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YMMV / World War

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  • Science Marches On: In the years since the series was written, we've learned some things about some of the star systems mentioned in the saga: In the novels of Colonization, it's mentioned that Lizards are amused of how many asteroids the Tosev (Sol) system has next to the systems of their empire, much tidier. We currently know that Tau Ceti has far more of them in orbit than the Sun and Epsilon Eridani even much more. In addition to that, while there's evidence of planets around Tau Ceti, they're likely to be quite different of Home, the Lizard's homeworld.
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  • Values Resonance: When the Lizards speak to humans with horror about males who use ginger to get females to mate with them, they are shocked when the humans (men and women) laugh it off. Given the problems with date rape drugs in our society today, modern readers are more likely to sympathize with the Lizards. Eventually, as is evident in Homeward Bound, the humans' sensibilities evolve to match those of the Lizards (as well as modern readers).

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