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YMMV / Why Did I Get Married Too?

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  • Ass Pull: This film informs us that in addition to Mike cheating on Shelia and subjecting her to verbal and psychological abuse was also physically abusive in their marriage as well, according to the story she told him. This wasn't seen or implied anywhere in the previous film.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Angela confronting Marcus on live tv about his supposed infidelity. Her argument with Marcus shortly after that is also funny. He also shouts "You so damn evil!" in the same high-pitched manner he did in the first film's dinner table scene.
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    • This exchange between Angela and a random patron at a bar:
      Angela: What the hell are you looking at?
      Patron: Was that you on Sports Shuffle?
      Angela: You know what? Shuffle that food down your fat-ass throat and leave me the hell alone, okay and mind your business.
    • After Angela had caused a scene at the airport with a receptionist she thought was flirting with Marcus, the next scene has them all arriving at their destination with a song playing in the background that goes "I'm a married man, don't you understand? I'm a married man, don't you understand?"
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Troy and Sheila making up after their argument.
    • Troy and Mike becoming civil with each other after Troy disliking him throughout the film.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Even though Mike is a jerk, he becomes this when he gets attacked by Troy for no good reason and he is revealed to have cancer.
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    • Patricia, even through all of her insensitivity and selfishness, is clearly hurting from her marital issues and divorce proceedings and is devastated and guilt-ridden that her actions indirectly caused Gavin's death.
    • Gavin, who is obviously broken by his crumbling life and impeding divorce and is then suddenly killed off by the film's climax.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Many fans of this movie believed that Mike deserved to get attacked by Troy in the climax of the film. This is despite Mike not doing anything remotely horrible to anyone. Also, Mike was only trying to be helpful towards Troy, so him getting attacked seemed unfair. It’s no wonder Troy apologized to the guy after that.
  • Narm:
    • When Troy shouts "Dammit Sheila, give me some space!!"
    • Patricia and Gavin's fight. They're supposed to be angry and upset, but some of their dialogue and it's delivery undermines the mood:
      Gavin: mo-nay!
      Patricia: You're SICK!!! YOU'RE PSYCHOTIC!!!
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Gavin becoming drunk and swinging alcohol from a bottle of vodka and assaulting Patricia, pinning her down on a sofa, yelling at her, & pouring vodka on her. He gives marital rape vibes.
    • Patricia flying into a rage, swinging one of Gavin's golf clubs wildly throughout the house destroying glass tables and other things and almost hitting Gavin, Terry, and Marcus.
    • When Gavin gets into a car to leave his job, a truck comes out of nowhere and slams into his car. Gavin later dies off-screen as a result of crash-related injuries.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • At the end when the couples gather together again in The Bahamas for Gavin's memorial service, you can tell that the paper lanterns they release into the sky float up towards an obvious greenscreen effect.
    • Also, after Patricia and Gavin's aforementioned fight, when he throws down the unfinished bottle of vodka he's drinking, it makes a loud and wet crash noise, yet we don't see any glass breaking or liquid splashing.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Troy is portrayed in the wrong for a few things in this film, despite fans agreeing that he had a point:
    • First, he was worried about his unemployment during his vacation in the Bahamas, and the fact that him and Sheila spent their last on the trip. Given the fact that he was unemployed, it's not unreasonable to worry about how you're spending your cash.
    • Second, he gets angry with Sheila for telling the rest of the married couples their financial business. While Troy was a bit harsh, how would you feel if a bunch of people you barely know were aware of your financial hardships, especially if one of the people was a philandering jerk who tried so hard to take your wife from you? Also, during the Colorado dinner table in the first film, Mike did tell all his friends' business without any mercy.
    • Third, Troy is also seen in the wrong for not wanting to agree with Sheila to borrow money from either Patricia or Angela. While Troy was too prideful, men usually are taught in society that they must be the financial providers of their house. They also have sensitive egos regarding things like that. Also, would you want to borrow money from people you barely know?
    • Fourth, he gets angry with Sheila for speaking to Mike behind her back about getting him a job offer and believed that the latter was cheating. Yes Troy shouldn't have attacked Mike, but there were many fans of the movie who believed that Sheila was dead wrong for asking her ex husband of all people to help Troy find a job (bonus points because she knew that Troy couldn't stand Mike).
    • Patricia also. Despite her negative qualities, how would you feel if your estranged spouse tried to take all your hard earned money that he or she didn’t even contribute to helping you make?
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The memorial service and Patricia crying over Gavin's death which she indirectly caused.
    • A meta-example; Janet Jackson learned that her brother died during the filming of this movie and the pain and anguish she had onscreen was a reflection of how she was feeling at the time. The part where she was smashing up the home she admitted was therapeutic for her.
    • Troy and Sheila's argument comes off as this, as it is a good example of how financial issues can take a huge toll on your marriage.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: Not the film itself, but the scene where Shelia goes to dinner with Mike to persuade him into using his connections to get Troy a job and the latter's eventual reaction to finding out what they did (to the point of beating Mike up) was seen as being far too similar to a scene from the film Soul Food.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Mike comes off as this in the movie. While he had a change of heart and become a lot nicer than he used to be in this movie, many fans of the movie took glee in seeing him getting attacked by Troy.
    • While Sheila is usually a likable and sympathetic character, some fans have a hard time sympathizing with her regarding some of the decisions she makes throughout this film. The first one was when she made Troy sell his shop and move to Atlanta without thinking of a way for the two to have some income on them until Troy finds a job. The second is going to talk to her ex husband Mike, of all people, to help Troy find a job. While she had good intentions, going to her ex, of all people, for help was just asking for trouble since Sheila knew Troy couldn’t stand Mike and it would just lead to Troy thinking Sheila wanted to get back with Mike again. Despite this, Troy is portrayed unsympathetically for getting upset about this.
    • Patricia is supposed to be sympathetic due to Gavin apparently being irrational in filing for divorce and being greedy for her book royalties, but seeing her driven attitude and lack of responsibility for the fallout, it rings hollow. Also, even as she was mad at Gavin, it didn't give her a right to nearly attack Terry and Marcus with a golf club or the resulting glass flying at their home just for being there with him. Plus, her final sense of "revenge" against him (as mentioned in Values Dissonance below) was ineffective and petty.
  • Values Dissonance: Patricia's "surprise" for Gavin's alleged birthday is a Camp Gay male stripper jumping out of a cake, which she then calls his "bitch". His coworkers thought it was strange and unfunny and modern audiences would find it even less funny to use this man who is clearly proud to be who he is as some kind of humiliation/joke, especially since the one who hired him is supposedly the hero.
  • The Woobie:
    • Troy, because he goes through so much frustration because he can’t find a job. He already had an infant son to take care of and he had two mortgage payments that he was apparently almost behind in paying. No wonder the poor guy was stressed.
    • Terry, who believed that his problems with Dianne from the last film had been resolved only to find out that she's now having an emotional affair with a coworker.


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