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YMMV / Why Literature Is Bad for You

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  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: "The Fine Art of Uncooperation" discusses this and how reading can encourage stubborn attitudes, usually for the sake of just being different than for any rational reason.
  • True Art Is Angsty: Criticized in the preface and skewered throughout the book, on the grounds that angsty works tend to make the people who over-consume them even angstier.
  • Values Dissonance: The author refers to female college students as "coeds" in "Does Literature Cause Insanity," an acceptable term in 1980 but a bit more problematic today.
    • "Growing Down with the Victorian Novel" tells the story of Barbara Tieterman, who — horror of horrors! — wants to advance her academic career instead of having kids. However, it's also Fair for Its Day in that her husband supports her career and offers a compromise when they discover she's pregnant. What also helps is that Barbara acts abominably: she leaves her spouse and aborts their child without telling him until after the fact.

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