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YMMV / 009-1

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  • Complete Monster: Ivan Godunov, from the anime's first episode, is the ruthless deputy chief of security of the Eastern Block. Kidnapping a scientist, Godunov tortures him for information on his new weapon, later murdering him after he has what he needs. When the 009 corps is sent after him, it is revealed Godunov intends to use nuclear weapons on the Western Bloc, killing countless people to ignite a bloody, genocidal war where he can come out on top.

The End of the Beginning

  • Complete Monster: Mylene's supposed "mother" figure, Dr. Klein, is a cruel Mad Scientist responsible for creating the 009 program and turning girls into cyborgs, which resulted in a number of casualties on the way. Using Mylene as an assassin, Klein is also involved with criminals who pursue human trafficking and organ trading, showing her darker colors when Mylene rescues her from a kidnapping by executing the kidnappers herself. Revealed as a traitor later, Klein admits everything she does is to satisfy her intellectual curiosity and shows she has something "better" than cyborgs: undead mutants made from people she's used as guinea pigs kept as servants in a state of agonized living death.

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