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  • Arc Fatigue: A lot of readers have gotten sick of what can be considered the "Tasha's Past" arc due to the impatience of wanting to see the current cast and plot again. It doesn't help that the Story Arc has been going on since chapter 134, and that there have been long stretches of time between updates.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Many of the villainous witches, but especially North. Face be damned, her body and those lips are enough.
  • Foe Yay: In chapter 15, Tasha dreams about Varete. The current Fan Wank is that she's his mother, however.
    • Not according to Chapter 5. Alternately, Varete is a sexy woman and Tasha is a teenage boy.
    • Lee's glee about fighting Yue is rather... suspicious.
    • Aria and Tasha (the foe thingy is one of perspective, the yay thingy not) as well as Tasha and East.
    • Some saw a bit of this between Ryuhwan and Aria as well.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Tasha's obsession with money and his assholery over it is hilarious. Especially since for all he earns it seems he's stuck in Perpetual Poverty due to spending it all. Then we learn that everything he earns is sent to his mother because his entire family will be killed if they can't pay off a massive and undeserved debt, and suddenly it stops being funny.
    • His bullet-dodging training, while serving a practical purpose, is presented in a rather humorous flashback. Then his past reveals that he nearly died twice in close succession due to getting shot, and Edea's training becomes a lot more poignant.
    • Xing's whimsical and easygoing nature is quite entertaining early on. Then we learn his (Yue's) past reputation is used as an excuse to manipulate events to send the real Xing over the Despair Event Horizon, and no one finds it funny.
  • Ho Yay: Has its own page.
    • For starters: For a skirt-chasing fiend, Xing's attachment to Tasha seems a little bit conspicuous. (Shamelessly admitted to in the French official translation, Squee!!.)
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    • Lee's manservant, Eunwon, shows a depth of understanding and devotion towards him that may raise eyebrows.
    • Words and Cooga. This pairing used to be the stuff of Slash Goggles, but this page seems to have added some substance. Who's your little 'pet', Words?
    • Palgeuk and Vihyunrang have amassed enough Foe Yay to warrant fanart. Go back ~10 pages at one of JMC's blogs and you'll find a goldmine of Witch Hunter fanart.
  • Les Yay: Eclipse Shadenon and her teammate Alv Bronte.
    • As of chapter 36, witches South and Poine.
      • Also, North and Neptis.
  • Memetic Mutation: In Vol. 10, Tarras, Xing, Tasha and Cooga take on the roles of the Reaction Guys (AKA, the Gaijin Yonkoma), who are reacting to JMC dropping a Bridget on them. (And, by extension, the audience.)
  • Mind Game Ship: Tasha and East, ever since the series began.
  • Moe: Aria is deliberately supposed to be this before she became a witch. After... it's your choice whether she's still this or just creepy.
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  • Narm: The Witch's hats are rather silly-looking, especially early on.
  • The Woobie: Xing that is, Yue in later volumes, as his past starts catching up to him.

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