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  • Fridge Horror: We don't know if Emily Prime was transported back to the correct spot, at the correct time, at the end of the short. Though it can be confirmed in the sequel, we may not know if she was transported to the current timeline she was in, a few days before, maybe even before she was born.
  • Tearjerker: Where do we start?!
    • Clone!Emily recalling her deceased husband David, and how she continues to look at certain memories of his. Prime!Emily replying that she misses him hits a raw nerve for Clone!Emily, who breaks her usual stoicism at that.
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    • At the end, Clone!Emily extracts a memory from Prime!Emily, one that she says she's forgotten but is very important to her. When she extracts it, Prime!Emily says what it is: a simple memory of walking with their mother. Try not to get choked up at the shift in expression from Clone!Emily.

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