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  • Ass Pull: The series had firmly established one major rule for time travel: they cannot send anyone back in time earlier than the most recent Traveler. In the season 3 finale, when everything is irreparably screwed up, Grace suddenly gives a Techno Babble Hand Wave explaining that, because they're already in the 21st century, it is actually possible to send someone back earlier than Traveler 001.
  • Funny Moments:
    • MacLaren and Kat discussing what to do with the money from selling their house in "Traveler 0027."
    Kat: You know, I was thinking we should put some of our house money into a trust fund for college tuition.
    MacLaren: College? That's years from now.
    Kat: You need to learn to think of the future.
    (Beat, as MacLaren looks like he's trying to process the Irony of that statement)
    • Andrew / Traveler 7189 gets to enjoy a taste of 21st-century cuisine before goin to prison.
    Andrew: What do you call this again?
    Yates: It's a hot dog.
    Andrew: Dog. Interesting.
    Yates: Not dog.
    Andrew: (like he gets it now) A not dog.
    Yates: I mean, it's.... It's not actually made from... (gives up)
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Philip turning up at Carly's custody hearing, posing as her lawyer, even though her trying to keep custody of Original!Carly's child is a distraction from the mission. He tells her in almost so many words that she is not alone.
  • Ho Yay: What little fanfic there is for this show is mostly Trevor / Philip slash due to them being two young (-looking), unusually kind and conscientious (for young male characters), and conventionally handsome men who are the only team members who aren't romantically attached to any other character, and indeed, don't get any established sexual orientation at all for the entire first season. (Though in the second season, it is established that Philip is attracted to women after all, and Trevor has had children a lifetime agonote ) And even in the second season, there are still scenes that seem designed to show that these two have an especially close relationship among the team, e.g. Philip staying with Trevor in the hospital when the rest of the team leaves, or Philip actively sabotaging two missions to save Trevor's life and getting somewhat hostile towards a young woman Trevor is bonding with. Meanwhile Trevor still reacts uncomfortable to Grace coming on to him, despite the fact that she (unlike his host's teenage girlfriend) would not be an ethically problematic sexual partner for him, and even though he seemed to show some platonic(?) interest in the original Grace in season 1.
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  • Magnificent Bastard: Traveler 001 was intended to go on a Suicide Mission to the September 11th attacks simply to prove that the concept was viable, but managed to survive and create a happy life for himself. Then the Director attempted to put an end to it, using his wife as a messenger and killing her. Now with a deep hatred of the grand plan, he comes to believe humanity must free itself entirely from AI and uses his future knowledge and skills to set up a plan to destroy the Director, changing the timeline so that another version of himself will exist in the future and create a Faction of like-minded people who will work to save the future in their own way. Ultimately his plan becomes to upload his mind onto the Internet so that he can essentially take the Director's place, and the numerous Traveler teams are completely helpless to stop him. He ends up achieving all his goals with no hope of undoing them, and the only way the Travelers can come out ahead is to break all known rules of time travel and go back to a point prior to his arrival, where they can send a message that puts a halt to the entire first version of the program.
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  • Romantic Plot Tumour: MacLaren's and Kat's marital troubles occupy a lot of screentime over the course of the series, and is hard to get invested in given the inherent skeeviness of MacLaren working very hard to make Kat believe that he's the same man she's been in a relationship with for 17 years. note 
  • Paranoia Fuel: If there is any digital record of you that includes both a location and a time people from the future can find you and steal your body.
    • And at the same time anyone you know could be irreversibly possessed by a person from the future without any way to know.
  • The Scrappy: Unfortunately, Kat MacLaren's dynamic with Grant/3468 is the textbook Wet Blanket Wife character that audiences got sick of as an annoying sexist trope years ago. (He even forgets their anniversary!) It doesn't help that her male counterpart, David, is a far more richly drawn character who's far more supportive to his love interest Marcy, interacts far more with the main plot and ends up undergoing his own Hero's Journey — all while Kat is sitting at home stewing about Grant missing dinner. Even people sympathetic to Kat for being gaslit by an impostor are miffed that the dramatic potential of her slapping Grant and shouting "You killed my husband!" gets nullified by the Season 3 Reset Button. 3468 Becoming the Mask and falling for Kat unfortunately ends up being the Romantic Plot Tumor for most of the show.
    • It definitely doesn't help that she has a lot of potential to become a positive example of empowerment, and a legitimate antagonist subplot with the moral high ground , since she displays several instance of Awesomeness by Analysis and a lot of intiative in pursuing the truth behind her husband's strange behaviour, yet she always gets send back to square one by the reset button in order to mantain the romantic tension in MacLaren's personal life, relegating her to a Satellite Character.
  • Tear Jerker: Philip is so isolated that the closest thing to a loved one Vincent can find to kidnap in order to exert pressure on him is Ray, who freely admits that he's just out to profit off of him. Even Ray himself notes that that's really kind of sad. On the slightly bright side, this actually shelters Philip from another Tear Jerker when the other Travelers are reunited with their loved ones who now react with horror at seeing them, since Vincent has revealed to them that they're not who they've claimed to be. While they're dealing with that gutpunch, Ray just amiably notes that Philip actually told him the truth right from the start. Similarly, at the beginning of the episode when Carly tries to phone Jeff, Marcy tries to phone David, and Trevor gets through to his parents, all Philip can do is look at his turtle.
    • David's death in the penultimate episode.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: David's boss, Hickman, is presented as a major jerk for firing David from his job as a social worker. The grounds he gives, though - that David should have reported when Marcy apparently stopped being disabled - makes absolute sense. Hickman's conclusion that Marcy has been committing disability fraud really is the most reasonable explanation, and David was apparently continuing to draw a salary as her active social worker when she no longer needed that support.

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