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YMMV / Zone 39

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  • Complete Monster: Commander-in-Chief Tito is the corrupt director of the Central Union who covered up a water contamination incident in the titular Zone 39, which caused 409 deaths and 65 injuries. When the incident is discovered by the government worker Anne Megaw, Tito silences her by having her assassinated on public transit. Discovering that Anne's widower, Lt. Leo Megaw, is performing border patrol near Zone 39, Tito claims to his second in command, Sharp, that he has contained the contamination, while in truth continuing to allow the contamination to fester, with Leo himself becoming contaminated through the plumbing at his base. Once Leo and fellow guard LCpl. R. Boas reveal the conspiracy by hijacking a satellite, Tito posits to Sharp that the solution is to drain water from working towns.
  • Realism-Induced Horror: One of the most disturbing parallels to real life is that it is not unheard of for real life governments or corporations to cover up pollution and other scandals which affect the lives of scores of people or more. Even in democratic countries like the United States or Canada, there have been disasters such as the 2000 Walkerton water crisis or 2014-2019 Flint water crisis caused by the concealment of contamination.