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YMMV / Xeno Fighters

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  • Game-Breaker: Winbee, before she was removed, was by far the most powerful ship with a wide spread, heavy firepower, and killed most anything before it even fired. Some of her arsenal was added to Twinbee as alternate weaponry when she got removed. Twinbee ended up getting removed later on as well.
    • Twinbee appears to still be in, as well as Winbee. Both appear to have been nerfed a bit.
    • In XFEX, the Ultima-X was pretty much the same way, plus a bomb that lasted forever.
    • In XF-R, Gengar, also scrapped (for reasons like Mushroom Kingdom Fusion), was broken on all levels, having powerful fullscreen attacks and a Kamehameha-like Bomber that killed anything in one use.
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  • That One Boss: The v0.6 rendition of Jade Hydra is this. The ballerina panda, Ziyudee in Stage EX-3 has Psikyo-style bullet patterns mixed with some Cave Bullet Hell. Good thing she's a Bonus Boss.

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