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YMMV / Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

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  • Awesome Music:
    • Nodes 1-8, a techno world map tune that will get stuck in your head very easily.
    • Duel 2, an upbeat, slightly desperate piece used when fighting against the Ghouls.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Monsters with the sneaky attribute destroy the monster they're attacking regardless of attack power, and thus can only be destroyed by spells, immune monsters, or other sneaky monsters.
    • Monsters that have the Shared Fate All effect destroy the enemy's team when destroyed themselves; only Immune monsters can resist the effects.
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    • Spellcasters destroy your Spells, crippling cards like Mirror Force and Raigeki. Your opponent's Spells still take effect unless you have a Spellcaster yourself.
    • Dragons offer generous amounts of Life Points while powering themselves up a lot every round. Their most likely deterrent, Dragon Capture Jar, only decreases their Power by 300. While many dragons have a backfire effect, your opponent can use Spells to offset LP loss while hitting you hard.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Resurrection-themed decks can be used with any element with relative ease, revolving around spell cards to resurrect lost monsters and monsters to resurrect lost spells. Put together, they can easily deck opponents out, especially if using a Water-themed deck, which has many cards that cripple or destroy non-Water monsters and spells. They have many life points, too.
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    • Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights is one of the most broken single cards in the game. While it only has 100 Power to start with, it gains 2000 power per monster on its side of the field, and if there are three monsters on its side it becomes immune. If that wasn't bad enough, it takes effect as the round starts, meaning traps and spells won't work against it unless you have something to break its immunity.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • One portion of the game involves you dueling your brainwashed friends, who are out for your blood. Another portion has you getting brainwashed, which is just as bad—the game narrates that you'll remember this night forever, assuming you make it out alive and sane, and you're horrified that even your strongest friends can't stop you.
    • When you hack into Marik's bank account and attempt to escape, he warns you that the feedback in Augmented Reality Duels will turn your brain to mush if you lose, and later cackles insanely and wants to see you suffer on his computer's screen forever.
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    • Chapter 11.1 in Alba Litora involves you going to a highly dangerous ruin filled with ancient magic to explore. The stress from the shadow duels nearly kills you, and your opponents talk about devouring your soul.
    • After you defeat their leaders, the Ghouls taunt you that their numbers are endless.
    Game: You jump, startled and ready to fight. From the utter silence slithers in a cryptic whisper: It does not matter. We are the Ghouls. Even if you bury us, we will get out. We are the Ghouls. We will meet again.
  • That One Boss:
    • Yugi at the end of Chapter 23, who will likely force you to reconstruct your entire deck to beat him. His deck revolves around Dragons, which power themselves up a lot if he has more than one on the field, and often have very high default attack to begin with. He also runs Raigeki and Mirror Force, which can wipe out all of your set monsters.
    • Marik at the end of Chapter 24. His deck revolves around crippling your monsters, lowering their attack to nothing, which destroys them. Their cripple effects stack as soon as the round begins, and he punishes you for having three monsters on the field with Just Desserts, which can deal 1500 direct LP damage per round. Several of his monsters also have the Osmosis ability, which drains your monsters and power up his. If that wasn't bad enough, several of his monsters cripple yours when destroyed.
    • Marik's first deck in 6.2 of Tropica City revolves around Spells that make you lose 5000 Life Points mixed in with Spells that, when destroyed, destroy all of your monsters and break their immunity. His monsters are just as bad, often having effects that destroy your monsters or make you lose LP when destroyed.
    • Joey's final deck in Chapter 8 of Tropica City is a Machine deck that gets stronger every turn, with a heavy focus on LP gain and direct LP damage, destroying monsters when destroyed, and worst of all, annihilating your Spells and breaking your monsters' Immunity.


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