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YMMV / Yesterday Upon The Stair

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  • Broken Base: The departure of Mineta Minoru. A lot of people see it as a Take That, Scrappy! moment and are glad to see him go. Others however are disappointed in Pit Viper, feeling they've succumbed to a similar trap that other MHA Fanfic writers have by getting rid of him. Then there are those that are pissed that Mineta got kicked out yet Bakugou was somehow allowed to stay.
    • To further elaborate, the character's reputation amongst the fanbase is decisively much poorer than the majority of the characters due to his borderline sexual harassment antics and seeming lack of real heroic traits besides one or two moments in canon, and as such there are people who see it as a good thing that his character has been removed from the story (and in the case of this story, done in a relatively nuanced and thought out way). However, this is not an uncommon element of My Hero Academia Fan Fiction, and as such can be seen by other fans as being a copout to avoid developing a character who, while flawed, is not as beyond redemption as is believed. The third camp can either fall into the first two camps in regards to their opinion of him, but believes that it is hypocritical to kick them them out while allowing Bakugo, a character whose behavior is infamous (especially during earlier chapters in the manga, and especially noticeable in this fanfic) for being near borderline abusive and toxic towards Midoriya, is seen as being allowed a relative free pass by comparison because he's a more major character. It's a point of contention as to whether his character development both in canon (and likely eventually in this fanfic) is/will be enough to overcome this or if it ever will.
  • Creepy Awesome: Everybody loves Rei, even though she tends to change into an eldritch horror when angry.
    • Izuku's habit of smiling viciously in the face of fear. Apparently, it looks like he's about to eat a baby.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Todoroko Shouto's mother is eventually revealed in canon to be named Rei. That said, their names are homophones; her name is written with the kanji for 'cold' while Rei the Ghost is named for the Japanese word for 'spirit'.
    • All For One's brother took a page from the former's book and decided to call himself "One For All" when introducing himself to Izuku. And then came Chapter 192 of canon...
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Toga disguising as Inasa instead of Camie brought many a reader surprised.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Chapter 29:
      Shiragaki: I think I like you, Midoriya Izuku.
    • Chapter 51: A firsthand encounter with a ghost following Eri, which is such a garbled mess of static that Midoriya can't even tell what it's supposed to be that's shouting warnings at him at the time.
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  • Squick: How Izuku beats Muscular this time around. Rather than overclock OFA, he has the ghosts around him distract Muscular, then proceeds to break his artificial eye, then gouge out his real one. Muscular is left rampaging blindly before succumbing to Mustard's gas, but Izuku still ripped his eye out. Later on, Izuku's hand is still covered in Muscular's blood, worrying his friends he'd been severely injured because of it. Gross.

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