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  • Foe Yay: Silas loves Reaver. Reaver hates Silas. Reaver's also dating Silas's clone. It's complicated. over the course of A God Among Insects the two develop an understanding, eventually becoming allies, turning this to straight Ho Yay.
  • Ho Yay: Literally all over the place: all of the viewpoint characters are gay men.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Valen might be an Alpha Bitch with a serious case of Small Name, Big Ego, at least within the Dekker family, but it's established that he was ignored and mistreated by his family in part because the enhancements given to him- including him being the first empath chimera- failed. Thankfully, Sanguine decides to Throw the Dog a Bone and befriend him, and the two spend several years together as a loving couple before Valen dies.
    • Valen returns in A God Among Insects, having been encased in concrete due to having become immortal. Interestingly, this serves to make Jack even more of a Jerkass Woobie (See below).
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    • Jack has been in love with Sanguine since they first met, but they never seem to be able to be together due to Sanguine's martyrdome leading him to leave Jack for Valen, and then to serve as Silas's sengil. [[spoiler:A God Among Insects has him caring for a thoroughly broken Sanguine while entrenched in a Friends with Benefits-esque relationship with Sanguine's alter, Crow. When Crow finally manages to transfer his consciousness to a new body, leaving the road open for Jack to finally be with a now (relatively) stable Sanguine, Valen (see above) turns out to be Not Quite Dead, leaving his future with Sanguine uncertain once again.
  • Memetic Badass: Biff, Killian's cat, to the point that the author sent hand-drawn Christmas cards to his patreon subscribers portraying him as eventual king of the Greywastes.
  • The Woobie: Sanguine. His adopted mother died when he was child, leaving him at an orphanage where he was crucified due to some Troubling Unchildlike Behaviour, escaped and spent time living alone, before being captured by a pedophile and kept prisoner for eleven years, developing an alternate personality in the process. When he's finally rescued from this hell he's close to feral, battles with mental illness, and eventually kills himself. Thankfully, he gets better, and has his alternate personality kept in check by a remote control owned by Silas.
    • Reno spent years in love with his best friend, Reaver, only for Reaver to fall in love with Killian. He finally gets a loving [[spoiler:fiance in Garrett, only to be kidnapped by the Crimstones and abused for weeks, before being rescued in time to lose both Reaver and Killian, his two best friends, and slowly finds himself falling in love with Silas, only to have his heart broken again when Silas finally gets Sky back just as he was beginning to reciprocate his feelings. To make matters worse, he has a major argument with Reaver when the latter discovers Reno's feelings for his sworn enemy. By the time A God Among Insects rolls around he's trapped in a loveless relationship which quickly becomes abusive, miles away from anyone he cares about, and suicidal.
    • Perish. A brilliant scientist, he's had his mind altered to the point where, when we first him, he's a Cloud Cuckoolander of the highest order, desperate for human interaction, and treated with contempt by his family. He falls in love with Killian, who has to enable his fantasy to ensure his safety and eventually murders him, after Nero kills some of his precious test subjects and rapes him. Upon resurrecting, he's held captive by Leo for months, routinely tortured and experimented on, before having Sky's OLS implanted in him, resulting in increasing mental instability as he battles with Sky's personality for dominance, eventually being forced to hold the man he loves captive and rape him repeatedly.
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    • to make matters worse, A God Among Insects reveals that Perish was in love with Silas the entire time, and manipulated Sky to kill himself in order to protect Silas and prevent Sky from hurting him any longer.

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