whereas Buffy tried to leave a few times and constantly complained about being the Slayer.
  • Child of the Storm has Doctor Strange say this to Carol, who has struggled with self-worth issues all of her life, in chapter 75 as the short Rousing Speech he gives to each of the teens. This is underlined, and his words given a double meaning, when it's revealed that the enchanted ring he gives her is, in fact, the Green Lantern Ring of the late Alan Scott.
    Strange: Miss Danvers: your courage is without doubt, your strength of will without equal. You are worth more than you think.
    • And in chapter 78, when he reclaims the Ring and she assumes that she did something wrong and that she's not worthy to wield it full time, he gently but firmly corrects her - something made especially notable since he's normally a Good Is Not Nice Magnificent Bastard, but this time he's actually being nice for the sake of it. Just this once, there's absolutely no angle to work and no manipulation in what he's saying.
      Strange: Quite the contrary. I could not have picked a better wielder if I had searched for years. The ring chose you, and if you were a few years older, we would not be having this conversation. However, the ring and I both feel that you will have quite enough to do getting the hang of your other abilities. ... The ring doesn't usually take teenage wielders.
    • Strange also gives a speech along these lines to Jason Todd when offering him the Sword of Faith for temporary use and remarking, "Faith can be something that someone has in you."
    • Harry gives a speech along these lines to Maddie, when she's doubting that anything she's doing that's apparently against Essex/Sinister's interests after all and that she's still his pawn, saying that he believes in her. When she says that he doesn't know what she's done, he replies that a lot of the people he knows have done terrible things. So has he, if you think about it. What matters is that she's trying to be better.
    • Later, it's Harry's turn to get one of these, combined with You Are Not Alone. Having suffered physical and psychic assaults, including flat-out Mind Rape, and been completely and utterly broken, he snaps and becomes a monster, giving a Then Let Me Be Evil speech to his assembled friends and family. But he's reminded (in epic fashion) that he's not the only one who's suffered, he has loved ones who are there for him, know what's he's going through, and will not give up on him, as well as the fact that while he's hurting, he is not truly a monster at heart.
  • In Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns, Frandlin Ivo gets one from the dwarven noble protagonist and does a Heel–Face Turn that ultimately enables the latter to successfully pull off his Zero-Approval Gambit. The ironic part is that the DN somehow manages to maximize the effect by giving the speech just after a Hannibal Lecture.
  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 12, after Shinji stopped her suicide attempt, Asuka reveals that she had spent five hours trying to find a way to do it, but she had been unable to go through with it. Then she grumbles that she is not only a failure but also a weakling because she was too weak to pull the trigger and spare herself and everyone else of more pain. Shinji angrily replied that is not weakness, and she was the only person that he has ever known who had the courage to NOT kill herself after going through what she had been through.
  • Facing the Future Series: When Tucker was concerned about the Scarab Scepter of King Duulaman possessing him again, Danny and Sam gave him a Rousing Speech that he wasn't the same person he was when he first had it.
  • Fates Collide:
    • Pyrrha Nikos tells Jaune Arc that though he cheated to get into Beacon Academy, he hasn't cheated since, and he got into Chaldea Academy fair and square.
    • Gawain tells Jaune Arc that his history of failure stops him from being arrogant and gives him experience to avoid future mistakes.
  • One of Shepard's favorite social attacks in Glorious Shotgun Princess, where thanks to becoming a Solar Exalted, the already-charismatic hero can convert opponents to her side with a single phrase. Most often "You can be better."
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Haruhi learns about her powers, meaning she also learns that the world is in constant threat of destruction because of closed spaces and how hard times Kyon has lived because of her. All of this makes her worry if she's forcing Kyon against her will if not outright breaking him. Kyon counters by mentioning her own growth and whatever trouble she's causing, it isn't intentional on her part.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Shinji gives the speech twice:
    • To Ritsuko in chapter 8 of the rewrite:
      Ritsuko: If you knew the things I mean… I'm a horrible, horrible person.
      Shinji: You may have done something wrong, but you're still a human being, and there is good in you. I can see it, even if you can't.
      Ritsuko: Bullshit, [...] Get out, I don't want to hear this. I told you, if you knew half of what I've done, you'd want to kill me yourself.
      Shinji: That's not true.
      Ritsuko: I'm scum. I deserve everything Gendo does to me and more.
      Shinji: You're better than you think you are.
    • And to Asuka in chapter 9:
      Asuka: D-don't, [...] D-d-don't you like me?
      Shinji: I do, [...] You're the bravest person I know. You're smart and talented and kinder than you think you are.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: When Asuka tells she deserves being alone because she's horrible, and Arael showed her that during her Mind Rape, her friend Hikari disagrees.
    Hikari: Come on, Asuka. Everything can't be so bad. You have to believe that things will work out. You'll go back to pilot your Eva. Maybe have a talk with Shinji.
    Asuka: It's... I'm used to it. I deserve it.
    Hikari: No, Asuka…
    Asuka: That day … that day I got in the Eva, the Angel showed me what I was like. It made me realize … that I deserved it.
    Hikari: Nobody deserves to be hurt like that.
