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YMMV / You and Me and Her

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Miyuki a Tragic Villain who deserves another chance at happiness? Or a Karma Houdini who received no comeuppance for her crimes in the end?
  • Awesome Music: Coupled with Awesome Art, as expected from a nitro+ title.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Yuutarou, despite only having a secondary role in the story, is beloved by fans due his Hidden Depths and providing many of the funniest moments in the game.
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  • Fandom Rivalry: With Doki Doki Literature Club!, given that their basic plots are very similar despite creator Dan Salvato having never even heard of Totono while making the game: One of the girls in a Cliché Storm romance game getting sentience and preforming a Hostile Show Takeover to be with the player, before being stopped when the player preforms actions outside the game itself. Somewhat uniquely, few people who played both games really try to contest Totono is the better of the two, but instead the debate comes down to arguing if the latters release in English makes the formers value null and void or not.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Since the reveal of Aoi's design during development, she has been compared endlessly to Super Sonico for having a hairstyle that looks similar to the latter and sharing the same illustrator. Come the game's True Ending, Aoi actually implies that she'll be reincarnated as Super Sonico!
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  • It Was His Sled: Most of contemporary players come to play this game to see Miyuki freak out in the Aoi route and go meta. Fortunately though, there's way more to the game's plot than just this particular section.
  • Signature Scene: For many, it's either Miyuki revealing she's become aware of the player as she kills Aoi and Shinichi before then hijacking the game or her attempt to have "sex" with the player themselves by psychotically masturbating over Liebestraum.
  • Squick:
    • Shinichi's method for cheering up Aoi after she's forced to have sex with Ryuujirou? Lick up Ryuujirou's semen from inside her, and spit it out.
    • Miyuki's method for murdering Shinichi at the end of Aoi's route, which is beating his groin in with a baseball bat. The sound effect is...not pleasant.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Miyuki. Her true Tsundere - personality and insecurities about herself are meant to be endearing, but they also make her come across as a Bastard Girlfriend more often than not. Especially considering she expects Shinichi to accept her, unpleasantness and all, but will leave him should he even hint at having some self-esteem issues himself. Ramped Up to Eleven once she performs a Hostile Takeover in Aoi's route. Not only does she repeatedly drug Shinichi in order to prevent the player from acting through him, she does everything in her power to sabotage the player's and Aoi's relationship and even erases Aoi from existence just so she can truly have the player all to herself. All the while complaining about the player refusing to get back together with her and guilt-tripping them for pursuing Aoi after completing Miyuki's route, completely ignoring all the reasons why the player would want nothing to do with her at that point. Some of her dialogue suggests she's aware of what a horrible person she has become, but she quickly justifies her actions by claiming this to be the only way she could ever be happy.
    • After the end of Aoi's route, Miyuki is shown to constantly, lie, and manipulate, and resort to violence and murder. Although, it should be noted that many of these elements were already present at the beginning of the game, albeit in a less extreme form. Miyuki pretends to be someone she's not so that other people will like her. She tells Aoi that they can be friends, but then proceeds to repeatedly blow her off. She hits Shinichi with a bat numerous times (which is Played for Laughs at the time). Later in the first route, she also tries to physically attack Aoi after she sees Aoi half naked in Shinichi's bedroom. Keep in mind, Miyuki and Shinichi (the player) were not even in a relationship yet at that point. From the start of the game she was shown to be two-faced, and deceptive, and self centered, and even violent. These negative attributes of hers were always there, they just got ramped up in the second route.
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  • The Woobie: Aoi. From the initial set-up, she's a completely friendless girl with No Social Skills who is subject to rumours demeaning her as a slut. Then it's revealed she's not even that, she's actually an avatar of an intelligence designed to gain CG's from sex that, through a glitch, ended up developing genuine feelings and emotions for others, while knowing full well that eventually she'll disappear completely and that no one will remember her. In her desperation, she's driven to thus cheating on the person she loves just so to satisfy "God" and stay alive, even though the entire thing makes herself and everyone around her miserable. And her actions leave the girl she considers her best friend despising her and actively trying to delete her from existence because she considers her a threat.

Alternative Title(s): Kimi To Kanojo To Kanojo No Koi


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