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  • Accidental Innuendo: Usually occurs with the 'big balls' obstacle, as can be expected. Sometimes, the questionable name of the obstacle is lampshaded by the commentator.
    Richard Hammond (While a man in a kilt is about to take on the obstacle): Big Balls ahoy! Oh, I don't mean, you know, the- the kilt, I- I'll just keep quiet.
  • Amusing Injuries: Pretty much 70% of the show
  • Award Snub: Averted, at least for the Kids Choice Award. In 2012, it won... over American Idol! And in 2013, not only did it beat Idol again, but it also beat The Voice! And it did it again in 2014!
    • In 2015 it was nominated for the newly revamped Favorite Reality Show category, with its former competition moved over to the brand new Favorite Reality Competition category. Wipeout seemed to be a foregone conclusion to win for a fourth year in a row. lost. To Dance Moms, of all shows. Dance Moms' upset victory can be attributed to the Colbert Bump the show got from Maddie Ziegler's appearances in Sia's "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart" music videos. To make matters worse the Dance Moms award was formally presented to the cast of the show whereas Wipeout's wins tended to only be announced in a throwaway segment, suggesting that Dance Moms is viewed as a bigger deal than Wipeout ever was. To sum things up, Wipeout completely wiped out. Or rather had a giant chandelier dropped on it.
      • The consensus over Wipeout's unexpected shut-out is that predictors severely underestimated the popularity of Dance Moms with the kids' demographic and favored Wipeout solely on the basis its winning streak, when in reality, the show was not that super-popular and only won previous awards by fluke due to soft competition (American Idol and America's Got Talent were waning in popularity at the time, and The Voice was too mature to gain the kids' support), and when put against a legitimate contender was in for the fight of its life. Sadly, this proved to be "Wipeout"'s last nomination, as it was not on the ballot for the 2016 awards, while Dance Moms was, although it was shoved into a new category.
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  • Awesome Ego: "I'm Buffman! OH YEAH!!!"
  • Awesome Music: The theme. It's a perfect description of an episode: funny first few acts before delving into the serious finale. Furthermore, the light bits sounds whimsical and the serious bits actually sound pretty epic. A pity its so short.
    • The song, "Brave Sir Dave" from the UK version. Even though it was made for a joke about a rather Shakespearean contestant, that doesn't stop it being any less amazing and funny.
    Holy brave sir Dave rode forth to save the day!
    He was not afraid, brave, brave sir Dave!
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Most of the John bits are pure dialogue with occasional prop comedy. However, during the "Blind Date 2012" episode, Henson starts talking about the events of a fictional Spanish Soap Opera. Cut first to Henson in a fake moustashe and Ballsy in bandoliers. That's not entirely unexpected. Annnnd then cut to Anderson in drag portraying the female star and doing his best to look sexy as he does it.
  • Cargo Ship: One Season 1 contestant claimed he was in love with the Big Balls. Also a Moment of Awesome, as said contestant actually manages to get past the Big Balls without wiping out, and then proceeded to clear the ball-themed obstacle that followed as well! And then, in an all-star reunion episode in Season 2 when he returns, he clears the Big Balls again! Clearly, the Big Balls love him back.
    • Inverted whenever the Wrecking Ball makes its (Telestrated) appearances and an attractive female contestant is about to reach the obstacle (the Dreadmill in the 2008/9 season, the Shake-a-Lator and Double Cross in the 2010 season) it's at. The fact that John Henson voices it similarly to Louis Armstrong or Levi Stubbs just makes it HIGH-LARIOUS.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Some contestants, like Ariel "Where's the pole" Tweto.
    • Buffman even had a Facebook page once.
    • Let's not forget Frank "Freak of Nature" Beasley.
  • Les Yay: The show had fun with Jill when they dressed up a contestant who admired Jill... in an identical outfit as hers and had the two switch places for the contestant interview.
    • Vanessa gets some in when she gives a contestant the nickname "Harry Hotter". Henson joking whines/wonders why he gets yelled at when he says stuff like that.
  • Never Live It Down: Ariel Tweto was the first person ever to get across the big balls. Is she mostly known for that? Nope. Where's the pole!?
  • Replacement Scrappy: For many, Vanessa Lachey replacing Jill Wagner. Time will tell if this opinion sticks.
    • Given that Jill Wagner is back in Season 6, it likely won't matter.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
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  • Visual Effects of Awesome: For a tv show anyway. In season 5 for a special themed episode, they show off the ability to overlay two runs on top of each other for a distance based contest resulting in both the appearance of the two contestants running simultaneously but also being able to pause or rewind each stream individually.
  • What an Idiot!: If an obstacle appears where it's possible to be hit but not knocked into the water, expect at least one person to be repeatedly smacked by the obstacle. One specific case had a girl slowly put her face right in front of a section of the wall that popped out and hit her at least three times.
  • The Woobie: One contestant on a Blind Date episode had his blind date quit on him in the middle of the course, despite his attempts to encourage her to keep going, disqualifying him.

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