  • Never Had A Friend Like Me: Norm gives a speech like this to his master Amanda. Amanda learned about Norm's past from Timmy, who told her that Norm was using her. Amanda, who lacks self-esteem, is distraught, and decides to use her second wish to set Norm free. Norm tells her that she is the best human he has ever known, and even if he was free, there was nothing to prevent him from spending time with her.
  • Once More with Feeling: In chapter 17 Asuka confesses that she feels bad because she thinks she has done nothing but look like a bumbling idiot next to Shinji in the eyes of the Committee." Misato told her ignore them:
    Misato: So don't give a damn about those armchair Generals second guessing you either Asuka. You're a hell of a pilot - today was the toughest battle we've ever been in and you handled yourself incredibly well. Regardless of our motives going into this, you rose to the challenge today. I'm proud of you - and Rei of course.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Gary Oak falls into a funk when, in the aftermath of the Fuchsia Tag Tournament (having teamed up with Paul of all people), he goes to challenge the Celadon Gym. While he wins, he does so by the hair, and feels he should have done better. Erika finds him and assures him that he fought well, and gives him some encouraging words to find what he needs to improve his performance.
  • In The PreDespair Kids, Kyoji (who is masquerading as a teacher named Mr. Otashi) seems to be doing everything in his power to help Mikan's self-esteem improve.
    Kyoji: If you spend all your time criticizing yourself for your flaws, you'll never be able to appreciate your strengths. Growing up, I wasn't kind to myself either, which is why I said we're alike. Ms. Tsumiki, I couldn't care less about what kind of flaws you might have. You're much better than you think you are, and I...well...I want to help you see that. Because I believe in you and I want you to be happy. Like I said before, I want to help you.
    Mikan: I...I...Th-thank you...
  • In Reconciliation, Hanako learns that Hisao and Lilly had found and kept around the chess set Hisao gave her, even though she parted ways with them for eight years after her bad ending. Hanako suggests that they did it as a reminder of how awful she was, but Lilly then forcefully tells Hanako that she is not an awful person and they kept it because they missed her.
  • The BlazBlue/Shin Megami Tensei: Persona fanfic Shadows Of The Azure has the purpose of doing this to the BlazBlue characters, who were mirred with tons of issues with no one to care for those issues, by getting them to a Midnight Channel-esque place called 'Shadow Labyrinth', face their Shadows, and the Persona characters, with some other BlazBlue characters, came in and remind them that they're better than what they think about their flaws.
  • In Teal'c's Wish, Xander still thinks he's the The Team Normal after nearly a decade of fighting demons but Faith insists that he's a Badass Normal and outright tells him this trope verbatim.
  • Thousand Shinji: In a chapter Asuka is feeling morose and sullen and says to Shinji that he is stronger than her. Shinji disagrees and replies that he broke after his mother died and his father abandoned him, whereas her reaction was the opposite one: "You were the kid, the one in a million, who chose to become strong instead of break in response to such monumental adversity".
  • In To Hell and Back (Arrowverse), Oliver, with Barry's help, gives a speech to Kara along these lines after she gets a Heroic BSoD over killing her uncle.
  • In When Things Go Wrong, Simba, his daughter having ripped him for banishing Kovu, asks Nala if that is really true that he "will never be Mufasa". Nala answers that he is not, and also that he should stop trying and be his own lion, the way he was when he first ascended to the throne.
    Simba: I want to know the truth. Do you think Kiara is right? That I'll never be like Dad was.
    Nala: No, Simba. You are not Mufasa. (beat) You're Simba, not your dad. Let him guide you, but don't be him. I don't want you to be Mufasa. I believe that you are a great king. You brought these lands back to life after Scar. You kept the Outsiders at bay. Even now, they still wait to attack.
    Simba: Will I never be like him?
    Nala: Why should you be? You didn't live his life, and he didn't live yours. I married you, Simba, not your father. He never experienced "Hakuna Matata", you did. I would say that it brought a fresh life to the monotonous task of being king. Ease up, Simba. Every family goes through trouble at one point or another. Just walk your way through it, head tall and proud, knowing that you are you. Not your father, definitely not your uncle. You're a great king, Simba.
  • Invoked in With Strings Attached. Earlier on the quest for the third piece of the Vasyn, Ringo had been down on himself because he was a physical wreck after a few days of hard travel and little sleep, while the others were all fine. Though they try to convince him he's not useless, he doesn't really believe them. However, when the formerly hostile Hunter says that Ringo's mindsight is the single most valuable ability among the four, Ringo is a lot more convinced. Later, after the battle on the Plains of Death, where Ringo more than proves his worth, the Hunter claps him on the shoulder and says “Never disparage yourself again.”
    • The scene is briefly referenced in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World. Ringo is upset that he's not very useful because his mindsight is mostly being blocked, but he reassures John that he knows he's not useless. He notes that in the Hunter's world he was crazy exhausted and not thinking straight.
  • In With This Ring the Renegade is feeling down about how he's never acted like a stereotypical hero and he doesn't fit in with the rest. He's being tempted into joining The Light, when M'Gann talks him down.
