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  • Adaptation Displacement: Not everyone who has seen (or even heard of) this film is aware of the TV show it's based on, an impression helped by there being no mention of said show on the credits. This is especially true outside North America.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: There are some who think that when Rita lied and said Professor Escobar was her father rather than her husband, as well as being seen in sexy clothing, she did this to manipulate Jim and Artemus into helping her by stringing them along with the hint of sex if they succeeded.
  • Awesome Music
    • For all of the film's mixed reception, Elmer Bernstein's score is fantastic, with some saying that the opening theme deserved a better film. Especially since this turned out to be the last Western that this master of scoring Westerns ever did.
    • Will Smith's tie-in theme song. Unfitting as it may be and clearly meant to duplicate the success of Men in Black, it's still awesome!
  • Complete Monster: Arliss Loveless is a former Confederate slaveholder and a technology expert with no allegiance to anyone but himself. He kidnaps a group of scientists to build new weapons of war for him (one of which is all but stated to be a rape machine), decapitating one of them for trying to warn the President. He slaughters General McGrath's men in front of him with a tank prototype as punishment for surrendering to the North during the Civil War, using the General's men as target practice; he kills the General himself when McGrath demands that he stop the massacre. He plans to destroy the United States unless the President surrenders to his new alliance, and firebombs a random frontier town to prove his point. Despite his earlier slaughter of a former Confederate troop for their disloyalty, he sells out the Confederacy that he fought for when he presents his plan to carve up the whole country amongst himself and a collection of foreign powers. In addition, it's revealed that he previously used his tank to wipe out a settlement of freed slaves, including Jim West's family, also for target practice.
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  • Critic-Proof: Despite both bad reviews and failing to recoup its production and marketing expenses, the film still attracted an audience, grossing over $200 million worldwide (a bigger deal in the '90s than it is today) and, adjusted for inflation, sold more tickets in North America than Smith's recent "return to form" film, Men in Black 3. Smith famously bragged; "That's how big I am. I bomb over $100 million."
  • Evil Is Sexy: All Loveless' Bodyguard Babes are smoking sexy women.
  • Ham and Cheese: Pretty much what makes this film So Bad, It's Good. Mostly comes from Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline, though Will Smith is certainly not restraining himself.
  • Memetic Mutation: The Spider Tank, which has since become associated with producer Jon Peters' obsession with giant spiders due to an anecdote from Kevin Smith.
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  • Snark Bait: Once the sci-fi effects took center stage with the Spider Tank, the movie immediately became this. Ironically though this is keeping with the theme of the original show and is still within the steampunk nature of it.
  • Squick: The film proper starts out with Jim West romancing a lady - in a water tower. Somebody's going to drink that.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?


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