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Ace Attorney

  • In Somebody That I Used To Know Matt Engarde becomes this for Juan Corrida, towards whom he becomes increasingly obsessed with and possessive towards (in a very abusive way); it is heavily implied that he is responsible for Celeste Inpax's apparent suicide, after he fails to scare Juan into breaking up with her; the fact that her death happened not long after she and Juan had announced their engagement, and all of Matt's attempts to get Juan to call it off had failed, is rather telling.

Adventure Time

  • Alex: The titular character to PB.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Axis Powers Hetalia

  • Many countries that are seen to be more... jerky in Real Life and historically are often characterised this way. It's even led to many different Alternative Character Interpretations, to the point where Hetalia has a page of its own there.
    • You literally just have to search 'yandere' on FanFiction.Net to get around 100 results for Hetalia that have the word just in their title or summary. Sure, they aren't really of the best quality, but it's telling of how many people write such things.


  • Wepdiggy's Adorable Psycho series has Sarah using her insane assassin/spy skills to kill any women who would even look at Chuck. Regardless of if they're a threat or not. Eventually, she and Chuck (and Casey, much to his disgust, because he's cleaning up after all of her messy kills) establish a contract supposedly limiting her murderous tendencies. Doesn't stop her from trying to subvert it every chance she gets, though.

Code Geass



  • Jara from Kara of Rokyn offers Kara a choice: sleeping with her or getting beaten up. Kara turns her down and gets beaten for it.
    "I'm offering you a choice. If you take me, I'll go easy on you in the ring. If you don't—" She gave Kara as venomous a look as she'd ever seen, and the heroine replayed all the cliches she'd heard about a woman scorned. "If you don't, I promise you twenty— five minutes of sheer hell. And you know I can deliver. Now, what'll it be? Ecstasy— or agony?"
  • A non-sexual example in the book Teen Titans: Witch-Hunt is Circe for her mother, Hecate. As a result of Hecate's Hands-Off Parenting methods, Circe has always been obsessed with having her mother's love all to herself. Enough to curse, kill, or curse then kill hundreds of her half-brothers and sisters on a regular basis. When they reunite in the climax, and Hecate is completely nonchalant about not visiting her daughter in centuries, Circe snaps and steals her power, seemingly killing her mother.
  • Owlman from Forever Evil grew obsessed by young Richard Grayson, coming to see him as the brother he ought to be and killing everyone posing a slightest threat for their relationship. When the youth got killed, Owlman decided to recreate him by abducting his Alternate Universe counterpart whom he brainwashed and drugged to be more like the original Talon.

Death Note

Dragon Ball

Final Fantasy

  • Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged depicts Aerith as being extremely passive-aggressive towards any female — regardless of age, romantic interest, or species - who acknowledges Cloud's existence, or whom Cloud takes note of. This starts going into Yandere territory in episode 14, when she 'accidentally' destroys the Shiva Materianote , just because Cloud remarked on how beautiful the summoned goddess is.

Fire Emblem

Happy Tree Friends

  • One of the most common portrayals in the Happy Tree Friends' fanon anime version depicts Flippy - who is an Ax-Crazy, psychotic murderer in Canon- as an Yandere for Flaky. The canon episode Without A Hitch plays with it a bit, because Flippy constantly follows Flaky around, trying to be nice to her, while she is so terrified of him, that she tries to get rid of him at all costs.

Harry Potter

Harvest Moon


  • The Condesce is often portrayed as having romantic feelings for the Psiioniic. In canon, she wired him permanently into her spaceship's engine so his psychic abilities could be used as a power source; as the fanworks would have it, it was also so he can't leave her. Referenced in Hivefled, in which the Grand Highblood is also distinctly yandereish towards the Handmaid; he killed her, kept her skull, and painted a portrait of her in her blood.


  • Adam of Dalton.
  • Savannah Carlyle from If You Only Knew. She begins a relationship with Puck and starts to show symptoms not long after her introduction but it is all culminates with her killing Shelby, Puck's ex. She even sings the Yandere song "This Little Girl" by Cady Groves as her confession.
  • Dani in Changing Directions is obsessed with Faith and threatens to rape her, but in this case, her obsession is treated as a disease and she is Put on a Bus to deal with it.

