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YMMV / X-Men: Destiny

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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Final Boss Bastion, who is both a disappointing retread of the Cameron Hodge/Prime Enforcer enemy type and a substantially less difficult fight than the Sentinel you face right before him.
  • Broken Base: The game itself is entirely YMMV. It's either an okay game with some good ideas and great combat, or its a terrible game with nothing decent and repetitive combat. All agree the graphics were bad, however. It appears to be more geared towards casual gamers instead of hardcore gamers though, judging from the split of opinion itself.
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  • Catharsis Factor: Activating the Critical Mass ability and basically going Exodus on hordes of mooks can be very satisfying indeed, especially when the move is fully upgraded and you can even float in front of the bosses completely invulnerable to their attacks and watch as their health slowly whittles down.
  • Character Rerailment: The game's depiction of Cyclops is notably more in-character for him than most of the things he was getting up to in the actual comics at the time.
  • Complete Monster: Bastion is a robot who was created to defend humanity against mutants, but grew beyond his programming and became a threat to all of humanity. Bastion is seemingly killed in a battle that also leaves Professor Xavier dead, but survives, uploading his program into an orbiting satellite. Bastion makes contact with Luis Reyes, the head of the Mutant Response Division, and devises a plan to Take Over the World. Reyes obtains a sample of Xavier's DNA and uses it to replicate Xavier's Psychic Powers. With these new powers and under Bastion's direction, Reyes takes controls of the MRD, U-Men and the Purifiers. Bastion and Reyes uses these groups to kidnap mutants and subject them to dangerous and potentially lethal expedients, in order to harvest more mutant powers for their personal uses. Bastion and Reyes also cause further tension between humans and mutants in San Francisco. Reyes holds a rally to promote peace between humans and mutants, but also launches an attack on this rally (which kills the mayor and several civilians) and frames Magneto for it. Bastion also kills Pixie, one of the youngest X-Men, and frames Cyclops for it, just to increase tensions between the X-Men and the Brotherhood. Bastion's ultimate plan to use a combination of Xavier's powers and his own Technopathy to take control of the world's technology and transform all of humanity into his mindless slaves. Reyes thinks Bastion respects him and sees him as an equal, but Bastion takes over his mind when he no longer needs him.
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  • Demonic Spiders: The Purifier Stalkers, which stunlock you with their chaingun fire. Not so bad when you're fighting them one on one, but when they spawn accompanied by a squad of Mooks it's very easy to get locked down and zerg rushed if you're not careful.
  • Goddamned Bats: The X-gene enhanced MRD troops, which usually swarm you en masse accompanied by tougher mooks and make the fight harder by blasting you from a distance.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
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  • It's Easy, So It Sucks!: One of the two main charges leveled at this game, with the other right below. How valid they are will vary from person to person, with casual gamers generally more forgiving and hardcore gamers more inclined to just say It Sucks.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: It's an action-RPG which can be completed in 5 hours. Character, power, and faction choices arguably make up for this in replay value, however.
  • It Was His Sled: Luis Reyes being a Broken Pedestal and Bastion being The Man Behind the Man are both meant to be shocking swerves in the game's storyline, but since this game's storyline is so short and simplistic it's hard to talk about it at all without mentioning either of these twists.
  • Kick the Dog / Moral Event Horizon: Pixie's death is meant to drive home how evil Bastion is. How effective it is really depends on how you feel about Pixie.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Not helped by the game's Troubled Production.
  • Rooting for the Empire: As of 2016 this is still the only X-Men game that allows fans who think that Magneto Was Right to join his cause.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Players who aren't fans of Pixie (the latest in a seemingly-endless X-parade of perky female Kid Sidekick characters) will be very pleased to see her bite the dust in this game.
  • That One Boss: The Sentinel can be this for players on their first playthrough, as it's perhaps the one boss in this game that can truly be said to be a challenge. Of course once you get the hang of its patterns it's as easy to beat as the others, but since it has a lot more patterns and its attacks are more powerful than anything else the game throws at you, this can be a bit of a chore at first.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Depending on which character you choose, the remaining other two possible player characters become this, since they then go on to not appear after the mess, when they could've easily fitted into being a possible rival or ally. In a more straightforward example, Pixie is this for her fans. Essentially the X-Men's latest Breakout Character, Pixie's power is important to the story itself, with her being killed off mid-way through the plot.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • If you're going to fight alongside established X-Men as a newcomer, why didn't they just allow you to create your own unique character? The multiple backgrounds for the new characters would have been nice origin stories. Not helped by the fact when the game was first announced some fans thought this was the route the game would go.
    • A lot of the game allows the player to fight different character depending on what faction they choose, but there's one portion of the game where the player is forced to fight the Juggernaut and Magneto, regardless of whether or not they're aligned with the Brotherhood. Having an alternate fight with Cyclops and Emma Frost would have been much more satisfying, particularly Emma who spends a good chunk of the game telepathically peeping on your character whether you want her to or not.


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