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YMMV / Yu-Gi-Oh! Dissidia

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  • Unexpected Character:
    • Including Jesse as one of the main heroes, rather than Zane, Aster, or Syrus. Chazz may also count for some.
    • Dark Necrofear as Bakura's base ace.
    • Number 96 being one of the main villains, rather than Don Thousand or Vetrix. Though as it turns out he was Don Thousand the whole time, and the Arclights later appeared as androids.
    • Reshef the Dark Being is an in-universe example...and he pays dearly for it.
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    • Many of the new monsters also counted before people wised up to the trend. Jesse's Pendulum Cards are a particular example.
    • For The Lost Files, Yuga Senku from Yu Gi Oh Xross, who counts as another in-universe example.

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