Good Omens

Kill la Kill

  • Evelyn Adams-Nickelsen from Maim de Maim is a maternal variant, as one of the reasons she killed her husband was to keep him from getting custody of her son (the other reason because she felt like it, apparently)

Kingdom Hearts

Marvel Universe

  • Don't touch MJ's stuff: All of the girls (and some gay guys) at Midtown do their best to avoid Peter Parker like the plague. This is not because he's unattractive or unpleasant by any means (on the contrary, he's noted as prime boyfriend material); it's because everyone is afraid of what Michelle Jones will do to them if they try to make a move on the boy she considers "her property". The only person who isn't afraid of her is Peter himself, and that's only because MJ will do whatever it takes to ensure her crush (and later boyfriend) remains blissfully ignorant of her more darker qualities
  • Ultimate Re-Imaginings gives us Natasha Romanov. She tried to kill Joey and blatantly implied she's the one who got Clint's family murdered. And when her attempt to kill Joey backfired the first time she framed Clint before ultimately trying to kill him too because he was spending too much time with Joey.
    • And this is to say nothing of how Andrea Rourke is turning out from her previously innocent protrayal as Joey's Shrinking Violet Tsundere Type B friend. And as of 'Over The Edge,' she's officially proven just how fatal her love is. Even more disturbing is that when Joey returns from being kidnapped again he's going to be in for a nasty surprise.
  • Ultimate Spider-Woman: At first, Ronald Hilliard turned himself into an electricity-spitting monstrosity and began murdering Spider-Woman's critics as a way of displaying his affection for her. When, Ronald, now calling himself Supercharger, professes his "love" for Spider-Woman, she disgustedly points out that she can do without the "love" of a sick freak like him. The resulting Freak Out leaves Supercharger torn between his obsession with making Spider-Woman his girlfriend and his obsession with torturing and killing her for "rejecting" him.

Mass Effect

  • Miranda Lawson in Miranda's Obsession began to obsessively study Commander Shepard's life during the two year time period when she was in charge of bringing him Back from the Dead. Her obsession with him only grew when she met the man in person and realized how much of a Nice Guy he was, to the point where she started to view him as her property.
  • Admiral Daro'Xen, the Big Bad of Project Gethinator, is crazy in love (or is that lust?) for Commander Shepard. She's gone into quite in-depth study of Shepard's history and psychology and has determined that he is quite susceptible to the charms of female quarians, and nothing will dissuade her from the notion that she and Shepard were meant to be together. Everyone else working with her (particularly her second-in-command, Hvenna'Tor) considers this aspect of her to be utterly disgusting. It definitely doesn't help that she's written a collection of Self-Insert Real Person Fics about herself and Shepard, with a reputation for depravity second only to that of Fornax's Forbidden Issue. When she and Shepard finally face off in the final chapter, when Shepard turns Xen down (because Xen is completely out of her mind and because Shepard is in love with Tali), Xen has an If I Can't Have You... Villainous Breakdown of star-system-shattering proportions — she turns a mineral scanner on Eta Carinae, causing it to go hyper-nova in a furious bid to destroy Shepard, Tali and the entire Normandy crew.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Adrien Agreste in Le Papillon Rising is a Young Conqueror Villain Protagonist who believe Stalking Is Love and has a very unhealthy relationship with Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the secret identity of the superheroine who is trying to fight off Le Papillon, Adrien's secret identity. In his attempts to keep Marinette as his girlfriend, he goes into Manipulative Bastard territory, creating akumas designed specifically to destroy any threats to their relationship. The Evillustrator becomes this as well, attempting to kill Papillon because Marinette thinks Papillon has pretty eyes and is very physically attracted to him, although she knows him to be a villain.
  • In I'd Kill For You To Love Me, Too, Adrien/Chat Noir is a powerful and dangerous serial killer who always left a calling card at the scene of his crimes, detailing his demands in exchange for stopping: legal ownership of Marinette. While the demands were ignored at first, Marinette would eventually offer herself up to stop the killings.
  • Protective 'Friends' has Luka, and eventually Adrien, becoming dangerously protective of Marinette after becoming akumatized.
  • Chloe calls Marc this in Marc Being In A Gang Rights when he declares that if any rich heir wants his boyfriend, they have to go through him first.
  • Played for laughs in Double Dates. Kagami is so intent on getting Adrien and Marinette (yes, both of them), that she threatens to call food safety on Andre's ice-cream cart just because he is hindering their date.
    "Listen you," she said in a cool, detached rumble. "I just spent ten minutes frolicking in a ball pit with a supermodel and a goddess after which he serenaded us while drooling over the sight of her with her hair down. I am this close!"

