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YMMV / World Of Warcraft Illidan

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  • Author's Saving Throw: It's revealed that Maiev was Illidan's prisoner for only a few months and that he was too busy with his own plans to inflict any harm on her. And while she did suffer petty torments from her guards, Illidan forbad any of them from actually hurting her as he wanted to be the first to punish Maiev for his imprisonment. Akama mentioned to Maiev that Illidan had plans for her but he never had the chance to follow through on them.
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  • Broken Base: Six words. Illidan as champion of the Light. One side absolutely hates the idea for reasons including it betraying the whole idea of a demon hunter fighting the Legion with its own power, it contradicting Velen's implication that Anduin would be the champion, fears that taking up the Light would mean Illidan losing his Anti-Hero personality, and complaints that the whole idea and Illidan's glowing golden angelic appearance in the vision feel like a rehash of what was just done with Kerrigan in Starcraft. The other side notes that it was just a vision and so there is plenty of time for Illidan to prove worthy of the champion of the Light role, that there might well be a Prophecy Twist, that we have seen less than pure individuals wielding the Light before so Illidan could retain his personality, and that due to the specific wording (in that he'll be a rather than the Champion of the Light), Illidan could be one of many champions, still allowing Anduin to be one.

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