    Renegade: I don't know, M'gann. Sometimes I feel like a supervillain who accidentally walked into the wrong lobby… And only stayed because the restaurant was better than the one the Legion of Doom had. When the four of us confronted Ocean Master I didn't hesitate to kill him. You did, Kon did, even Kaldur did and he had far better cause than I. I'm ruthless and hard in ways you're just not. The League... just doesn't do stuff that I think... we need to. And if the Light do…
    M'Gann: I don't care what you say, you're not like a dictator who mind controlled an eight year old boy and threatened him to make me obey her. You're not. Now open a boom tube back to Earth so we can sort this mess out.
    Renegade: ... Well. ...That's me told.
  • Wonderful!: Taylor gives her best friend Emma the speech after she was attacked by several thugs.
    “Taylor… I…” Emma gulped, and looked straight at her. “I don’t want to ever feel like that anymore. I… I want to be strong… I can’t—“
    “You ARE strong!” Taylor’s voice rang loud and clear. Emma’s mouth closed as Taylor moved past Sophia and towards her. “Emma… if you hadn’t been there for me when dad died, I’d… I would be here now.”
    Her friend’s gaze fell, and Taylor stopped. “… Somebody can be another person’s strength.” She whipped around and pointed to the interloper. “There is NOTHING wrong with helping others when they are down! And in FACT…” She slowly grinned. “… I’m going to demonstrate it to you.”
  • Headmaster Kirigiri tells Naegi this while explaining why he was put through the D-course simulation, insisting that he proved himself a capable leader. Naegi can't bring himself to believe this, feeling like he let too many of his friends die.
  • This fanart has Wonder Woman and Supergirl trying to cheer Batgirl up after a defeat, insisting that she doesn't need super-powers or mystical devices to keep up because she's stronger, smarter and braver than she thinks.
  • A minor one in Claire the Kind when Claire thinks she won't get the part in the school play.
    Mary: Hey, Claire! No anxiety! Got it?
    Claire: I can't help it.
    Mary: Yes, you can! Who are you?
    Claire: Uh… Claire Nuñez?
    Mary: That's right! And what grades do you get?
    Claire: A's?
    Mary: Who do the boys swoon for?
    Claire: …Me?
    Mary: Who's gotten Spring Fling Queen three years in a row?
    Claire: Me.
    Mary: And who's gonna play Juliet in the play?
    Claire: Me!
  • In Tony Stark is Not a Supervillain, Tony gets one from Dr. Doom, stating that despite how the Avengers treat him and the media likes to portray him, Tony is in no way a villain but one of the truest heroes on Earth.
  • In Conversations, Tony Stark learns that his ability to wield Mjolnir isn't simply because he asked but because he was found worthy. Thor remarks later that Tony is "kind and strong and generous" and Thor doesn't need Mjolnir to confirm it for him.
  • In A Bridge Once Broken, Jahanna constantly reassures Loki every time he gets obsessed over his past sins.
  • Kara Of Rokyn: When Kara is disheartened and discouraged after her defeat at a rival wrestler's hands, her parents help her get her fighting spirit back.
    Kara: I guess Jasmine is the broken tooth. But I failed, Daddy.
    Zor-El: You did not fail! You got beaten. The only way you fail is if you let this beat you. Kara, life is a lot tougher than some wrestling match. And you're old enough now that I shouldn't have to be doing this. So what next? Do you want to get back in that ring?
    Kara: (hesitating) I'm scared of her.
    Zor-El: I didn't ask if you were scared of her. Do you want to get back in that ring and get back at her? Say it, Kara. I won't say it for you. Do you want to get back in the ring?
    Kara: Yes! Yes, yes, yes, I do! I want to get back at her and show her up and get that stupid belt back, and then give it up. That's what I want, Daddy. That's what I want. But how do I do it? How... do... I...
    Allura: With our help, honey. That's how you do it. With both of us by your side, all the way. But most of all, with you on your side. Are you ready to start facing life, instead of just making right turns to it?
    Kara: I guess so. Yes.
    Zor-El: Say it again. Yes, what?
    Kara: Yes, I'm ready to face up to life. (pause) It's going to be hard, Daddy.
    Zor-El: It always is, Karaish.
    Kara: You really think I can do this thing?
    Zor-El: Do you think you can do it?
    Kara: I really think I can tr—
    Zor-El: Stop it! (Covering her mouth) Now, I'm going to let you repeat the first part of that sentence. If you say the wrong thing, this hand is going over that mouth again. Now what?
    Kara: I really think I can.
    Zor-El: (smiling) I really know you can. But you have to face up to her. And I can't do that for you.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom, Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.):
    • A sure sign that the girls grow to like Danny is when he says or does something to help convince them of their own self-worth should they be upset over something.
    • Despite being afraid of her, Danny does appreciate Katie Kaboom telling him that the girls from his school are morons for rejecting him, since he's such a great person.
  • Fate/Harem Antics: Shortly after being summoned, Caster/Medea Lily looks down on herself because she lacks physical strength, her magic's not that strong, and she's no good in a physical fight. Luvia declares she is a worthy Servant and with their combined talents, they will win the Holy Grail War.


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