Monsters, Inc.

  • Randall's ex-girlfriend Sylvia Schneider from Angela's Pet Monster is completely Ax-Crazy and will murder anyone who she sees Randall show any sort of affection to.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Poor Fluttershy tends to get this treatment in fan works because of her infamous "YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME!!!" flip-out in the original series. Some of it's enough to make you feel really bad for Big Macintosh, or Rainbow Dash, or whoever else she's going Yandere on at the time. The rest is flat out Nightmare Fuel.
    • A famous example is this audio drama. Fluttershy chases the viewer into his house after he apparently saw her murder one of her friends.
  • Played for laughs in the rather bizarre story, ''Stealing the Deed'' when it seems that Trixie has become a very strange and desperately in-denial version of this. Just about everything she says in this story is either filled with unadulterated Insane Troll Logic, or both confirming and attempting to deny her yandere-ness.
    Twilight Sparkle: Wow... uh... I had no idea you erm... hated me so much? I mean... I guess I'm flattered that (Beat) Wait! You came into the library while I was sleeping and stole some of my hair?!
    Trixie: Uh... Trixie has a very good explanation for that!
    Twilight Sparkle: I'm listening.
    Trixie: Trixie, in fact, does not have a very good explanation for that...
  • The Benefits Of Friendship Come With Consequences has Twilight slowly transform into a yandere. It's played completely straight, to the point where Rainbow Dash (her love interest) flat out states that she's close to losing her trust and the local goddess of love has to step in to rebalance Twilight's psyche.
  • Played for laughs in The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine. While espousing her love for Dusk, Rarity gets distracted by jealousy:
    How dare that little worm steal your first kiss? I don’t care if she was Celestia’s long-lost sister, I don’t care if it was her party, and I don’t even care if she was alone on her precious moon for thousand years, NOPONY TOUCHES MY-
  • Twilight in Friendship is Witchcraft is this way towards her adopted brother Francis. Her first words to his fiancee Cadance are literally a song that goes "Hi there! I will destroy you and steal your fiance!". Everypony loves Parody Sue Cadance except for Twilight, who is very much the Villain Protagonist of the series in other episodes and this is only most obvious in Foaly Matripony'. She spends the episode hating Cadance and produces Blatant Lies like her kicking babies in the face and having devil horns. The episode ends with Twilight chasing Cadance off during her own wedding and marrying Francis herself. It's shown that Twilight possibly tortured Cadance before leaving her to die in a cave.
  • Moondancer in Spectacular Seven, believes that she is entitled to Twilight Sparkle, because she was the first person who was ever truly nice to her. She completely refuses to believe that Twilight loves Sunset Shimmer of her own free will, and thinks that she has her under a spell. No matter what Twilight tries, Moondancer just can’t seem to take the hint, which comes to a head when she finds out that Moondancer is intentionally working with Tempest Shadow, just to kill Sunset Shimmer for ‘getting in her way’.


