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  • Alas, Poor Rival: Nanami in chapter 46.1. Manabu finally realizes that Nanami's not a grade-schooler has to reject her feelings. The worst part is of how you knew it would end like this — hell, the manga even lampshades it humorously that she had no chance ... and yet you really can't help but feel for Nanami because of how absolutely crushed she is.
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  • Badass Decay: The original Kuroboshi trio were created to be Reina's rival but then they became weaker than the author had planned. This caused him to introduce Nanami, but as time went on, this also happened to Nanami, which caused him to introduce Sumika — an antagonist that was immune to this trope since she doesn't fight.
  • Broken Base: After the revelations of chapter 65, there have been heated arguments over whether Manabu's father leaving to take care of his sister was incestuous in nature or not.
  • Fridge Logic: Reina gets a bat made out of orichalum from the Family-Friendly Firearms store.
    Manabu: It's made from a legendary material that was a gift from the gods and yet, it doesn't kill people.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: There aren't many readers who don't love Hijiri, mostly due to her being both a genuinely kindhearted Nice Girl who is also smart.
  • Ho Yay: Hijiri, Mayami, and Reina determine that the reason Shiratori doesn't show interest in love and dating girls is because he's preoccupied with something else. That something else being Manabu. Make of that what you will.
    • It's shown that he's not interested in love because of his upbringing at home (he has dominating sisters). Analyzed by Mayami, no less.
    • Chapter 32 has the girls try to improve Shiratori and Manabu's friendship using Kimo Dameshi . . . which is usually an anime plot device used for Ship Tease and/or invoked by the Shipper on Deck.
    • It goes right back to Shiratori's first appearance in chapter 3. Shiratori and Reina make a bet; if Manabu wins, Shiratori has to eat spaghetti through his nose, while if Shiratori wins, Reina owes him a date. When Reina starts freaking out afterwards, Manabu says he'll go on the date instead.
    • In chapter 35, Reina notes Manabu gets obsessed over whatever he targets (in this case, Shiratori).
    • In chapter 39.1 Reina outright invokes this when she nonchalantly accuses Shiratori and Manabu of flirting with each other.
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    • Friend power, indeed.
    • Chapter 45.5: Shuuei is openly disappointed he couldn't have met Azuma Tanaka when he was younger. Azuma proceeds to put the moves on him.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Manabu and Mayami's uncle Aoi. He's incredibly rude, snobby, and has spent most of his time in the manga being a gigantic asshole to Reina just because she committed the "crime" of being Manabu's girlfriend. Even worse, it's shown that he hates his own sister for an incredibly petty reason: it's only just because she overshadowed him despite him being the older sibling. That being said, his very first appearance in the manga is him grieving over the death of his wife Misaki, aka Kuroko and a flashback chapter shows that as much as he hated Azami, he was supportive of her relationship with Manabu's father despite the latter being a commoner, and felt really bad when the helpers showed him that Manabu's father was getting mail from another woman.
    • While it will be undoubtedly debatable if she deserves the sympathy, Azami counts too. While her abusive treatment towards Manabu is unforgivable there remains the fact that she broke down in tears when Reina told her that Manabu still loves her despite what she did to him and the fact that she fell in love with someone who was apparently in love with somebody else while she had an arranged marriage lined up for her, made even more tragic when we get to see how she fell in love in Chapter 61. The flashback chapter also shows that she wasn't always the terrible person that she was today; in fact she was on Manabu's level in terms of niceness.
    • And while it will also be debatable, there's also Mamoru, Manabu's father. He's the main reason why the Tanaka family is so messed up, and the fact that he was so nonchalant throughout every horrible thing he did and admitted pissed off more than a few readers. Then in Chapter 65 it's revealed that the "other woman he loved" was actually his sister trapped in a bad marriage, due to her husband being a leech that sponged off of their family's income. His last advice to Manabu can be taken as completely hypocritical (it was to take care of his love), but it also can be taken that Mamoru did the exact opposite - he left Azami, whom he really loved, and ended up with nothing but regret.
  • Les Yay: Manabu's little sister Mayami is a masochist who enjoys getting beaten up by Reina.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Daikichi Ugajin, in spades. He's maybe the first Student Council President in Manga history to make porn confiscation as the way to get support, from both male and female students, and to then make a Kirk Summation about skirt flipping, and it works. You had to read it to believe it.
  • Memetic Mutation: Some fans have taken to saying "Hail Fuhrer Hijiri!" everytime there's a chapter that features Hijiri in a major role mostly due to her status as an Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The yami nabe chapter (#44) manages to be this, Nausea Fuel, Paranoia Fuel and Squick all at the same time.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Discussed. One of Shiratori's concerns about his relationship with Hijiri is that he and Hijiri like each other because there is no other person available, endangering their relationship in the future.
  • The Woobie: Reina's dad. You just have to feel so sorry for the poor guy.
    • The story of how he and Ran met cements it. He tells her that she was the first person to want to be his friend. They met in high school.
    • Manabu's (usually suppressed) feelings of worthlessness due to Parental Abandonment. It's made even more poignant when it does show because of how usually laidback he is.

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