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  • Hype Backlash: "Cat Person" was easily the most-talked-about New Yorker short story in a generation or two, and it went through an odd cycle of viral attention on social media. Initially touted as being an honest, relatable story about young women and sexual consent, it made the rounds, sometimes mistakenly called an essay. Then inevitably it ran into backlash, with people stating that they didn't care for it, and couldn't understand why it had been praised so much. Then the backlash ran into backlash, with a common theme being that the haters were just clueless men who didn't understand the story (though, of course, there were lots of women who expressed their dislike as well). Then there was heated discussion about the literary merits of the story, particularly whether Margot was Unintentionally Unsympathetic or was meant to be an Anti-Hero, and whether Robert's Face–Heel Turn at the end of the story was a Writer on Board contrivance by Roupenian after realizing that he was too Unintentionally Sympathetic.