  • After a young Naruto manages to awaken emotions in the previously emotionless Mikoto Uchihia in A Dark Obsession, she becomes absolutely obsessed with him, eventually killing off most of the Uchiha Clan when she felt that they were getting in the way of Mikoto and her "little spiral".
  • In ''Clementine, Madara Uchiha started to fall in love with Sakura (who traveled back in time to prevent the deaths of her comrades in the future) and uses his Sharingan to suppress her memories of the future, allowing her to live as his wife. He is dangerously protective, ranging from wanting to keep her safe in their home while she is pregnant with their third child to encouraging his sons to torture and kill a vendor that sold a box of clementines (which he intended as a gift to his wife) which secretly contained rotten fruits.


  • Fate/Harem Antics: From her place in the Greater Grail, Iri is able to talk to her daughter Illya to an extent. She tells Illya all about Shirou, then manipulates events so that every Master and Servant in the War besides Shirou is female. Unfortunately, she failed to mention two things: She's trying to get Shirou a harem (she really wants grandchildren) and Kiritsugu forgot to tell Shirou about Illya. When Illya meets Shirou for the second time, he's talking to five beautiful women, and Illya orders Berserker to "kill those skanks who are trying to steal my onii-chan!"
    Iri: Oh dear. I think that Illya might be just a little yan yan for her brother...
    Kiritsugu: [sighing] I swear, it's a family curse to never have it easy with women...

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Rei in Advice and Trust is an unusual case since she's yandere towards her Love Interests and their relationship. She loves both Shinji and Asuka but she refuses to pursue them romantically since she won't risk disrupting their relationship. However, no one else is allowed to romance either of them... or she'll get angry. And she's scary when she gets angry.
    Rei stared at her right hand. She never made her body move so fast before. There hadn’t been even a second of thought, just the sudden urge to slap him until he stopped saying such rage-inducing things. ‘Those are MY loves, you invader! MINE! AWAY! HISSSSSSSS~!’
  • The Child of Love: Subverted. Rei is pretty jealous of Asuka but she is not mad with her and does not want to hate her. On the other hand Asuka is jealous of AND mad with Rei, thinking she wants to steal Shinji away. At the beginning she treats Rei hostilely… until she calms down and realizes she is just being irrational.
  • Evangelion 303: Saburo broke up with Kaworu and regretted it later. However Kaworu does not want him back so Saburo resorts to lash out against his perceived rival- Rei- and stalk Kaworu. He shows up in Kaworu’s house uninvited, he gets angry and jealous when Kaworu spends time with Rei… He knows that it is wrong and he should step out of the way, but he does not know how to.
  • HERZ: Kurumi is dangerously obsessed with Shinji. She took advantage of him when he got drunk, and when she met him seven years later she still chased after him obsessively even though he was a married man and a father (bonus points by stalking him in the men’s locker rooms and then chasing him down their workplace despite of being naked).
  • Hilariously, Shinji Ikari for Kaworu Nagisa in Playing With Fire, who tries to force Kaworu to complete Instrumentality so they would be together forever instead of killing Kaworu. Shinji admits that he would rather let the world die than separate from Kaworu, refusing to harm the one person unconditionally kind to him. Which causes Gendo to realize that Shinji is truly is his son as Gendo's one to Yui.
  • Scar Tissue gives Asuka and Shinji a destructive love-hate relationship with each being yandere for each other. It's very much Played for Drama in that they know that they've become vicious and clingy since Instrumentality, and are terrified that they could lose each other for good even when they're trying to get better.
    • Asuka regularly abuses Shinji mentally, physically, and sexually but still wants his attention and love more than anything else. She views every woman in his life, including their guardian Misato and his biological sister Rei, as a potential threat and is tempted to beat him for being happy at Rei's survival.
    • For Shinji, Asuka is the only thing he has left, and he doesn't care what happens as long as she's around. This leads to him dreaming about killing her for getting with another guy and seriously considering killing her and having his way with her (in that order) after months of emotional neglect.
  • Thousand Shinji: Deconstructed with, of all people, Rei. After Shinji and Asuka got together she realized her feelings towards Shinji. At the beginning she just tried to be happy for Shinji, but she got increasingly obsessed with Shinji and she yearned for getting Asuka out of the way. It got so bad that she often dreamt of killing Asuka. Still Rei restrained herself, thinking that if she killed Asuka, Shinji would hate her forever and kill her or, worse still, he would kill himself.
  • Rei is not actually an example in Doing It Right This Time, but Chihiro Tanaka starts referring to her as "YandeRei" when she has a bit of a Clingy Jealous Girl moment over Shinji.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  • Insane Insight: In this fanfic, Sayaka goes full-on yandere for Kyosuke to the point of killing Hitomi. But then she's not the only one who goes yandere.
  • You're Mine: In this fanfic, Homura's obsession and possessiveness toward Madoka are cranked Up to Eleven to the point of killing Sayaka, Mami, Kyoko and also kidnapping Madoka.
  • Chapter Two of Magical Challenges features Yandere Mami who committed many atrocious murders that would make Shion Sonozaki proud. Completed with her Sanity Slippage: "If Madoka has turned into a Witch... Then the whole world has no choice but to die!"


