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YMMV / With the Beatles

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  • Covered Up:
    • Barrett Strong's "Money (That's What I Want)" was Motown's first hit single in 1960, getting up to #23 on the Billboard chart in America, and had traveled over to England as a standard song in the "beat" repertoire, but the raw Beatles version is now the most famous rendition.
    • One of the few instances of The Beatles' version of one of their own songs being eclipsed by a cover: "I Wanna Be Your Man". They gave it to The Rolling Stones, whose recording was already a hit by the time With The Beatles appeared. The Beatles pretty much conceded that contest from the outset - their version was sung by Ringo.
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    • "Devil in Her Heart" may be the most obscure Cover Version they ever did. The Donays (a Girl Group from Detroit) released "Devil in His Heart" on a tiny local label in 1961, as the B-Side of the single (the A-Side, "Bad Boy", was a "Please Mr. Postman" soundalike) and apparently never recorded anything else, so by default the Beatle version is better known.
  • Even Better Sequel: Unlike Please Please Me, they actually had more than a few hours of studio time to perfect the music.
  • Growing the Beard: This is generally regarded as the Beatles' first great album.
  • Memetic Mutation: While not as frequently used as the covers for, say, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or Abbey Road, the album art for With the Beatles is a common source of parodies in popular media (US-based parodies often append a riff on the Meet the Beatles! title used for the Capitol Records equivalent, which used the same photo).
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  • Sophomore Slump: Interestingly, the original liner notes have the band's PR guy Tony Barrow not only openly admit that the album is a blatant attempt to recreate the formula of Please Please Me, he uses it as a selling point. Then again, when the band in question is The Beatles...