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YMMV / Zero Ranger

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Take heed and prepare yourself:
  1. Unmarked spoilers
  2. Subjective opinion
  3. Pseudo-consensus

  • Awesome Music: Plenty of MIDI-charged goodness to go around. Pretty much all of them count, but a few stand out:
    • Unstopping (with its intro, named Throatwave), Stage 1-4's second half, and the track featured in Dunkey's Best of 2018 video. Features a Mega Man X-esque electric guitar, perfect for breaching and dismantling GREEN ORANGE's fortress from within.
    • The Sea has Returned, Stage 2-3's music, considered by a majority to be the best track in the game. Hearkens back to both Touhou and Tower Of Heaven, with an impressive saxophone sample.
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    • Sky XXXX Days,, the real Stage 2-3 boss music, and a fittingly climactic, yet heroic track as Grapefruit finally engages the heroine(s) in a spectacular Mirror Boss battle.

  • Goddamned Boss: The orb squad in 2-4. Individually, their attacks are fairly weak and singular for a penultimate (antepenultimate, counting the True Final Boss) boss, but they come in four waves: one, then two, then three, and finally six at once. Worse yet, if the player fails to destroy all of them in one go, Despair will create more orbs, up to three at a time. This can make for a tedious, frustrating fight if the player fails to properly pace their attacks.
  • That One Level: The second stage on both loops. The narrow passageways crammed with enemies and bullets makes for a nasty spike in difficulty compared to both the stage before and after.

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