  • Blood and Ink: Cinder becomes enamored with Ruby after the latter opens a flower shop across the street from the former, and makes it clear to everyone that Ruby is her's. She even goes as far as to send Roman to attack Yang when Cinder believes that she'll become a threat to her blossoming relationship with Ruby (and also because Yang was the detective who lead the raid on one of her bases). The story doesn't end well for Ruby.
  • The fic Pyrrha(c) victory turns Pyrrha into one, in a show of OOCness that is both canon-butchering and extremely hilarious.
    Pyrrha shook the thought out of her head. She wasn't going to resort to sexual harassment yet.
  • Weiss Reacts:
  • Taken Up to Eleven with Nightly Visits where most of the female characters are obsessively in love with Jaune. The only exceptions include Pyrrha (who's in love with him, just not to Yandere levels), Nora, and Glynda. Everyone else is fair game.
  • This fanfic is about Yang acting as one.
  • Played very, very seriously in Professor Arc: In the fic, Jaune ends becoming a teacher at Beacon, and earns the respect and admiration of Blake. This earns him the jealous hatred of Adam-who is convinced by Cinder that Blake and Jaune's relationship is more then professional. During the Battle of Beacon, he tries to murder Jaune's family with the Atlas robots-and was only stopped when Jaune shut them off .

The Simpsons

  • The Simpsons fan-created character Mara Morrigan, originally from unfinished fanfic "Bart Simpson's Obsession" but since then appearing in other works by various fans, is the sweet-seeming but secretly Ax-Crazy cutie with an unrequited love for Bart. The original fanfic was supposed to have ended with him having her committed to an institute to save his own life.
  • Bart Simpson Attorney At Law: Jessica Lovejoy evolves into this by leaving threatening phone calls for Alex, and later kidnapping Bart and drugging him into saying a marriage vow.

Splatoon 2

  • Played for laughs on the Uh Oh, Splatfest Alert! tumblr, where Marina acts like this towards Pearl. Specifically, in the vein of "If I Can't Have You...", so she spends her trying to seduce Pearl, trying to kill her or both at the same time.

Star Wars

Sword Art Online

  • Sword Art Online Abridged amplifies Asuna's canonical clingy moments to the point where, after Lisbeth has an episode of Unresolved Sexual Tension with Kirito, Asuna gives the other girl a fake hug and softly, calmly explains that "If I see you try something like that again, I WILL come for you." Then at the end of episode, after Lisbeth has run off crying and Kirito finds and comforts her, the blacksmith returns to her shop to find it a charred ruin, with "YOU WERE WARNED" scrawled on the sign. Liz spends the rest of the series terrified of Asuna, to the point of diving out of windows to get away from her.


  • A common interpretation of Starscream/Megatron.

The Vampire Diaries

  • Vicki in The Jill Gilbert Saga is very violent towards Jill, even more so when she becomes a vampire. Jill has hints of one herself and fully becomes one when Klaus tells her turn off her feelings that don't involve him.

