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  • Archive Panic: All completed stories combined so far total to more than 2 million words, and that's before you add the 350k (and counting!) of the current story. Each chapter tends to be between 10k-20k, but some of the chapters in Season 2 were in the range of 30k.
  • Author's Saving Throw: In the early days of the franchise, the author has most characters to call out their attacks. Future stories after Season 3 will no longer use this technique as it shifts to more into Western Animation shows than Shonen.
    • Most of the Season Trilogy stories have a lot of lengthy chapters, which causes the author to be tired while working their outlines. He has promise that stories starting with Neos United will be more concise and realistic.
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    • Beforehand, the decision of crossovering Digimon Fusion Kai (and Digimon Accel Stream) is the best choice to expand ideas of dimension travelling.
  • Creepy Awesome: Sailor Charon & The Prophet
  • Crossover Ship: Rei Hino and Hiei, for starters.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Yami Bakura, Karasu, Long
  • Growing the Beard: The series goes on and on with neat plot twists.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Basiliskmon murders Kotori Ayami in the Underworld Saga cements Himura's personal hatred at the snake.
    • Kaiser Ghidorah traps Sailor Moon's soul, and later kills Kuwabara and Cammy Hino near the end.
    • Kitoss' abuse on Helena (as a prisoner) counts.
    • Long sacrificing Selipa.
    • Sailor Charon crosses the line many times since she allows Chaos to become her incarnate that causes all the evil happened in the Sailor Moon franchise, and is the one who murdered Cain's wife.
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    • Apophis is always a megalomaniac serpent, but he truly crosses it when he murder Suzaku.
    • Mist crosses the line of no return when she kills Philippe and shows no regret of her actions.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Through a battle in Wrath of Pharoahmon against the Sailor Senshi (minus Moon and the Outers), they actually made BelialVamdemon MaloMyotismon BelialMyotismon a serious threat.
  • Villain Decay: SkullSatamon and MarineDevimon. Back in Season 2 of Digimon, SkullSatamon was competent enough to have paralyzed Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, now he's a goofball in loving cheeseburgers.
  • Wham Episode: The stories have a lot of these.
    • Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux
    • Invasion of the Rajita
      • Chapter 11: Kaiser Ghidorah kills Sailor Moon. OUR BELOVED SUPERHERO MURDERED.
      • Chapter 18: Joey Wheeler is brainwashed by Kuiiza to be his dark soldier. Not even Marik can pull it off.
      • Chapter 25: Kaiser Ghidorah kills Kuwabara and Cammy Hino, triggering Yami Houou's awakening.
      • Chapter 27: Just as Rei overcomes Yami Houou's control, Suzaku possessing Takato kills her.
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    • Dawn of Chaos
      • Chapter 11: Kaiba Manor is blown up.
      • Chapter 36: The last Mao King, Necromon, reveals himself. Kotori becomes Necromon's undead warrior.
      • Chapter 44: At the end, Dimitri attacks Sedna! By brainwashed no less.
      • Chapter 48: The revelation of Sailor Chaos.
      • Chapter 51: The Prophet and Jeremiah Grand are one in the same. Sailor Charon reveals herself as the murder of Cain's wife.
      • Chapter 52: The awakening of Inumon and Phillipe's dark sides as DexInumon and the Black Panther.
      • Chapter 53: At the end, Kotori Ayami is alive!
      • Chapter 54: Valmarmon is revived!
      • Chapter 55: Might be one of the most important chapters- Enma is killed by Arago and takes over Spirit World, thus ending the reign of the three old rulers. Ancientmon and his forces warn the digi-destined of someone pulling the strings behind Paradais and Ryo knows who it is. Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives have the resolves needed for the final battle. Valmarmon powering up his troops. Gamera's plan to terraform Earth. Finally, the Duelists arrive at Nasca Lines past to challenge Professor Frank for a final duel. It all goes down there.
      • Chapter 57: At the end- Janyu Wong uses the Juggernaut on Sailor Charon and Prophet, that the blast results all three disappear.
      • Chapter 61: The Prophet reveals himself to be Millenniummon. But the most surprising part of the story and the franchise at this point is that the heroes are banish to various dimensions such as Dragonball Z, Thundercats (2011), Justice League, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Wham Line:
    • Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux
    • Invasion of the Rajita
      • Chapter 11: "Princess Serenity, game over for you." Just before the death of a well known heroine.
      • Chapter 25: "Hear me, primordial vermin. No longer am I the woman you knew! I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever - Sailor Mars is dead. I am YAMI HOUOU."
      • Chapter 27: "SAILOR MOON, I DID IT! I'VE CONQU-"
    • Dawn of Chaos
      • Chapter 28: "D-Dimitri-kun..."
      • Chapter 48: "Yes, I think playtime is over, dear sister." Before revealing her true self.
      • Chapter 51: "Jeremiah Grand is no more. I am the Prophet of the Paradais Organization." and " you're the one who... took my wife..."
      • Chapter 52: "Now, I am DexInumon."
      • Chapter 54: "I've been revived, I HAVE RETURNED!"
      • Chapter 57: "DAD!"
      • Chapter 59's preview for Chap 60 sums up these words: "The End of here."


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