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YMMV / Wii Sports Resort

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  • Awesome Music: The music that plays when you first boot up the game, backed by a full orchestra.
  • Breather Level: Island Flyover. There's less adrenaline pumping in, and you get to explore the island, which is pretty cool.
  • Even Better Sequel: Wii Sports was generally well-received. This game took some of the better sports, then added several good ones to fill up the remaining spots left, and made good use of the new hardware.
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  • That One Achievement: Several stamps qualify. Some require you to obtain a perfect score (such as Bowling, Archery and Frisbee Dog), others require you to pull off ridiculous feats (such as scoring 200 points on Skydiving and finishing 18 under par on Golf, the equivalent of a birdie on every hole of an 18 hole course) and hunting for secret targets some of which are difficult to find without a walkthrough.
  • That One Boss: Lucía, the Champion of Table Tennis, is infuriating skilled at returning balls. She can send the ball back either for you to miss or hit out and it’s all too easy to lose to her without scoring a single point.

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