Touhou Project

  • Yukari was a maternal one in Mine towards Reimu, who is, at the time, about one and a half years old (ergo, an infant), and was more than willing to take Reimu to the grave with her, literally. Her reason for this was because she was Reimu's wet nurse and, in breastfeeding her, grew attached and didn't want to give her back to her birth-mother (the then shrine maiden), as she's cared for her since birth and sees herself as being Reimu's mother, ergo she is more than willing to kill herself and Reimu, too, just to keep 'her baby' from being taken from her, making her Type 1: Possessive. However, she is a mild one as she would have only killed herself and Reimu too as a last ditch effort but her willingness to do it at all shows her attachment and exactly how unwilling she was to let Reimu go. Of course, she only said she would but, if she fled and Ran still continued to chase her down further, it would be likely she would have gone through with it or fled to the Outside World, though the former is more than likely than the latter.
    • Definately played to a minor maternal sort in Touhou MAMA, a crossover of the Touhou Project and the film Mama where Yukari, playing the role of Mama/Edith Brennan actually does take Reimu to the afterlife with her just to keep from losing her, with Reimu, playing the role of Lily, happily going with her "Mama". As a matter of fact, when Reimu is taken to be with her family, Yukari decides she wants none of it and is not going to allow anyone to take her 'child' away from her without raising hell first, thus it escalates to her spriting people away and causing Gensokyo to descend into a panic over the events.

Warrior Cats

  • Bad Girl is a Fan Animation MAP where Spottedleaf is yandere for Firestar. After her death, Spottedleaf becomes upset thar Firestar has moved on from her. She slowly begins killing off his loved ones (including personally killing Firestar's mate, and her own niece, Sandstorm) so that he'll pay attention to her.
  • In Spottedleaf's plot, Spottedleaf is this way towards Firestar. She wants his mate Sandstorm killed and doesn't care who she hurts in the process. It's also shown that she's weirdly maternal towards Firestar's daughters, especially Leafpool (who is named after her).


  • Rin, Tei, and Mayu all count as this in the Vocaloid fanfic Rotting Camellias, Rin has an unhealthy and literal attachment to her brother, Len, stating that she's glad that the two of them have been stitched together, because that means they can be together forever and acting generally annoyed whenever he gives attention to Tei. Tei, meanwhile, threatens Miku with a knife for even thinking of interrupting her time with Len. But it isn't until the very climax of the story that we see Mayu take her rightful place as yandere queen when she kills Cul when she realizes that Meiko loves her more.


  • New Dawn has three of these:
    • Claudia Bartlett is one you would never expect. At first seeming like an inhumanly stoic character with Mrs. Robinson vibes, her affection for Matthew seemed purely superficial and based on his physical attributes. She does not really care that she is his teacher, only that her husband - an insurance manager - is never around to "take care of her needs". It turns out Claudia is madly in love with Matthew...because he looks like Dad, who she's had sex with previously. She tries to drug him with Rohypnol in the victory party over Nebiros, and comes very close to molesting the poor guy. She then becomes convinced she needs to kill her husband for him to love her.
    • Much more maniacal is Joshua-Antonio, who has a Psycho Supporter thing going for Nebiros. He "does not want anybody but Matthew to challenge Nebiros", viewing his service as basically an act of love, and serves Nebiros not for a vendetta against society or against certain sub-cultures, but because he genuinely loves his boss. Nebiros being a deformed Monster Clown has not impacted this in the slightest. He actually becomes very, very angry when Wayne Reverie speaks badly to Nebiros.
    • And the last is Katherine Daille. Consider that she is actually mentally ill, mostly caused by positively hideous abuse by her father and brother. Matthew was the only "steady thing" / "safe thing" in her life, and he defended her many times from bullying from school boys all the way into high school. As a result, she became hell bent on trying to secure her position as his girlfriend so she can get out of her house and get into his. She rapidly mentally declines as more women enter Matthew's life "threatening her love" or so she thought. She is a very sympathetic Yandere, but also the most unstable one in the book. It probably doesn't help that her Spell Core power involves summoning horrifying demons that exist to kill people...


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