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  • Anti-Climax Boss: The Child of the Devil's second phase is an incredibly easy and boring affair. The attacks he shoots are predictable and easy to dodge, you fight him near a body of water you can take a dip in to get rid of any poison he hits you with, and the huge pools of fire generated by his fireballs help you more than they hinder you since they often kill enemies that jump into the fray before they can attack you.
  • Best Boss Ever:
    • The Witch is every bit as hype-worthy as you'd hope from the creature the game is named after. She's an engaging enemy who keeps you on your toes with her plethora of spells, teleportation, and instant death touch, but never comes off as unfair. All your skills as a hunter will be put to the ultimate test while hunting her, and landing the killing blow is satisfying after the hell she put you through while hunting the Sacrificial Tree.
    • His second phase is widely considered to be a disappointment, but the Child of the Devil's first phase is nothing short of amazing. He's basically the Beast but faster and stronger, but having to keep an ear out for him in the oppressive darkness and counter him before he murders you in a split second makes for fun and engaging gameplay that does the best job at milking the game's chilling atmosphere for all it's worth.
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  • Cult Classic: This game doesn't have quite the same level of fame and exposure as other horror games, but those who've played it consider it to be a very solid experience.
  • Demonic Spiders: Out of all the lesser monsters, the crawling skeleton enemies are likely to kill you the most. They're fast as hell and hard to get a bead on, and will either rip off a sizeable chunk of health or kill you outright before you finally kill them.
  • Disappointing Last Level: The final hunt against The Child of the Devil is considered by many to be a somewhat weak note to end the game on. The battle starts as a truly promising clash between the game's most dangerous, and terrifying foe, but once you deal enough damage, he flees and jumps into the lake before turning into a massive serpent... for some reason. Its attacks are easy to dodge, and the fight is especially boring since you have to target pustules on its body that are awkward to hit, and it's hard to safely place high-damaging lightning crucifixes around him without him snapping you up and instantly killing you. All this, combined with the lack of the game's usual frightening atmosphere and the forest lightening back up during the fight all make it one of the most criticized aspects of the game.
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  • Friendly Fandoms: Surprisingly, there's a lot of crossover between Oney Plays fans and fans of this game, mostly due to Chris and Zach (And later, Tomar) being legitimately impressed with it and immersing themselves in the game's atmosphere during both their LP's of it, as well as providing their usual hilarious line-crossing brand of comedy.
  • Goddamned Bats: Dogs are no tougher than zombies, but their smaller size makes it a lot harder to safely hit them, which means you're bound to get bitten at least once or twice before killing or scaring them off.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Hunting the Sacrificial Tree is a harrowing, nerve-wracking affair because the Witch is constantly stalking you to protect it. It's easy to find yourself on edge, expecting to either hear her quiet dread-inducing wails or nightmarishly loud screaming at any time.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Actually hunting the monsters can be a tedious proposition since there's actually very little hunting involved. You don't look for tracks, bloodstains, or anything else that could clue you in on a monster's whereabouts, but have to wander aimlessly until your heart starts beating loudly, which tells you that they're close. Said heartbeat doesn't give you any indication where specifically they are, and if you use your Monster Vision to see where they are through their own eyes, more often than not you'll be met with the sight of them running through a bunch of nondescript trees in a thickly wooded area with no landmarks or other signs to determine where the hell they are.
    • While it starts off adding a wonderful sense of tenseness, being stalked by the invincible witch wears off its welcome the longer you spend hunting the Sacrificial Tree. It's bad enough that you're fighting one of, if not the hardest boss of the game, but having to dodge its nasty poison attacks while having to constantly put distance between yourself and an invincible threat who will one-shot you on top of the agonizingly slow reload times between your own gunshots means you have to juggle a lot of annoying mechanics at once.
  • That One Boss: The Sacrificial Tree is one of the tankiest bosses in the game, and is hard enough to track as it is due to how fast it moves as it books it across the map. But when you finally find it, it'll shoot you with poisonous blasts in tricky-to-dodge patterns and if it hits you, you'll slowly lose health unless you're lucky enough to fight it near a body of water to wash it off. And while you're fighting, the Witch is constantly stalking you and will instantly kill you if she touches you with there being no way to make her leave you alone.
  • Uncanny Valley: There aren't many friendly human NPC's in the game, and for good reason: what few there are look a bit off to begin with thanks to their empty stares and weird faces, but when they talk, their mouths flap around wildly and their jaws stretch to downright ridiculous proportions. To some, they come off as creepier than the actual monsters you're trying to hunt!

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