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  • Adaptation Displacement: Most people think of the arcade game when they hear the title Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.
  • Animation Age Ghetto: Basically what killed the cartoon after a few episodes. They tried to make it a smarter, darker TMNT-killer, but ended being a bit too heady for a Saturday morning cartoon.
  • Anvilicious: Some have suggested that the environmental overtones are just a bit heavy-handed and preachy in places.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Hammer Terhune, who works for Governor Scharnhorst, one of the leaders of the City in the Sea—New York City After the End—tries to discredit Jack Tenrec's philosophy of promoting a balance between humans and nature. To do this, Hammer uses a sonic transmitter to torment a T-Rex and have it attack nearby settlements. Hammer also tries to discredit Tenrec by trying to cause a bunch of Triceratops to stampede and kill people in a mining town. Unhappy with taking orders from Scharnhorst, Hammer hijacks a killer satellite and plans to use it to destroy the City in the Sea, so that he can take over. Later Hammer discovers a boy who can control dinosaurs and wants to use him in his poaching business. To test the boy's skills, Hammer throws him a pit with a hungry raptor and sees if he can control it. In his final appearance, Hammer uses some stolen dynamite to try to flush out some dinosaurs, but this causes a wildfire instead. The wildfire is heading towards some gas wells Scharnhorst recently constructed and if the fire reaches the wells, it will cause an explosion that will devastate the jungle, resulting in mass starvation for the City in the Sea. Scharnhorst orders Hammer to work with Tenrec to fix this problem, by helping Tenrec use nitroglycerin to create a barrier between the fire and the wells. However, Hammer intents to kill Tenrec instead and steal the nitroglycerin for himself, not caring that his actions have endangered millions of lives.
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    • In the episode "Duel", Jack Tenrec meets his old friend and rival, Sean Russel. Russel sabotages Tenrec's car and steals a helicopter engine from him. He uses his new helicopter to go to the home of the Grith, a race of peaceful sapient lizard creatures who communicate through telepathy, and steals the life stone, a gem they need to survive. Russel uses the stone to summon several dinosaurs to a valley. Russel captures Tenrec and says he invited Hammer Terhune and his brothers to come and slaughter both the dinosaurs and the Grith, planning to sell their meat and bones on the black market. Tenrec lectures Russel about selling out the Grith to make a profit and Russel seems to briefly feel guilty over it, but quickly decides he cares far more about money then his old beliefs and continues with his genocidal scheme.
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  • Executive Meddling: According to Schultz himself, another reason why the cartoon died early. The suits wanted it to be a Turtle-killer, and Nelvana was trying to break away from making cartoons made for older audiences at the same time, leading to problems. And then there were concerns over adding Hannah to The Merch, since the suits thought that female characters belonged in the pink aisle only.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The fact that the Cataclysm — the series of disasters leading to the Xenozoic Age — began in 2020, becomes this in light of the worldwide Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that took hold in the spring of that year.


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