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  • Broken Base:
    • Yami has received a lot of flak for playing many FNAF clones and hentai games. Some wish he could stop and have more variety in his channel, while others say that they're fine with it and that he is free to do what he wants with his channel. Fortunately, Yami had noticed this and toned down on both types of games. Even more fortunately, he's even started asking his fans what he should play on his channel in his latest video.
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    • An incident in 2016 saw him being accused of paedophilia, leading to a split between those that were disgusted, those that were unsure what to believe and those that felt the story had been fabricated (in no small part due to Keemstar, who is considered a Smarmy Host and poor journalist by many, making a video on the subject; his prior videos on Bashurverse and Sam Pepper did not help matters). The fact that it also happened to Mini Ladd with the same girl, hasn't helped out the entire situation.
      • He did upload a video explain the situation and while admitting he did flirt, nothing went passed that and it was blown out of proportion and was driven over the edge by Keemstar and half of the internet.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Even after all the entire accusations that has happened to his life, his girlfriend Jess still stands by him. Granted, she was very upset about it, but the fact that she's still with him and defended him is this.
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  • Iron Woobie: Yami is definitely a woobie. Lightheartedly, he's regarded as the Butt-Monkey in collab videos so it's easy to feel sorry for him, even when it's all in good fun. But regarding more personal matters, he's admitted he lost younger siblings in birth or poor health, he just recently discovered an older brother which he admits he feels shocked and a little angry that he was never told, and his father left him and his mother behind with debt when Yami was eight. But rather than getting emotional about it, he just takes it all in stride, which is why he's considered more of an Iron Woobie than just The Woobie. He also got Retsupuraed, but took it like a good sport.
  • Tear Jerker: Any time he gets scared and freaks out in a game, you can't help by hug him.
    • His video explaining the accusations of "being a pedo". He looks so broken and damaged, the worst being how much he acknowledges he damaged the relationship with his girlfriend (as he admits he did flirt with the accuser, but nothing expanded after that). It didn't help that for the days he was silent, the internet and fans (and arguably Keemstar) took advantage and put more accusation for it.


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