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YMMV / Yuyuko's Wonderful Midnight Snack Tour

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Yuyuko's Wonderful Midnight Snack Tour:

Touhou Death Files: Reimu Hakurei:

  • Genius Bonus: the chess match log in chapter 5 is a valid chess log of an amateur game.
  • Tear Jerker: Reimu and Marisa's deaths and the aftermath thereof

Maintenance Override:

  • Genius Bonus: 4564756361746f72 is a hex string for a word Educator and section separators translate from Morse code as “there will be no happy ending”.
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  • The Scrappy: Luxia is a shallow, completely unsympathetic protagonist.

Shards of Obsession:

  • The Un-Twist: The idol of Pazuzu is really just a piece of metal. Pazuzu corrupts the world from outside.


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