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YMMV / Wild and Crazy Kids

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Jessica. Her detractors saw her as too annoying compared to the low-key but friendly style of Annette. Her fans claim she had the right amount of energy compared to Annette, who at times didn't seem to fit the crazy mood of the show.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
  • Tear Jerker: "Marty," one of the adults from an early "Tee Ball Window Smash" game, was invited back for a second go after his first appearance resulted in his striking out every single time...only for his second go to have the same, if not somehow worse results. When he's given one final at-bat to try and redeem himself...he misses the ball entirely. You couldn't not feel bad for the guy.
    • He did have the last laugh, however, when he just threw the ball at the wall immediately afterwards, and nailed a Grand Slam window.
    • Marty appeared in the next Tee Ball Window Smash one year later. He did hit a window his first time, but the second time he hit the ball which somehow bounced off a window instead of breaking it.