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  • Broken Base: The one-ship-only gameplay change is one of the most argued-about thing in the official forums, and it tends to heat people up - some have taken to defending the devs' decision, while others have called it pointless minimalism and simplification. Extended conversation about this can turn ugly.
  • That One Level:
    • Giving orders to a freighter to trade energy cells. Even if you avoid all the bugs & interface issues, it still takes a really long time.
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    • Later, trading 300 food units and other things. It turns out that whatever ships you have available for shipping at that time may need some work.
    • Building a whole station. And then, later, expanding it. As long as trading takes, gathering the materials for whole station components takes even longer. And, when you get this quest, many possible sources of materials will belong to a hostile faction. If you do manage to buy or pirate, then deliver all the resources, you get to deal with things like permanently-obstructed sections, parts rebuilding themselves repeatedly, being unable to give money to the station manager, and other such bugs. Thankfully, only two station segments are required for the plot.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • This was the reaction of some of the fan base to the fact that X Rebirth will restrict the player to personally flying one roughly M6-size ship (as opposed to any manned, non-Kha'ak vessel in the universe for every other game except X:BtF).
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    • The Albion Skunk's Attack Drones have taken flak as well: though you can take control of them remotely, if the drone gets blown up you return to controlling the Albion instead of dying. This takes some of the danger out of being a fighter jock, for those who enjoy it.
    • The game (and the preceding game X3: Albion Prelude) was also originally Steam-exclusive, which irritated players who don't like Steam. Eventually the game was re-released on
    • A minor flame war ensued over a rumor that X Rebirth was going to be an MMORPG. ("It'll be an EVE clone!" "No, it won't! It'll bring new players!" "No, it won't! It'll wreck the modding community!"note ) By far the biggest worry was that it would open the noob-friendly X community to griefers and other trolls who pwn noobs For the Evulz and brag about it online. Thankfully, the flames promptly dissipated when Egosoft stopped laughing and confirmed the rumor was false.
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    • The game is plainly missing features and has a less-efficient empire management system compared to X3. It also has pre-set spots where stations can be built, and those stations will be of pre-determined types.
    • SETA was removed on release, which meant that in order for stations to gather materials and build new phases, you had to either tediously micromanage the trade orders to get supplies efficiently to your station, or just leave the game running for many hours on end. It was eventually averted when SETA returned in version 4.0, and X4 averted the problem by having SETA from the start. It still must be crafted by the player. though.
    • The interface for issuing orders to ships, such as "Follow Me" or "Defend Target Ship," is greatly reduced compared to X3.
    • Ordering trades throughout the galaxy is hindered by needing to fly up to stations and look at specific components that have trade offers. The trade offers are forgotten over time, and they seldom make sense with regards to what the station produces or consumes. Back in X3, you only needed to order a ship to take a look.
  • Uncanny Valley: Character models and voice acting are a massive improvement over previous games, but the stiff animations and often strange dialogue cause the characters to frequently nosedive into uncanny valley.


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