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YMMV / Wolcen

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  • Broken Base: About a year before the final release, the devs have dropped support for It was met with anger from GOG players who sworn to never buy anything from them ever again. Some people pointed out that the devs have at least provided a Steam giveaway key for compensation. To others, it was unforgivable because it was broken promise from their Kickstater pledge. The fact that the devs didn't even made an official statement and preferred to pass the news to the GOG forum staff probably didn't help.
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  • Money-Making Shot: The Kickstarter demo video has won everyone. It was made with the CryEngine and was beautiful to watch. It had environmental damage, grass bending in the wind, beautiful lush forest, amazing spells effects. It was the most beautiful graphics in any aRPG people have ever seen at the time. The cherry on the sundae was the apocalyptic form where the player transformed into a balrog-like demon and slain every monsters in its path.

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